9 Simple Wedding Rings

Last fall, I wrote a post simple wedding rings, and since then, I’ve come across a few more that have taken my breath away. Here are 9 beautiful rings that are pretty enough to wear on their own…

1. Braided ring, $348.
2. Black oval ring, $250.
3. Blade of grass ring, $495.
4. Black diamond ring, $710.
5. Heart ring, $200.
6. Infinity hug ring, $193.
7. Diamond band, $520.
8. Speckled band, $330.
9. Bateau ring, $980.

Thoughts? What’s your wedding ring like? Mine’s a thin gold band. xoxo

P.S. 6 more wedding rings.

(Graphic design by Jennifer Hagler for Cup of Jo)

  1. Wow! gorgeous and nice collection!
    I really love all of the simple wedding rings…there has more ring band but for simple beauty that is just perfect!

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  3. I like the infinity hug ring, as it is really cute. Symbolism holds a lot of strength between couples. Simple design or not, there is nothing like a symbol that says much about a couple’s feelings.

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  5. I love these straightforward rings.

    Most days I immediately wear my gold band, and then when I do pair it with my engagement ring I feel additional fancy!

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  7. The tradition of exchanging rings has existed since the days of the Roman Empire and possibly earlier. Along the way other traditions have been added. The different levels of commitments in some cases actually start with a friendship or pre engagement ring.

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  11. Indeed, these are simple rings, but make no mistake because sometimes, these bear more significance and importance. These may not be as elegant as those glamorous pieces of jewelry that celebrities use to wear, but these rings are sincere and honest, and that makes them special! :)


  12. These rings are looking good and their price is also reasonable. The second ring is really beautiful due to black touch.

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  13. Rings design are very simple and very decent liked it very much.
    Specially that black stone ring, it shows women delicateness and simplicity .. Loved it.

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  15. Those are all really beautiful wedding rings! I really like the last one, I’m pretty sure my girlfriend would love that one as well. Thank you for sharing this with us!

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  18. Apart from these precious stones, you can also find rings with beautiful carvings for your wedding.

  19. Such a beautiful and simple wedding ring-Thanks for sharing!

  20. These all are really the best and simple and amazing and sober engagement rings. The best one out of all is the heart shaped one.

  21. Sometimes wedding bands that are more simple, come off more meaningful. My finance proposed to me about two months ago and we are both in the process of looking for very personalized wedding bands. Having something that stands out, yet is simple and elegant is what I want. Most of the wedding bands you have pictured above seemed very reasonably priced too. I can’t wait to be married!

  22. All the rings have something special, but i liked the Diamond band most of all.

  23. weddings says...

    The designs of these rings are very unique all of them are very beautiful.

  24. I really love the designs of those wedding you posted above! I really love to buy one soon.
    Thanks for this!

  25. Wedding rings are symbol of commitment, a bond, a promise, it symbolized the end of ones loneliness, when we are talking about the likes of wedding rings and heart shaped valentine gift rings.

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  27. lovely..its lovely collection. I am enjoying reading your post. Your jewelry collection is too good..Thanks for sharing. I would love to buy some pieces for myself.

  28. Wow, beautiful ring designs which are perfect for all wedding occasions. Thanks for sharing.

  29. Hmm…I guess the prices of those engagement rings are just right – a great deal, indeed. Anyway, it doesn’t matter how expensive or how cheap an engagement ring is (but it’s much more flattering to a girl if it’s expensive, lol), as long as it is love that reigns between the two of you.

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  31. We had ours made by my friend Tyler of They are so perfectly raw and simple. Sometimes I think I want a diamond, but that would never be as special as our bands now.

  32. I especially love the third one. It reminds of the Lord of the Rings! It’s simple, beautiful and elegant. I definitely want that kind of ring when I get engaged.
    Rochel Faltus

  33. My wedding ring is actually that braided band you featured! I wear it stacked with a thin gold band that has my husband’s fingerprint on the inside of it.

  34. Love, love the speckled band. It makes me so happy to see unique wedding rings. I can’t resist adding my wedding ring to the mix. It is by Christine Mighion and is made of ethical aquamarine and recycled gold. Makes me smile every time I look at it : ) My husbands is made of the same gold by her and is hand hammered – it’s gorgeous too.

    Have you thought of doing a post on men’s simple wedding rings? I’ve heard of a lot of men (and the women shopping for them) who have a difficult time looking for them. Just a thought…

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  36. i can find more about beautiful black diamond engagement rings from that article..that black diamond have beautiful stone…thanks

  37. I’ve always wanted a wedding ring (when i get married that is) that doesn’t have conflict diamonds and doesn’t cost thousands of dollars. thanks for this post :)

  38. Anonymous says...

    #3! Carla Caruso!!

  39. love that speckled band!

  40. pws says...

    this is my wedding band and i love it:

    i’m not a jewelry wearing girl at all and the idea of having a wedding band with diamonds freaked me out (i would worry all the time about them falling out!). but i wanted something a step up from a simple band — this engraved art deco style was perfect and added just the right amount of something next to my princess cut engagement ring :)

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  44. I love my simple wedding band. It is very similar to the diamond band that you have pictured. I like the way it compliments my engagement ring, and lets it be the star of the set.

  45. JO! I love your wedding/engagement ring posts! A few years back I found what ended up being my engagement ring (a green amethyst from onegarnet girl on etsy) on one of your posts on Glamour. Since the ring was custom we just got a ‘makeshift’ wedding band, a $100 heart shaped silver band from Tiffany’s (i think that you featured on a Mother’s Day gift guide)…instead of getting a permanent wedding band we’re going to start a tradition of a new <$150 band every anniversary for me! These posts are always inspiring to see what I might get next! (my husband is the WORST gift buyer and it stresses him out–so I send him 3-4 links to things before every holiday of things that would be amazing :) )


  46. I love #1,5,&6! Beautiful.
    My engagement ring was passed down to me by his mother, who unfortunately died of a cancerous brain tumor. It really is quite the beauitful ring, very modern, especially for being over 25 years old. His father designed it. Lots of diamonds, so the band is thin, but with lots of diamonds. We tried simple bands with it, but it just looked odd with how sparkly the engagement ring is.

  47. My beautiful engagement ring has a fairly thick band, and I wanted my wedding ring to match it. Well, I couldn’t find anything substantial enough among the women’s sections… so I ended up buying a man’s ring, exactly the same one my husband got, just in a much smaller size! haha. It looks great though. I have rather stubby fingers and elegant, thin rings look silly on me. This heavier band (unadorned white gold) is perfect.

  48. The gold braid ring is so unique and lovely! I also really like the elegant thin gold pave band.

  49. They are amazing! Mine is a thin white gold band :-)

  50. i love this post! i’m a big fan of simple wedding rings and i especially love that speckled ring. catbird has some amazing rings!

  51. Gabriele says...

    I have already chosen number 7 (the Bario Neal narrow stackable band) on your list for my upcoming wedding. It’s really beautiful.

  52. The bateau ring is my favourite, I like it’s not too bling-bling on the stone and almost art-deco in style. Lovely finds Jo :)

  53. Love all the rings! Ours were just gold and simple band rings but as my husband lost it in the ocean while he was joining his brother’s stag night, I was alone wearing mine. I put it off for a climbing action and now also lost it! My husband don’t want to wear a new ring but I would love to. I showed him a ring in the style of nr. 6 to wear it on my forefinger for our 4th wedding anniversary in june, so we’ll see! But I also love the braided ring you’ve posted!!

  54. I love the black oval and heart rings!

    I love my engagment ring so much, but it sits high so I onlu wear it on special outings. I wear my wedding bands all the time. They are two thin bands with 9 small diamonds. So dainty.

  55. Rachael says...

    I opted not to get a wedding band because my engagement ring is fancy. There’s a center diamond surrounded by six small stones. Three to the left and three to the right. All in a white gold band. It was a custom ring my husband had designed. The band has some small design on the sides so a second ring would have to be custom as well. I contemplated a right hand ring (husband’s idea) but find all the options overwhelming. I like having the one ring.

  56. My favorites are the infinity ring and the last ring but they’re all gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

    yours, Nicki

  57. I like the braid ring most.
    My band is 18kt gold w/ half a carat of diamonds.


  58. Georgia says...

    A gorgeous post. I would love some ideas on men’s wedding rings!

  59. My husbands and mine wedding bands look like the bark on trees. I love them! They are so different and no one else has the same design as us. :)

  60. They are all so pretty. I love the speckled band the most I think…

    I have three very different wedding rings that I wear all together. The engagement ring, my husband had made and it was so perfectly me I couldn’t believe it. Then the band is a simple Cathy Waterman in white gold with tiny pave diamonds and then my husband gave me a ring on our wedding day as a little gift.

    They all look so pretty and unmatchy together! I was very spoiled, I know!

  61. Anonymous says...

    I love the simple gold bands. Mine is a thin band with a small white sapphire. My ring was made by Sarah Perlis. We went to her studio, drank tea and designed our rings. I couldn’t be happier.

  62. Of these, the braided band is my favourite.
    My husband and I wear simple silver bands with the words “My beloved is mine and I am my beloveds” engraved inside.

  63. The Blanca Monros Gomez black diamonds ring is def my favorite. So original. But they’re all stunning in their simplicity. xo

  64. the top braided bario-neal ring is my wedding band! and i absolutely love it. my engagement ring is white gold and my wedding band is yellow gold…my mom thought i was crazy for mixing metals but i love how they look together!

  65. I love these, especially the second to last. I have a “real” wedding ring that’s big and clunky, and I traded it in, much to my husband’s chagrin, for one that matched his. The men’s styles were so much better!

  66. Lovely.
    My wedding band is a small white gold band with alternating round-cut sapphires and diamonds. Beautiful, and we got it for 80% off in a close-out sale!

  67. All of these are exactly my style!

  68. mine is a super skinny diamond and white gold band. it was custom fit to curve around my engagement ring, but it’s so dainty and pretty that i often wear it by itself. i think the curve is so geometric and modern!

  69. I love my simple band! I knew I wanted to just wear my wedding band most days, so my husband picked out a wedding ring that fits INSIDE my engagement ring. I love it! I wear the simple band most days and my “big ring” when we go to formal events.

    My band is just white gold with a scroll pattern on it. I love having something that is both unique and simple at the same time!

    Great post, great blog – thank you!

  70. Anonymous says...

    I love the simplicity of these. So beautiful.

  71. mine is pretty much the third from the bottom… rose gold with tiny little diamonds..

    i LOVE that speckled one.. SO CUTE!

    and i love how you love simple bands..because i love simple bands (because i have weird shaped fingers that only look good with simplicity or overly gaudy.. and nothing about my marriage is overly gaudy- or plainly gaudy, at all..)

    happy thursday!

  72. I love the heart ring…so sweet and simple! :)

  73. Number 8 is so sweet. I love the speckles and the tiny gem. Mociun has some really beautiful, simple rings too.

  74. Growing up, I thought I wanted a big solitaire like my mother had. But when I was anticipating being asked by my then-boyfriend, now-husband, I realized that I wasn’t sure I wanted an engagement ring at all–until I saw the one he held out: a ring that had belonged to his grandmother, with three tiny diamonds in a sort-of flower shape.

    The gold is old and somewhat rosy, and I wanted the wedding band to match, so I took it to my parents’ jeweler. They designed a simple band that fit perfectly, in terms of color and mounting, and I absolutely love it.

    Also? They made it as a gift. Those are some amazing jewelers.

  75. My engagment ring is a simple beaded gold band and my wedding ring will be a thin gold band. No diamonds here! :)

  76. I have the simplest wedding band possible–none at all! I’m not huge on rings, so I only wanted to wear one. Thus, on my wedding day, my engagement ring symbolically morphed into my wedding ring.

  77. I think the last one is my favorite too!

  78. My husband and I have been married for 36 years. Neither of us wears a wedding ring.

  79. these are gorgeous! great picks, joanna. my ring is a simple yellow gold band. on a completely unrelated note – i’d love to see a post on here discussing how chores are divided up within married couples. and specifically: when do you start doing the laundry together? my husband and i have been debating this lately :) thanks as always! xo

  80. Wow these rings are all so lovely.


    I have been reading your blog since you became engaged! It’s so neat that even though we will probably never meet I really look to your blog for advice and encouragement. I even had a dream about you and I meeting and going out for a glass of wine together!

    Ha, maybe that is creepy.

    Anyway, I was curious to find out if you ever struggled with fear regarding the transition of moving from engagement to marriage?

    I am so happy with my fiance, but some moments I start to freak out about the fact that this decision effects the rest of my life!

    I would love to hear how you dealt with those thoughts.


  81. wow, I just love your selection! last year when I got married I designed with a jeweler my simple rose gold ring with tiny diamonds. timeless but special…

  82. I love the braided ring and the infinity ring. Funny though..I’ve never really been a big fan of wearing rings. They’re my least favorite kind of jewelry. I almost never leave the house without earrings but I feel like rings are not that comfortable and they sometimes get in the way. Maybe I’ll feel differently by the time I get married.

  83. For the first two years of my marriage I just had a simple antique ring. I just upgraded mine but opted for a sapphire instead of a diamond. i love simplicity. thank you for your post, i think there are women out there that need to see that you don’t have to have a huge rock to feel special.

  84. My wedding band is similar to #7 with a few more diamonds on each side and white gold. My husband picked out my engagement ring on his own and we later went to pick out bands together. I love having a bit of sparkle, even if I’m not wearing my engagement ring.

  85. My husband and I have matching bands. Titanium with inset spalted maple from Etsy. I love modern, simple and clean lines plus a little bit of earth thrown in for good measure.

  86. Suzanne says...

    My boyfriend and I are not ready to marry yet (we are 19 and 22) but we are already 3,5 years together and we’re looking for a friendship-ring. an pre-engagment ring I guess. And beside being my boyfriend he is my best friend too so we think it’s an cool idea for when we are 4 years (!) together. Love the rings you picked!

  87. Emilie says...

    I’m sorry Jo, I hope you won’t find this comment rude. I love your blog but lately it’s been so repetitive! This post, the bensimon sneakers, shopbop and j crew links… All great things but not that interesting to read about over and over. Maybe I’ve just been reading your blog for too long, but it’s getting less and less exciting. I hope you’ll come up with some new material soon – you’re a beautiful writer!!

  88. My husband hammered our bands. He learned how to do it, bought all the tools, and made matching thin, yellow-gold bands! I love how simple and meaningful they are!
    BTW, I’ve always loved the Blanca Monros Gomez black diamond band. Super classy!

  89. My husband and I picked out my Claddagh ring set while we were in Galway after we’d been dating two years! I loved that the Claddagh stood for “Love, Loyalty and Friendship” and we incorporated that sentiment in our wedding vows, four years later.

    He told me after he proposed that he had thought about switching out the sapphire heart stone for a diamond, and I told him I loved the sapphire and didn’t want a big clear rock in my ring.

  90. I absolutely am in love with my ring. I never wanted a wedding band, just one was enough for me. I really considered just getting a band, but my now husband really wanted to get me a diamond, so we compromised. It is a lot like the infinity hug ring that you have shown, but with a diamond in the middle. I loved knots, and we are always rock climbing so the knot seemed symbolic of not only tying the knot, but that we will always be watching out for each other.

  91. really love this post!…especially since i just got engaged and am still feeling all giddy ;)

    so extra love to you today for this post!

    alissa b

  92. Anonymous says...

    My wedding band is thin, hand engraved with a simple scroll pattern and I love it…but I don’t like the way it looks with my engagement ring. I think they detract from one another. I usually just wear my wedding band, but have been looking for the perfect, simple, plain band to wear when I want to wear my engagement ring too. These are right up my alley. Thanks!

  93. I wear my wedding band and engagement ring together. I have a 3 carat Marquis cut. What can I say…I like ’em big! ^_^ (It was the replacement on our 20th anniversary. Before that I had a 1/4 carat engagement ring and a band. I still have the same band…and I love it!)

  94. I love #7 but it doesn’t look similar to either one linked? the band has a square edge and the diamonds/prongs are sized out very differently

  95. I picked my wedding ring out on ebay. It’s from the 1840s with an oval sapphire in the middle surrounded by two rows of diamonds. I love it!

  96. Jo says...

    i just linked back through the past posts. they are all so beautiful! i’m in love with the black diamond ring…it is stunning!

  97. My wedding ring is the most ostentatious one we could afford, and someday I want an even more gaudy looking one because I waited ten years for it and I wanted the world to know that I’m married.. LOL

  98. the one with the black circle is STUNNING!!! i want.

    not as a wedding ring though… that’s what a good PEARL ring is for! elegant, yet sustainable.

    don’t get me wrong, any girl loves a diamond, but it breaks my heart that the earth takes millions of years to produce them!!

  99. wait joanna. do you have an engagement ring that has more bling or just the simple wedding band? I think I have only ever seen the band… which is just lovely!

  100. I love the little black oval. Oh for it to be in silver!

  101. I love these simple rings.

    Most days I just wear my gold band, then when I do pair it with my engagement ring I feel extra fancy!

  102. Mine is similar to the diamond band, (#7) but the diamonds go all the way around, in a platinum setting. It’s just like my mom’s was, and just like my grandmother’s was, and I absolutely love it. Plus, we bought it at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, which was super fun and way more affordable than getting something comparable in the States.

  103. I mean #4… oi.

  104. Woah! My wedding ring IS #7, but I got her to swap out white gold for rose gold. It’s perfect, simple, and I often forget I’m even wearing it!

    I’ve actually managed to lose my engagement ring… YIKES. It wasn’t a diamond or anything, but still, rather sad.


  105. I would so love to rock a simple band but I have fat fingers. It looks weird when my skin oozes out around the band lol…Thoughts? Suggestions?

  106. I love these! Any ideas on where to look for simple wedding rings for men??

  107. When we got engaged, my now husband proposed by drawing a heart on my ring finger. It might sound weird, but I still hadn’t decided what I wanted to do ring-wise. Every time we even stepped in a jewelry store I wanted to leave right away. How non-girly of me, right? I just didn’t feel like a diamond girl at all. It didn’t make me giddy…it made me uncomfortable. I’m a casual chick. So, once I wrapped my mind around the fact that the only reason I felt like I “needed” that kind of ring was because society said I did, we started to look on etsy and ended up with titanium rings. His is thick and mine is a simple band that we engraved with our wedding date and song title “Inside of Love.” I love the simplicity, the fact that they cost a combined $110 and still mean so so much to us. Plus, ladies with big ol’ diamonds can’t play with their ring like I can. I spin it around my finger all the time. No regrets in going against the grain! :)

  108. Beautiful! I love the simplicity. Sometimes, I feel like our entire culture wants the “Kim Kardashian ring,” but that’s not what a wedding is about! These are so simplistic and lovely.

  109. I love the speckeled one and the last one. Also love how afforable they are.

  110. Ah! I love the Blanca Monros Gomez rose gold/black diamond one! I have a rose gold and white diamond ring from her, that I wish worked wtih my engagement ring. I am trying to find something simple (have until Oct!)for a wedding band, so this round up is timely indeed! Perhaps a round up on men’s wedding bands next? ;)

  111. I really love the 6th and 7th.
    I’m not married yet but if I ever do get married I’d love to have a super thin rose gold band with teeny tiny diamonds in it.


  112. Less is more as they say.. My husband opted for the thing gold band which is slightly braided… I wished I had done the same instead I wanted an elaborate band w/ little hearts entwined.. Yours is beautiful

  113. No joke, I was going through all your older wedding ring posts just three days ago. Simple and gold and flat-ish, that’s what I want! (The knottedrush ring from bario-neal is still my favorite, but maybe not for a wedding band.) Thanks for another round up!

  114. True story: I chose my gorgeous Satomi bands after seeing your original post about rings. I love them and they suit me perfectly: thank you!

  115. speckled band!

  116. I love the speckly one. I have my grandmother’s wedding ring, thin welsh gold band. Treasure it!

  117. I’ve actually never heard of black diamonds – I learn something every day on your blog! – but they’re not my cup of tea, something about them seems a bit harsh for a wedding…probably just me tho :)

  118. robyn, my friend has a gold band with three teeny black diamonds — sooo lovely and less dark! xo also by blanca monros gomez xo

  119. I wonder if it’s a British thing to have just a plain gold band…that’s what mine is and I love it! Most of my friends have them too. I think too fancy detracts from a beautiful engagement ring.

  120. i also like the black diamond…although,it may be a bit dark for a wedding band…

  121. Marissa says...

    Mine are three simple eternity bands (rose, white, and yellow gold) and similar to size of #4 and #7! I love simple unique jewelry :)

  122. I really adore the black diamond band and the last one :) and dream of an antique ring… picked up at a local shop.

  123. I was going to say the last was my favorite too. :)

  124. ps. i think the last one is my favorite:)