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  2. Wow incredible! i have already had a strong desire to travel to Palm Springs but this rainbow hotel may have me packing my bags and calling my travel agent sooner than i thought.

  3. Oh!it looks so colorful and beautiful.Amazing blog thanks for sharing.

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  10. fabulous color selection in all room designs.hotel furniture superb .best place to stay .

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  12. I like this hotel! I’ts very eye catching and warm. Choosing the rainbow as their main theme is really effective for them since it’s not common at all. It’s unique! I haven’t seen any other hotels such as this one.

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  13. Awesome really it is so beautiful. I love it!

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  16. O awesome. Such a happy-looking place! Thanks sharing..

  17. that looks so cool – you have a really fun blog!!

  18. we’re having my bachelorette party in PS in april and we wanted to book a room here (had good rates!) but the reviews are AWFUL! no dice :( but now we’re staying at the Ace and it looks amazing!

  19. This is really amazing i never seen a colorful hotel like this.Pretty amazing

  20. so cool and fun and ALIVE! i just booked for next month at the ACE. might have to switch my reservation. thanks for sharing, as always. <3

  21. Anonymous says...

    Hi, im sure its a nice place to stay. But as a Landscape architect im i have to tell taht im very sad that architect can be able to do this in such a beautiful landscape. Waht i waht to say is that the architecture must always be integrated with the landscape and this hotel is totally not integrated. Im sur people have fun and enjoy it when they go there. But i have to say my point of view as a landscape architect. Thanks.

  22. Anonymous says...

    I stayed at the PS Saguaro in February and it was fun, colorful and cheerful. Magenta room with orange furniture – which was already dinged up badly. We had the most adorable plate of free cuties in the room. But, it was not up to Ace Standards. The service was mediocre. Wouldn’t stay there again. I would host an event by the pool, just for the photos.

  23. What a lovely find Jo. Thanks for sharing :)

  24. Oh wow, it looks like it’s sponsored by Skittles! xxx

  25. We were just in PS in January and drove by the rainbow hotel…they had just finished it! We always stay at The Ace, but this looks really fun!!

  26. krisel, the hotel lautner looks GORGEOUS.

  27. ps. so lucky for those of you who stayed opening weekend — must have been a huge rainbow party! :)

  28. krisel, so interesting to hear what the locals think! and yes — i recommend the Ace, too, for kids — the pool is SO much fun and super kid/dog friendly. it’s the most fun, relaxed hang out. xoxo

  29. Erin, you’re going to brussels? how fun!!!

  30. you’re right, Jennifer, such a lovely contrast with the desert.

  31. Oh, if this were a fair world, I’d be teleported there RIGHT NOW!

    Colour is my favourite thing in the world.

  32. So cool can’t image if i were there that incredible charming stunning fantasy Just too wonderful place …..

  33. So wonderful place, it could be very happy when stay,I guess kids will love to stay inside and have fun.

  34. Amazing place!!! It’s hard to pull off a colorful structure while avoiding looking tacky.

  35. btw, a little fyi about another super cool hotel in Palm Springs. The Hotel Lautner looks super amazing and I’d actually love to stay there as a lover of architecture…however, it’s also located in a horrible, meth-lab infested neighborhood. so, ie not the best place to be with a toddler, but it is super chic and historical!


  36. I think it looks so great and I’d love to stay there. Apparently “the” crowd of Palm Springs thinks it’s so tacky and “soooo South Beach” and that it doesn’t belong there. So, I’m thrilled to hear you like it as do so many others.

    Great to hear about the Ace and toddlers from LV. Will stay at either next time.

  37. I actually just stayed there the first weekend it opened! Each room actually IS themed a color, with either a complimentary color in the bathroom or a secondary color accent. We were in the lime green room w/ blue furniture and an orange bathroom. It was such great color therapy.

  38. omgosh, this place is adorable. the bed sheets actually remind me of a pair of socks I have. lol I definitely wanna visit this place one day.


  39. So cheerful and unique…brightened my cold, windy, snowy day!

  40. Anonymous says...

    I stayed there opening weekend, very cute! The poolside bar serves up some delicious sangria.

  41. LV says...

    We just stayed at the ACE with our toddler a few weeks ago and LOVED it!!! There was a retro fashion show going on one night and I was able to slip down from our room, get a ticket, and watch mid-century modern fashions and learn about that era Palm Springs on slides. Loved the pool, the restaurant (!!! so great!!!), and the rooms were amazing. Cedar planked shower! Can’t wait to stay there again. The kid loved it too.

  42. i go tanning here all the time, hehe! it is so fun and definitely a cool place!

  43. ahhhh just looking at those colors makes me smile! So bright and cheery, I love it :) xoxo, morgan

  44. A Saguaro just opened here a few months back in Scottdale as well…I havent had the chance to check it out yet but I’ve been hearing good things!

  45. As Liz Lemon would say: “I want to go to there.”

  46. That’s the epitome of a happy place!

  47. Love the exterior, but the room might be just a spot too crazy for me to feel relaxed in.

  48. Palm Springs is definitley on my “To Visit” list! I would be torn from staying at a fun hotel like this or trying to rent a mid-century house.

  49. oh I saw this on a Design magazine a while ago! I love this place, it’s so bright and colorful, I also like the architectural aesthetics of it!

  50. I’ll be in PS next month, I’ll be stopping by this little gem. Thanks for the tip!

  51. How fun! I’m always tempted to paint my living room in a bright colour – maybe I should stick to white and stay here instead!

    Thanks for sharing! xo

  52. I’m sold! This is added to my travel wish list :-) I hope I can stay in a room with the purple balcony.

  53. Wow, I don’t know if I could sleep in such a rainbow room!

  54. What a cool idea! Keeping this tip for the next time we’re there!

  55. A little psycadelic, but oh so fun :D

  56. That’s adorable!! We usually stay at the Parker but this place looks adorable!! Will be checking it out ASAP, thanks for the tip!

    <3 Kate

  57. Ha, someone beat me to posting about the Pantone Hotel in Brussels (where I’ll be in just two months!! not staying at that particular hotel, unfortunately)

  58. This reminds me of something they’d build in the 70’s for some reason. Love it!

  59. I’d love to see a movie shot here! Filmmakers and screenwriters, any takers?

  60. I was wondering what the rooms look like inside. This is really beautiful in contrast to the muted desert palatte. Would be lovely to stay here.

  61. SO awesome. Such a happy-looking place! I’d love to stay there.

  62. How fun! It reminds me of the Pantone Hotel in Brussels: http://www.pantonehotel.com/
    Might have to convince the hubby we need a sunny desert gettaway :)

  63. Ohhh I love rainbow anything and everything. They should leave those chocolate gold coins on the bed…or little pots of them even!

  64. ps. would be especially cool if each room was one color — like you could stay in the blue room, or the red room, etc. :)