Summer Dress

Although this looks like a skirt and tee, it’s actually a summer dress. How easy (and feminine!) to wear all the time, from picnics in the park to romantic dinners–and you could just stuff it in a suitcase for traveling. Wouldn’t you love to live in it this summer?

Which color would you choose? (Pink is my fave.)

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  2. Anonymous says...


  3. Oh, how adorable! I love the blue!

  4. Totally excited to get this skirt in green. It will look great with my black hair. The only concern I have is that I am short so hopefully it will not drag. But a small price to pay for this clean look for summer.

  5. I love this! Thanks for sharing this great find Jo. I’m buying before they sell out;)

  6. Would definitely wear this. In all three colours!!!
    Ronnie xo

  7. Anonymous says...

    Love the pink one!

  8. so cute! it’s very jill sander-esque!

  9. Jennifer_NJ says...

    love the pink but out of the XS :( considering the green as my second choice!

  10. I love the green one. It’s bright but not garish — perfect.

  11. I do love this dress, perfect for a lot of things. I like all the colors but maybe the green best.

  12. It’s how much!?

  13. green!!!!!!

  14. Anonymous says...

    Here’s to never parting with your old clothes! Maxi skirts/dresses have been in for the last couple years, but I’m stayed far, far away… at age 35, the memory of maxi skirts in the ’90s is just too fresh. I can’t believe they’re in again already. But this post inspired me – I posted a couple criticisms of THIS particular dress, but I think the concept is a good one. I especially like the fact that unlike when you wear a separate t-shirt with a skirt, the top will stay smooth and hang how you want it to, despite moving around, sitting down and standing up, etc.. Anyway, I recently emptied out a storage unit, and I actually have three maxi skirts already, from the 1990s! In perfect condition. I may take my black jersey skirt and combine it with a cap-sleeved t-shirt of a thicker material, and make a dress like this.

    I can’t believe two colors of this are sold out first in size large. I have to say this would be most unflattering on anyone who wears size large.

  15. I just got this in a version that has a grey tshirt and black skirt. It is very flattering, the fabric is very soft, and it hangs very nicely. It is a keeper! I really like it.

  16. Anonymous says...

    I read the description again, and unfortunately, it says that the bodice is “semi-sheer.” WHY does it have to be so? Why can’t it just be a nice thick t-shirt? I think if you’re totally flat-chested you can pull off the semi-sheer, but when you have any kind of chest (let alone any chubbiness some people may have) sheer fabric adds to a “less than pulled together” look. I’ve found this with “tissue tees” which have been popular, as well as just cheaper tees where they use less expensive fabric. It just doesn’t look good on my larger chest.

  17. So pretty and EASY. But, yes dry clean only is a bit of a bummer.

  18. Katie says...

    i love this except that it’s dry-clean only! :(

  19. Lovely dress :) I love the pink too!

  20. Oehhhh I like!!

  21. I just got this in the mail today!! What a cool coincidence. The skirt of my dress is coral colored though. I love it! Maxi dresses in general are such easy style.

  22. I love love LOVE this! I would probably choose blue but they are all excellent options. This dress is like the best of all worlds…so clever!

  23. Good call on the pink Joanna!! Totally on trend and perfect for summer. Read your blog everyday

  24. Love this! I’m really intrigued by the green…but would you blend into the grass? Haha These would be so perfect for traveling. I was just talking about maxi dresses and skirts on the blog! Love the look!

  25. I heart the pink one too! I could see myself wearing this everyday!

  26. I love the blue one. But a bit pricey $138 for my budget.

  27. Anonymous says...

    honestly not my favourite…it might just be because I find skirt/dress combos like that never quite sit at the proper proportions for me though :(

  28. Like this a lot but wish it were a skirt and top – that way you could change it up more. Also, white tee-shirts are tricky in the summer – with drippy ice-cream and iced coffee and, well, y’know….

  29. Green! All the way! But, at 5’9″ I highly doubt this would work on me. Maxi dresses just aren’t as cute when they stop above your ankles.

  30. I love the green, but did you see they also have it in gray with a black skirt? It looks like you could dress it up for a dinner date and still be comfy. I love Splendid.

  31. These are so pretty! They look so relaxed and comfortable. And such beautiful colours! Hope you can take a look at my blog some time :) x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  32. Love the green! So pretty!

  33. LOOOOOVE this. want it in agave, thanks for sharing!!

  34. Oh, those dresses are so easy to wear!! Really lovely!! Last year I was lucky enough to pick one quite similar at HM summer sales for only 10 euros, it is knee high with a black and white striped top and black bottom with pockets. Comfortable and yet elegant. I just looove it!!

  35. Anonymous says...

    super cute, but i agree with others that you’d have to be pretty tall to pull this off. the model is 5’9 and it’s pooling at her feet!

  36. Sorry, you would have to have a killer body to pull this off…on the plus side, nice to see bright colors!

  37. Hi Joanna,
    Can you give us some insight to the scandanavian parenting thing?? Thanks so much.
    Love the blog and your style.

  38. Love the style, but not the price. Mango has some beautiful ones for half the price!

  39. What a great dress to throw on during the warm summer months. I love it in pink – would look great with a pair of jack Rogers sandals.

  40. Super cute, but how is it $138?????

  41. Ooo, I like the green! It reminds me of a maxi-skirt I had back in middle school. Love it when fashion makes a comeback :)

  42. ooo pink for me too! I just bought a maxi skirt today, and darn that it’s not a dress, but a skirt… :P

    -joyce @

  43. I will pick the green and pink!
    OK Yes am greedy!!

  44. I LOVE this! Although I think I might try to create the ensemble myself to save some money. The pink one is very cute. Anyone know the best place to find inexpensive, good, comfy maxi skirts that look like this?

  45. I love the pink one!! But I”m afraid, you have to be tall and thin to wear this one!

  46. Anonymous says...

    :) Simple, comfy and looks perfect for a nice leisurely weekend in the city. Well that is once the weather warms up.
    Too bad I can’t pull off the maxi skirt thing. I’m 5’6-ish and although I know i’m not a complete shorty I feel like one when I try them on…

  47. oh I would absolutely live in this during the summer! you could grab a few, and have one for every occasion – beach, casual, fancy…

  48. How perfect! I adore maxi skirts and simple white T’s. I made myself a deal and every time I have completed 6 one hour workouts I get to buy myself a new piece of clothing. So on Friday I’m ordering the Agave.

  49. Blue is my favorite, although I should be taller to wear that! :-/

  50. I was completely fooled by the skirt/shirt thing! That makes it even more awesome that it’s a dress! So comfy and casual. :)

  51. Pink- so cute!!

  52. green–what an amazing dress!

  53. What a fantastic idea for a dress! It looks so comfy, but still super cute. I would have to choose the pink as well, so pretty!


  54. I’m laughing out loud at how NOT attractive I think that dress would be on me! lol. On them, it’s awesome… that would be one I’d have to try on.

  55. How do you wash something like that without ruining the white of the white top??

    Endless confusion on my part in the laundry room with pieces that are both white and black/bright colors – anyone have any tips?

  56. It’s very nice, but doesn’t it seem way too expensive for a simply cotton ensemble?

  57. Anonymous says...

    This is plain ugly! Would never ever wear this!

  58. I love these skirts! My favourite is the pink one as well ;)

  59. Loving the pink! I’d do it with some heels and chunky statement jewelry!

  60. Anonymous says...

    Very cute! I like the green one. Of course, I’m pretty sure I could make this myself from Target components for about 1/5 the price. :-) Fortunately I DO think it would look pretty good on me, but I also think that you have to be quite tall and thin to pull it off. Otherwise, it would just look dumpy.

  61. dry clean only?
    no thanks.

  62. I am probs going to splurge and buy this!! It would be cute on the weekend nights or even at the farmers market!

    Love you Jo!

  63. I’d go with pink : ) Is it bad that I want to try to make this?


  64. LOVE! Love the pink and white one. Adorable.

  65. pink is chic yet agave reminds me of summer lawn picnics. comfy and cute.

  66. AHH I’m obsessed with the green!

  67. beautiful!!! I am your newest follower and can’t wait to read along. xx Danielle

  68. Lovely! What a fun idea :) love them all but pink is my fave too 💗

  69. Love this! Perfect for trips to the park. I like the blue x

  70. love the pink. great summer outfit idea!

  71. Clever comfort combo in one neat package! The green is definately my favourite.

  72. Clever comfort combo in one neat package! The green is definately my favourite.

  73. Nice concept! I’d take the Agave. Thanks for sharing! xoxo