1. Anonymous says...

    oooooh… so adorable :)

  2. Anonymous says...

    Is there a way that you can purchase this adorable stuff animal???

  3. Wow so cute and adorable toy. Really cute my kids also love this. Thank you so much for sharing! This is an adorable idea! Thanks for sharing.

    Are you interested to know about CA DMV.

  4. Soooooooooooooooooo cute!

  5. Sir Hopsalot is ridiculously cute! Reminds me of the great book the velveteen rabbit :) – this bunny has become real!
    My husband collects toy rabbits & figurines that sit in his studio, so looks like you’ve helped me find his next birthday present! Thanks Joanna!
    Hugs, Cat

  6. Anonymous says...

    Ohhhh… it’s so cute! >3

  7. sarah, you’re right: i never thought about how they took the photos:) (they look so realistic, i sort of just figured he jumped:)

  8. Fashion, whimsey, sweet and spicy your selections are always FABULOUS!!!

  9. What a cute bunny! I think I might have to purchase this!

  10. TJ says...

    Awww, that’s so cute! I just want to snuggle with the wittle bunny.


  11. Ha! That’s so adorable! Love the movement in the photography! :)

  12. What a sweet little rabbit! He looks so joyful and carefree.

  13. Nice one, interesting photos as well. :)

  14. taylor says...

    insanely cute.

  15. He is adorable and perfect for my nursery!!


  16. Welp, I’ll bet that was the cutest thing I’m going to see all week! Precious!


  17. So many inspiring photos on blogs today! Love the composition and the lighting….and the bunny is cute too…

  18. So sweet! I LOVE Willy the felted little deer, too.

    My friend is in labor right this minute–wish I could afford to order one of these for her!

  19. He sure is. :)

  20. just in time for the easter bunny.

  21. ADORABLE! I love how she gets so much personality to come through her toys. Bookmarking that for when we have a little one to buy for :)

  22. Thanks for the first laugh of the day. Deb

  23. what fun photos of him hopping.
    couldn’t be cuter; )
    thanks i needed a smile to start my monday right!

  24. Floppy & wonderful!!I have a new niece and nephew coming this spring who might need one of these from their favorite aunt!!

  25. Oh that’s really nice! What a nice start to the week!

  26. That bunny is the sweetest! I really like your Motherhood Monday posts, Joanna. Whether they are poignant or whimsical or something in between, they are always great. It’s a nice way to start the week.

  27. oh! too cute! we love bunnies in this house!

  28. adorable bunny. and adorable photos! what a great idea. thanks for sharing!

  29. Super cute. I love Etsy because of stuff like this!

  30. Oh, they are the cutest :) Makes me want to be four again…

  31. cuute photography! made me smile this morning!