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Have a Great Weekend.

What are your plans for the weekend? I’m sooooo sleepy (feeling like this!) that I’ll be falling asleep early tonight, but tomorrow we’re hoping to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge for the first time this year. I’m also thinking of taking up knitting–do any of you knit? Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and here are a few great links from around the web…

I was so flattered and honored to appear in Lonny!

What the what? These are paintings.

Give your IKEA furniture a makeover.

Pin-up girls, before and after.

Now that’s a cake.

Look at this amazing print!!!

Good to remember in an argument.

This kitchen shop is beautiful.

Vintage stickers.

Just ordered this shirt for the summer.

Pantone desserts.

Autobiography in five short chapters.

And if anyone’s in the market for a nautical print: Max is now selling the ocean print from our bedroom makeover. xoxo

Plus, a song to kick off your weekend. Have a great one.

(Photo of Picasso, via Lost)

  1. Be forewarned, knitting is completely addictive, and one of my very favourite activities. Plus you have so many wonderful yarn shops in NYC.

    If you do decide to start, you must sign up for Ravelry!

    Have fun!!

  2. Hi Joanna! I read your blog all the time, but haven’t commented yet. I’m a knitter and there are some great places to knit in NYC, but my favorite shop is Purl in Soho. It’s so pretty! And their blog is great too! I’ve also taught the basics to friends a few times and would be happy to share tips, etc. – Melissa

  3. Congrats on the Lonny article. It was a lovely little piece.

  4. You would love knitting. It is so comforting and repetitive and therapeutic, and its productive! (most of the time). There’s nothing like giving someone you love a pair of socks you’ve knitted. Many here have mentioned Ravelry and it’s an incredible (and addictive!) resource…as is Purl Soho, which you are verrrry lucky to be close to. It’s my favorite place to sneak away to solo when my husband and I are in NY.

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  6. That cake wouldn’t be wasted in this household! I love the cook’s tip ‘for the food porn factor I had to make the icing’. Hahaha

  7. Amy P says...

    Definitely take up knitting :) Jane Richmond designs really amazing knitting patterns – I would actually wear her sweater designs! (I’m 24 and the domestic housewife type, if that helps). She also has some easier hat and cowl patterns to start off with. has great video tutorials and covers everything you’ll ever need to know – I taught myself how to knit using that site. Good luck!

  8. I love your blog and love that print from your bedroom makeover!! Speaking of prints, I’m hosting my first giveaway on my blog and the prize is compliments of Fresh Words Market-awesome print company!! Please check it out!

  9. Its Sunday and I’m just reading your Friday post with your Saturday plans but I think I saw you and your family ride by on bikes on the Brooklyn Bridge while I was sitting in a cab yesterday! Oh, crazy timing…
    Hope you had a lovely Saturday!

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  12. I’ve taught myself to knit. I’m not fantastic, not even a little bit, but it soothes me and makes me feel artistic *and* useful. It’s something that earns one self-respect. Plus, I love to see my little creations on my children. Try … she is phenomenal. I swear she can do ANYTHING.

  13. I LOVE your weekend post with all the links!!!

    I hope you do these forever and ever. :-)

  14. I am on my third knitting project and am now part of a small stitch and bitch club. Learning something new at 40! Lots of fun.

  15. You rock the weekend send-off/round-up.
    Happy Day!

  16. i’m addicted to knitting! I make baby afghans for babies of friends and family (my youngest is expecting in sept!)

  17. Hi Jo, just to let you know, I always tune into your Friday blog, it is my fav, always find something to share, love “retronaut” Thanks for the great job you do!

  18. I so need to make that cake again! Thaks for the shout out!

  19. that poem — “autobiography” — wow. incredible. thank you for sharing!

  20. I love the link to the pinups. It’s fun to see what the real model looked like and I’m surprised they look so similar! Thanks for all the great links!
    Have a wonderful and restful weekend:)

  21. Knitting…hmmm. I am bringing some handmade knit and crochet products to market in North America which provide jobs to women in Bangladesh. I decided that I should know a bit about the craft and so I started by making a scarf with a knitting group at a community art gallery. I made a few scarves but now I am intrigued with crochet. In the end however I imagine that I will just enjoy other people’s knitting…I’m waiting to see your first project. :-)

  22. 12h in work. Seems like great weekend:P
    I absolutely adore Waterloo Sunset by the Kinks!
    Have a nice weekend:)

  23. A says...

    I knit for about 15 years.
    It’s not just twisting yarn between your fingers, it’s a passion and a progress in mind.
    It brings you down after a long hard day and it makes me more patiently.

    I love it and can’t stop buying yarn again and again. :D

  24. I don’t knit but my mother is a dyer. She hand dies her wool. If your ever looking for yarn that has wonderful earthy tones check her out. She’s out of NH and ships (:

  25. So jealous you can walk the Brooklyn Bridge any time you like. It was my favourite thing to do when I lived in Boston and visited NYC. Now I live back home in Melbourne, Australia, and the Brooklyn Bridge is a little too far away.

    I second the poster who suggested Ravelry – great site with HEAPS of free patterns. If you’re basic and really know nothing about knitting, YouTube will have heaps of beginner’s videos. Once you know the knit and the purl stitches, you can do anything with a little practise and patience. Knitting is a great hobby and I really enjoy creating some beautiful things other people love, but I haven’t had time to do it in about a year (but still have a big yarn stash waiting my needles!) Good luck and let us know if you do try it, how you go!

  26. It’s probably the time change, I know it’s kicking my tush and I can barely keep up with my two boys. I’m looking forward to a sunny day in NYC tomorrow {AMNH & central park strolling} and I can’t wait to do our first walk of the year across the Bklyn bridge in support of those like myself living with Crohns disease “Take steps” . As always great links, I love the pantone tarts, so fun!

  27. Maria says...

    Hmmm, SO sleepy AND you want to take up knitting… curious :)

  28. i LOVE Lonny magazine! I wish every room in my house looked like the interiors they photograph.

  29. Anonymous says...

    Those pin-up girls are so gorgeous “before.” They are more cartoony “after.” Why can’t people see how gorgeous reality is?! Thanks for the great link, Joanna. Your blog is the best.

  30. Anonymous says...

    Those paintings are totally amazing. Wow. WOW. Thank-you.

  31. That jcrew model kind of looks like you!

  32. I recommend going over to Purl Soho if you’re thinking of taking up knitting. It’s an adorable shop with knowledgeable people. I make a trip there every time I go to NYC.

    Good luck!

  33. Love the Pin Up girl post!A good friend of mine has just started knitting and insists it isnt very difficult, but I dont believer her. Apparently french knitting is just as fun and a little easier. xx

  34. That J.Crew shirt is lovely, but I wonder if you were drawn to it because you look like the model. Hmm…. Have a great weekend!

  35. Happy Weekend Joanna!
    I think we’ve all had a long week and need some extra sleep this weekend, i’m planning on sleeping in both days ;)

    ps i always love seeing photos of picasso ;)

  36. Anonymous says...

    I just started knitting in January and love love love it! I never thought of myself as a knitting girl. It seemed to me that knitting involved too much sitting still and I have ants in my pants. But, turns out it was just what I needed. So meditative and, well, cozy. Plus, I can’t afford all those drool-worthy store sweaters and I’m working my way up to making some myself! Try it out–it’s so easy to get started–and please let us know how it goes!

  37. Joanna! I’m an avid knitter-you would love it! Feel free to Email me!

  38. Lovely links. Especially those pin-ups and that autobiography. I linked your John Steinbeck love letter in my weekly wrap-up this week… I’m still so in awe of it. Happy Friday! :)

    ♥ sécia

  39. love that picture!

    I will hopefully, if they are blooming yet, be heading out to a pick your own tulips farm this weekend. I can’t wait to brighten up my home!

  40. YES. Knitting. Yes.

  41. Good plan for the weekend! We think they’re to rest and to spend more time enjoying family (and friends)!

    Have a nice weekend!

  42. Eh……Is it bad that I want the dancing bears shirt for myself!? DO you think they have adult sizes?? Haha.

    Also, the Kinks, waterloo sunset, just made my day! Its going to be a good weekend!

    Louise xo

  43. Have a great week-end!

    Yes! Knitting is so relaxing. I took it up again last winter. I love the multicolor textured yarns, so forgiving. One skein makes a small infinity scarf.

  44. I am a knit-aholic. It doesn’t matter that I am married, work full time, mother a 2-year-old boy, and go to school…I can’t stay away.

    Two tips if you are interested in learning how to knit:
    1. If you have a friend who knits, you likely don’t need to take a class as long as your friend is willing to teach you. Otherwise, you can take a class at Purl Soho:

    2. Ravelry is a great online community of fiber obsessed people. It is soooo fun to browse through thousands of projects. You can look up just about any pattern or yarn and hear what other knitters think of it as well as see pictures of their projects in progress and at completion.

    Oh! I love when people cross over into fiberland. It can be so much fun.

    Get some rest and have a great weekend!!!

    Athens, GA

  45. Kinitting is really cool. My fiancé’s mum taught me to knit a few years ago and I have made a super chunky scarf and snood, they’re great. However I’m still a beginner and need constant help, so I should really join a knitting club.

    I recommend you start with something plain and chunky (the chunkier the quicker it is to knit!)

    Good luck!

  46. That Retronaut site is awesome- thank you!!!!

  47. Aw, man. Everyone’s going to have my shirt now. ;) We’re going to have to pre-arrange or we’ll be twins, too.

  48. i learned how to knit last year at la casita yarn shop in brooklyn – the teacher there is good (two friends had tried to teach me before to no avail) and the shop is cozy and well-priced for this town. it’s a great hobby!

  49. I just started learning to knit today, what a coincidence! My mum taught me when I was much younger, but lack of practise meant I forgot my trade rather quickly, but it was really fun! Only problem was that it made my hands tired.
    Have a great time walking across the Brooklyn Bridge tomorrow, I am currently helping my friend get fit for the army so we’ve got lots of running and cycling planned for the weekend. xxxxx

  50. Omg, I recently took up knitting and I’m obsessed! I love it and there is yarn ALL over the house. Tonight I’m taking a class where you make this cute owl sweater, so dorky but fabulous!

    You must join Ravelry (it’s free) and it has tons of free patterns, tips, etc. It is a must! My username is Meg.Q if you have questions.

    Yay for knitting :)

  51. What is it about this week and being sleepy? It’s got to be the time change. I haven’t been able to keep my eyes open since we changed the clocks.

    Knitting for me is like meditating. Hope you like it!

  52. My boyfriend and I are planning to walk across the bridge, too! Perhaps we’ll run into you guys! Have a great weekend, thanks for all the awesome posts this week, Joanna. xoxo

  53. I absolutely adore Waterloo Sunset by the Kinks! I’m bopping in my cubicle now–just a few more hours until the weekend!

  54. I have some knitting tips I think you’ll like! I also wanted to start knitting a year ago. I had tried a few times before, but found it difficult (and a bit boring, to be honest). But I tried again and started liking it while living a few months in Iceland, because the Icelandic Lopapeysa is suck a nice sweater and SO EASY to knit! They are so much more fun to start with than the usual scarf (zzzzzz), and not that much harder to knit.Check out this page if you are interested :)

  55. Joanna! do learn to knit!!! it’s my absolute favorite. Very therapeutic, and so fun to make something for yourself- plus knit gifts for the littles ones knit up quickly.

    I learned to knit thanks to all the great youtube how to videos out there! It’s super easy!!! I tend to learn best when working on a project- scarves are pretty straight forward and if you just attach the two ends together than poof- a funky cowl neck!

    anywho, enough about that! I blog about my knitting here:

    have a great weekend! and let us know if you pick up needles and if you have any questions, I love bringing folks into the knitting fold! ; )

    ps: join Ravelry for great knitting help and free patterns!


    aka @GrayDayShop and tiptoethrough.blogspot

  56. I have always loved your blog but lately I have been so inspired by it…I love your quick and quirky style with a dash of sentiment…..and always always you are sincere.

  57. I’m going home for the weekend to see my family and friends! and enjoy this beautiful spring weather in the UP of michigan:)
    love the j.crew polka dot blouse! perfect.
    and i have tried knitting when i was younger, now i’m into should try that! it’s easier:)

  58. Those paintings are incredible! I have always been amazed at an artists ability to make something look so real that one first thinks it’s a photograph! When I was in Amsterdam a few years ago I saw some still life paintings that knocked my socks off!! The silver had shine and reflection, the oysters looked like they had a gooey slimy sheen. Inspired me to sign up and take an art class at SVA in NYC. It was so fun!

  59. I’ve felt that way all week! Could it be the time change still?

    Knitting can be fun! Especially if you can get friends to join in and start a Stitch and Bitch group :)

  60. You would love the Purl Bee for knitting. I have a knitting blog with How-to videos, should you need to watch something. Both ravelry and youtube make learning to knit incredibly easy!

  61. Hey Joanna,
    I really love reading your blog. And have been reading it for some years now. From a Hip fashion / relationship correspondent to a Hip mom.
    I live in the Netherlands, and have just come home from a week working in Kindergarten. I am a substitute ‘teacher’ and an plush designer.
    I have also just started to knit again and really loved circular knitting, it gives a fast result, especially when you work with thick needles and wool. You could make a nice cowl.

  62. You should check out Wool and the Gang. It’s a knitting company that has great instructional videos on their website. Good luck with your projects & have a great weekend!

  63. I just started teaching my colleague how to knit, and it was awesome to see how excited she was to finish her first project. I haven’t actually been to the shop yet, but I think Purl Soho’s website is great! So many fun projects and good ideas. Also, (along with Ravelry) is a standard… Happy stashing!

  64. Happy Weekend to you, too! I love knitting. It’s frustrating in the beginning (or at least it was to me!) but, once you get the hang of it, it’s very relaxing. We wrote a post about it here, including a great resource for knitting patterns, etc:

  65. I knit. It’s definitely a fun thing to learn. I’m not that adventurous – only make hats and scarves, but I’m trying to branch out by making my first stuffed elephant.

    My favorite book to learn from is Stitch n’ Bitch. Check it out. Good luck!

  66. Purl Bee is a knitting store in Soho and has a great webpage with lots of patterns. They offer a wide variety of classes that might be fun for you to check out (knitting, crocheting, spinning, needlepoint, quilting, sewing). Brooklyn Tweed is also really inspiring!

    You should also check out It is a terrific resource for knitters of all levels!

  67. Hi Joanna

    Knitting is a great hobby – I started two years ago and am addicted.

    You need to check out

    good luck with it!

  68. Get some sleep..Have a good weekend…And yes, I knit. But I much prefer crocheting. One hook…better than two needles! ^_^

  69. “Waterloo Sunset” is my favorite. Song. Ever! Great way to start the weekend ;)
    Enjoy yours!

  70. I knit and I learned it from my mother. Such a great pastime. Here is a link to a scarf that I made.

    The best way to start off knitting is to use chunky yarn. You’ll finish your first project more quickly and the thick yarn will hide any mistakes.

    I have a favorite yarn shop in LA called L’atelier where women come and knit and help each other. I’m sure you can find something similar in New York.


  71. Love knitting! It’s truly therapeutic once you get going. I find that I now feel productive watching films/tv because I’m knitting at the same time hehe.

  72. joanna, the autobiography in five short chapters was originally shared with me by my therapist three years ago. i think about it almost daily. it has really changed my life. i will forever love your blog!

  73. Sleeping early sounds like a great idea! I just may do the same.

    I have been knitting for years and started a knitting club with a few of my friends. We meet up at each others homes or at a coffee shop and just knit, drink tea/coffee and chat. It’s so fun and also really satisfying to create something you can use and I often gift whatever I make for birthdays and Christmas too. Not to mention it’s a great way to unwind at the end of the day.

    p.s. what a lovely spread you have in Lonny! congrats! have a beautiful weekend!

  74. great post! i always love coming to the ones with lots of links. gives me something to do when i’m supposed to be working :)
    happy weekend to you!
    x jes

  75. Oh boy, that peanut butter chocolate chip cake looks super scrumptious!!! Have a great weekend, Joanna. Muah

  76. My mother-in-law sent me the cutest knit hats and booties for my baby that is actually due today (hint, hint BABY… COME OUT!). I really think I am going to learn how. Let’s do it together. ;-)

    Happy weekend. Fingers crossed that I am a MOMMY by the end of it!

  77. Leanne says...

    So sleepy, huh? I wonder what that could mean… ;) Happy St. Pat’s day this weekend too!