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Have a Fun Weekend.

What are you doing this weekend? Alex and I are trying this new restaurant (jerk chicken!) and planning our summer family vacation (narrowing down the choices!). I love planning vacations; Alex hates it. Every relationship I know seems to have a planner and a fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants person. (Which are you?) Anyway, here are a few great posts from around the web…

Gold tomatoes. What?

Jamie’s coolest cinemagraph yet.

A hair bow. I bow down.

This relationship book looks both funny and sad.

A man walks all day to create snow art.

Cute riders on the subway.

Losing the term “baby weight.”

If you’re in Chicago next weekend, go to Dose!

Stuffed animals based on kids’ drawings.

NYC made of paper.

Listening to this adorable band.

And, finally, thank you to the Huffington Post for spreading the word about weaning-related depression. I was thrilled to be included after writing my personal story.

(Photo by Ruth Orkin)

  1. I’m not in a relationship, but between my flatmate Andrew and I, I am by FAR the planner!

  2. the cinemagraph was beautiful, the stuffed animals precious, and the pictures of the subway people made me miss new york city so much.

  3. I am regretfully the planner in our relationship. Even though i’d rather be the one that “flys-be-the-seat-of-my-pants person” (btw first time hearing that). But somebody’s gotta get something done around here right?
    Good luck with the planning :)

  4. Great links, Jo and hope you had a fabulous weekend!

    I am definitely the fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants traveller. I hate organising and planning. Luckily I have friends who like to plan. It makes for a happy balance!

  5. Have a lovely weekend and good luck with the vacations – so much fun to do! I am definitely the planner in my relationship. If it weren’t for me we probably wouldn’t go anywhere.

  6. Anonymous says...

    I love those cute subway riders. People are great.

  7. Jeannie says...

    Great job spreading the word about weaning-related depression! You’ve really made a change in the world that will help so many families.

  8. It depends on the destination because we both love to travel so that makes it fun but I must say that the last few years its the man that does most of the organizing and looking up.

  9. The band, the Ed quartet, sounds so much like the 60’s band The Wonders, do you remember them from the movie ‘That Thing You Do’??? This song made me all sorts of happy :)

  10. Have a great weekend! I’ll be painting some more. I got my watercolors out after years and am inspired!

  11. Joanna – you should be really proud of your post regarding weaning related depression. Now, not only have the many many readers of your blog become aware of it, but the all the readers of Huffington post, as well. I’ve also had friends already email your post to me and other new moms so that we were aware of this. Everyone has a role to fill on this earth…yours was to experience this excruciating time and be a voice for women too scared or confused to know where to turn. Cheers to you.

  12. Anonymous says...

    Seat of roomy pants with a bag of personal items, extra memory cards, cell phone chargers, adapters, soft wipes, and such.

  13. Fantastic …. thanks for the information … I hope you enjoy your holiday … wish I could go on vacation soon …

  14. Anonymous says...

    really enjoyed looking through the pics of the stuffed animals from kids’ drawings! :)

    Regarding planning…i’m so not planning holidays. I just like to choose a destination, then that’s it. So far it worked for the 34 countries I traveled to. My husband on the other hand plans long in advance, so I am sort of “forced” to do it too, though reluctantly.

  15. Anonymous says...

    Hi hi have you listen to
    Of monsters of men.

    Great band from Iceland.

    love your blog.

  16. Carly says...

    Hi! I really enjoyed the Subway pics! Wow I’m coming to NYC!
    Regarding the Subway post – It’s such a shame that people get so mean with comments. Some people have such a negative instant reaction. Dont you think? x

  17. kathy, i totally hear your point! by “real,” i meant a body that has seen any experiences–sunshine, years passing by, childbirth or not. just how your body changes as you get older–a bit softer, a bit looser, but in a good way:) i have the MOST boyish body, but i still feel womanly:) i just meant that it’s great to celebrate IMPERFECTIONS brought on by real life, not just perfect magazine model bodies (although those are good, too:)

    thanks so much for your comment xoxo

  18. oh yes! thank you! i changed the part about Dose — you’re right, it is next weekend. thanks!!

  19. Anonymous says...

    I always plan the essentials when I travel alone, but I’m really more of an on-the-fly vacationer. I love that my guy loves to plan! I give it all over to him (from dinner to travel – he can decide (freedom!)).

    Joanna, I was reading the Huffington Post piece and although I’m not a mother, a couple of interesting thoughts came to me. One of them is that I have the impression that long-duration breastfeeding has becoming more popular in recent years, after a dip in the mid-20th century (I know my mother bottle-fed all of us, as that was what she was advised in the 70s). So I was thinking about this more or less because I was wondering why there doesn’t seem to be a lot of research out there on the topic. The other, related point that I was thinking about was what it must have been like for women in other centuries (well, those without wet nurses :)), without a knowledge of what was happening. But perhaps women breastfed longer and this changes the hormone distribution, or weaned more slowly? You’d think that someone would have written about this at some point, even if only in a diary! It seems a bit odd that this would be a “modern” ailment, unless abrupt weaning is more of an issue of the contemporary age, in which women both want to be optimally mother-y and optimally career-y. But then women have always been perceived as fragile, hysterical, etc. and so maybe this sort of depression was thrown into that bundle. Anyhow, just thinking out loud…

  20. I love the snow and paper made city links! Both are so inspiring as i can’t believe how these individuals have as much imagination and talent to create such beautiful art x


  21. there are some caaaaute guys who ride the subway.

    and that huff post article is amazing. look at you!

  22. I once got my hair done for a dance when I was in high school and the lady made my hair into a bow. I cried afterwards and took it out, but this hair bow bun looks much better!

  23. I love to plan but I also try not to overdo it since I like to discover things on my own once I get there.

    And you can’t beat a spontaneous leave-the-next-day trip!

    Have a great weekend.

  24. FYI, Dose is next weekend, not this one. :)

  25. Anonymous says...

    I love jerk chicken! There used to sell a mild jerk seasoning paste (natural) from my local grocery store. My son would only eat chicken this way until he was 5 and they stopped selling it. Sadly, he’s super picky about food now. I never know what he will like day to day. The other day I bought him a divided plate and he said, great! now my food won’t touch! *SIGH*

    Anyways, this weekend we will be throwing his 8th birthday and my daughter’s 3rd. Their birthdays are a day apart. She decided to show up 2 weeks early so she could make it for his 5th birthday :)

    Have a great weekend! Enjoy the chicken (with plantains hopefully)!

  26. My husband and I are definitely both planners by nature. I don’t think I could be with a fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants person; my dad is like that, and it drives me crazy! Still, my husband tends to take the lead when planning vacations because it’s something that he’s very good at, which is cool by me.

  27. So true! I’m definitely the planner/organizer and my husband is the fly by the seat of his pants type… but he relies on that plan, you know? I’ve been trying to get him to sit down and help me plan our big vacation this year to Italy… been a little bit of a challenge fo’ sho!

  28. In response to the link you included “Real Women’s Bodies,” can we please stop defining what a “real woman” is by her body shape? The article basically says you’re only “womanly” if you have wide hips and carry extra weight after having a baby. Are you telling women that if they choose not to give birth, or are unable to give birth, they are not “real women?” We don’t need to glorify one body shape by degrading another. Here’s to being supportive of our sisters with wide hips, skinny hips, big boobs, and little boobs.

  29. I always imagined I’d be the super keen planner in my house but it turns out its my boyfriend. I enjoy choosing a destination, a hotel, maybe a couple of things to see but he takes planning to a whole new level. When we went to SE Asia last year everything last thing was planned – there were spreadsheets and PDFs and folders. Way too much for me to get my head around!!

    Have a wonderful weekend x

  30. So true!! My husband is totally the fly by the seat of your pants kind of fellow, but dangit, he’s usually the one who recommends the vacation to begin with – Almost like, hey, we should go here, now plan it for us. hahaha! And wait wait wait, gold tomatoes?! I know it’s edible and whatnot, but er…um…I just don’t think I’d feel right about eating something spray painted in gold. But a beautiful display? Heck yes! I’ll leave my food for eating naked :)

  31. Anonymous says...

    OH miss lillys!… the ox tail is pretty fantastic!

  32. Anonymous says...

    Such a great round-up. I want to catch “Up All Night.” Loved the stuffed animals and snow art and all the links!

  33. It looks like Dose isn’t until the 11th? Bummer, though. I’m in Chicago and would love to check it out but I’m out of town then.

  34. Oh boy, that hair bow looks super charming. Have a wonderful weekend, Joanna. Kisses

  35. Hopefully we will be HAVING A BABY!! But, at 38 weeks, I’m sure we won’t…. but fingers are crossed.

    Happy weekend!

  36. Anonymous says...

    I live in Chicago, and Dose is NOT happening this weekend. The next one is 3/11/12.

  37. i already bought the book. who doesn’t love a good true love something or other. it’s the best.

  38. It’s really interesting! In my relationship, we are both planners, but depending on the situation, one of us might become the leader or the follower…Anyway…I love planning vacations/trips! :)

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  40. happy weekend joanna!!!
    i love the stuffed animal drawings and i’m not a fan of planning a trip but love being on the trip and looking at all the hotel options;)

  41. I’m definitely the planner lol. I LOVE planning vacations! The only downside is I think I’ll never get that “surprise-we’re-going-on-vacation-tomorrow-and-everything-is-taken-care-of” gifts that I’ve always wanted :)

  42. Joanna! thanks for posting these great links. I love all your posts, but I’m really looking forward to your Friday ones. I have to stop myself from reading them at work, because I want to wait until I get home, sit on the couch with my iPad (ok, my husband’s iPad) and savor them :)

    Here is a little “treat” for you:
    Cute little French girl tells a story
    Maybe when Toby gets older you can ask him to tell you a story as well.

  43. Have fun at the restaurant! Sounds yummy!!!
    PS: I am the planner; hubs is the flyer!!! literally and figuratively!

  44. Not sure that you realize how much your Friday Lists make my day.

  45. I’m a total fly by the seat of my pants kind of gal. Boyfriend is the exact opposite. It’s made planning our upcoming trip to Belguim & Paris more fun, though! Have a great weekend, Joanna!

  46. Ill be skiing in VAIL we finally got some good snow in the Rockies and my boyfriend and I will also be planning for the upcoming weeks and beyond. We have THREE weddings this summer – that is a lot of money to be saved for travel.

    Thanks again for your honest post last week Jo


    Colorado Girl by way of Michigan.

  47. After visiting 11 countries and 17 cities last year we learned – I’m the planner, he flies by the seat of his pants. I used to plan our trips down to the hour, but his relaxed attitude is started to wear off (thankfully. imagine that many trips planned down to the hour!)

  48. i am def the vacation planner! sometimes i like it but i would love for the vacation to be planned FOR me sometimes!
    xx jes

  49. P.S. Planning a trip is half the pleasure of it! So fun to map things out ahead of time and imagine what they’ll be like. But I have to concede that some of the most memorable moments are the spontaneous ones.

  50. I am definitely the planner in my relationship. If it weren’t for me we probably wouldn’t go anywhere :).

    My one-year-old daughter just started walking this week so we’re planning to take her to the park so she can practice her new skills on an open field.

    Jerk chicken sounds yummy…have a great time!

  51. Joanna, two things: next time you’re in the Bay Area visiting, you should check out Back a Yard for its Jamaican jerk (my faves are the salmon and tofu)…total hole in the wall next to a laundromat near a highway overpass, with a screen door that slaps shut and lime green walls and corrugated tin countersides and colorful murals on the walls. Lines out the door every day at lunch.

    Also, on the topic of that relationship book, you may also like the SF Ballet’s recent Tumblr “Letter to My First Love,” done in honor of their recent production of Onegin. (I submitted one about my crush on my local TV weatherman. I was 4.:)

  52. Anonymous says...

    mrs. lily’s is awesome! delicious and so much fun. enjoy!

  53. Thanks so much for linking to my bow bun tutorial! you = rock star. Enjoy your weekend!

  54. Gold-plated tomatoes and chrome-plated steak? And here I thought I was daring when I topped them with wasabi butter!

  55. I am totally the one who does the organizing part for vacation. I used to work in the tourism industry so that’s why he thinks it relaxes me. It doesn’t always but I love planning good trips though.

    Funny thing: we just booked a 4 day trip to Berlin end of March. I’m looking forward to it! I’ve been there before, but I love taking him on a grand tour as well.

    Have a lovely weekend and good luck with the vacations – so much fun to do!