Ballet Dancers in Super Slow Motion

Have you seen this video? Two dancers from Staatsballett Berlin are shown in slow motion at 1000 frames per second, to the song Radiohead’s Everything in Its Right Place. I actually danced ballet in junior high and high school, and it’s a super precise athletic endeavor that’s a million times harder than it looks. (Plus, the teachers are terrifying!) Bravo, beautiful dancers! xoxo

(Via Swissmiss)

  1. i’m a beginner in ballet and its hard for me to follow,but i keep practicing and i never give up. thank you for sharing. i love your post.

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  3. wow this is amazing! you might like this behind-the-scenes video of a young ballet dancer at a photo shoot for her resume pictures!

    so graceful, and the final shots this photographer captured make it look like she is flying!

    – Sophie M.

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  5. beautiful. I love the music; this video reminds me of Vitalic’s video for “Birds” with slow-motion dogs. beautiful.

  6. Wow, so amazing and beautiful

  7. I’m not a ballet dancer but for some reason it always makes me cry. And this gave me some serious goosebumps. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Wow! Unbelievable. The only time I attempted ballet was when I was a 4 year old…I got fed up because I was the youngest in the class. Kinda wish I had kept with it. Maybe I wouldn’t be so clumsy!

  9. so pretty, i am going to forward this to my ballerina niece..she is in ballet boarding school so she will love to share it with her class mates

  10. I did ballet forever as a youngster, and am now getting back into it in a big (read: obsessive) way as an adult. It’s all in finding the right teacher (read: not terrifying). I am totally in love with it all over again. This video is beautiful, and it reminds me of these “living portraits” by photographer David Michalek. Did you ever see this:

    I wasn’t in nyc at the time, but I saw some of the videos online and they blew my mind. Breathtakingly beautiful.

  11. I was never interested in ballett at all. but after watching this I would love to go see the Staatsballett perform. Luckily I live in Berlin at the moment :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  12. wow, it’s so perfect- it almost doesnt seem real!

  13. That was so magical. It’s amazing what the body can do and the beauty it holds.

  14. Super gorgeous! I love a good fish dive. Makes me miss my scary Russian teachers! Thanks for posting!

  15. You mean they were filmed at 1000 frames per second and shown in the typical 24 frames per second.

  16. Ballet dancers are incredible. To make something so complicated and intense look so effortless and stunning is mind blowing. My good friend in high school was a ballerina and I was always in awe of her (on stage and off!)

  17. Super lovely blog!


  18. This is amazing! And my fav Radiohead song too!

  19. Anonymous says...

    It’s wonderful to see that people still appriciate ballet! I was a professional ballet dancer and am now a ballet teacher, who’s trying to break the “terrifying teacher” mold. Every one of my teachers were scary to say the least.

  20. Sarah says...

    Gorgeous! I danced from age 4 to 16, then took adult classes a couple times in my 20’s. It is definitely a lot harder than it looks!
    I’ve got to say that I loved all my teachers. they were fabulous- never terrifying.

  21. Anonymous says...

    Ballet is heartbreakingly beautiful. Those dancers are amazing.

  22. Very cool. It makes me wonder how many takes it took to get just the right leap in each shot.

  23. Reminds me of the open air series at the Lincoln Center last summer! Did you see all those slow-motion films? The summer before that featured just dance ones like this! loved it :)

  24. That’s beautiful in so many ways. I’ve always wanted to go to a traditional ballet! Thank you for sharing.

  25. That was insanely rad. I danced for ten years (jazz, ballet and hiphop). I always wish I had continued on and studied it in school. Instead I just dance goofy in the kitchen to make my 3 month young smile and hopefully think I’m a cool mom :)

  26. Absolutely breathtaking! I can completely relate with the seemingly effortless but strenuous perfection. And ditto on having intimidating teachers…I had one (or several) of those. When I watch ballerina videos, wistfulness and nostalgia definitely kicks in.

  27. I love when you post ballerinas!! I took ballet for years (along with tap, jazz, lyrical – you name it) but didn’t have the discipline to continue. I miss it though and can’t believe how effortless it looks!

    My aunt was my teacher which you would think would be fun… but I was still terrified of her, haha.

  28. Absolutely amazing. I wish I was a ballet dancer!

  29. Incredible. It is amazing in slow motion to see their muscles working! Wow. Thanks for sharing. Love the song too, of course!

  30. This video is amazing… I couldn’t even imagine how hard it would be to be a ballerina. Such a beautiful art form that I appreciate so much…

  31. I did ballet for ten years…Yes, harder than it looks indeed. And ditto on the terrifying teachers! But I still get a bit wistful when I watch things like this. Just gorgeous!

  32. Gorgeous! I have even more appreciation for ballet now. Thanks!

  33. So precise and beautiful!

  34. Absolutely beautiful!

  35. Anonymous says...


  36. I take ballet, and I love this because you can really see the alignment and how the dancers move through one of the five positions with every step. Gorgeous.

  37. Wow, this is amazing!

  38. Geez, louise, those are some talented and athletic dancers! Their bodies are so impressively trained- it almost looks like the camera moves around them instead of the other way around.

  39. That was so awesome. I took ballet for seven years, and while it wore me out and gave my toes a lot of grief, it was my favorite style of dance.

  40. Hauntingly beautiful.
    Everything in Its Right Place is one of my favourite songs.

    Being Vera Blog.

  41. Ack! So beautiful. I feel ashamed of being slumped over on my computer watching this.

  42. I am obsessed with this video. The slow motion really lets you appreciate the form of the moving body. I watched it all day today and yesterday, and how perfect is that radiohead song accompaniment.

  43. Anna, you should be (a bit) lucky not living in Berlin. I wanted to watch this video but because of the music rights Germany won’t let me. Bohoo! I was so excited because I have seen it floading around on several blogs, so it must be a really pretty video!

  44. I was lucky enough to have a very lovely teacher growing up as a mini-ballerina.

    I love the music; this video reminds me of Vitalic’s video for “Birds” with slow-motion dogs.

  45. Gorgeous! I, too, danced ballet. This is so phenomenal! They’re precision and grace is unbelievable. My jaw actually dropped watching this!

  46. Gorgeous.
    Just today I was watching the final scene from “Center Stage” just for fun (not that it in any way compares to this) I just love a good ballet scene ;)

  47. Perfection! *applause*

  48. watching it in slow motion is even more beautiful than real-time. Stunning!

  49. Aww, sorry to hear that your teachers were terrifying! Mine have always been very nice! This is beautiful, you can really see their good technique.

  50. This is amazing. Ballet looks incredibly hard. When I was younger I definitely wanted to be a ballerina. Honestly, I still do. ha.

  51. This is amazing. They are so precise. Great song too. xx

  52. so beautiful.

  53. I dream of living in Berlin. So many brilliant people live there. It’s like an unspoken hub of cool! & of course, I’m a bias au pair. ; )