6 Wine Bottle Stoppers

Our babysitter noticed how much I like wine (busted) and gave me three lady bottle stoppers for my last birthday. They make me smile every time I walk through our kitchen. Bottle stoppers make great gifts when going to a dinner party or wedding, and are also just sweet to have on your kitchen counter, chilling in a half-bottle of red.

Nine favorites, clockwise, above: Fish, anchor, piggie, lady, flower, bird. (And this thirsty bird is so cute, too!)

(Layout by Jennifer Hagler for Cup of Jo. Thanks to Emily Hsieh for scouting help.)

  1. Marju Pertmann says...

    hello where to buy these beautiful ceramic white wine bottle Stoppers ?

  2. Really great!So cute!I love the flower one!

  3. Anonymous says...

    I have beautiful Murano glass bottle stoppers (from Venice) – not expensive, either (maybe 10-15 Euro).

  4. Oh, that comic is hilarious! :-D

    I love wine bottle stoppers!! I have them for every occasion: Christmas, Easter, birthdays.. they are so cute!

  5. Oh how cute are these, I want the bird.

  6. These are so fun and would look great on a table! That pig one is pretty adorable too.

    Stay in the Lines

  7. Um, I’m obsessed. I recently bought the most BORING wine stoppers imaginable after seeing these. I’m adding them to my birthday wish list! :)

  8. funny comic:) Wine stoppers & a good bottle are spot on hostess gifts. These stoppers are fun but subtle!

  9. Anonymous says...

    These are really pretty! I love the flower and the bird.

  10. These are absolutely stunning! Very timeless, classic, and chic. Such artistry and uniqueness in all of her designs. You could wear this beautiful work of art with several different outfits. Each time leaving you to feel “priceless”.

  11. These are cute — especially the anchor one!

  12. So pretty! The flower is the prettiest bottle stopper I have ever seen!

  13. so good! and that lady stopper would add some much needed CLASS to my, ahem, LESS EXPENSIVE (read: grocery store) choices.

  14. Gorgeous! Sleek simple and clean! They make me want to be a wine drinker.

  15. Now that I am no longer in college and actually own a bottle opener ( instead of just pushing the cork into the bottle- I know, I know) I should definitely invest in one of these. The anchor may be the winner.

  16. I think I’d be tempted to use one of these lovely whimsical things to stopper up the olive oil and sweet soy bottles sitting dumpily on my kitchen counter — just think what a mood boost one of these would be…

    Like wearing a magical Philip Treacy hat to a British wedding!

  17. Love these – I should pick some up myself. I am known to reuse corks, or even ball up some aluminum foil in desperate times. Then again, I hardly ever open a bottle of wine that my roommate and I don’t finish that night! Shhh…

    mon amy

  18. I loveeee the jasmine flower one… it might have something to do with my name? lol (Jazmin)

  19. How do you purchase these? I’d love to buy the bird for my mom but I clicked the link and have NO idea how to buy one? Help!?

  20. These are adorable! I may just have to get my dad and step-mom some cute ones!

  21. I love bottle stoppers but usually drink sparkling wine so once the bottle is opened it has to be finished that same nigh! oh well…

    <3 kate

  22. I totally posted this cartoon on my blog… I mentioned you in it… it was too funny not to share! Thanks for the laugh!

  23. Lovely idea for an additional wedding gift!

  24. These are so cute! Just in time when I needed a gift idea for a friend that loves red wines :)

    Anna –Moments of Libra

  25. These are awesome!

  26. How cute are those?! I have an orange daisy one that I like but I think I might need more!
    That “bottoms up” one is just too cute.