4 Foolproof Ways to Make Your Baby Laugh

What are your tried-and-true ways to make a baby laugh? What always works? Toby and I made a video about four things that crack him up. We hope you like it!

“When a new baby laughs for the first time a new fairy is born, and since there are always new babies, there are always new fairies.”Peter Pan

Prat falls (aka pretending to trip) always seem to make babies laugh. The parenting book The Happiest Toddler on the Block explained that apparently babies love it because someone else finally looks like the idiot. Babies are always the shortest, slowest and clumsiest people in the room, so they love to feel like the smart one, for once. How cute is that?!

The video was kindly sponsored by mOmma, a brand of beautifully modern children’s mealtime products, designed in Switzerland and made in Italy. Toby has used their sippy cup for the past six months (ever since he transitioned from his bottle), and it’s the best sippy cup we’ve tried, hands down. It doesn’t leak, is easy to use, is aesthetically pleasing, and can double as a ball to roll around while he’s waiting for dinner. I’ve recommended it over and over to friends. So, I was thrilled when mOmma wanted to work together.

Plus, a giveaway: mOmma is also giving FIVE lucky winners FULL sets of all their products, including a diaper bag. For a chance to win, please visit the mOmma website and leave a comment below. (Also consider visiting them on Facebook or Twitter, and you can buy them here and find deals here). Five winners will be selected at random tomorrow. Good luck! Update: Our winners are Melisa R., Jenna K., Seana, Catherine A., Samantha S. Thanks for playing. xo

(Video sponsored by mOmma; video directed by my friend Steve Pappin “Son of Shark Pig,” thanks to Elizabeth for letting us use her house (and for doing prat falls!); song by Elizabeth Mitchell; my beloved pink jeans are from J.Crew)

  1. These products look awesome! I would love to gift these to a new mom I know…she would be beyond thrilled! Thanks for the video too! So adorable and looks like you had fun shooting it!

  2. Just saw a clip from your video on NOVA’s Science Now- What Makes Us Human. Adorable!

  3. Just saw a clip from your video on NOVA’s Science Now- What Makes Us Human. Adorable!

  4. Thanks for the ideas. There’s always something new to learn and improve on in this mad internet world. Uptiming is surely something to keep an eye on. baby products

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  6. Anonymous says...

    How much would I love a sippy cup that I don’t hate?

  7. this video is TOO CUTE! i have to say, i don’t live in the city or travel much (i live in the country in vermont), i don’t have kids, but i just love your blog! you have great taste and seem like such a great person. just wanted to say that after many months of viewing your blog daily!

  8. Sweetest video ever! And so well done, too. My trusty way to my my baby cousin, who’s now three, laugh is to crash cars. What a boy. Or ‘getting his nose’, that usually works too. Your son is so cute!
    ps: I have the same outfit your wearing in the video


  9. Loved the video. And my 4 year-old asked me to play it over and over again. Loved the music as well.

  10. On the video: You two look gorgeous! Slapstick humour always gets my two boys laughing in hysterics.

  11. Joanna,

    If you have time for a few questions? My babe is 17 months and we have yet to nix the bed-time bottle. When did you do this with Toby? Despite our pediatrician telling us a few months ago to get rid of the bottle, we haven’t for three main reasons.
    1. he’s a little guy
    2. he doesn’t seem to drink enough during the day from his sippy cups
    3. he just barely starting sleeping through the night (ugh) and i don’t want to reverse this trend by taking away the bottle before bed-time
    any advice you have would be much appreciated!
    love your blog & feel grateful to have discovered it. love the recent video. tried out some new pratfalls with finn today and he was cracking up.
    thanks! heather

  12. Anonymous says...

    What a sweet video! I think this not only sums up what makes a little one laugh, but it really captures the love between a mama and her baby. You and Toby are so lucky to have such precious memories captured forever :)

  13. Steph in Bklyn says...

    Have not come across these products before. They look great!

  14. Tara says...

    These look great and it’s good to know that the one cup can double as a ball!

  15. Wonderful! Thank you for this brilliant video!!!

  16. So cool that Lansinoh makes these great sippy cups! Can’t wait to try one for my lil one.

  17. Whitney says...

    I’d love to give these products to a friend with a new little bundle of joy! I love the non-spill cups!

  18. I love how Toby clicks away with his fingers when he’s happy – it is sooooooooo cute. He is adorable – !

    (Peekaboo made me laugh!)

  19. My little girl would love their sippy cups!!!

  20. Anonymous says...

    Fabulous products! Would be great for my 8 month old.

  21. This video makes me want to give birth already! I love babies — and laughing toddlers who were once babies :)

  22. AJ says...

    How lovely.

  23. I love the video! Baby laughter has got to be the best sound in the world. tickling always makes my grandson, whose 11 1/2 months old, laugh. and he loves it when i chase him around the house like i’m going to get him.

  24. So cute! I’m about to start solids with my little guy!

  25. Anonymous says...

    the cutest child EVERRRRRRRR

  26. Katherine W says...

    A sippy cup that doesn’t leak. It’s the dream!

  27. such a sweet video! baby laughs are the best!! (and the soundtrack is perfect.)

  28. In a couple more weeks, we will be doing the transition from bottle to full time sippy cup. This first year has flown by and is bittersweet for me. Can’t believe my son will be one!

  29. Love this brand…so modern and cool.

  30. would love to win this! thanks for the chance!

  31. Oh these look great! Stylish Sippers :)

  32. That sippy cup looks awesome – fingers crossed.
    And that video? I’m seriously melting over here.

  33. Dorisha says...

    I love it!!! Very well made video now I have names for all the fun ways to make my girls laugh. Hoping to win a set for them it would be a big help for a traveling Mama. Thanks

  34. Wld love to win a set!

  35. S. Lewis says...

    These are awesome! I would love to win these for my friend who is a new mommy!

  36. Love this – wondering what you shot this on? Guessing it’s a 5D but hoping it’s something more economical :)

    Looking for a quality video system to shoot our baby boy with, I love our flip but the battery life is SO short it’s never charged when we need it!

  37. Their products look awesome! I love the new take on sippy cups.

  38. Mariate says...

    I love the video and all the mealtime products. thy look beautiful and safe.
    I wish It´s day….

  39. elisa s. says...

    I love that cup, thanks for the heads-up on this awesome comany. We would love to win! xo.

  40. I would love to try these products!!!

  41. That video was so sweet! love a babies laugh.

  42. OMG that was the cutest video ever!! Your blog makes me SO stoked to be mom – this was just what I needed during 1st-trimester nausea; thank you!

  43. SOOO CUTE!!!!!!

  44. Such a cute video! I love all their products.

  45. what a great giveaway and fun video!
    We are expecting our first little one in September and would love to win this for our little one!

  46. Love all of these products!

  47. I needed this video today. Thank you. I would also love the set, my 6 month old is gearing up to start chowing down on some food food.

  48. Anonymous says...

    These look like great dishes for kids. I would love to have them for my boys.

  49. brilliant!

    thanks for the lovely giveaway, and good luck to everyone!!!

  50. With a new baby on the way – these products will come in very handy!! So cute and practical. Fingers crossed!!

  51. My friend is pregnant, and she would really love these sets.

    Adorable video, Btw.

  52. Gabi says...

    Beautiful stuff! Thanks for the chance to win.

  53. Please count me in! I’m on a never-ending search for a good-looking, no-leak sippy cup. Maybe this is it?

  54. wow, looks like I’m not the only one desperate for a non-leaking sippy cup! what great products!!

  55. Thank you so much for the opportunity! We just got custody of a my baby brother and certainly need this stuff! :)

  56. Desperately seeking sippy cup……that my 11 mOnth old will drink from!! Come on momma rocks!! Yahoooi!!!

  57. Oh wow. I love the walrus teether. Their stuff is so colorful and cute!

  58. Your little Toby is beyond adorable! Love his little giggles. My husband and I just finished a one-year video for our daughter using this same song. It’s one of her favorites :). Take a look if you get a chance. I’m not sure if you remember but I had sent you the one-month video we made for her last year. What a year it’s been!

  59. This gives me baby fever like whoa ;-)

  60. love the video! what a fun give away!

  61. I think I need that sippy cup!

  62. Great Giveaway! Something every mom can use!

  63. Brookie B says...

    Love these products, and the smiles on Toby are sweet :)

  64. These are fantastic! And with baby due next month, timing couldn’t be better.

  65. the video is darling! and my sweet baby due in july would love some new, adorable, functional toys!

  66. it’s so hard to find quality, a good handling and a nice design together. It really looks like it works out here. (o:

  67. OH MY BUDDHA! I love these! That sippy! The teethers! And the white bag! What a treasure. Fantastic giveaway!

  68. Thank you for posting this! I am so not hip with all the new baby stuff, and have been searching for a sippy or straw cup for my baby (the two that I tried did not work for her yet), so I am excited to try these new ones!

  69. I forwarded your video to all my mom friends and they absolutely loved it as much as I did! Thanks for posting it!

  70. Amazing! Our daughter, Lucy, is just starting solids. These would make the transition way, way more fun.

  71. These look great! Love Lansinoh products.

  72. ah! such an awesome video, great way to start the morning! and the mOmma products look amazing! i would so love to give them to my sister.

  73. oh my goodness, cutest video!

  74. I love their cups! My son would like them too!

  75. Cool products. I’m going to have to do some hunting to find them if I don’t win.

  76. Good to know! I’m always trying to find a better sippy cup.!

  77. Submitting for the first time for baby products. These look rad.

  78. kkc says...

    I’ll be a first time mom in October(but longtime reader/lurker) and would love to win this!

  79. What a great giveaway. I would love to win one of the sets. Love your blog!

  80. super cute video.

    thanks for the giveaway! it all looks so lovely!

  81. ahh so cute! There’s no better aound inthe world

  82. would love that vogue cup, also liked on fb

  83. I would love to try these for my son! I have been researching different products, something OTHER than the regular ole generic stuff from department super-stores, and this is just the kind of thing I’m looking for!

  84. liz e. says...

    love that sippy cup! would love to win for our baby on the way!

  85. what fun! would love a goody bag:)

  86. Ooh this cups look great! They would get plenty of use in our home! *fingers crossed*
    Thanks! :)

  87. Thank you for the giveaway.

    The video is absolutely adorable and my little one and I sang and danced along to it. You are a wonderful mama to your cute little boy.

  88. sodashi says...

    They design such cute products!

  89. These are really designed well and look so happy!

  90. Super cool stuff!

  91. Would love to try these out!

  92. Nicole says...

    Love love their sippy cup with dual handle! Great design

  93. I hope you haven’t picked yet! I LOVE the video, it made me all teary-eyed! Makes me want to do one with my baby boy.

  94. The cutest toddler of the world :)

  95. Olivia says...

    This video is sooo sweet! I love it! Toby is a lucky little dude.

  96. Oh, my baby is just starting to giggle and smile. My heart melts every time! I love the mOmma diaper bag. I’ve been looking for one that my husband wouldn’t be embarrassed to carry :)

  97. Nimisha says...

    I would love love these products. I have a little one arriving soon.. :). Thanks for the giveaway !!

  98. These items look so wonderful. Love the design and functionality!

  99. this stuff is perfect for my nephew

  100. we would love a zippy cup that doesn’t leak!

  101. We have been through about five or six varieties of sippy cup…the one we use now leaks when it is standing up…I would love to give these a try!

  102. This looks like an amazing product! I would love the opportunity to receive these items! Very cute!!

  103. I would love these for my nephew!x

  104. What neat products! I dig the handled sipper.

  105. A says...

    Love the clean design! Thanks for doing this.

  106. How cool! Thanks for the giveaway!

  107. This would make the perfect gift for my best friend who is a mother-to-be!

  108. Momma for my baby!!! Yes, yes, yes!!! :)
    thanks for lovely video!!!

  109. I just love the blank look on sweet Toby’s face as you try to win him over with peek-a-boo!! Too adorable!
    And after checking out mOmma I’m wondering why I’ve never heard of them!? Awesome!

  110. Olivia Fidel says...

    I would love to win! Lovely products! Thanks!

  111. I am waiting to find out if I am pregnant right now! I love the Urban bag!

  112. I literally just found out I’m pregnant today! Yay, bring on the baby goodies!

  113. These look like great products.

  114. a friend shared this with me. absolutely adorable and such a fun thing to have together. love it!

  115. Anonymous says...

    Thank you for sharing your video…it will be my fist one and Im a little less scared and a little more excited. I would love to try out the MoMMA products!

  116. Anonymous says...

    I love the sippy cups!

  117. The sippy cups are my favorite!

  118. Love the video! mOmma products look awesome :)

  119. Anonymous says...

    I would love to win this for my first nephew!

  120. Oh my gosh! That is seriously the cutest video ever!!!! I just want to eat him right up!

  121. I’m starting all over with number 2 and could really use this stuff. Maybe I’ll finally get lucky with one of these giveaways!

  122. What a wonderfuk video!!! Loved it!! Kisses Claudia

  123. Wow, I love the song! And the video! Toby’s so cute. I think laughing babies are the bestest of the best.

  124. Great video! Great products! Great design! I hope i win!!

  125. It’s just so adorable! Great video and both you and Toby look so great also:)

  126. Just a couple more months til the little guy gets here. This would be perfect!

  127. what lovely products! thanks for your post.

  128. OMG this is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!! my own son loves the video!

  129. Toby is the sweetest boy…his lough sounds like heaven…totally love it! I like the products too, but that’s secondary. Thanks for the lovely video!