1. Not even a year old & already among the “events stars”! I always look forward to your posts. Congrats!
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  4. New relationship. haha I’ve been dating for almost a month. here in Brazil the valentine’s day is celebrated on the 12th of June, but of course I’ll try to even send him a card tomorrow.=)
    This one is sooooo cute! *-*

  5. E says...

    This is so darling!

  6. I’m dating someone I met while studying abroad in Ireland! He is in New York and I’m in Kentucky. We’re both in school and working hard, but we love each other like crazy. Our story is so unique and incredible – even though the distance sucks, I wouldn’t trade him for anything or anyone! We’re meeting in DC for Valentine’s Day and I bought him a claddagh ring, a traditional irish band symbolizing love and loyalty. <3

  7. Anonymous says...

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  8. Anonymous says...

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  9. Anonymous says...

    Although, our one month is day of valentines day i love being with you and i want to treat him to something he will enjoy. I cannot wait!(:

  10. Brand new relationship, and I think this is it! What a great circumstance leading up to Valentine’s Day. :)

  11. Single.bleh.
    But if I was in a relationship,I would probably say something like that to my guy.haha

  12. Anonymous says...

    In a relationship with a total hunny!! He is my best friend, we love taking naps :) Cute card, I think I’ll steal it.

  13. I’m in a relationship for 6 years now. I haven’t been asked yet, but I’m still hoping one day he will pop the question. These days all of his friends with ‘younger’ relationships than ours are getting married and he wants it to be special so I’m thinking for another 2 years there will be no action regarding marriage.

    Well, I don’t mind. I’m sure it will not change anything accept my last name so we are still happily living together.


  14. single! but happy! also looking forward to meet the ONE this year! :)

    Great to see a lovely card!

  15. Single mama, happy-ish, but looking for the one!

  16. Anonymous says...

    With the love of my life for almost eight months now and couldn’t be any happier… he’s gone this week on a trip, though, so I’m feeling desperately lonely without him :(

  17. Single and happy :D

  18. Anonymous says...

    Happily married! :)

  19. Anonymous says...

    I have been dating someone special for 2 months… I am hopeful (and scared that it can go wrong!)

  20. cute :)

    me? girl, 28 (ok almost 29) years old. together for almost 12 years (this march). living together since last april (so 9 months). 2 kittens. (always) tired but happy (most of the times).

  21. Elle says...

    Together for 7 years, married for 7 months. Still exciting! Feel lucky every day to have a sweet husband who works hard for us and is happy if I am.

  22. Relationship status: long distance relationship. I’m in Italy, he’s in Madrid. :( Can’t wait for the next visit!

  23. the best.card.ever

  24. This is my first boyfriend and first valentine’s day! We’ve been going out for 8 months and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been :) x

  25. Another pair of newlyweds here – although I don’t have much hope for a romantic Valentine’s Day, neither of us are really the type. The card made me smile, though!

  26. Newlywed! <3

  27. together for 3 years…on Feb. 15th! :)

  28. first Valentines day with my husband of 6 months :D

  29. This card is adorable and the definition of my life.
    Relationship status: Dating!

  30. Single! Crushing on this cute guy, though, so maybe something will happen there…a girl can hope!

  31. Ha! I just featured this card on my blog two days ago! : ) Funny! Great minds think alike! ; ) Love your blog. : )

  32. Loved reading a bunch of the comments above. I don’t usually comment, but you asked!

    I’m in a serious relationship and 2012 is the year of weddings—we are invited to 7! Only one of them is local so lots and lots of traveling. Two of them are the same weekend and because we are crazy, we are both going to both of them (one is Saturday and one is Sunday since it’s a Jewish wedding). Oh and did I mention they are on opposite sides of the country?

    Since we are talking about getting engaged in the next year or so, I am starting to think maybe we should just elope to save everyone a trip!

    Happy early Valentine’s Day to everyone!

  33. Stephanie says...

    Sorry – I didn’t mean to make that last comment about the universe and all anonymous. :)

  34. Anonymous says...

    I just want to say to the girls who are still waiting…that I met the love of my life at the age of 39. 39! And I was a tough match. So don’t worry about it – the universe is unfolding as it should.

  35. Loved reading a lot of these answers. Been with my Boo for 3 years. We are sticking with our tradition of making homemade chile rellenos for Valentine’s Day, but I secretly hope he gets me flowers too.

  36. single for almost a year and unsure if i want another relationship…for now ;)

  37. a year and a half of fun, second serious relationship for both of us, finding ways to fit the kids, the pets, work, travel and us into our lives (in our late 40s..). I feel a new tradition forming.

  38. LOVE the card. LOVE naps.
    Singleton. :-(

  39. Oh baby! I LIKE Naps, haha. Single, ready for something…Is that bad to say? I guess they say it comes when you least expect it. True?

  40. Love the card! Sometimes I’ll ask my husband, “Do you still “like” me, not just love me?” haha. We’ve only been married for 8 months, but it’s been bliss. And Sunday naps are our absolute favorite.

  41. First single Valentine’s Day in 5 years. I guess you could say I’m not looking forward to it and wish with all my heart that things were different. Alas, life doesn’t always work out the way we hope. Perhaps I should buy myself flowers this year? ;)

  42. I don’t know if I would spend 5 dollars on a card, but I do love it!

  43. This will be the first Valentine’s day that I actually spend with someone- ever! And I’m in my late twenties! (somehow I was always out of town/far away from old boyfriends when the date rolled around, boh!)

    I imagine that I will just cook dinner with my beau and relax with a glass of wine and a movie… :)

  44. Anonymous says...

    Ah, waking from a good nap might be better than having a boyfriend.

    So single I don’t know what to do with myself sometimes :)

  45. Chantel B. says...

    Together for 7 years and blissfully married for 2 and a 1/2 :) I am madly in love with my husband and knew from day one that he was IT!! Oh, and we have a baby on the way :D

  46. Oh my gosh, these cards are pretty damn funny. I can think of a few people I’d like to give the , “You drink too much” card to!

    p.s. very happily married.

  47. S I N G L E – can you you plzzz find me someone. Argh

  48. i love simple and to the point cards:)
    this girl is single! i’ve always been single for v-day, so i celebrate it with my single friends over dinner and flowers & chocolate for each other:) xo

  49. Going through an incredibly difficult break up at the moment with the love of my life, so Valentine’s Day is not going to be an easy one this year. Wishing that love was enough to hold a relationship together.

  50. How cute!

    This will be my last engaged valentine’s day, I’ll be a wife in less than three months. Cant wait!

  51. A couple days ago I just broke up with my favorite napping partner yet. Looking forward to discounted chocolates on the 15th!

  52. I have been with boyfriend for nearly 3 year. I’ve been in love with him since shortly after we met, almost 11 years ago. It still feels like a dream come true.

  53. Marriage for 11yrs. He is the love of my life :)

  54. Married for almost 3 years, together for 7 years. What can I say? I still get giddy when I see his car pull onto our street after a long day. I still get overwhelmed with with how much love is between us. I still believe that I’m the luckiest girl on the planet. My life has been brighter than I ever thought it could be because he reminds me how amazing it is to just be alive right now. He really is the greatest guy I’ve ever known. I should probably get him a really great v-day gift :)

  55. Anonymous says...

    Single and loving it. Seriously! :)

  56. Anonymous says...

    Very single. Blargh!

  57. Married and my 2 years anniversary is next month.


  58. Married for almost 1 year and a half….. mine would say: I love you and coffee…

  59. so cute!
    single and bored with it!

  60. My boyfriend and I just celebrated our third anniversary on Monday. :) I love this card! Quirky stationary is my fav!

  61. Joy says...

    Single…for the past five years…and just closed the door on the only possibility that had come my way in several months. =) They’re kind of few and far between but that doesn’t mean I’m going to try to make something work that obviously isn’t a good idea.

    On the other hand, I do have several good girl friends, and know I am loved even if there are no romantic interests in my life.

  62. I sent him one last year that said “I like you and melted cheese”! We’ve been in a relationship for 4 years this February 19th. He didn’t want to “presume too much” and ask me out for Valentine’s Day.

  63. That card is the epitome of mine and my boyfriend’s relationship. One of our favourite past times is napping together. Valentine’s Day this year is also a celebration of a year since he survived an insane car accident that should have killed him (yep, crashed on V-Day). I love him so much!

  64. three years and going strong. It’s SO interesting to be in the new stage of “engaged” with Stephen. Everything and nothing has changed all at the same time. I love it.

  65. Married for almost 5 years… and that card is appropriate. I think we love naps as much as we love each other thanks to our 3-year old!


  66. NEW relationship. This is actually the first Valentine’s Day I haven’t been single =) If anyone has any suggestions for V-Day n00bs…

  67. That is so perfect! I LOVE it.

  68. haha! This card is perfect! I’m in a new relationship with a wonderful man and we often nap together and can not without each other. I think I’ll recreate this one for him.

  69. I love this card! My husband and I used to LOVE naps. Now that we are both working, we feel like we’re wasting the weekend if we sleep. Very cute card though!


  70. Anonymous says...

    Just got engaged to a boy who likes me and naps. Couldn’t be happier! :)

  71. Anonymous says...

    Happily married for 10 years. Sadly, I just can’t nap even when I am really tired. love the idea of naps though!

  72. This is so cute! And right on for bf’s and my relationship. We love taking naps together with the pets on a lazy Sunday afternoon. BF and I have known each other for six years, been dating for three and living together for one and half years :)

  73. My boyfriend of three years just broke up with me a few days ago. I’m heartbroken.

  74. Happily dating the love of my life for 2.5 years. My best friend, my confidante, and still gives me butterflies when he smiles :) we’ll be saving our money by not really doing valentines day, as we have a number of expensive events coming up – but we will be spending the day pampering each other: with massages, cookies, and card making! :)

  75. singleton, here. I think that the last time I had a real actual boyfriend was 2 years ago or so. I date every so often, but the universe hasn’t thrown the right guy at me at the right time, yet.

    I love naps, too.

  76. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  77. LOVE that card! This year will be my first Valentine’s Day as a married woman–woohoo!–and it’s also my birthday, so I tend to love Valentine’s Day. I think it’s a fun holiday and a good excuse to share love no matter what your relationship status is.

  78. So cute! I’m rockin’ the single life. Even though it is completely backwards, I used to hate valentine’s day when I was in a relationship but being single makes me like the holiday again. Now I see the holiday as a day to celebrate all your friends and family not just ‘that special someone.’

  79. My partner of 8 years and I (we have a son a bit younger than Toby) are hoping that we can soon say we are engaged (and then married)!

    We live in Washington state where they are working on passing a law allowing same sex couples to marry.

  80. I can’t believe that card is already sold out! So cute! Just celebrated year one with my long-distance guy, unfortunately not spending Valentine’s Day together… But no one said I can’t buy myself flowers this year, right?

  81. Suzanne says...

    I’m in a relationship for over 3 years. I was 15 when we got together. So now I’m eighteen and yesterday we celebrated that we lived together for one year.

  82. single-and not liking it at the moment-just can’t be excited about Valentine’s day this year..

  83. Single. 30/m. Ladies of NYC, where’ve you been hiding?

  84. I’m single, but that doesn’t take away from the Valentine’s Day excitement for me! I am dating someone casually, but not sure if we’d go there lol

  85. I am happy for those who are in love ! I am single, I broke up with my boyfriend 3 months ago and we have been in relationship for almost 3 years.. So heartbreaking

  86. I love that! haha. I’m dating…STILL not engaged. Just playing the waiting game at this point.

  87. I have a still new adorable darling, yet it feels like i’ve known him a long time.
    Together since the end of October and already moved in ! After 2 years of being single i feel blessed :)

    I never cared much about V days but when my love started to complain about how he’ll be out of town on the 14th and it was bumming him i melted

  88. That is SO cute.

    As of this Sunday, my boy and I have been together for a year. I’m pretty excited about it.

  89. I’ve been married for one year and I love naps almost as much as I love him (and I love him A LOT). Such a cute card!

  90. Almost 28 years married! Woozer!

  91. I’m dating in NYC…you know how that goes :)

  92. single & absolutely loving it. i’m starting a new chapter in my life (graduating university in the spring & going to college in a new city in the fall) so it’s great not having anyone to hold me back! :)

  93. This is awesome. I’m single this year, but that’s ok. My flatmate (a single guy) is going to be my Valentine this year.

  94. Anonymous says...

    Haha, I think that card sums up my entire relationship! Happily dating for 3 years. But I think my Valentine this year should be my mom, because my Dad is not a fan of the holiday. :-)

  95. I love that card! My boyfriend and I have been together for what feels like ages (in a good way!) but is in reality only about a year and a half. :)

  96. I love this card so much – it is perfect. I am rocking the singleness, but maybe one day I will be able to share this with a special someone!
    Much love,

  97. married…which reminds me to find a cute card. I kind of forgot about valentines day…oops

  98. What an amazingly apt card for my husband – we have been together for 12 years and our first baby has just turned one, she was super early (3 months) and like all new parents we are still trying catch up an sleep so for me naps, after my husband, are the things I love most xxx

  99. That is so cute. I want one that says “I like you & cheese.”

    I am freshly engaged & loving it!

  100. relationship status: it’s Complicated :)

    super cute card!


  101. This cracks me up because yesterday I was jotting down little things I could say to my husband for Valentine’s Day… I tried to think, what do I love the most, other than him? I came up with “I love you more than nap time.” Haha!

  102. Ha that card is adorable. And truthful :)

    I’m newly engaged and so in love! I can’t wait to get and be married :)

  103. Recently single for 3 months. Longest I’ve been single since I was.. 16! I guess you could say I’ve always been one of those girls that’s been wifed up.

  104. Let’s say old relationship: two years :)

  105. It is so hard to find a good Valentine’s day card these days! =)

    I’m in a relationship now for almost 2 years! =)

  106. i should buy that for myself.
    I am single, so i always have mixed feelings about Valentines day. I don’t want to be the cranky spinster, but it really does kinda suck sometimes, especially when all your co-workers are getting flowers all day. :)

    last year i made a wishlist on modcloth, and gave my friend my credit card. I asked her pick one of the items on my wishlist and order it for me. So i bought myself a gift, but it ended up being a total surprise as to what it was!

  107. dating for 3.5 years :D

    my boyfriend is my best friend. we laugh everyday, make sure we say i love you everyday, and i couldn’t ask for anything better!!

    (plus, 48329042 years down the road when we have little kiddos, they will be adorable halfies!! vietnamese and white mut)

  108. Nanna Naps are the best! I’ve been with my husband 9 and a half years :)

  109. Single! I’ll be cooking a fancy dinner for a girlfriend, bottle of wine included. And I do love this card :)

  110. Today’s our ‘engagement’ anniversary. 2 years ago today at the Taj Mahal in India. Crazy.

    My now-husband teases me for wanting to celebrate every milestone I can come up with. We celebrate our engagement anniversary in February, our first date anniversary in July and our wedding anniversary in November!

  111. I’m in a relationship of three years! I love my man :)

  112. this will be the last valentines day my fiance and i spend together before we’re married this summer! i cannot wait :) xo

  113. new relationship. we’ll be celebrating 5 months this valentines day. i love these beginning stages of a relationship – everything is so new and exciting :)

  114. Married 4 1/2 years yesterday. Most times it feels like we are giddy new couple…well, when the kids are cooperating. When they’re not, we sometimes nag each other like we’ve been married 50 years.

  115. So cute! Currenly single, but the universe and I will be working on the changing this status this year :)

  116. Leanne says...

    Married 3, together 15!

    Meanwhile, naps and I have been together forever.

  117. Just celebrated 17 years together! Totally cute card there. Love it, and love naps. xo

  118. Kim WN says...

    Recently Engaged! Woohoo! And that is a very cute card!

  119. What a cute card for Valentine´s Day! Although I´m not so much a fan of naps – they make me grumpy!

    I´ve been with my boyfriend for almost 5 (FIVE!) years and we´ve been living together for over 4 years.

  120. I already want a nap and I just woke up, haha. I am in a relationship and couldn’t be happier. I definitely have the right one for me :).

    XX Hilary