The Best Egg Sandwich You’ll Ever Have

Confession: I’m a terrible cook. Long recipes freak me out, and I only flip through cookbooks to admire the photos. When everyone else was learning to cook, I was…I don’t know what I was doing! Watching TV? But, as a 33-year-old (with a child no less), I would like to be able to whip up a few great classic meals. My plan is to try to master the classic recipes: scrambled eggs, mac n’ cheese, tomato soup, chocolate chip cookies, that kind of thing. So, I’ve asked my favorite food bloggers to reveal how they make basic everyday dishes that will knock your socks off, and I’m excited to post one slam-dunk recipe every Wednesday. Hope you enjoy it (and maybe learn something, too!).

First up: Deb from Smitten Kitchen reveals the world’s best egg sandwich—or as she put it, “how to, like, win at egg sandwiches”…

A Lazy Egg-and-Cheese Sandwich
By Deb from Smitten Kitchen

Like any good New Yorker, I consider an egg-and-cheese on a roll or toast from a bodega to be a major food group. I watch in amazement as griddle guys make them—along with 12 other breakfasts, keeping the orders straight in their heads when I can barely remember what day it is—in two minutes flat. It’s a beautiful thing. But, I kept getting sandwiches where cheese was an afterthought, just layered on top of eggs that were never hot enough to melt it. I wanted the cheese up in my eggs. So, I started making them at home.

My only rule was that it had to take less time for me to make than it would for me to walk two blocks to the nearest place that makes them. I ended up taking a crepe-like approach—cooking the egg thinly and then wrapping it, almost like an egg roll, around a belly of melted cheese. It takes less than five minutes. It became a habit, and also a favorite lunch for my toddler.

Recipe: Lazy Egg-and-Cheese Sandwich

You’ll need:
An English muffin or two slices bread of your choice
1 to 2 teaspoons butter or oil
1 egg
Salt and pepper
1 slice of cheese or a tiny pile of grated or crumbled cheese
Spoonful of sliced scallions, chives, crumbled bacon, or whatever else you want in your eggs

Put the bread in a toaster. Heat a 9-inch skillet, preferably nonstick, on medium.

Beat one egg with ½ teaspoon water (or two eggs, with 1 teaspoon water), a couple pinches of salt and a few grinds of black pepper until just blended. I always use a fork for this.

Melt butter in your pan or brush it with oil, to thinly coat it. Pour in the eggs and roll them around so they cover the pan, as a thin crepe would.

Immediately plop a square of cheese (for we people with unfancy tastes in cheese) or a small pile of grated cheese (for everyone else) in the middle. Toss whatever fixings you wish on top of the cheese, though I never bother. This meal is all about immediacy for me.

A single egg will cook in 1 to 1½ minutes; two eggs in 2 minutes. You’ll know its cooked when poking into it with a corner of your spatula won’t cause any loose egg to slip through to the skillet.

Fold the part of the egg closest to you over the cheese, like the first part of a business letter fold. Repeat this on the three remaining “sides,” forming a small square. You can also have fun (yes, I just said “fun”) here and fold it into a shape that matches your bread, i.e. larger for sandwich bread, long-ish for rye. Leave the folded egg-and-cheese in the center of the skillet to cook for another 30 seconds, then slide onto you muffin or toast. Top the sandwich with the other half and eat it at once.

Yes! Doesn’t it look delicious? Thank you so much, Deb!!!

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  1. I LOVE everything that Deb makes on her site and have had many a successful gatherings using one of her recipes. My current fave is her red wine chocolate cake. This sandwich looks yummy and super easy to make!

    Maria xx

  2. LOVE Smitten Kitchen! What a fabulous idea to fold the cheese in. Will definitely try this!

    That’s a great idea to focus on becoming great at the classics. Everything my mom makes is delicious, but she’s got a few things that are absolutely amazing, like her chicken enchiladas, lasagna, and mac & cheese, and those are the ones I remember from my childhood.

  3. i’m like you…everyone learned to cook while i….i ate. and i love smitten kitchen :)

  4. I made this today – OMG it was perfect. When I read the post I thought – well it’s the same ingredients I always use: egg, cheese, bread, S&P – but the thin “crepe” method and adding the cheese immediately created some crazy magic in the pan I can’t describe. Something about this method made it the best egg sando of my life!

    Haha I never thought I would be so enthused over an egg sandwich, esp one that I made.

    Love the slam dunk recipe idea. I too get frightened if a recipe has more than like 5 ingredients. This one was perfect, can’t wait for more.

  5. What a great idea about the melted cheese. This will probably be on my post-work supper in a hurry list.

  6. Anonymous says...

    Master using phylo dough, spinach, feta cheese, spinach layers, and you’ll feel like a top chef

  7. Slam dunk, baby! I love Deb from Smitten Kitchen. As soon as I saw the pic of that egg sammy, I knew I’d be making this for breakfast. It was delicious! And now, my go-to for breakfasts and lunch!
    A great idea for your blog; I am so excited to see the next one. Thank you!

  8. This is awesome! I am making this tomorrow!

  9. I really love the ides for this series Jo. Gorgeous food blogs always look wonderful but like my large cookbook collection I rarely attempt them either. I’m sure there are lots of people like you that will appreciate the ‘back to basics/master the classics’ idea. Good luck on your woman and Mum mission. Cheers.

  10. This looks amazing! Been on the lookout for quick, easy meals for a kitchen constrained student and this fits the bill beautifully. Can’t wait for the rest of the recipes.

  11. I haven’t even tried this, but I’m craving it! Gosh that cheese looks amazing

  12. genius!!! I normally like a runny friend egg in an egg sandwich, but this definitely looks like something I need to try. Love Deb and Smitten Kitchen!

  13. Looks so great! Now, if I could get my 20-month old to eat eggs, we would be in business. Also, Joanna (i am in love with your blog) as a busy new mom, i found this great crockpot website that is better than it sounds. It’s not a mushy mess of food, but actually food you’ll enjoy.

  14. SK says...

    I love this new series!! I can’t wait for all the other recipes. I love the pictorials – I find that I don’t like to read through all the long recipes that exist in the world. I need visuals and see how someone makes it and what everything looks like at a certain stage!

  15. Bestest Cheesy Eggs Ever: scramble eggs as usual, when they are moments from finished, plop some pieces of brie in the pan and let it ooze onto and into everything. So rich and decadent and AWESOME. Whip those out for a Sunday brunch and impress the pants off your guests.

  16. Jo says...

    Ok, that’s it… My kiddo and I are having this for breakfast tomorrow.

  17. I don’t even eat eggs. Or cheese. OR BREAD! But Deb makes me want to eat all three. And endure the two weeks of belly aches. Holy goodness, that woman is a saint in the kitchen.

  18. Caz says...

    Hmm I’ve put grated cheese in omelets before, but never a whole square so that it can ooze out like that – great idea!

    If you want a cook book that’s fairly simple and un-fussy, Nigella Express by Nigella Lawson is a good one.

    Also, on the theme of simple foods made amazing – next time you make grilled cheese, if you happen to have an open jar of pasta sauce or mexican salsa in the fridge, spread a little on the bread before you put the cheese on top. Put under the grill as normal and voila! Yummo!

  19. I am a horrible cook and I am glad there are others of my kind out there. But we have so many other talents, right? right?

  20. Elle says...

    If you’re interested in macaroni and cheese you’ve got to try Martha Stewart’s recipe! It is SO good and SO easy! Yum!

  21. This series looks like so much fun. I HIGHLY recommend asking Amanda Hesser about her grandmother’s mac n’cheese (from her book Cooking for Mr. Latte) So good. I mix that recipe with one from Martha Stewart to get that mix my family loves.

  22. Anonymous says...

    This looks delicious! I secretly love egg McMuffins, but never make an egg sandwich at home. Tomorrow I am definitely going to try this with cheddar cheese. I think I will just thinly slice it to skip any grating.

  23. I really enjoy your blog Joanna – this looks great. I also really love Smitten Kitchen. I have made many recipes from her blog and they have all been completely unfussy and totally delicious. I am always on the look out for simple and satisfying dishes. If you are ever looking for easy meal ideas and recipes, perhaps check out I try to share simple everyday recipes in a casual way. Thought you might enjoy.

  24. Love this recipe! Looking forward to more like this!

  25. I love to cook but surprisingly this scares me — I’m terrible at the egg flip.

    Have you seen this site? She does such a good job of giving simple tips and breaking down high-quality recipes.

  26. Anonymous says...

    “I wanted the cheese up in my eggs” – story of my life

  27. Lost in Provence, thank you so much for commenting!!! how fun that you’re abroad…although i’m sure you must miss home, too. xoxo

  28. Ida F says...

    This cheese and egg combination, I have never heard of before. I think this will be my first “breakfast-in-bed” for my boyfriend when we move in together next week :) I better practice until then :)

  29. Thanks for the recipe! I’m also so much like you! While all the other girls wanted to learn how to cook, I was playing with legos, listening to music or writing. Spending long hours in the kitchen was never me and I think I will suffer once I have kids. It would be nice to cook them proper meals like those I used to have while I was a kid.
    So thanks! i will try this one out

  30. I love this idea! My toddler is a picky eater so any new idea is golden to me :)

    Smitten Kitchen has a handful of great baby recipes that I’ve tried too.

  31. Chantel B. says...

    Ok, so this looks amazing and having a great love of eggs I gave this a go this morning! Unfortunately, being ten weeks pregnant and trying to eat protein=major GAG fest! I will try this again…next year, ha! And I’m sure I’m bound to love it more :)

    I love your idea of having a weekly featured recipe! I’m always looking for new things to make at home.

  32. Basic recipes, great idea!!! What I have needed! Looking forward to upcoming ones :)

  33. I am super excited about this new series + will be eagerly awaiting some simple cooking ideas on Wednesdays…as I can always use more of them!
    Everything I’ve ever tried from Deb’s blog has come out amazingly well and I have no doubt her simple technique for an egg + cheese will too! I might try it tonight for my kids…I have a feeling they’ll love them.

  34. this looks sooooo good I’m having to work to resist the temptation to make myself one RIGHT NOW even though I’m meeting my sister’s for lunch in an hour!

  35. Great Idea! I can’t believe I’ve never thought about wrapping the egg around the cheese!


  36. I totally recommend Alice Waters’ “In the Green Kitchen”. It’s a lovely book of her favourite chefs explaining how to do one simple thing – compose a salad, -roast a chicken, -make same day pickles, -bake irish soda bread, etc. I love it! Everything works too :)

  37. Great series!! I’m really excited about this.

  38. Love this series, and this sandwich how-to! But I cringed when I saw the american cheese slice. Honey, that’s not cheese; that’s plastic! But to each their own. ;)

  39. Anonymous says...

    I pinch of dill in the egg while beating it won’t hurt :)

  40. So funny…I had the hugest craving for an Egg McMuffin this morning. I generally eat really healthy meals but man did it taste good! This recipe is probably a better alternative for next time :)

  41. I love to cook and bake – but I find eggs, in any form, to be the toughest food to master!

    I have a very simple chocolate chip cookie recipe over at The secret of which is refrigerating the dough for a bit.

    Great idea for a new Wednesday spot!

  42. Hi Jo, if you have any interest I would love to contribute to your list. I could share a wonderful plant based recipe that even kids love. Or how about a vegan dessert to die for?

  43. I cannot WAIT for these posts. This sammy looks delicious, even with the fake American cheese!

  44. THANK YOU!!! As a 31 year old about to be a wife with no cooking skills – I need simple recipes!

  45. Anonymous says...

    Um, I think your step-by-step photo sets are backwards! The set with the raw egg should be first, right? :)

  46. I am actually a pretty good cook, but I could not master a simple roast chicken. This weekend I followed Ina Garten’s “Perfect Roast Chicken,” and it really was perfect. You can find it online, and then add it to your list. I was so proud of myself, and it was soo good!

  47. If you want one cookbook that’ll teach you quick recipes and make you want to try the longer ones, get The Looneyspoons Collection by Jane and Greta Podleski.

    I’ve never eaten such delicious, simple, quick, HEALTHY food in my entire life (save when my Mum cooked from this book).

  48. Ruthann says...

    Nooooo!!!! DEB….Please tell me you didn’t use that plastic cheese! (sorry, but looks like it)

    We’ve made these since we were little kids and I’m now 58.

    To make it even yummier, quick-fry 1-2 slices of your favorite deli ham (abt 20seconds) then add those to the center of the egg with some real deli cheese. We always used deli white American cheese. (that pile of fresh sliced cheese was the best) NOW fold that egg pancake and put it between some great bread. THE BEST!!!

  49. your pictures are making me hungry!! the ooey-gooey-ness of the cheese…OMG~


  50. So excited for this series! I also am trying to build up my collection of recipes I have down.

  51. seriously, how is it that deb can even make something as dull as an egg sandwich exciting and interesting to me?! the woman is amazing in the kitchen. i would have never thought to make a cheese purse with the eggs and un-melty cheese has always annoyed me too. love her. thanks!

  52. You know, I never leave a comment, thinking that as you have 742 million readers, you probably don’t really need yet another comment but how ridiculous. So thanks for all that you do and especially today. Not only am I crazy homesick for the States (heading over on Friday–YAY) and this sounds like EXACTLY what I want to eat but I am very excited to find her blog–signed up pronto. Merci!

  53. Wow! This does look AMAZING! I usually just scramble the eggs and put them over a piece of toast. But the melted cheese in this looks so good!!


  54. Linda says...

    I am so excited to try this! Thanks, and please keep it up with more simple recipes for those of us who have the same cooking skill set as you! :)

    Also, what ever happened to your article of the month club? I liked that idea, and that first article was fascinating!

  55. I’ll have to try this! I make eggs in the morning regularly, especially when I’m really hungry. (This morning breakfast was a scrambled egg, toast, and a 1/2 grapefruit. yum!)

  56. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnntttttttttttttttttttttttt. please mail to san francisco pronto. i’ll trade you a burrito for it.

  57. Yum! That looks incredible. Smitten Kitchen is the best!

  58. shirley from Montreal says...

    brilliant, simple idea !!! thanks – and totally agree … i’m another Smitten Kitchen addict !

  59. danebee says...

    I frequently make an egg sandwich for lunch. I work at home.

    The Montreal Version:
    fried egg over-easy on a
    St.Viateur sesame bagel, with
    soft goat cheese or sharp cheddar. Be sure to slather the bagel with muhammara!

  60. Love this. I read this post, walked down to my kitchen and made one immediately. It was amazing! I miss the NYC egg sandwiches, and this is a great stand in.

  61. That’s a brilliant idea! I usually take forever when I make an egg sandwich, but this I could do when I’m running late to school.

  62. Oh girl, you couldn’t have described me more perfectly when it comes to my feelings about cooking! I’m looking forward to some basic recipes as well!

  63. I love this idea of doing basic recipes every Wednesday. Looking forward to it. This particular one might be lunch today!

  64. the CHEESE! that looks so delicious. next morning i have off from work, i am definitely going to have to give this a go. even though it looks super simple, i don’t feel like doing ANYTHING for a 3am wakeup call ;)

  65. I love Smitten Kitchen – this is a great feature! I cook a lot, but my favorite things I have mastered are some of the easiest: poached egg, roasted chicken, and, for fancy occasions, risotto. It is amazing how impressed people are with those three things.

  66. Perfect cooking series really! I want to masters the basics too! Yay! :)

  67. I need to try this! I think my husband would love it and eggs and cheese are one of my favorite comfort foods.

  68. omg heaven!! this looks so yummy!

  69. This is such a great idea. A blog you might want to check out for great cooking ideas is:

    It’s just getting started, but has great ideas for easy healthy meals and cooking ideas for singles as well as families.

  70. Awesome! I am in the same boat so I’ll be paying close attention to these recipes. I was JUST telling my partner that I want to get good at cooking even a few things that our son loves, so that it will be a special treat on the rare occasion that I cook and not a nightmare!

  71. this is a GREAT idea for a series! i assure you that you aren’t the only adult woman with this problem. and this looks do-able and delicious! can’t wait to see the rest of the recipes.

  72. LK says...

    I actually am a pretty good cook. I taught myself when I was 17 and turned out I was a natural. My favorite things to make are desserts, sauces and dressings. Despite being good cook, simple eggs have always eluded me. I can’t wait to try this mainly because the cheese pocket is genius. This will be a perfect breakfast tomorrow.

  73. made this for breakfast…SO EASY! and tasty.

  74. THANK YOU!!! Lately I’ve felt that its about time I learn to cook, and food that’s not just “easy”. Really forward to digesting (lol, cheesy pun…and I did it again) this whole series.

    I too started with the desire to master eggs! I finally think I’m at the point (after years of trying) where I can make an omelette I’d be proud to serve (almost) anyone.

    That sandwich is making my mouth water…

    You rock, as always! :)


  75. This looks easy and delicious! Thanks so much for sharing!

  76. i don’t even really like eggs but this looks like something i should attempt. i only order my eggs from restaurants because then they don’t gross me out and they are made just right. this looks doable so i’m going to try it! thanks joanna and deb :)

  77. This is better than best idea. Thank you! A couple days ago I was making a soup with grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner. My son walked to the stove, looked in the pan and said: “Do you always have to burn them.” Yes, my grilled cheese sandwich sucks. I hope to see instructions on how to master them with your help.

  78. Brilliant recipe! I can’t wait to try it. Thank you for sharing this with us ;)

  79. As a savory over sweets person, this is the perfect breakfast for me! I’m sitting here at work with some Greek yogurt w/fruit and honey, wishing it were an egg & cheese sandwich! I’m trying it this weekend, thanks for sharing!

  80. I love how she mentions that an egg sandwich on a roll is a food group for NY’ers. I was just explaining this to my husband (who is from Miami originally) that there is such thing as a “New York egg sandwich ” ;)
    Love smitten kitchen and love this post! Looking forward to your new food series!


  81. Yummy…another one to try? If you have some leftover baguette or sourdough, toast it lightly. Scramble up eggs and add diced tomates, chopped basil and capers. Serve on top of toasted bread with a sprinkling of parm cheese. I serve it with fruit.
    Also, I love to cook but if you are looking for some serious guidance? Check out the blog “Dinner, A Love Story” and their cookbook “Time For Dinner”. It is LIFECHANGING. (Former writers for COOKIE magazine.)
    P.S. I suggest you also master the homemade pizza and the quesadilla! Easy to throw those veggies in…

  82. LOVE smitten kitchen – and an egg sammy. what a great new feature!

    in my house egg sandwiches aren’t considered edible unless HOT SAUCE is in the picture; though we’re divided by brand. i’m all tapatio and my husband is a sriracha nut. neither of us will deign to eat the other’s (unless we’re talking pho, in which case my allegiances are thrown out the window).

  83. I love egg sandwiches! And I love Smitten Kitchen :-) I basically lived off egg sandwiches during my first trimester. And now Baby Lulu eats a yolk a day for DHA and protein!

  84. Carlen says...

    I think tomorrow’s breakfast might have to be an egg sandwich, with egg whites and grated gruyere. I might actually WANT to get out of bed in the morning!

  85. I look through the post, went to my kitchen, made sure I have all the ingredients and I’m good to go.

  86. I raise my own layer always have fresh eggs at home:) In fact, I have so many that I figure out new ways to use them. My latest experiment was to bake individual eggs in a muffin pan! Put about 1/2 teaspoon piece of butter in each of the muffin pan cups (just a few or as many as your pan holds).. crack an egg in to each cup and top with another dab of butter. (I use a nonstick pan) Sprinkle with salt & pepper to taste (though you could also scramble the eggs with ham and cheese..or whatever omelet type fixings you want! Bake in a 400 degree oven until you get the doneness you like… from soft boiled to firm! They are perfect little portions.. kids love them.. they fit cute on english muffins too!

  87. My sister has been on an eggs kick and loves eating scramble eggs for dinner. This is an awesome new series, Joanna! xoxo

  88. That is one great idea! Mastering the essentials and sharing with us :) My BF and I a trying to figure out the per-fect spaghetti with tomato sauce – aceto balsamico is the trick!

  89. Oh my, this looks so scrumptious!!! I simply cant wait to try this recipe. Thanks Deb and Joanna. Wish you both a great day, xo

  90. Love it! A perfectly delicious addition.

  91. We love these! I make this all the time. If you can’t get english muffins, it is really tasty on toasted sourdough, too. Using sharp cheddar cheese makes this sandwich sooo gooooood!

  92. Girl, I’m 34, and one of my New Year’s resolutions is to learn how to cook, and most importantly, to enjoy doing so! Thanks for the idea! XOXO

  93. excellent idea for a new weekly series! i love to cook, and rarely make the same thing twice b/c i’m always finding something new and scrumptious on a blog or pinterest. but eggs have always eluded me! I can not make a good omelette without burning it, or a perfectly fried, over easy egg (the way i like it) without over cooking or breaking the yoke. the hubby doesn’t make much but he is the master with eggs :) I will have to show him this!

  94. I can’t decide if I’m more excited about trying to make the sandwich (and, oh baby, I am!) or that I’m finally reading a recipe that addresses all my questions!

    Deb: Thank you for including pan size & the 2-egg instruction for those of us who are kitchen dunces and who A. only have a 10″ pan and B. are never full after just one egg. :)

  95. I made this for breakfast this morning with Tillamook cheddar. Delicious!

  96. I would absolutely starve without eggs. I eat them every day. This sandwich has me getting hungry again!

  97. I’m going to make this for lunch! Thanks for sharing. I like to add basil to eggs, by the way. It sounds weird but they marry well!

  98. Yum! That looks absolutely delicious. I’m excited to see/read more of this new series.

    I almost always have egg and cheese on an English muffin in the morning. It holds me over when I’m at work like nothing else! I usually just crack the egg, rarely doing the beaten egg method, and I’ve never done the fold (but that seems way easier for keeping the cheese in). I’ll have to give this a whirl tomorrow morning!

  99. I like this series idea.

    I am not big on cheese, but you can’t go wrong w. my mom’s egg salad recipe… it is sooo simple.

    When I am making it for myself I hard boil 2 eggs (I let them boil for about 10 minutes to make sure they’re done… no egg timer for me)… then cool and peel them (let them sit in cold water in the same pan I cooked them in), then mash them up with a little bit of butter (just enough to make the mixture bind.. I guesstimate but maybe a teaspoon worth?) and salt to taste. I then add finely chopped onion and voila.

    I generally put the mixture onto rye bread and eat them as open sandwiches.

  100. Oooh, I love the folded technique!

  101. Joanna,

    It’s never too late to learn to cook! I learned to cook French food from my Mom and when I moved in with my current roommate, she was a TOTAL cooking novice (if she’s reading this – Tracy you know it’s true!). Now, under my instruction she can cook chicken, flank steak, eggs etc. I live in the west village so if you’re looking for free lessons let me know! (I will exchange my easy roast chicken recipe for a giggle from Toby- he’s the cutest)

  102. I love this series idea! Also, now I’m mega-hungry.

  103. Oh my, this looks seriously delicious! I love egg and cheese sandwiches, and I don’t know why I never thought to put the cheese inside the egg before. Genius!

  104. That looks fantastic! I think I might just make that today for lunch. Thanks for posting an easy recipe!

  105. Yay for Wednesdays! I am excited for this new series.

    English muffins . . . drool. I am not sure if they sell them here in Germany, but if I have to I’ll make them own so I can have eggs and cheese on one.

  106. YUM! I never thought about making an egg crepe-style like that but it looks perfect.

  107. I would love a good macncheese recipe as I hate the taste of bechamel sauce.

  108. Amazing. I love Deb and Smitten! This is exactly how they make the delicious egg and cheese on a bagel at Nussbaum and Wu at 113th and Broadway. Now I know how to get that perfect pocket of melted cheese on my own!

  109. I love this idea! Can’t wait to see the recipes to come!

  110. Oh yum. Wow, put the cheese in when it’s still raw?! Interesting…and I think I have the patience to make this kind of egg sandwich!

  111. Good morning, breakfast. It’s nice to finally meet you!

  112. This is genius. Literally, the work of Einstein.

  113. AND I just salivated! That sandwich looks truly amazing and totally inspiring. It’s breakfast time, and helloooo perfect time to try this recipe! Thanks for busting out this new recipe series – I look to cook but I often find myself standing in the kitchen with my hands on my hips not sure which direction to go in.

  114. It looks tastier than the typical sanwiches that i ate.Wanna learn to do it when i have time!

  115. what a great idea for a series! love this egg sandwich post, and looking forward to more!

  116. Smitten Kitchen is my favorite food blog! Everything I’ve made of hers is PERFECTION.

  117. Hmm… if that was cheddar in the middle I could be tempted, but I prefer my egg sandwiches with a bit of yolk and a whole bunch of spinach, so I think eggs in a basket with spinach and grilled cheese is my best egg sandwich ever (sounds gross, looks good:

  118. i’m gonna love this new series.
    and that sandwich…i must make this for my hub.
    he’d flip.

  119. I make egg+cheese sandwiches all the time for my husband. it’s actually his recipe! he whips up the egg, puts it in a small bowl, microwaves it for 1 min. puts it on a bagel with cheese + ham. great, filling lunch.

  120. Wow, that indeed looks delicious! In fact, I want one right now!!

  121. Stunning! Deb never ceases to amaze me with what she can do in the kitchen.

  122. Looks simple, but delicious! I think your new basic cooking wednesday feature is a great idea.

  123. I have an egg sandwich almost every day for lunch. Trying this version today!

  124. That looks A LOT better than any egg and cheese on a roll that you’d get in a NY deli. And I don’t even like egg on a roll sandwiches!

  125. ok, totally making this for lunch soon! Thanks for sharing : )

  126. I love this new recipe feature! I’m more of a baker than a cook…I also feel like I missed a lesson or something! I guess my mom is such a fan of cooking via microwave that she never passed anything along.

    My boyfriend and I have subscribed to Rouxbe and we’ve been watching the lessons. It’s really great for learning basics and building on concepts. I’ve learned how to use a knife properly and now we’ve even made crepes!

    Can’t wait to try this recipe out! I can totally manage it!

  127. Wow, this looks amazing! xxx

  128. YUM! Egg and cheese sandwiches are the best! I’m constantly having to make them at home because here in Spain they don’t really know about that food group (breakfast in general is sorely neglected in my opinion), so we’ve gotten pretty good at them, but we usually do it in the oven for the cheese melting, which takes way longer. This is brilliant. Doing it tomorrow!

  129. sooooo…. that is breakfast today! YUM! I love Smitten Kitchen! That melty picture at the end looks amaze….


  130. i really think i could handle that! thanks for posting :)

  131. Amazing! I’m trying that this week.