1. Of course I watch The Bachelor! Not only that, but my husband curls up next to me to watch it, too. So addicting!

  2. Anonymous says...

    I love Kacie B. She is so sweet and cute. I don’t think she’s a good match for Ben, though. I think she deserves better.

    I think Ben will end up with Courtney. He lacks discretion and is too easily manipulated. I think Courtney will “win,” because that’s what she set out to do. It’s more like a season of Survivor.


  3. 1. I do… shhh it’s a secret hehe
    2. Kacie B. ALL THE WAY
    3. I greatly dislike Courtney

  4. I’ve watched this show since Brad Womack’s first season and I am addicted. I too think it’s a pretty bad show but it somehow has magic powers to suck us in back. I can’t wait for live commentary during the finale, hope you will do it again!

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  6. Team Kacie B.!!!!!

  7. It’s my most guilty pleasure of the week. And I LOVE that it is 2 hours long. I’m betting it’s going to be Lindzi and Courtney in the end. Emily and Kacie B. have potential, though.

  8. guilty : / so bad but sooo good. I call the final 2 to be Lindsi and Kacie B. I love Kacie! I HATE courntey, i think she is vile and nasty and not even cute! if he pics her i will be shocked. She clearly doesnt like him, you can totally tell she is in it to be on TV or the Bachelor Pad (perfect candidate for that). And Ben’s hair is the most hideous thing I have EVER seen, its seriously awful.

  9. Holy Moly, this show is so addicting! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kacie B! I had no idea she had such a fan club :)

  10. I love Kacie B! I heard Courtney wins though and I feel like that’s why I keep watching because he CAN’T pick her. I feel like maybe Ben is the typical guy and just going after the sleazy girl if she wins

  11. Shameful… I make my boyfriend watch too and I think he likes it… ;)

  12. Yes, Im watching right along with you! I honestly can’t stand Ben, I think hes the biggest dork,and not good with women at all. Just my opinion though. REALLY…looking forward to next season of The Bachelorette with Emily. :)

  13. Oh my gosh I am definitely watching this. I love Kacie B and Lindzi. I am afraid Courtney is going to be i the finals.

  14. I’m all for Kacie B! Did you hear that apparently Courtney is supposed to win though?!

  15. I am not sure why sometimes we are so addicted to such shows, or serials, but I am addicted too. Maybe it switches off the brain. You do not need to think, just relax on the sofa and watch. I wrote one big post about it- my little addictions: journals, some serials, shows,turning hair through fingers. :)

  16. Yes. Totally addicted. And I love Kacie B. Tough little cookie to stick it out until (what could be) the end. Not the best way to find love, I’d say:)

  17. HY says...

    I wish it wasn’t so addicting but I am helplessly hooked! Even though they are editing it to portray as much drama as possible. I also am on team Kacie B. I think Ben has poor judgment though.

  18. i have a viewing party at my house every week. it. is. so. addicting.

  19. It’s awful – but like a trainwreck, I can’t look away! ;) It cracks me up that all these girls get so involved just because they’re on a TV show, when in reality, he’s just a tool who’s not terribly suave or good-looking and who they’d probably blow off if he approached them in a bar. Ahh, good television though…

  20. I live in Sonoma so it’s almost required of us to watch!

  21. I am guilty, as well. I tune into the Bach each week. This season is making me angry though…I LOVED Ben last season but I don’t think he is thinking clearly this time around! lol Are you still watching New Girl? How GREAT is that show!?
    Char xo

  22. Total addict: It is what makes my Monday’s bareable. A glass of wine and the bachlor just makes my day!My husband watches too…
    Courtney is HORRIBLE!
    Kacie B is so sweet!


  23. Yes!! My vote is for Kacie B. too!

  24. Yes, I’m hooked and I feel like a fool for admitting it aloud, but go Kasey B!!

  25. I watch it, too! Last week, Ben and the ladies were in Puerto Rico, where me and my husband honeymooned! It was the ONLY time I could convince him to watch the show with me, ha. Does Alex watch it with you? xo.

    p.s. I’m on team KCB, too.

  26. It’s totally my guilty pleasure! Living in Paris I have to scour for good links the next day.
    I’m rooting for Kacie B. too, also like Emily and can’t wait for Courtney to get the boot!

  27. Yeeeeah. Ben’s super hot. I get pretty into it each season. :)

  28. Completely obsessed.

  29. Anonymous says...

    That’s so funny! I just started watching the German version of the Bachelor! Nice to see that not just German women like watching this series.

  30. Can’t. Stop. Watching. And my hubby watches with me. And knows all the girls’ names. And has opinions. It’s so cute.

  31. Guilt pleasure! It’s so fake you have to laugh. I always tell my husband you could fall in love with a cardboard box with the dates and place they go on that show! A real date should be giving them 200 bucks to last two weeks in a one bedroom apartment- see who loves who then hahaha

    I also love Kacie B. I liked Jennifer and was SHOCKED he got rid of her and kept Courtney and Blakely last week!

  32. yes, yes, and yes. watch it. it’s horrible and it’s addicting.

    I can’t believe the women on the show and end up shaking my head most of the time. But Ben isn’t all that either ;)

    and re leopard flats: FOR SURE!

  33. Anonymous says...

    If it’s on and I’m scrolling through the tv I’ll maybe watch a few minutes. The girls are so catty though! And the bachelor this season reminds me of a cross between Josh Groban and a caveman- with Josh Groban being better looking.

  34. So funny, yes I’m totally addicted. I hope Courtenay gets the boot next week!

  35. I totally agree (and can’t blame my girlfriend anymore for making me watch it). I’m for Kacie B. all the way!

  36. H* says...

    i follow on internet from Spain!!!!!!

  37. I’m all for Kacie B, too! I definitely watch the show, and I watched Ashley’s season of Bachelorette – even though I don’t particularly like her OR Ben! Lol. I just can’t stop watching!

  38. OMG ! Love the picture
    Paint brush brown background, fake grapes, probably fake flower, fake white smile… its awesome

    Living in Europe I miss a lot of the US shows but i must admit that i cannot walk away from an episode of the Kardashians even tough my boyfriends looks at me like i am a loonie… Hihi

  39. I have never watched it before this season and now I am HOOKED! I was with a friend tonight and right after dinner I had a mini-meltdown when I realized I was missing the new episode and will have to wait because I don’t have DVR ;) hahaha it was a sad moment in my life …….anyway, go Kacie B!!!

  40. It’s the most ridiculous show on TV and yes I am watching.

  41. My roommates make me watch it! Tonight I thought it was totally funny how he sent home the girl who had 2 boyfriends, meanwhile he has about 12. Ironic.

  42. nicola says...

    ooohhh, watching it on the Pacific Coast as we speak. Guilty pleasure… always feel I need a glass of wine in hand whilw watching too!

  43. LoL! My husband and I have a deal where we each pick a show that the other has to watch with us. I make him watch the bachelor!! Hahaha… He’ll hate that I announced that on the world wide web…rootin’ for team kacie b!

  44. The Bachelor is usually one of my guilty pleasures, but not this season! I can’t stand Bachelor Ben. He’s so gross! And if the rumors about who he picks are true, then he’s REALLY REALLY REALLY gross!

  45. Is it embarrassing to say I’ve never seen this show? It looks so tacky but I have close friends who are addicted! maybe I should give it a shot?

  46. I am watching it right now! I’d love to hear your favorite girl :) xo akiko
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  47. Just started watching last week. Kaci B for the win all the way. I think this group of girls though are not as attractive as past contestants.

  48. We renamed Monday to “Feel Bad Monday” and we watch the Bachelor, gossip and eat really cheap pizza and other kinds of foods that we know will make us feel like we need to go to the hospital. It helps me comeback strong on Tuesday, like getting a second chance at life :)

    Kaycie B is the cutest, but she’s too good for Ben I’m starting to think.

  49. I’m so on Team Kacie B and I have not been this into the show since Season 1. Courtney is maniacal!

  50. yes!!! My Mom and I watched the very first bachelor back in the day and ever since then have watched almost every series. Even if I find the bachelor repulsive I find my self hooked! What is with it???!!!

  51. I LOVE Kacie B, but I honestly think she deserves better than Ben! He has been one of my least favorite Bachelors so far… :/ Wish they had picked someone else…

  52. It’s so terrible, but I still can’t stop watching it, and I don’t know why! I think it’s the fascination of trying to figure out how these girls all feel so deeply for this guy they barely even know!

  53. I hate Ben, but am so addicted to the show that I can’t peel my eyes from the train wreck. However, I’m excited for Emily to be the next Bachelorette! She’s going to be so good.

  54. I’m addicted too! But to be honest, I am SO unimpressed by Ben. He expects so much out of these girls and is always wanting to know what they can offer him without putting any effort in himself. Sure, he’s funny and whatnot. But he also seems like a huge narcissist, in my opinion.

    PHEW had to get that off my chest!

  55. No shame! I cannot stop watching lol :)

  56. i am so in the same boat!! go kacie B! can you believe what him are courtney did last episode…makes me sick!

  57. I am totally, shamefully addicted to The Bachelor, too! I look so forward to Monday nights :)

    Go Kacie B, go!

  58. Ahaha! Joanna, I started watching the show because my mom and sister (who live in different cities) were watching and it was something fun to do “together.” And now I can’t stop. My poor roommate heard me cracking up the other night (hello, crazy Courtney) and started watching, too! It’s like a disease. And a train wreck. But without doctors (at least until Emily finishes that Ph.D.). Aaaaand I have just proved that I have seen way too much of this show! Ha happy watching!

  59. It’s my secret Monday addiction, too.

  60. I loved Ben on the Bachelorette, but for some reason I lost my love for him this season! Needless to say, I still watch it religiously!

  61. Totally addicted too and also love Kacie B! Definitely needs a haircut..it looks the worst when he’s sweaty and it sticks to his face.

  62. Reality TV Craziness- what will they come up with next? Maybe I don’t want to know…

  63. i’m watching it right now! i can’t stand the model, idk her name but i do not like her!

  64. I totally agree about Kacie B. She is definitely the right pick.

  65. i’m with you. can’t look away.

  66. Anonymous says...

    Unfortunately, I believe Courtney has been said to be the winner(if you want to call it that)of this season. However, as horrible as she is, and after the slimy,disgusting video Ben realeased to “man up” his wimpy image, I think they deserve each other.

    Nevertheless, they’re both getting what they really want, which is for him, attention to his wine business which has benefitted greatly since last season. For her it’s all about her modeling career. All-in-all, they’re both probably happy with the results regardless of the so-called search for “true love”.

    Sorry if that sounds cynical, but as much as I’d like to be more of a romantic, in the case of this show’s track record, it’s just not a reality!

  67. Abigail says...

    Last year at boarding school, I had literally 1-2 hours a week when I was free to sit down at my computer and watch TV, and for some reason I found myself getting sucked into The Bachelor. Totally a guilty pleasure, but sooo entertaining and fascinating. I have only seen one episode this season. It is always amazing to me how anyone could genuinely hope to find true love on that show, and yet I believe that some of them honestly mean it. I don’t think that I could ever deal with that nerve-racking of a situation, but it is fun watching them do it. :-)

  68. Kacie B. all the WAYYYY!!!!!!!!

  69. I love Kacie B!!! However, I am afraid he’s going to pick Courtney! Ewww!

  70. LOL.

    I have been watching this show for a couple of years now and ECCKK! I hate this season! I dunno, I guess I just really never liked been and I honestly don’t like any of the girls. Kacie B is sweet but for some reason all of them just annoy me. I actaully kinda like Courtney just because she’s kind of a bitch and at this point, I’m not so emotionally invested in hoping one of the other girls win so I kinda like Courtney. And I dont particuarlily like Ben.
    I wish they would choose a compeltely NEW person to be the Bachelor!!! Emily (from Brad’s second season) is the new bachelorette, and I actually like her so I hope its a good season. Anyways, if you havent watched the Bachelor Pad, that show’s quite addicting as well. Probably possibly better and more so than the Bachelor/ette!

  71. Do not go to the light….look away…. Hee Hee Hee

    Simple pleasures are fun.

  72. Yep, addicted as well. Friends and I meet up every couple weeks to discuss the latest – always plenty of drama to laugh about.

  73. I have watched this show for years, mostly with the same group of girlfriends. I always want to see them end up happily ever after, but given the track record, we really just watch it for all train wreck that always takes place. This year’s train wreck: COURTNEY!

    I’m with you- GO KACIE B!!!

    ps- yuck to ben’s hair.

    pps- yuck to ben being boring.

  74. I am watching it with a group of people, so somehow I feel less guilty! I am totally a Kacie B. fan and I was a Jennifer fan. I’m sad he sent her home! As Patti Stanger from the Millionaire Matchmaker would say “his picker is off!”


  75. I can’t help but watch it. I watch every season but this one seems more catty then the rest! I sometimes do have to change the channel. Ben is cute though!

  76. I am not the obsessed type, but I am obsessed. Its weird having a reason as silly as the bachelor to look forward to mondays.

    Kacie B has to win :)

  77. I feel the same way! And in case anyone is interested, the majority of the girls necklaces are made by my sister, Ritzy Misfit (ritzymisfit.etsy.com)

    Enjoy the show!

  78. YES, I get so much crap for watching it but I can’t help it! And 100% in agreement on Kacie B!

  79. Haha! I can’t turn away either. I agree on Kacie B. What a sweetheart! :)

  80. I say this to myself every monday. the show is terrible but i HAVE to watch it. Go kacie B. She is adorable.

  81. YES! SO so soooooo bad. Terrible. But I can. not. look. away!

  82. I used to adore Ben… until last week’s episode! Ugh, men!


  83. b. says...


  84. Anonymous says...

    This guy looks like Rafael Nadal.

  85. YES. I get so unreasonably excited about it.

    I can’t even with Courtney but the way they edit her is just too good. I was so sad he sent Jennifer home. She was my fave.

  86. every season i say i wont watch, and every season i get sooo sucked in! i was thinkink kaci b or lindzi, but now i think ben’s dumb enough to pick courtney…been blogging about it too :)


  87. Anonymous says...

    Hilarious. I know what you mean.

  88. Im watching too!

  89. Barchbo, going to check out the site now!! :)

  90. so glad you guys watch this, too. it’s the worst/best.

  91. karena, i know!! he needs a serious hair makeover. :)

  92. LOVE Kacie B. But last week I hated Ben because of his infatuation with Courtney. I don’t like her for him, but she is entertaining.

  93. My husband watches the bachelor with me every monday night! I am a lucky gal! Tonight we are watching it over Chinese takeout… can’t wait :)

  94. Glad I’m not the only one. Although I’m a bit disgusted at the example those women are setting for the rest of us. We aren’t ALL desperate, shallow and vindictive. (I hope).

  95. It is must-see-tv even though 90% of it makes me embarrassed to be female. And wow Ben is getting LESS appealing to me each week, but I will keep watching!

  96. From the commercials I believe the girl crying,who will be in a segment tonight is from my neighborhood!

    I want to do something with his HAIR!


    Art by Karena

  97. Yes! :)

    So far, Kacie B seems the most ‘real’. Go Kacie! :)

  98. Addicted is an understatement! I know who wins every season from reality Steve but lallalaLove to watch it all go down!!! He’s my FAVE bachelor by far!! Seemingly much more down to earth and ‘real’ than the others…can’t wait to tonight weeeEee!! Love this crazy train wreck!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

  99. Although I don’t watch the show (have watched in some seasons past) my mom is completed addicted to the show! She gives me weekly updates even though she knows I have no idea who the contestants are. I think she secretly feels guilty about watching though since she’ll always preface her comments with “Now you know I don’t condone that sort of behavior BUT…”

    I have a cute mama!

  100. I agree, this season is soo good! Kacie B is obviously going to win. You can just see the crazy wafting off of Courtney, I hope she goes home tonight!

  101. i had never watched it before this season and it is omg totally addicting. like rock of love but classier.

    my vote is for courtney. there’s no fun without the crazy.

  102. I’m addicted too!! my sister made me watch it with her because she gets so excited about it. I wanted to hate it so bad but i love it! now we have weekly dates on monday to watch it together.
    ps. i can’t stand emily, hahaha!

  103. This is my biggest, worst, guiltiest pleasure. I watch it via the internet as soon as I get home on Tuesdays.

    They tried to do a British version but it just wasn’t the same.

  104. I just made plans with my friends for tonight’s viewing. Let the catty judging begin!

  105. Ah I hate that I love it but it’s my ONE terrible show. I’ve decided everyone is allowed to have one :)

  106. I cannot wait to watch tonight’s episode! I’ve got all my sisters and even my boyfriend hooked. Ben is such a nut, I don’t think he’s Bachelor material, so he is perfect to make fun of all episode. I love reading SayNoToCosmo.com the next day to read her recap.


  107. I have to admit that I’m addicted as well. I actually look forward to Monday nights!! I’m for Kacie B. as well but it wouldn’t be the funny show that it is without the likes of “interesting” ladies like Courtney! :)

  108. Barchbo says...

    Have you read http://www.ihategreenbeans.com? The author writes hilarious, tongue-in-cheek recaps of The Bachelor every Tuesday – it might be better than the show. She’s really funny!

  109. Anonymous says...

    This makes me feel sooooooooo much better about myself and my horrible tv-watching habits. I LOVE THE BACHELOR!!!

    I feel better now that I’ve admitted that in an anonymous, online forum.

  110. Cannot wait to find out what the secret is tonight!

  111. Right there with you on all points! it is the worst, and we totally look forward to Mondays. And Kacie B has to win.

  112. This season is so great! I can’t stop watching, and it’s made Mondays so much more bearable. Glad to hear it’s not just me :)

  113. The Worst? It has completely reinvented my Monday’s for me. From the most dreaded day of the week to the most anticipated. It’s amazingly addicting!

  114. i’m with you. it’s my guiltiest pleasure.

    have you read the spoilers? i’m normally anti-spoilers but for some reason i had to know so i cheated and checked out reality steve. i, of course, won’t say anything here, but the reality steve website knows everything for those who are curious and can’t wait to know!

  115. I couldn’t have said it better myself! I heart Kacie B too!

  116. I’m obsessed too…I wish it was on every night, ha! :)
    I love Kacie B., but now I think Ben is yucky and sleazy, she deserves better than him!

  117. I love the Bachelor but I seem to watch some seasons and not others, but I’ve definitely been watching this season and I can’t wait for later tonight either…as lame as that sounds! I really like Kacie B, so much better than terrible Courtney! The show is such a trainwreck but in the best possible way :)

  118. MJ says...

    I’ve never watched it before this season, but, all of a sudden, I’m addicted. If Courtney wins [or maybe even gets to the final two], I will be SO. ANGRY.

  119. The show is horrible but I always watch. This season I just adore Ben. He’s kind of boring because he’s so normal but I loved him last season.

    There is a Bachelor Canada coming but I was joking that I would audition haha.


  120. Yes and yes! I love getting together with a couple girlfriends every Monday night to watch the show. And yes – I am totally a Kacie B fan!!
    Much love,

  121. this made me laugh, as I am sitting at my desk thinking “did i tivo the bachelor?” – totally, ridiculously addicting. there are worse things…!

    xo shari

  122. I CANNOT tear myself away, either, although my husband relentlessly teases me for getting SO into it. Glad I’m not alone.

    And I’m totally with you. Kacie B. is his girl.

  123. I am so addicted too! This season is good and definitely a little more racey than past seasons. As long as it isn’t Courtney in the end, I will be happy. She is not in it for the right reasons and honestly, I will be a little disappointed in Ben and his judgement or lack thereof if he picks her.

  124. It is one of my guilty pleasures! And this season has been fun to watch because he is the cousin of my younger sister’s good friend. I am hoping that the rumors on who he picks are not true!