The Bachelor (with photos)

The Bachelor this season has been wildly entertaining. Have you been watching it? The show’s premise is clearly insane, but it’s like a train wreck where you can’t look away. (Even Alex, who makes fun of me, now asks me to pause it if he goes into the kitchen. Busted.) So, let’s take a minute to chat: Which of the final three women do you think should end up with Ben?

Here are photos of the ladies…

Nicki, 26, from Texas…

Courtney, 28, from Arizona…

…or Lindzi, 27, from Florida?

My original favorite was Kacie B., 24, from Tennessee, but sadly Ben let her go the last episode…

Which woman do you think Ben should choose? Who do you think he will choose? Would you date Ben?

(Images courtesy of ABC)

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  3. Hi Joanna – I thought you’d find this fun – a bunch of women in my office are doing a Bachelor fantasy draft this season. We’ll all pick our finalists after the first episode tonight and then have more fun bets each week (who will be the first to cry, kiss him, start a cat fight, etc.)

  4. Anonymous says...

    I predict he picks Courtney, and it will end badly. She never looks at him directly when she proclaims her “love”. I hope he chooses Linsey.

  5. I have always gotten so sucked into this show, despite the fact that it doesn’t usually work out, etc. It’s a total guilty pleasure.

    I’m famous for calling the final three at the very beginning based on all the footage they hit you with and how often they show certain girls, etc. I felt like Kacie, Nikki would be in the finals for sure, so was surprised with Kacie got cut, but in a way I also felt like she’d gotten so comfortable with being a frontrunner he almost developed stronger connections with others in the meantime? Plus her family was WAAAAY too involved in her life and in dictating how things should be and I think Ben decided that wasn’t his thing. Courtney has been SUPER annoying this season and I was SOO MAD when she skinnydipped with him. I was also thinking, the other girls are going to be so mad at him for that, like I can’t believe he did it. But I do think he’s going to pick her. He likes Lindzie a lot I think but like he said, he wants someone “weird” and I think that’s just how he sees Courtney. I’m encouraged to see her get along with family and after the family episode I liked her more. I think a lot of her mean behavior is a guard against being vulnerable and I finally saw her getting vulnerable, so it made me like her more. Anyway, who knows, I just hope he can be happy. I like him, I think he’s a good Bachelor.

  6. i loved kacie, too. such a sweet girl!

  7. My husband loves to watch with me too (tho he’d never admit it!). I’m kind of hoping he ends up with Courtney at this point.

  8. I’m such a sucker for the Bachelor! Kacie B. was my favorite too (shocker), but I think it will come down to Lynzi and Courtney. Nikki is great, but I feel like their connection is lagging a bit behind the others. His relationship with Courtney is ALL sex (which is why I think he’ll keep her around for the over-night date) but hopefully he’ll come to his senses about who is really wife material… p.s. do you think Kacie B. is coming back? The teaser made it look like she will!

  9. I hope it’s Nikki!!! (anyone but crazy courtney)

  10. PLEASE let it be Nikki… But I have a sneaking suspicion Courtney might win out. She’s so sketchy… And dying laughing over the “he looks like a Cabbage Patch Kid” comment above!

  11. Carly says...

    I am in australia and haven’t watched it at all. But everyone is sooo good looking! He looks sweet. He kind of reminds me of Rafa. :)

  12. Anonymous says...

    I find this man extremely unattractive. I think he looks like a cabbage patch kid.

  13. Anonymous says...

    god i hate ben. he’ll probably choose courtney, who will cheat on him promptly. gross

  14. I love this post. I called Courtney from the very beginning because he’s a guy and she’s a model. I wish guys weren’t so predictable (most guys, like Ben, not Alex or my husband ;) ). That being said I think Nicki would be the best for him. I loved Kacie but she is young and has so much to look forward to! I cried when she was in the limo because I have totally been there. I just wanted to give her a hug. My husband loves to watch it too!

  15. sadly, I think that Nicki will go next. I almost feel like he kept her around to make an easy decision. she’s been through so much already.

    And I feel like he kicked off Kacie because of her family, so sad. And her video at the end…brutal.

    I’m thinking he’ll go with courtney. I’m pretty positive. She was terrible at first but is becoming a bit more likable. And hey, if he likes her, they deserve each other, nothing from the bachelor seems to last too long, anyway.

    I also don’t think I’ll watch the next one. Emily seems terrible!

  16. Crystal says...

    I love the show, it really is like a train wreck that you can’t look away from. I’ve pulled my husband into it as well and he admittedly enjoys it. I think (and hope) Ben picks Courtney. They deserve each other. Ben has really let his true colors show as the season progressed. From the start, I had a lot of respect for him and thought he was so well-spoken and a real catch (minus the mop on his head), but my views of him have changed. Ben is clearly letting little Ben make all the decisions. I’m glad he let Kacie go home, she deserves way better, as do Nicki and Lindzi.

  17. I like Lindzi, she seems very down to earth and real. I can’t explain why I like this crazy, ridiculous show. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one. My husband also watches it with me and although he claims to hate it, I have to pause it if he leaves the room. Courtney is good for ratings!

  18. Just because someone’s parents have strong views about how marriage and dating should be pursued does not mean they are racist or against womans rights. True, it still wouldn’t f worked out but I understand where her parents were coming from, as someone who has grown up in the bible belt. I think he will pick Courtney. Which is fine since every single bachelor couple has broken up! I don’t get why people think they will have a good relationship when he is dating multiple woman at once?

  19. Anonymous says...

    I was rooting for Kacie B UNTIL her parents were revealed. I totally get why that threw Ben off– they’re the kind of people who say racist things behind closed doors and hate women’s reproductive rights. They seemed a little *too* bible belt to blend in with someone who is from Sonoma and san francisco. It just wouldn’t have worked. That said, I don’t think Courtney is too bad. As the show has progressed, I realize she’s mostly just very funny and weird. Maybe they SHOULD end up together, lol

  20. I would date him if I were single! I like the rugged look lol. Also, I think he will end up with Nicki, but I am rooting for Lindzey now!

  21. Lindzi is my fave! If he chooses Courtney he will drop a lot of points in my book…

  22. I NEVER thought I would watch and and DEFINITELY never thought mu husband would but there we are, side by side on the couch Monday nights, tuning in together :) I look forward to it all day on Mondays. I would totally date Ben. I have a huge, secret crush on him. I also dont think that Courtney is a problem, beyond doing what it takes to win…and I secretly loved her skinny dipping scene. With 30 other girls, you have to stand out somehow!

  23. I wish there was a LIKE button under other peoples comments. You guys are hilarious!

    I too shamefully watch the bachelor. I thought Kacey B was the best match, but I understand why he wouldn’t want to deal with her parents. It was so awkward that they brought up the whole “living together before marriage”-thing to Ben. He’s a grown-up and can do whatever he wants. Kacey B might have been a little too immature to be in a serious relationship if she let her parents dictate the rules.
    At this point I don’t really care who he picks. I like Nicky the best. She seems like a cool gal. Lindzey seems like she would fit well in his world with the whole outdoors-farm-thing. I can’t figure out Courtney and whether she is for real or not, but I actually think she’s probably really fun to be around, if you are on her good side, that is.

  24. He’s totally picking Courtney. But I suspect there will be a good old fashion Bachelor twist. Not as low as what Mesnick did but maybe they will break up on the “after the rose” episode. Courtney just seems a bit opportunistic and dramatic for a typical fairy tale ending.

    Kacie B was the best.

  25. I am pretty sure that Ben will pick Courtney. I do not like her, but I don’t like Ben either so I do not care that much at this point. I am glad that Kacie B. is not there any more becausse she seems like a really nice girl. She deserves someone better than Ben.

  26. I think he’ll pick Courtney. And I actually kind of like her (I know, I know).

    I think it’s kind of hilarious how she says “winning” all the time and “bing!”

    And I think Ben is booorrriinngg.