1. Céline says...

    J’ai beau tourner les pages du livre à la maison, je n’arrive toujours pas à me décider.
    (I keep flipping the pages of this book but still cannot make up my mind about which I prefer). :)

  2. I was in New York over December and in Paris last weekend… I’d have to say it’s a toss up. But, I’m an American gal so I’ll say NEW YORK! No city quite like it :)

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  4. Anonymous says...

    Côté Paris, évidemment!

  5. eden says...

    Shocking, but I do not like Paris at all … NYC ALL THE WAY! You can’t beat that special energy!


    Camille @ The Wild Fleur

  7. Well, unfortunately I haven’t visited New York yet… So I have to say Paris, but I am convinced that both cities have its own special beauty.

  8. elisa says...

    Both are fantastic cities! But, if I had to choose, I would say Paris. It’s the perfect city.

  9. As much as I love Paris, for me New York wins every competition, every single time.

  10. So so clever! As much as I love NYC, I’ll have to go with Paris. Thanks for sharing.

  11. so cute! love this!

  12. Who could ever choose between these two amazing cities? Paris for love, New York for excitement, the two together? Can’t even imagine!!
    Thank you for sharing this website and the fun designs… the book is now on my list :)


  13. I pick London! Sorry Paris and New York. You’re both fantastic representations of cultured urban life, but London takes the cake for best city in the world!

  14. Cathg1g2 says...

    Oh my I bought this in Paris a few weeks ago after Xmas in NY and New Year in Paris.The Gaga for NY and Cabaret for Paris is my fave and my kids loved it too.
    However, I LOVE both cities and both my girls want to spend their Gap year in NY…so another visit for mama!

  15. what a coincidence! i just got this book in the mail yesterday as a 30th bday gift from my brother (i think we share the same bday too Joanna, the 31st? happy bday to you!) i also was thinking about writing a post with some pages from the book too ;) the book is awesome and the comparisons are spot on! i can relate to a lot of the ones from ny since it’s my hometown :)

  16. J’habite a Paris, donc, PARIS! Mais, j’aime beaucoup New York aussi :)

  17. New York! For always :)

  18. elizabeth says...


  19. Champagne, kisses, and croque monsieur? How could I not choose Paris?! haha. Actually, I have yet to go to New York, and I’ve already been to Paris, so I guess I’m a little biased. ;)

  20. Oh! And I totally choose New York, because apparently Brooklyn is the Paris of the East Coast, didn’t you hear? We get the best of both worlds. :)

  21. I love this blog so much! I’m totally going to the launch party tomorrow at The Standard Shop. You should come, too!

  22. I like that there’ll be Paris vs. New York postcards come May. There’s one image that maybe isn’t too popular, of one woman bent walking with a cane and the other in a tracksuit taking what looks like an invigorating walk, that I like a lot too…I hope I’m able to be active and live my life with that kind of verve when I’m 80.

  23. mondayjane says...

    I have lived for substantial amounts of time in both cities: New York wins in my book, hands down.

  24. Paris! Perfect book for my coffee table!


  25. Love these! So colorful, fun (and true!) Can’t wait to check out his book.

  26. oh I’ve been waiting for his book!! I almost bought the European copy because I was so impatient for the American release :)

  27. this is hilarious!! i cannot wait to pick up that book!!

  28. Anonymous says...

    The book looks great and I love the cover! Paris vs New york would be a hard choice. I’ll wait to pick until I’ve read the book!

  29. Paris hands down.

  30. such fun photos. and definitely NEW YORK. no questions asked. happy to call it home (when i’m not living out of a hotel).

    i’d love for you to check out my blog if you get a sec! following you :)

    xo, nikki


  31. Lauren C. T. says...

    I am a New Yorker, with French ancestry… How can I decide?! Lol!

    Seriously though, I love that Amazon recommends buying the book, the postcards, and the Pantone postcards as a bundle. What a great idea! I’m very tempted…

  32. What a cool book!! Gotta check that out..thanks for sharing.
    Hard to decide between two great cities but luckily for me, I live in Paris so I just gotta visit NY soon!

  33. I loved these when you first posted! Totally captures the differences! I love New York, but these make Paris so much more appealing!

  34. perfect compare and contrast. i love this. i’ll secretly admit that i choose new york of paris though. i don’t know why, but i just love new york.

  35. parisssss or bust!

  36. Haha! These are cute; I can’t pick!

  37. I adore that blog so much and cannot wait to get my hands on the book! It would look perfect in my apartment as they are my two favorite cities!
    Much love,

  38. This is BRILLIANT! Buying the book right now, love it. New York is my home, but Paris is my getaway.

  39. Too funny! I love these illustrations, they’re so quirky and fun. I’d love to be able to put them up around my apartment…but the book would also be a great “coffee table book”.


  40. Paris of course! I lived there for a couple of years and always wanted to go back. The culture is something you can not get enough of. Je t’aime Paris!!!!!!

  41. Mmmmm deffo Paris! When you’re there you just breath art and fashion, such an amazing city!

  42. Mais oui, Paris! Sorry, New York. I love you, but you ain’t got nothing on the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre.

  43. Kristin says...

    Didn’t you already post this a couple of years ago?

  44. both are fantastic, but because i’ve only been to NYC so far i’m siding NYC. paris could always swoon me if i visit though :)

    so glad to hear of the book! I love following his comparision posts… so its great to know i can get them all at once and not have to choose.

  45. I love his work! When we move into a bigger place, I have a plan to do a little series of these prints on one of the walls… maybe the food/drink related ones for the kitchen? (Pretty excited to pick up the book, too… thanks for the heads up that it’s available!)

  46. these would make such fun wall art! loving the ny ones :)

  47. I love this! So adorable. My boyfriend grew up in Paris — his parents still live there, and now we live together in NYC. The posters and this book would make a perfect gift for him and would look amazing in our apartment! Thanks for the great find!

  48. holy cow, croque-monsieur. i think i need one now. :)

  49. lol so so cute! i’m going to go check out that book right now, I have an aunt who lives in Paris while her daughter is in NYC so she NEEDS that book as a gift lol

  50. i might be in the minority on this one but definitely NEW YORK CITY!! Paris is great and all but too pretentious for this urbanite.


  51. Les deux, bien sur !

  52. I wish I’d known about not tipping when I first got to Europe! So many annoyed stares. I adore Paris and would go back in a heartbeat.

  53. Anonymous says...

    So clever!

  54. they are both dreamy! love the contrast. one of each please :)

  55. Such a clever idea! While I live decidedly closer to NYC, my heart shall always remain in Paris.

    My favourite is the slight variation of glasses between Goddard & Woody :)

    Great share!

  56. New York!! =)

  57. i can’t wait to see the book . . . i just love that site.

  58. Well, I’d take Samedi soir over Saturday night, but the hot dog over the croque-monsieur, so I can’t really say …

    Such funny and clever illustrations!

  59. My heart will always belong to NYC!! I love his illustrations…so clever!

  60. These are so clever, especially the Godard/Allen one!

    Impossible to compare the two cities, they are like night and day, total opposites!!! I love them both :)

  61. love it! wish he would do one between my island and nyc, that would be great too!!
    happy Wednesday Joanna ;)

  62. I would move to Paris in a heartbeat but I also love NYC.

  63. Well my husband is French so I should say Paris, but I did love NY when I visited. That’s a tough question! Great blog post.

  64. NYC for living, Paris for visiting. Both of them for dreaming!!!!!! Bisous!!!!!!!!

  65. This is pretty brilliant and Woody’s glasses made me giggle:) Spot on! Have a great day, Joanna. xo

  66. Paris, no question. I thought the people there were very nice, but I don’t speak french. Maybe they were all calling us d-bags right to our faces?

  67. Annemarie says...

    Will be in Paris next week, always great, but if ii have to choose right now, i would go for new york.

  68. you should also check out the jacques vs jack blog!

  69. I love New York, never been to Paris,

  70. So cute! I might have said Paris, but I know deep down I am in love with New York’s energy, and exacting standards. Plus Woody, like totally.

  71. New York for living, Paris for visiting. I lived in Paris for 2 years and never felt at home there (I’ve been in New York for 12 years now). People are just so much friendlier in New York. But for art and culture you can’t beat Paris!

  72. Paris! (I actually own the French version of the book… because of course, even there there has to be some competition… Paris vs New York versions of the book!)

  73. Both!!! :)
    NY and Paris is great!!