Motherhood Mondays: Baby Names & Faces Book

Pinhole Press has a brilliant new baby photo product: Big Book of Names & Faces. You make one with photos of your child’s favorite people. My mom made us one as a gift, and it has become Toby’s favorite bedtime story. Since our relatives live around the country, this book helps Toby remember them between visits (and happily recognize them when he sees them again), and I love that the book helps him learn words and names, and show him that he’s part of a family that cares about him. Bravo, Pinhole Press!

Make a big one here, and a mini one here.

(Thanks to my friend Laura Ratliff for taking these photos. You might recognize Sharon Beesley‘s kids in a photo. Pinhole Press is my friends’ company and one of my beloved sponsors. )

  1. I love the baby pictures. I have been wanting to get a ladybug baby book. I think that will be the cutest little thing for my little guy. Maybe with a little ladybug motivation he will be walking soon.

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  3. I love the front page photo: so much love in a single image.

  4. Choose stories that provide new experiences, such as folktales or books about different countries and cultures.

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  7. SUCH a great idea! I’m going to make one this weekend for my little one, except I’ll probably make a variation of this using one of those photo book designs they offer on Shutterfly. They’re constantly sending me codes for 40% off and I’m a sucker for a good discount.

  8. so cute!!!!!

  9. This is such fun!
    I’m sure my grandchildren would love it —
    my daughter in London alerted me to it
    we are in Manhattan.

    ps your blog is lots of fun.

  10. I would have need this 2 year ago! when jon start at the little school i must prepare a book of pictures from the family and the names

    Toby´s book is amazing!

  11. So cute!
    Badly no shipping in Brazil :(

  12. this really is such a brilliant idea!

  13. Dina says...

    Seems so nice and sweet. Perfect for a do-it-yourself too.I’ll keep it in mind!

  14. TJ says...

    Bookmarking this post for sure! This book is a wonderful idea.

  15. Such a lovely idea! It’s a learning tool and scrapbook all in one!

  16. Oh I LOVE this! Definitely making them for my nieces!

  17. That is such a great idea. The pictures are beautiful and the book looks really well made.

  18. What a fabulous gift! I am definitely sending this link to my sister for her grandchildren. xxoo

  19. brilliant! thanks for the post!

  20. I was just talking about doing this since our family lives in different continents. This makes it so easy! Thank you!

  21. Kelly R says...

    Oh my gosh, that is the greatest idea ever!

  22. I absolutely LOVE this idea! I want to make one for my Nephew and 2nd baby Cousin! :D

  23. such a great idea! will definitely be adapting this for my someday little ones. thanks for sharing, jo!


  24. I love love love this idea for a book-how fantastic!

  25. Such a beautiful book, Joanna! You have such a gorgeous family. xoxo

  26. what an awesome idea!! i love this. i’ll have to look into it for my nephew and niece since we’re way over here in hong kong and they are in NYC.

  27. love love love love this idea!!! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
    I don’t know about Toby, but my baby boy loves to see pictures of him and us. It’s hilarious!!!

  28. Aw these are beautiful!

  29. Great idea!

  30. this is amazing!! would be a great present

  31. great idea!!! love it!!!!

  32. This is such a great idea! Love the cover pic! Toby is getting cuter and cuter if that is possible :) Thanks for posting!

  33. toby is getting cuter all the time!

  34. What a cool looking book. Books with family pics are the best. I make a calendar every year for my family filled with family pics. We have save the last 3 years and they are my 2.5 yr olds favorite bedtime book. We tuck her in and say goodnight and she can look at the pictures for hours. it kind of makes my heart melt. glad to hear that your little guy is so into them as well!

  35. A seriously genius idea, especially for the babies who live far from family, grandparents, etc. like we do! Thanks for sharing ;)

  36. Greatest, most unique, educational…could continue to sing the praises of this product, but I think that smiling little guy does the job himself. So sweet.

  37. This is such a lovely idea. I’d love to give this to a special kid! I love books of family photos.

    Joanna, this is totally off topic, but where did you find your chambray shirt? I’ve been looking for one for ages and yours is perfect!

  38. fantastic idea!!! you have a beautiful family.

  39. Such a beaUUUtiful book!! The exterior is so pretty – and then the interior is GENius with the spiral binding. (And of course, your family is so good looking, it couldn’t be anything other than lovely!)

  40. Very cool!! What a marvelous idea.

  41. this is good present as well. one would really appreciate the effort of making this one, plus the creativity. nice!

  42. Oooh, this is such a lovely idea – I want to make one for our friends’ 12 month old. It’s just perfect for learning the names of family and friends!

  43. This is so adorable! I love it.

  44. What a GREAT idea! I love scrapbooking and this is something I would LOVE to do for my nephew since I don’t get to see him very often. Thanks for the fab idea!

  45. That is a fab idea for a book! Must get one for my little one!!


  46. Adorable!


  47. Adding this to the baby’s must-have list. Wonderful idea!

  48. This is brilliant! I wanted to make one at home, but my babe rips all paper to shreds. These seem more sturdy than what I can pull off.

  49. Thank you so much for sharing! This is an adorable idea! I love it. I have someone I need to do this for very shortly!

    Have a wonderful week!


  50. you’re right–it is brilliant! i might have to make one for my nieces ;)

  51. How sweet is this? Thanks for sharing. So amazing!

  52. Anonymous says...

    This is amazing! Also a great way to show pictures of relatives who are no longer with us, but can still be included in this book!
    Thank you for sharing!

  53. Aww! That’s the best!

  54. This is brilliant and beautiful! I absolutely love the idea.

  55. This is brilliant! If we have kids, we’ll definitely need to do this because my family’s scattered too.

  56. that is amazing! love it! may have to snag it for my nephew :)

  57. LH says...

    hello uncle nick!

  58. That is an amazing idea! I might have to make one of these!

  59. What a beautiful idea! I just ordered a bunch of gifts from Pinhole Press, per your recommendations! So exited to receive the finished products! This book might have to be my next purchase!

  60. Love those little book pages-SO sweet!!

  61. I love this! I need it. thanks so much for sharing. My son will love it!

  62. What a nice idea! Thanks for sharing.

  63. Joanna, I found pinhole press through you and I used them for my wedding announcements and I was so pleased! They do really, really good work! You rule! xo

  64. Such an incredible book! Toby is getting so big!

  65. this is so kid perfect! …a personalized picture book! would also be great to use for items “around the house” or “at the park”. the possiblities are endless and it’s a great keepsake! saving this as a gift idea. i love it.

  66. Oh wow what a clever cool idea! I’m going to tell my cousin about this because she has a little 1 year old and I think she’d love it

  67. I would love this for myself…

    What a great idea to remember the people who come and go through the years.

  68. Your book is lovely! I eventually want to do one like that for out son, Jude. Because you have mentioned pinhole press before, I actually ordered a journal for my son a couple of weeks ago. Its one of their smaller journals, with Jude’s face on the cover. I plan on doing one every year as a photo album and then eventually give them all to him when he gets older. Thank you for introducing me to them!

  69. H* says...

    Oh, i love this!!!!!!!!!! I have to get one for my son!!!!

    Gonna see if they send it to Europe!

    Kisses from Barcelona

  70. this is such an awesome idea! it would be a great gift for my nephew. i dont get to see him as much as i like and this would be a good way to help him remember me.

  71. So lovely! I know what I’m getting for some special people with birthdays rapidly approaching!

  72. Wow, that book of faces and names is genius! Especially since I just moved away from all my family and my little one could you refreshers on her her family is.

    – Sarah

  73. this is brilliant! I am definitely pinning for future use. so creative, joanna!

  74. Heck, I need one of these for my boyfriend’s family – after 3.5 years I still can’t keep track of his huge clan. Maybe I can make one under the guise of it being for his soon-to-arrive niece or nephew…

  75. love it – also, i imagined toby in a devil wears prada/miranda priestly PARTY SCENE, in which the names of his nearest and dearest were whispered in his ear by his personal assistant, anne hathaway.

  76. Anonymous says...

    This is a great idea! Perfect for right before someone comes to visit, too. Adorable!

  77. Perfection!

  78. Very sweet idea. I also love the idea from the commenter above about her grandmother. Towards the end of her life, my own grandmother could have benefitted from one of these… she loved looking at family photos but didn’t have a great grasp on who we all were. It would have been great to present her with a colorful book full of smiling faces.

  79. We have photos of family members on the fridge but I LOVE the idea of a book. My son loves looking through the album I made of my pregnancy with him. It’s the most fascinating book to him so I know he would love a book of everyone in his life.

    The photo of Toby looking through the book is so darling!

  80. Martha says...

    My grandmother has Alzheimer’s, and although she still knows us most of the time, she occasionally gets names and faces mixed up.

    I made her one of these for Christmas with all of her grandchildren, children, and other important family and friends. She keeps it on her coffee table and looks at it daily. I don’t know if it is helping her to remember us but she loves it and so do I! Just another idea for how to use this gorgeous book.

  81. Lauren C.T. says...

    I absolutely love these books. I definitely want to make one for my kids (when I have them). My husband is from Scotland and, with the exception of my parents, all of my family lives at least 2 hours away, so our children will definitely benefit from this little learning tool.

    God, I really want to have a baby soon. I have been so broody lately!

  82. What a sweet idea! I think many families nowadays have family members/good friends who live far away, so this is a fantastic book for kids.

  83. what a great idea!!!

  84. This is such an adorable idea! On a related note, I saw a pin on Pinterest where someone had modified the game “Guess Who?” with faces of family members for their child. I thought that was so clever too!

  85. This is such a great idea! I wish I had thought of that when my kiddos were younger – my baby boy just turned three last week!

  86. This is brilliant! We did a photo album like this for our nieces/nephews that live far away, but not with the names of everyone. So sweet!

  87. such a wonderful idea. i want to make one for my niece!

  88. Oh my Goodness, I love this! Making one this week for sure.

  89. lovely! I’ve read about doing this… also one about your child’s bedtime routine- pictures of your little one in the bath, brushing teeth, asleep in their crib- to help them in case they struggle with going to bed. They also recommended having a picture of your child asleep with one of the parents looking over them… which is sweet, but creepy? lol

    I love this people idea, especially since our daughter’s paternal grandparents live in Alaska, it would be helpful to have more pictures of them around – making their visits more fun and less awkward, lol ; ) will have to make my own I guess! thanks for sharing!


    aka @GrayDayShop

  90. I love this! I am going to surprise my sis with this, she just had a baby this month! I’m glad you introduced me to Pinhole, I used the site to create family photo calendars this past Christmas, and everyone was amazed! I felt like the Christmas champion :)

  91. That is such a great idea! What a lovely gift. :)

  92. This is so rad! You just inspired an auntie photographer on what would make the perfect gift. I’ll let baby Mason know who to thank. :)

  93. This is superb! We used to take a little photo album with us when we traveled, before our iphones, with pictures of all the people in their lives so they would have something familiar in a strange new place.

  94. This is the cutest idea!! so adorable. I want to be an aunt so I can gift this!

  95. Aude says...

    That is absolutely brilliant!
    And so sweet!

  96. Bookmarking this whole shebang: what an amazing and perfect book!!!!

    Thanks for the incredible info as always!


    • Such a wonderful keepsake x