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Have a Great Weekend.

What are your up to this weekend? We’re going to a grilled-cheese competition and watching the Oscars (meaning: analyzing red-carpet dresses). Also, I wanted to thank you so much for the hundreds and hundreds of comments, emails and overall outpouring of support and similar feeling after I wrote this personal post. I was stunned by how many women could relate; we really are all in this together. Thank you. xoxo Have a wonderful weekend, and here are a few great posts from around the web…

Aww, too tired for a cookie.

The life of a runway model is intense!

How to be a gentleman.

Louis Armstrong at the Pyramids.

Would you wear a one-piece swimsuit?

These balloon guys made me smile.

Oh, New York, that’s embarrassing.

Burger tip.

The New York Times review of this book.

Can grown-ups ride scooters? (They look fun.)

A funny concept for a blog.

These photos are weirdly mesmerizing.

Sweet floral bridesmaids dresses.

(Photo of Bill Cosby by Michael Rougier, via Lost)

  1. thank you so much for your comments. i’m SO sorry to make anyone feel alienated or offended by the one-piece bathing suit question!!! i absolutely didn’t mean to offend. tons of my friends and relatives wear one-pieces; i just haven’t ever worn one, because i have such a flat chest, it makes me look like an 8-year-old. i was just wondering if any of you guys do, or have found sexy ones, and if you like them. im planning to try one this summer. apologies, DEFINITELY a benign question, and i would never want to offend!! xoxoxo joanna

  2. I really don’t understand the biggie about the question, Would you wear a one-piece swimsuit?

    Seriously, it’s just a question.

    If I had that body then I’d wear Michael Kor’s Clip Wraparound in Black and Gold.

  3. Anonymous says...

    to all commenters out there who are offended, only because of a question regarding one piece bathing suits: this is ridicilous! think about it!! i actually look quite weird in a one piece because of my non existing decolte. should i now be offended too?? tzzz…
    sorry about my english…

  4. Kate says...

    I love your blog to but agree with some of the other commentors about the one-piece swimsuit item. For some of us, a one piece is really the only sensible option and the comment feels alienating.

  5. Too tired for a cookie!! Adorable!!!!

  6. Anonymous says...

    Can’t wait to watch the dresses and Billy Crystal tonight!

  7. oh how I loved the NYT review on the French parenting book and the ending was perfection. thanks for the fun links!

  8. Anonymous says...

    THANK YOU for this blog, this is so sweet and funny and cute and HAPPY.

  9. So, I don’t want to be a negative nelly, but the “What Was Daddy Thinking?” blog really bums me out. This kind of blog reiterates a bogus conception of men as inept parents, as evolutionarily unqualified to be caregivers. Men who take an active parenting role have to work hard to overcome these negative perceptions of themselves while at the same time trying to keep from feeling emasculated. Men at the park are scolded for not taking care for their children properly, while men at the grocery store are lauded for acting caring and loving towards their children (could you ever imagine a woman saying to a mother “Wow, you must really love them!” while gushing over how sweet you’re being with your children?). Michael Chabon’s “Manhood for Amateurs” has an amazing essay on this frustrating double-standard.

    I know that there is a gender imbalance in many families regarding childcare, but I would encourage us to think more inclusively about the caregiver role. I would love to see more images of men taking care of children, and more stories of men’s roles in their families.

    xox Thank you for enabling discussions with your honest posts about motherhood.

  10. Anonymous says...

    Can’t wait to watch the Oscars!

  11. Anonymous says...

    Love the burger tip and the balloon guys. Love you and your blog.

  12. Anonymous says...

    Is there something wrong with wearing a one-piece? Sometimes it’s nice to leave a little to the imagination.

  13. Those photos, what an interesting project! Thank you for weekend inspiration.

  14. Love watching the fashion parade of the Oscars! Enjoyed wandering through your posts around the web.

  15. Karina says...

    Do I wear one piece bathing suits? Nothing but! Only few women look good in a bikini, one piece suits are usually soooo much more flattering!

  16. Grilled cheese competition? That sounds delicious!!!

    Last night my husband and I went to the Adventures of Pete and Pete reunion at the Bowery Ballroom. It was quite possibly the most amazing event I have ever attended. :-)

  17. love that all those switcheroo shots are in vancouver! i live there! awesome. thanks for sharing, as always. xo.

  18. Kate says...

    I tend to find that most people who wear bikinis should really be wearing one-pieces. Myself included of course.

  19. ‘Definitely wear one pieces or long rankings. I prefer to leave some to the imagination!

  20. Those pics of the runway models reminded me of the film ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’. I couldn’t stop laughing at the ‘switcheroo’ photos, I wonder if my partner would do it with me?

  21. Big Congratulations on Over 30,000 Followers!

    Your blog has been a source of inspiration, information, and comfort since you were a wee 10 thousand.

  22. Would I wear a one-piece? Darling, I’ve had 3 kids… I have no choice but to wear a one-piece!!! Would I wear THAT one-piece? no. those days are over! (see 3 kids reason above) xx

  23. H* says...

    can’t wait to see the red carpet!

  24. Anonymous says...

    Love that rule of a gentleman.

  25. Anonymous says...

    that swimsuit question sounds a bit rough… of course I would wear a one piece… and plenty of us do.

  26. My husband rides his scooter ALL THE TIME. I make fun of him but secretly love it. You should totally get one! I even have pics to prove it:)

  27. I love your Friday send-offs! Keep ’em coming.

  28. LOVE the ones of Louis Armstrong at the Pyramids, great find. Dying to go to Egypt.

    Have a sweet weekend bellissima!

  29. Aude says...

    The swimsuit looks lovely! And it is sexy too.

    As for that book about the so-called “French” education, I cannot hear about it anymore…! As a 30-something French girl, born and raised in Paris, currently living in Paris and being a teacher (elementary school, 6/7 years old) I tell you both the book and the article are so cliché!!! There are as many messed-up families here as anywhere in the world, as many well-educated children and bad-educated children (and parents!) as in any country.
    And yes, parents do go to the park with their children here too, and no, we do not all smoke (!!).
    So pleaeaease, let’s stop that crappy one-country-against-the-other-on-whatever-subject thing. Let’s learn from each other, in a positive and interesting way :-))

    By the way, thank you for having such an interesting, open, and fun and above all sincere blog. I love it.

  30. I read bringing up bebe and liked it. Im not sure why the review is so snarky.

    And I wear one piece swimsuits anytime Im in public. No one wants to see their moms bellybutton!

  31. I love those hanging men! Have a great weekend…the grilled cheese sounds good too!

  32. Anonymous says...

    i love your blog and know you didn’t mean to offend, but oh man that one-piece question had an alienating effect on me.

  33. Anonymous says...

    Asking the question re the one-piece swimsuit makes me question if you’re narrow minded as to the readers of your blog.

    It comes across as condescending, which is in strong contrast to your usual empathetic self…

  34. I forgot to comment on your personal post, I wanted to thank you for speaking up about issues that people sometimes don’t want to talk was so brave of you and hopefully it will help raise awareness. I have had my own issues, I know how real it can be. Have a great weekend!

  35. I loved that NY Times review and am glad that you shared it!

    Enjoy that grilled cheese – sounds so much better than chili!

  36. oh my gosh, i saw that grilled cheese competition and am so, so bummed i can’t make it. enjoy!! xx

  37. i love one piece bathing suits that look 50’s is emphasizing the waist and breasts vavavoom lol

  38. So glad to see other people pick up on the oddity of asking people if they’d consider wearing a one-piece!!

    Always thought of this a blog for the every-woman, and felt a huge surge of disappointment reading that question. Had you always imagined your readers to be a gaggle of young skinny-malinky bikini bods?

    It kinda made me sad :(

  39. Those switcheroo photos are so cool! They’re shot in my city too.. I recognized one of the girls from a new media class I took!


  40. Your weekend sounds so fun. And I love every single one of your weekend links.

    One recent best grilled cheese: good smoked gouda, Trader Joe’s Tuscan Pane. Once it’s done, slather it with Nutella. No, seriously. So good!

    You’re lovely!

  41. Also, to answer the Question “Can grown ups ride scooters?”… yes, they can! I’m a designer for Abercrombie and Fitch, and during the warm months of the year the maintenance staff puts out a couple hundred Razor scooters for people to get around “campus” (as we call the office – a sprawling compound out in the woods outside Columbus, OH). So we frequently scoot from one building to the other when going to meetings or to get lunch at the cafe. It’s great!

  42. The clothing swap photos are so interesting. You just keep looking. They’re so unique.

  43. I have the cutest retro styled one piece from Anthro, and I knew that burger tip thanks to Rachel Ray :) great list of links, as always! The School misspelling is pretty bad…

  44. A Vancouver photographer on your blog,how exciting!her photos are great!

  45. i’m starting a scooter gang. you’re invited. :)

  46. H says...

    Those outfit-changing photos really are mesmerizing! Interesting concept.

  47. Grilled cheese contest sounds amazing! I just moved to Portland and am counting down the days until the Tillamook Grilled Cheese contest happens!

  48. Grilled cheese contest sounds so yummy! I’ll be watching the Oscar’s right along with you! Have a wonderful weekend!

  49. Have SOOOOO much fun at the grill cheese competition! It sounds mind blowing! My fav grilled cheese is made with muenster. MMmmmmmMM.

    Have a lovely weekend with Alex and Toby!

  50. Anonymous says...

    I’m about to have my third kid — you can bet I “would” wear a one-piece suit :)

  51. Kind of a weird question, Would you wear a one-piece? A lot of women wear one-pieces, including me. ; ) Unfortunately, most of us don’t have bikini bodies. :(

  52. I only wear one-piece swimsuits–and with three exceptions (one of which was for triathlon training), that’s all I’ve ever worn. Two-pieces aren’t made for my body type. Which means:

    You’re welcome, world.

  53. Zoe says...

    Ha! Will you tell us about the grilled-cheese contest next week? I’d love to hear about the winning recipe. That sounds awesome.

  54. adorable is that little sleeping kiddo in your first link. Have a great time on the grilled-cheese competition! xo

  55. Those pictures are weirdly disturbing and yet intriguing!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  56. I love the Oscars and seeing all the beautiful dresses.

    Love the pretty bridesmaid dress link, my best friend has just got engaged & asked me to be her bridesmaid so we’re currently pinning lots of ideas like this to Pinterest!

    Have a lovely weekend x