Do or Don’t: Leopard Print Flats

I’ve always been hesitant when it comes to leopard print (too Mrs. Robinson), but recently I’ve spotted a few gorgeous women wearing leopard-print flats. They seem like a perfect subtle way to work a bit of sexiness into your ensemble. I’d love to wear them with regular jeans and sweaters this spring, and feel instantly womanly and alluring.

What do you think? Would you wear them? Here are five cute ones: Lola, Daniblack, Loeffler Randall, Cole Haan and French Sole.

(Photos by Mr. Newton, GastroChic and Leigh)

  1. absolutely yes! I am very conservative in what I wear normally but a few years ago I bought a pair and wore them to death, I have been on the hunt for a new pair this year!

  2. I’ve felt the same way about leopard print…but lately I’ve been liking it a lot. I did a pair of flat and heels. Love them!

  3. A definite do in my books. I first saw a picture of Reese Witherspoon wearing them about five years ago or so, with jeans rolled up once and a black sweater, carrying a classic black handbag and I took that as inspiration. I got a pair then and I am still wearing them. Love them!

  4. kate says...

    For some reason I’ve always thought of wearing animal print as trashy, and have shied from it, sadly. Maybe it’s from some early childhood association with some trashy person or other. Oh well.

  5. I love my leopard print flats! I had a pair from Kohl’s that I totally wore out… so last year I bought a new pair! also from Kohl’s, but even cuter than the first. style can be found at all prices :)

  6. i always think of my grandma when I see leopard. She loves it. and let me say, she is one fashionable woman. I say, go for it!

  7. I don’t do flats but would love that tshirt!!

  8. Leopard flats are the perfect way to just a touch of animal print to your wardrobe and in my opinion make an outfit more chic.

  9. Absolutely a do!

  10. I love my leapord print flats they now have a hole in them. It was a sad day when I noticed.
    I’ve found they go with more things than you expect them to! I feel like I throw them on with everything!

  11. oh my GOSH that pregnant girl looks amazing! i’ve never seen such a fantastically huuuge belly. she’s all baby! what fun (oh, and the shoes are cute too.) xx

  12. 100% YES! I’ve now gone through 3 pairs of leopard print flats. got my most recent ones on Zappos..I think they’re by Ann Klein and have a cute bow on them. super comfy and like $60 although I shouldnt know that because Santa brought them ;)

  13. Do!

  14. Beach Glow Mimi Bandeau Bikini Top is so cute!

  15. I say “yes” – go for it! I have been thinking of getting some leopard flats for a little while now. I love the fact that they go with everything and can add a twist to an otherwise plain outfit.

  16. This is an interesting topic. I wore leopard print clothing when I was in my early twenties, a vintage leopard fur jacket with bright red lipstick, and it looked cute and artsy. But since then, no way. I find it aging and gaudy, i.e. zsa zsa gabor and ivana trump. Absolutely no offense to anyone, this is just me. I am sure some women could pull it off, but I can’t.

  17. I love all kind of clothes with leopard prints in it! They are gorgeous and match to every season…

  18. I don’t wear flats so it’s not a question for me. I’d go for a belt, gloves, love to top in first picture, My mom has some leopard print earrings and a brooch from the 60’s. Hey what’s wrong with Mrs. Robinson?

  19. I’ve never been able to do animal print- I agree it can look great on some people but it just doesn’t work on me at all- sadly

  20. Diane Von Fürstenberg says that leopard print is a neutral… and I couldn’t agree more! It goes with everything.
    I wear mine with jeans, pencil skirts, dresses, you name it…

  21. Go for it! I have a pair and I love. :)

  22. When I bought my pair, I didn’t realize how versatile they were. I wear them with jeans and a bright sweater or black skinnies. They’re my favorite.

  23. I think for some people it is okay. I would’t wear them though.

  24. I have a cheap pair from Target and wear them when I go out or want to make an outfit a bit fancier! I didn’t realize when I bought them how much they actually go with — I have definitely worn them with half of my closed!

  25. Definitely a DO! They can spice up your casual look!

  26. leopard print flats are an always. my grandmother always said “leopard is a neutral, darlin’.” i wear leopard flats at least 2-3 times a week.

  27. Leopard print flats are my go to shoe choice. They act like a neutral, but so much more fun! I can wear them with brown OR black OR brown AND black. They liven up conservative outfits, excite everyday jeans and tshirts, and give me a little pep in my step.

  28. I have a pair from payless that I love. They really become a neutral option in your wardrobe and I reach for them just as often as my black ballet flats.

  29. Wait a minute?!?! You can be too Mrs. Robinson? I had no idea?!?! ;)

  30. Steph says...

    I come in on the side of “No” for these (one of the few). I’ve never liked the print, and to me they’re trendy rather than attractive. Garance Dore did a piece on a pair last year, and since then they’ve been all over the place (don’t get me wrong, Garance is great, but..)! So no! :)

  31. I think it is totes cute, but in small doses. The flats are perfect.

  32. Absolutely a DO! I love my leopard print heels more, but leopard flats are so much fun with straight leg jeans, oregon with cords. :)

  33. yes! they are one of my must have basics along with black ballet flats. they surprisingly go with everything. it sounds weird but its true!

  34. I’ve seen some girls who look cute in them, but I’m not really a fan. Stripes or plaid for me, please!

  35. A do.
    I love mine!!
    Love, Leigh

  36. I was afraid to, seam to me a little bit… tacky? But I wear a pair of leopard print oxfords, wich give a twist to the trend and I’m happy to use them with casual/neutral looks (:

  37. DO. i’ve been wearing my target ones for a loong time now! they’re my favorites, and i can’t bear to part with them even though they’re wearing out.. need to find a replacement! xo

  38. A definite DO.

  39. Yes yes yes. I recently bought a pair from the Charleston Shoe Company and I love them!

  40. I have a pair…and I love them!

  41. I think it depends on the get-up. If the rest of the ensemble is dressed down, its quite okay to go wild with the shoes. Haha. That’s my rule of thumb. That way the eyes all lead to the shoes! :D

  42. Got mine from steve madden, love them.

  43. Total do. They’re fun.

  44. Absolutely! Leopard Print shoes are fantastic, especially flats!

  45. Leopard print flats are, as far as I’m concerned, a basic. I really think they go with everything, though I’m not sure why!

  46. do do do!!

    seriously, did anyone reply with a “don’t?”

  47. I like them but don’t have any (yet). I’ve def gotten more into the animal print over the last couple years though. I have a pair of snake print flats from H&M that I love.

  48. elizabeth says...

    LOVE them and wear them w/ everything! Go for it!

  49. I was hesitant too, but i decided I wanted to give it a try and opted for flats rather than heels since I wear flats a lot more. I’ve only worn them a few times, but that’s more due to weather restrictions (I live in Toronto so there’s a lot of gunk on the street) than having nothing with which to wear them. I’m finding that they’re neutral enough not to overpower an outfit, but add just the right amount of oomph. I can’t wait for spring so I can wear them more often!