Bike Bag

The Seil Bag is a genius backpack for bikers. A wireless controller on your handlebars lets you clearly signal to cars when you’re turning right, left or stopping, without taking your hands off the handlebars. I’d love to use this while riding around New York. It’s just a prototype right now, but here’s hoping this rad backpack is made and sold sometime soon.

(Via Go to Public School)

  1. Great bag!I like riding!It’s an simple exercise and help to keep fit.

  2. The bag is awesome but it’s still important to use a deflector or glow in the dark outfit etc at night for safety’s sake.

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  4. This is perfect because I live in Amsterdam!

  5. Anonymous says...

    nice opinion.. thanks for sharing....

  6. What a genius idea! Now, if we could only get all the cyclists to buy them and USE them…

    (I was driving to work this morning – I live/work in LA – and some rude cyclist decided the rules of the road need not apply to him, and he proceeded to breeze through every stop sign down a busy street. I love the idea of biking to work, but it’s those few people that make everyone hate them so much.)

  7. This is so cool! I’m a terribly uncoordinated bike rider, but this would make me feel a lot better in not having to take my hands off the handlebars to signal. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Anonymous says...

    Have you seen this swedish/norwegian new design for a bicyclehelmet? Its an airbag-type, where you just wear a collar which register when you are having an accident! pretty cool if it works…stylish too..:)

  9. o0o yes please!!! i hope it comes to be real. would be really handy.

  10. ! I’ll gladly do some prototype testing! Joanna, how’s the bike riding around the city?? I ride my bike all over Ann Arbor and I’m pretty sure I’ll be moving out to NYC after I graduate in April. I love the thought of getting around New York on my bike but worry that it’s not so bike-friendly!

  11. Wow, I’ve never seen anything like this before! Genius!

  12. This is so, so great! I really hope they make this.

  13. that is awesome. it would be a great gift for husband.

  14. GAH so brilliant!! My dear friend was recently hit by a car while biking (she’s fine!) because a driver didn’t see her signal to turn. Something like this just might do the trick.


  15. That is seriously genius. I will have to share that with my husband, as I tend to run into things when I’m on a bike.

  16. Love this! I think it would solve the problem of the weird arm turn signals that bikers use – I think a straight left arm is left, and a bent left arm is right? Regardless, every time someone signals like that, I think they’re turning left, so something like this backpack would lessen the confusion!

  17. H* says...

    wow! what a great idea! Kisses from Spain!

  18. Anonymous says...

    I’d like to have one of these when shopping at Costco.

  19. Anonymous says...

    his is brilliant!

  20. If anyone is interested in learning to ride in NYC, Bike New York (the people who put on the 5 Borough Bike Tour) has free classes throughout the year.

    Whether you want to learn to ride a bicycle, learn how to be comfortable commuting, or learn how to work on your bike, Bike New York offers a class. I’m an instructor for the Learn to Ride classes and it’s a great organization.

    Check out the “Learn” heading at Bike New York

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  22. Brilliant! This would go far in Portland.

  23. That’s an amazing idea! I am throwing around the idea of getting a bike with my tax return money…this kind of thing would make me feel so much better about riding around this non-bike-friendly town.

  24. That is so clever. I haven’t biked in a whopping 10 years!!!! Mostly because I have been too scared to bike around and unable to turn with one hand on the handles. When I lived in Paris I used to dream about biking on a Velib around the city but was always too scared because of the crazy traffic. This backpack would solve all my worries.

  25. SO SMART! I live in Boulder Coloroado – a super bike town – and even though drivers are generally pretty thoughtful, this is exactly what Im missing. Genius!!!

    Thanks for sharing Jo


  26. That looks like a great idea!

  27. if i were a biker, i would definitely buy the back pack to avoid drivers like myself!

  28. why has it taken so long for someone to make these ? brilliant idea.

  29. I would totally buy a backpack like that. Such a brilliant idea:) Have a wonderful Monday. xo

  30. I would definately buy this pack. In the moment I always forget which sign is which and I’m scared someone won’t be paying close enough attention.

  31. So smart!!!
    Now all I need is place I can ride a bike :)

  32. i think that for cyclists this is a great idea…i hit a cyclist once (eek-i did, in Edinburgh, not even busy hectic NYC…but he was ok…!)-but these backpacks would seriously help, lots.

  33. what a genius idea! These would be great nipping around London town too! x

  34. Christy says...

    Wow! That is awesome!

  35. Oh man!! It would be awesome if that was available in time for my brothers “Brunswick to Baja” bike trip!!

  36. I wish most cities took a page from Montreal when it comes to bicyclists. There are separate concrete curbs designating bike lanes on the streets, so bikers are safe from inconsiderate cars and buses.