Wedding in Italy

This pitch-perfect Italian wedding has made the blog rounds this past week, but, in honor of this travel-themed week, I wanted to share my favorite photos…

Graziano and Jenny described the wedding as “a day full of emotion and laughter…It was the wedding we wanted.” And I love their quote about planning: “We spent a year researching and looking at wedding blogs and swearing all the time–the Italian way to organize a wedding!”

Jenny wore a Valentino dress with vintage shoes, and carried a simple bouquet of baby’s breath. And Graziano wore a Prada suit. Don’t they look stunning? Would you ever have a destination wedding (or did you)?

P.S. My friends’ wedding in Tuscany.

(Photos by Bayly & Moore, via The Boho Wedding Blog. Thanks, Leigh)

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  5. All so beautiful. Couple is looking very adorable, bride dress and her look is completely amazing. Love the cute couple and the blog.

  6. A well prepared wedding venue and program and solemn place makes wedding perfect.

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  8. Very beautiful dress. You are looking gorgeous in white dress. I am crazy about your dress. It seems like you are most beautiful couple in the world.

  9. Anonymous says...

    Beautiful photos!

    We had a secret wedding in Bali and told our families the day after. It was very romantic and private and loved the secrecy of it all.

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  12. love this couple, the photo with the amazing old interior (with the red table cloth), and the tuscan vista shot.

    the brides valentino dress is a breath of fresh air. more brides should abandon the traditional white dress.


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  14. there is so much inspiration in these photos.

    i am crazy about her dress and her braided hair.

  15. Lovely!!! I’m in the midst of planning my own Italian wedding- so this was extremely inspiring! I can’t wait to get out of the blog searching and overseas to pick out our spot on the Italian Riviera.

    Plus that dress… might steal some ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Such a unique dress! I love it.

  17. omigoodness her dress is absolutely stunning. i hope when i get married i can find one just like it! i’m toying with the idea of not having a white wedding dress – my boy and i have been together for 10 years and the idea of a white wedding dress just seems outdated.

  18. I recently went to a wedding and thought that it was perfect. Your pictures make me think again. I hope one day I experience a day so beautiful.

  19. I love destination weddings. The guests have a blast being on holiday and it’s definitely a wedding that they will remember.

    Mine was in Koh Samui, Thailand. And the woman that caught the bouquet, 2 years later is getting married there because she had such a good time.

    If I was living near Europe, Italy would have probably been my top choice. I love this bride’s style with the unfussy but stunning dress.

  20. Anonymous says...

    Oooh I love this! My sister got married yesterday, and she wore a lovely champagne dress.

    It is so fun to see brides who leave the ultra-bright-white dress expectation for something that fits their personality, skin tone, and hair color.

    The photos of green grass are lovely – we had 12″ of fresh powder during the afternoon/evening of the wedding. :) Photos soon on

  21. elisa says...

    That dress is just so amazing! Makes me want to get married again! Love the flutter sleeves and detailing. Gorgeous.

  22. I love that dress, the bride looks so beautiful. Pretty flowers too – perfect.

  23. Seeing these photos it made me remembering my italian weeding! I’m dyng to show you my photos… would you like to see it? Let me know.
    I love your blog!

  24. Hallelujah on that dress. Please lets say goodbye to sleeveless boob tube dresses that nearly everyone wears. This dress is cute, modest and just darling.

    the regular modern wedding dress suits about nobody and its about time we realised this!

  25. marie says...

    Oh! “Baby’s breath”: I discover the name of this flower in english. It’s so cute. In France we often call this “brouillard” (= fog). It’s poetic too, but a little less nice :)

  26. gorgeous…so romatic)

  27. The necklace is so beautiful and the wedding is a dream. Thanks for the giveaway and have a great weekend

  28. Gayatri says...


    I being an Indian find your comment extremely disrespectful and tasteless. you may think whatever you like but to come and comment on a post like this, is just plain abnoxious. Indians i know love western weddings as they are such contrast to eastern weddings. Why be so stuck up! It is disrespectful.


  29. Ah! Yes please! I’ve been swooning over this wedding all week. It’s perfect and currently my idea wedding.
    That dress is utterly flawless.

  30. I do love that dress!!

  31. The dress is the epitome of chic!

    I was married in Umbria, in the sunflower-filled countryside near Todi. We had 120 people fly over from NY, LA, and elsewhere. It was like being on a honeymoon with our nearest and dearest. Then my husband and I really took a honeymoon and went to Portofino and Paris. Heaven.

  32. Anonymous says...

    Beautiful dress and wedding .

  33. wow- her dress is STUNNING! i actually just got engaged! we plan to marry just the two of us in a civil ceremony on the greek island of cyprus (we live in israel so its only a 30 minute flight) and then we will celebrate with our families respectively. his lives here in israel and mine in texas.

  34. Lorien says...

    I had my destination wedding in Tuscany in June last year and it was totally amazing! So romantic and the food/wine/people were all divine.
    We only had a small wedding party of our families and closest friends who all knew in plenty of time and made a holiday out of it, and then we had a big reception when we got home so that everyone else could join us to celebrate (and I got to wear my wedding dress again which was fabulous!). It cost less having our wedding in Italy than it would have done having it in England and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I recommend!

  35. Anonymous says...

    I’m Australian and hubby is Canadian (we live in Australia) we got married in New Zealand just the two of us and celebrated afterwards with our respective families here and in Canada. We decided that logistically it was the easiest way otherwise some family would be able to attend and others wouldn’t. . It was stress free and even though I look back at times and wished I had my sister with me when I was getting ready and was sad my family weren’t there I still loved every moment.

  36. Beautiful! I’m having my own Italian wedding at the Amalfi coast in September, so I’m loving this inspiration! And the Valentino dress is amazing!

  37. Elle says...

    We had a small wedding in Holland last year and it was brilliant!

  38. Oh that dress and those shoes. And the sky! I remember beautiful days like that in Piemonte. Gorgeous.

    My husband and I were married at Stryker Winery in Sonoma, CA. Healdsburg is our happy place (beat it Disneyland) so we always knew our wedding would be in wine country. Would love to go back and throw an anniversary party!

  39. It feels so so romantic!!!!!

  40. I know everyone has said this already, but I’m echoing it because it’s true: Jenny’s gown and her braids are INCREDIBLE!

  41. Sasha says...

    That’s what I’m talking about, Joanna – get some color (literal and figurative) in these weddings!

  42. I know many have said it before me, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS DRESS. So fresh and gorgeous.

  43. That dress is breathtaking.

  44. sigh! What a gorgeous dress!
    We’re planning a wedding in Thailand in November 2013… I wont be wearing a traditional dress on the beach!

  45. My husband and I were wed in Lucca, Italy in 2010. A magical ceremony in a majestic hall, riding bikes along the old town walls in my cocktail/wedding dress and dinner in a beautiful, cosy restaurant with our 11 guests to top it off. These photos just took me back. It’s a huge event to arrange from abroad, but so very worth it. We consider ourselves blessed to have been able to pull it off without any tears..ok..maybe just one meltdown..but Italian time is very different to Australian time..meltdowns are a given! Would do it again in a heartbeat! :)

  46. I have been married three summers ago. But I would do it again.
    y wedding, was an Italian wedding of course, religious, in the cathedral of my city, where is kept the sacred linen called Sindone.
    Time passes so fast. that day he flew in an instant.
    very nice the wedding of your friends. ciao

  47. Anonymous says...

    For anyone who wondered where it’s this place… it’s a town called Feltre, in north-east of Italy.
    Not really a touristic place, but the old part (it’s partially surrounded by walls) is really pretty – it’s also close to the Dolomiti, so stunning montains are not far. So out of the tipical touristic destination ! I know it well since my mum’s family come from a nearby village and I had been there countless times (yes, I’m italian). Even so, I realised it was Feltre mainly bacause of the mountain and the Lion on the wall, in the hall where they married… it’s the symbol of Venice, and it meant it had to be not so far from there.

    Hope it wasn’t meant to be a secret…


  48. this is so beautiful!

    a friend of mine had a picnic themed wedding and it’s the only western wedding I’ve been too that felt this nostalgic. You should check it out!

  49. Anonymous says...

    Lovely! I am from Venice and last summer one of my friends got married to a new yorker guy, all the new yorkers guests went absolutely crazy for the landscape and the atmosphere:) I am thinking about getting married just because my wedding would be in Italy:) This wedding was in Belluno city in Veneto, northern Italy, not too far from Venice and near to the mountains, as written here:

  50. What a beautiful wedding. Her dress is gorgeous – totally understated and yet stunning at the same time. I couldn’t imagine having a destination wedding, though if it looked like this maybe I’d reconsider…x

  51. My husband and I had a destination wedding on Lake Annecy, in France. I honestly wouldn’t have done it any other way (although I might have opted for a different dress now that I see the gorgeous polka-dot dress). It was so intimate and exciting and ended up being a trip that none of our guests will ever forget (I hope!). I loved having a wedding with a small group in a location that was unique and beautiful. We had two of our best friends film and photograph the trip for us –

  52. I wish I could do my wedding over again so I could wear THAT dress. Its incredibly beautiful and effortless. So so lovely.

    We had a destination wedding but it was nothing like that.

  53. wow. Love that dress.


  54. dying to go to italy! beautiful wedding. my husband and i were married on maui with only my sister and her husband in attendance. i never thought i’d go to hawaii (i HATE to fly) and to go there AND get married there was wonderful.

  55. Leslie says...

    Oh heavens! That dress is just perfection! The whole wedding was beautiful.

  56. love-dress, shoes, hair, destination=-in that order!

  57. A destination wedding would be beautiful, but it would mean that a lot of friends and family, especially my family that is getting too old to travel, wouldn’t be there.

  58. Oh my, that dress is beautiful! The bride looks so lovely.

  59. I love everything about this .. the dress, the shoes and the fact that they were married in Italy.
    My son was married in Japan. Twice.
    Once at the registrars and then later, with family , formally and surrounded with love.
    The bride wore a regular little dress to the registrar but for the formal wedding, she had to change kimonos, 3 times !
    I love combining the wedding and the honeymoon locations :)

  60. Her dress is amazing. Just want to let you know that I love your blog. Me and my boyfriend (now fiance!) got engaged on Christmas day and your blog was the first I visited when looking for wedding inspiration. Your own wedding photos are beautiful and I love how you cover fashion and lifestyle in your blog. It’s so lovely to read, especially the posts about your son, he’s so cute! x

  61. While I think her dress is absolutely gorgeous, I might be old fashioned in thinking that nothing but a white dress will do for a wedding. There is some old wives tale or rhyme from a little wedding book that said..get married in pearl you’ll live your life in a whirl, get married in black you’ll wish yourself back, get married in red you’ll wish yourself dead lol

  62. I am so loving these pics and very jealous…wish I could have an italian wedding. x

  63. This will probably go down as one of my favorite dresses I have ever seen on a runway or bride of all time. I loved the dots the first time I saw this dress and I can’t believe someone was creative enough to wear it as a wedding dress. Love it!

  64. Absolutely stunning. I am in LOVE with her dress. :)

  65. we had a destination wedding; i’m from CA and my husband is from AZ, but we fell in love when we were studying at oxford, and the house where we both lived said we could get married in the exact spot (a bench in the overgrown english garden) where we’d met. how can you turn that down?

    we knew a lot of people wouldn’t be able to come out with us, but getting to share our best-loved place in the world with those who could was the most wonderful feeling i’ve ever had. i’d do it again in a heartbeat.

  66. Ohhhhh my. Maybe the most stunning wedding I have ever seen.

    I want her dress, her shoes….everything is perfect!

  67. love your blog so inspirational!!! planning my own wedding for this summer and i loving the unconventional touches

  68. rosie says...

    I absolutely adore this! I love the trend of moving away from “typical” wedding dresses to try different colours, styles, designers, etc. I want to do what another commenter here said.. a weddingmoon!

  69. Gorgeous! Any idea where in Italy they were married? (We just booked tickets to Tuscany, so looking for any tip I can get from my trusted blogger travelers!)

  70. wow.. This is one of the most gorgeous weddings I’ve seen! I love the dress and the shoes and of course the location looks so perfect!

  71. love this! The dress is fantastic!

  72. My husband & I married in northern Greece in a traditional old village situated on the beautiful coastline of Halkidiki. Although I’m English my parents work brought us to this part of the world when I was in my early teens.
    Friends & family travelled from England to celebrate with us and we had a brilliant time. We planned various events over a long weekend… a boat trip, taverna meal out, and plenty of lying on the beach – so many special memories for us to take into our married life.

    I posted a blog about the hotel the wedding was at (we are still friends with the owner!) if you wanted to check it out to get a feel of what it was like (there’s also a pic of me on my wedding day!).

  73. elizabeth says...

    We had a destination wedding in Bermuda. 20 of our nearest and dearest and it was perfect for us!

  74. Wow. That is the only word I think I can muster! What a beautiful wedding… I am in love with her hair and that view! A memorable day for sure.

  75. Oh it looks just fabulous and dream wedding!! Even the Bride’s non traditional dress works in the element.

  76. Makes me want to go back to Italy…maybe I need to get (re)married there :)

  77. Wow, I can’t get over that dress! So lovely!

  78. this is very beautiful! i feel very inspired for my upcoming wedding! thank you for sharing, Joanna!

  79. My fiance and I are planning to elope to Europe in October. Trying to research places where we can get a marriage license without any residency requirements now…the extra difficult thing is that I want to be married by a Catholic priest, but that is looking less and less possible. We may need to get it blessed when we return from Europe.

  80. The dots are great, but really I think it’s the thin delicate black trim on her dress around her arms, the hem of her dress and her shoes. That is what stands out to me more than the dots. Beautiful!

  81. You know what I like the best? Her dress is MODEST. I get so tired of seeing the top half of a bride falling out for all to see. You don’t have to see bare shoulders and almost everything else for it to be beautiful. Some are downright embarrassing. I love that this one has a high back and front and is still beautiful.

  82. i totally eloped in positano and it was beautiful, amazing and magical!! instead of the big, fancy wedding, we took a big, fancy weddingmoon & definitely recommend eloping to everyone!

  83. What a breathtaking wedding. I absolutely adore her dress, so unique and fits her perfectly. I wish I could have been a fly on that Church’s wall. xo

  84. I love the picture of her walking down the stairs. I have a similar picture from my own wedding. We had a small wedding and then took the money we would have spent on a big wedding and used it for a month-long honeymoon in the UK.

    I absolutely ADORE her dress!

  85. That dress is uh-may-zing. So many traditions are evolving and I love that!

    I probably wouldn’t have a destination wedding only because Nashville is such a special place to me – I plan on getting married here!

  86. I got married in England. My husband is English but it was still a destination wedding for his family as well – we got married in Devon, where we met. It was so lovely. I know that destination weddings can be hard, but everyone that came made it into a vacation so I think it worked!

  87. Kathryn says...

    My husband and I had a destination wedding in Maui, Hawaii. It was an intimate wedding of 15 guests including family and best friends. My family is in CA and his in Japan – so it was the perfect meeting spot. If you’re a control freak it would be hard as I planned and choose everything online with the help of a Hawaii based wedding coordinator. I was so relieved to get there and see the beach front location was more beautiful in person than in photos :)

  88. This is so beautiful! I love how the couple got married where they met…so romantic! :)

  89. My fiancé and I will be getting married next fall in Ticino, the southern-most part of Switzerland (where, coincidentally, they also speak Italian). He is Swiss, so it isn’t technically a destination wedding for half of the guests, but I’m so excited to have our closest friends and family celebrate with us! It will be small and intimate, which is exactly how I envisioned our wedding ceremony. :)

  90. ooh these photos are breathtaking! love her hair & dress & heels…

  91. Oh lovely! The dress, the shoes, the emotion. I love it.

  92. Two beautiful people! I love the dress and suit…understated, but gorgeous. And that scenery is AMAZING!

  93. I love this wedding! I had a baby’s breath bouquet too and I loved the simplicity of it!

  94. maryfe says...

    I like the intimate, casual and relaxed vibe of this wedding…. reminds me of my own wedding in Italy (Rome) 5 years ago. I wore a simple off white dress back then but this bride’s wedding dress (and shoes!!) totally rocks.

  95. I love the vintage look of her dress! So beautiful and unique. What an amazing setting! I did not have a destination wedding as my husband and I wanted our very large oversized Irish and Italian families all to be there… which would be tough since it was so close to Christmas… If everyone had been able to come it would have been a lovely idea…

  96. I dislike destination weddings because I think they are such a burden for guests–who try to grin and bear it because they are trying to make you happy!

    Honestly, the longer I go unmarried, the more I think I would just elope and then have a big party to celebrate afterwards. WAY less stress, and you can wear whatever pretty, awesome dress you want without having to worry about whether people will think it is traditional enough. I’d love to get some fabulous designer dress I could cherish–and wear again–than spend a small fortune on a wedding-specific one that essentially looks like everyone else’s.

    That said, this wedding is beautiful and if it’s what the couple wanted, it’s what the couple should get! I’ve been a bridesmaid enough times to be able to tell people “you’re going to make people mad, make people scratch their heads. you will have family furious at you for not including kids. or for including them. you will fight with your mom at some point. just remember, it’s your wedding, and if they really are your friends/really do love you, they’ll respect whatever decisions you make about it.” But I also urge people to think past the wedding DAY-. Sometimes people get so caught up in it that they seem unprepared for the morning after–and every morning after that!

  97. Gosh, I love this! This looks like it is actually about a marriage, rather than a wedding. So lovely.

  98. Stunning is absolutely right. That dress, those shoes…oh my god. Perfection. And they’re only matched by the setting! This is the first time I’ve seen these and I’m head over heels. Absolutely beautiful!

  99. Plus, Italy breaths romatism. I’ve been there as a second honey moon. Gosh, even the air is different in you lungs, smooth and soft…happiness garanteed.
    xoxo…xxox…xoxo :o)

  100. i’m so excited to see brides starting to carry a bouquet of baby’s breath – i don’t know why i haven’t seen this before but it’s really sweet and perfect!

  101. My fiance and I have just begun planning our wedding in Paris. A celebration of love and a family vacation wrapped into one wonderful week!

  102. Susan says...

    I loved this when I saw it.

    No to destination weddings, btw,unless you understand that most ppl cannot make it to your shindig. They may not be able to do it. BTW, this does not count as one: they lived in Rome for 5 years. They are Italian.

    So when some of us go to a wedding in Italy or France (for example), it is often a destination for us – but we’re visiting ppl who actually live there.

  103. The dress! The shoes! Love it all!

  104. So so beautiful. Where in Italy is this? We had a destination wedding for my east coast family and friends in Ojai, southern California. It ended up being a vacation for friends to lie by a pool and the new Yorkers couldnt get over the orchards and picking oranges from a tree on the sidewalks!

  105. Wow, no wonder her dress is so stunning…it’s a Valentino! The groom is still to be determined, but I’d definitely wear a dress like that. What a hard sell for a destination wedding!

  106. I would definitely have a destination wedding. This looks fabulous! and I wouldn’t mind doing something similar!!! All I would really care about it is my dress and good food. In order to have amazing food you’d need to have less ppl. How do you resolve that? A destination wedding lol Then only those who really love you will invest the money and time to come.

  107. Sasha, my sister and her husband had an indian wedding (his family is indian) and we all wore brightly colored saris. she wore a red and gold sari. it was so beautiful!

  108. Wow, that dress is just so so beautiful.

    I was tempted by the idea of a destination wedding but as a lot of our friends are poor actors it would have meant either putting them under unfair financial pressure or missing out on having people that were important to us there to share our day. Always love looking at photos from destination weddings though – there’s something of an old-fashioned glamour about so many of the ones that make it onto the blogs.

  109. although i’m far away from getting married, i would love to have a destination wedding or a townhall wedding with just the clostest friends and family.

  110. I’m not a fan of most wedding dresses, but this is perfection. And the shoes and hair? I SWOON.

  111. I would love to have a destination wedding. Perhaps in France or Italy. I love the bride’s dress simple and polka dots, perfect.

  112. Sasha says...

    It is so hard for me to get excited about western weddings, although I do agree that the couple looks adorable. Pictures of western weddings always look so colorless and overly serious to me! The couple are cute though.

  113. her dress really is perfect. so, so beautiful.

  114. The classic white wedding dress just keeps getting less and less exciting when I see wedding pictures like these! Those polka dots are darling!