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Have a Great Weekend.

What are you doing this weekend? My birthday is coming up soon (eeks!) so we’re having a cozy dinner at home on Saturday. I’m also getting a haircut today, and can’t wait to get my hair washed. (I always half fall asleep:) Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun posts from around the web…

A cabin in Brooklyn!

Lace earrings.

Humblebrag is the funniest thing I’ve seen in ages.

How to create a smoky eye in 2 steps.

For when you’re really, really hungry

Homemade Skor bars.

NYC door knockers.

What a cute book–and reassuring!

Jenny is revealing her DIYs for our bedroom makeover. (She’s a genius.)

Would love to try this restaurant.

Photo pillows.

How to throw yourself a pity party.

Now that’s a tattoo.

Movies in a different era.

(Photo by Sharon Montrose)

  1. Its like you read my mind! You appear to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with some pics to drive the message home a little bit, but other than that, this is great blog. A great read. I will certainly be back.

  2. LOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEE that ocean print/photo? Where did you find this!?!??!? I would LOve it if you replyed to me:)

  3. I love making my own Skor/toffee bars with the easy saltine recipe! It’s delicious and people are so surprised they’re made from Saltines!

  4. ahh, love that door knocker! brill
    hope you had a fabulous weekend
    x kat

  5. Happy birthday Joanna.
    Hope you’ll have great day

  6. I love all the links! What a fun idea for a Friday post :) I hope your weekend was wonderful!

  7. Anonymous says...

    I always look forward to the posts before you leave us for the weekend. Not because you’ll be leaving us. Just because of the list of cool things you share. :) Unfortunately my computer was broken until this afternoon so I’m JUST FINALLY getting around to checking it out! Yay.
    Because I just so happened to have also stumbled upon an eye-opener of a tattoo… I must share.

  8. Thanks for sharing this list. I have a good time going through it all. How’s your week end?

  9. Happy Birthday Joanna! What a great way to treat yourself on your birthday by getting your hair done. I can totally relate to falling asleep when the stylist is washing your hair because I’ve done it too! Have a fabulous day =)

  10. Nicole says...

    Happy Birthday Joanna!

    I was inspired by your Pinterest to start my own and then sadly realized that there is a waiting list if you’re not invited by someone else. :( I was wondering if you (or some other kind pinboard-er out there) could invite me?

  11. Have a super happy birthday! And enjoy your hair day. I love how I feel after getting my hair done. Have a great weekend! Thank you for the links:)

  12. Anonymous says...

    Meatballs at Parm sounds great!

  13. Anonymous says...

    I would rather get a head massage than a regular massage any day. Getting hair shampooed is the best! Enjoy your cosy dinner. My husband is cooking his mother’s delicious roast chicken recipe this weekend

  14. Happy almost Birthday!!! :)

  15. I always look forward to a good hair wash and head massage…my salon uses a minty shampoo that makes my scalp tingle…in a good way, of course! TMI much?

    <3 Kate

  16. When is your bday?? Mine is this coming Monday the 30th- Happy birthday fellow Aquarius!! Hope this is your best year yet!

  17. happy almost birthday joanna!
    your blog is a daily seem like a wonderful person..may good things happen to you all year round.
    i always half fall asleep when they are washing the hair before the friend laughs so much at that!

  18. Just discovered your blog! So fun!!

  19. I love the 2 step smokey eye! I might even be able to pull that one off! thanks!

  20. I keep saying I will cut my hair into a new style. But it is long and so easy to deal with on hot days and a pony tail will get you anywhere .. sigh.
    I hope there is a Before/After photo session for us to see ?
    I love the Smokey Eye tutorial :)
    I do mine that way but the brush was great, I have to get a better one than the little thing I use.
    Happy Birthday early…. which is so much better than a late Happy Birthday :)
    besitos, C

  21. I know that “Skor” bar recipe…only I use matzoh crackers instead! It’s DELICOUS.

    Cheers to a happy weekend,

  22. You need to take the plunge with the tattoo Joanna! You so clearly love them!! I have two little ones behind my ear and on my wrist, and even if I got tired of them it would never matter because they’re not often seen!

  23. Hey, I just got back from a haircut. Is it haircut day? Happy Almost Birthday. I LOVE your Friday posts!

  24. Unfortunately I will be stuck doing homework most of the weekend but I have some wine and sushi planned for tonight!!

    P.s. I just started my first blog everyone! It’s going to be about my adventures in online dating!

  25. E says...

    you should try bangs!!!

  26. Those homemade “Skor” bars! My colleague made a batch for the office as a holiday gift… they were so amazingly delicious that we couldn’t believe the recipe was so easy! Now I have to go make a batch soon…

  27. Glenda says...

    Happy “almost” Birthday! Enjoy your weekend! I’m getting my hair trimmed and colored on 2/1 Yay! Love scalp massages! and catching up with my hairdresser :)

  28. Anonymous says...

    That homemade skor bar looks amazing! As does the cabin in Brooklyn. Have a great weekend and happy birthday soon, Joanna.

  29. Happy Birthday, thanks for all the great inspiration! Enjoy your quiet evening!

  30. Have a wonderful Birthday! :)

  31. Hope you have a lovely birthday!

    A haircut sounds nice…

  32. rose says...

    oh! we’re both aquariuses then! my birthday is the 5th :). and i got my hair cut as well. totally messed it up though. oh well… it’ll grow back.

  33. Yay–photo pillow! My in-laws gave me a pillow case with my fiances photo when we were living across an ocean. I loved it:).

    Happy, happy birthday!

  34. Have a Happy Birthday!! Can’t wait to see pics of your haircut!

  35. have a great weekend!!!

  36. Love Humblebrag!!

    Happy Birthday :)

    xo Sam

  37. Parm is delicious!! I tried it last week. I went classic with the chicken parm sandwich, but I have heard that you really can’t go wrong there :)

  38. <3 that giraffe…he can come live with me…I’d find a way to make it happen.

  39. I’m getting a haircut, too! (I think–I need to confirm with the salon, because I rescheduled an earlier appointment.)

    So I’m doing that, and taking the dog to the groomer. Mr. Sandwich and I are going to pick up my watch at the repair shop and take Baguette to a playground.

    That’s all Saturday. Sunday we have no plans, but I’m sure he’ll be going on a training run for the L.A. Marathon–unless his cold gets a lot worse.

  40. Annie says...

    Loved the movies from a different era and the humblebrag was brilliant. Just imagine actually being Kanye or The world must be a disappointment.
    Enjoy the birthday.

  41. Bahahaha. The best part of humblebrag is the profile picture: The self pat on the back. Love it.

  42. My birthday is coming up soon too, and I LOVE getting haircuts :). I always love the friday post! Have a great weekend Jo!

  43. I love the giraffe photo! Just made me giggle at my desk…my fiance calls me a giraffe bc I have a long neck…I know, very flattering :) The joke has turned into him buying me everything giraffe he can find! Have a lovely weekend!

  44. So, what will you do for your birthday? Do you have any favorite traditions? Russia has an unfortunate tradition of the birthday boy/girl actually paying for everyone else to have lunch!

  45. Carlen says...

    Happy birthday! Thanks for sharing the movies in a different era link. Those were so amazing!

  46. Happy birthday, Joanna! My birthday is also on the 31st! I too am heading for a haircut this afternoon, before I leave the hubby and toddler at home tonight to do a pre-celebration with girlfriends :)

  47. Happy Birthday! My birthday is next week and I am getting a haircut this weekend! Hopefully I will be able to have something other than the mom ponytail for a bit! Have a great weekend!!

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  49. Happy Birthday! And thanks for the links! Found a new blog and pinterest to follow!

  50. My sister works at Parm! It’s delicious – you should totally go soon!

  51. Happy Birthday!!!! the best part of getting your hair cut is the massage they slip in after washing it, ahh the best!

  52. Aww..Happy almost Birthday, Joanna!! I adore getting haircuts as well:) It’s one of those things I always look forward to:) Have a wonderful weekend. xo

  53. Happy birthday!

  54. Happy birthday!!! Quiet birthdays have always been my favorite! xoxo

  55. oooh i LOVE haircut days!! :)

    p.s. who won the giveaway!? (: