My own wishlist

Even though I don’t wear much makeup, I’m a huge fan of blush. You can wake up exhausted and puffy-eyed, and if you put on a swipe of blush, you look like a fresh-faced beauty who just stepped in from the cold.

NARS Orgasm was my favorite for years (and one of the most award-winning blushes of all time), but NARS just launched a new color called G-Spot, and it looks amazing. Deeper, sexier, it apparently brings out a sultry plum color in your cheeks. Lucky Magazine calls it “wildly flattering.” Aren’t you psyched to try it? I’m secretly hoping to find it in my stocking. :)
P.S. The full Cup of Jo 2011 Gift Guide.

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  2. I’ve been using this for years and totally swear by it!

  3. What a LOVEVY PICTURE!! Who are they?

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  5. yes, mascara is such a lifesaver too, judith, i agree!

  6. that has been one of my favorite photos for a long time. i wish i knew who took it.

  7. I`ve only recently discovered how much more awake a swipe of mascara and blush can make me look. I`ve had my eye on those nars blushes for awhile…maybe an early Christmas present for myself?

  8. I lOVE cream blushes! this is a really pretty colour, i’ve tried it on in sephora! you have to check out RMS Beauty lip2cheek cream blushes. non-toxic and beautiful colours! xx

  9. I feel the same way about blush even though I hardly wear any makeup. It’s all you really need.

  10. thanks again joanna! such a thrill to be on cup of jo! :)

  11. lucky me, my cheeks are (almost always) naturally rosy red! haha :) i’m going to think of this as a good thing now, i’ve never been a huge fan of them. xo

  12. Love blush but haven’t worn it in so long. I feel inspired to pop some in my own stocking. Just wanted to say I have enjoyed your blog this australian summer morning. Very creative and inspiring!

  13. Just got this and LOVING it! It’s awesome for lips too so BONUS!:)

  14. I love my bare minerals tanner and face blush… it adds that special touch

  15. I love NARS “orgasm” blush! I also love their lip glosses. My go-to makeup thing is mascara. I can be feeling horrible, look horrible, but if I wipe on some mascara then my eyes suddenly pop and I look more human.

  16. aw, aislin, thank you, that is really sweet:)

  17. your top shelf would still be an awesome addition to this blog! :)

  18. i love blush too, but that isn’t really why i want to comment. i just think it’s funny how one little post can shine so much light onto someone’s personality. you’ve made these big, gorgeous, arm length lists for your hubby and babe and sister and mommy. and then your want list has one item.
    you’re a giver, simple as that. what a darling quality to have too!!

  19. I was introduce to NARS by an ex who somehow managed to find some extra product around the movie set he was working on (it was all new, don’t worry!)and I’ve been addicted ever since!

    I can’t wait to try g-spot, it’ll be perfect for winter.

    Don’t you love how they name their products? So sexual!

  20. I suspect the best way to drop a get-me-this-gift hint is by writing a blog post about it =P

    Reminds me of Lifehacker’s recent article on how to get people to buy things on your wish list.

  21. Anonymous says...

    This sounds amazing. I will have to try it. Can you put it on your lips as well?

  22. Beatrix says...

    I love blush too! It’s the one thing that makes me feel bright and fresh faced even when I’m exhausted. I love Nars orgasm, but lately I’ve been using a MAC blush called Fleur Power that is so bright and pretty without being overpowering. It has no sparkle in it, which I love for days that my skin isn’t looking its best. Sometimes a matte blush is more skin friendly on breakout days, it doesn’t draw attention to uneven skin texture. I even wore it on my wedding day and the photos turned out beautiful with just a bit of “pop” on the cheeks.

  23. jinny, thank you! and clementimes, haha, definitely more than this!! :)

  24. I’m a big fan of cream blush and am very tempted by this Nars stick. BUT! I recently fell in love with Josie Maran’s lip/cheek tint stick. Major bonus is all ingredients are natural and not tested on animals and come in recyclable packaging. Fewer colors to choose from, but you can’t beat eco-friendly makeup in my book.

  25. definetely gonna try this. I have one in Orgasm. I mostly love the texture of it. I wonder, how do you apply it? I use my finger tips to spread it out equally, otherwise it’s never homogeneous..

  26. NARS blush is simply the best!

  27. Danielle says...

    or try a beautiful natural & organic cream blush…rms beauty, lip2cheek in illusive. warm & plumy. love love love it!

  28. Are you telling us you only have one thing on your wishlist?? There has to be more!

  29. Love blush but can’t seem to apply it without looking like a clown (either the cream or the powder)…perhaps you could do a tutorial Joanna? Just as a side note: I love the photograph you used for this post (couple cuddling) – SO sweet!

  30. is that a creamy blush?? love. i’ve been using chanel’s “in love” for so long now. i want to try a new one!

  31. Blush is my fav. Cant live without it. I love plum hues cant wait to try this out. Let us know if its shows up under the tree.

  32. Joanna you should try one of the Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes. They’re made from natural clay and the blush stays on all day long! I’ve converted from Nars Orgasm to Tarte.

  33. alison, how about homemade brownies or cookies? everyone loves those. you could find an amazing recipe online, or you could even give them homemade cookie dough so they can bake them themselves on a day in january when they need a pick-me-up!

  34. haha, priscilla, good point:) and nomadic d, i know what you mean about looking morgue-ready, that was me this morning.

  35. I do love the NARS blushes. They put out a color for summer that I fell in love with, too, called Beverly Hills. It gives my cheeks that just-in-from-the-cold pinkish-red glow that I love at this time of year.

    I might have to add the G-Spot to my blush collection. ;)

  36. Thanks for the tip…on the plus side my 2 year old daughter hasn’t mastered the art of opening makeup in a stick yet…I’ll have to add it to my list:)

  37. Oh no! Another fabulous nars blush?! Of course I’m going to have to try it. Totally with you on blush being the most important bit of makeup, especially being a pale gal myself, it keeps me from looking morgue-ready.

  38. I love your gift lists, and have looked forward to seeing this years since last Christmas. I would love to know if you have suggestions for home made gifts that are actually nice/fun/cool ect. I have about 20 family members to give gifts to.

  39. Anonymous says...

    I experience the same thing when I use it, Aimee. I got the multiple a few years ago (mainly for blush purposes, not eyeshadow), and abandoned it for that very reason.

  40. aimee, i hear you — i don’t use it on my eyes because it feels oily there. i just put it on my cheeks and use my fingers to rub it in.

  41. Nothing happens when you click on the link for the full gift guide.

  42. I want to love the NARS multple (I have one in orgasm) but I’m just not too impressed. It makes my cheeks look like I have grease paint on and it’s hard to blend, and on my eyes it creases almost instantly. Has anyone else experienced this? I only ever hear rave reviews.

  43. I’m wearing “orgasm” right now! Nothing like a blush pick me up!

  44. YOU might look like a barefaced beauty who stepped in from the cold – I daren’t even look in the mirror, at the moment!

    I clearly need to order it!

    (Love Benefit’s Dandelion powder for this too, and the Bourjois blushers, Rose D’Or is my fave.)

  45. I had completely forgotten about the Nars blush-stick thingy. It’s brilliant. I moved onto Mac and have just bought some Laura Mercier – which I’m not really getting on with, may have to add this to the Christmas list.

  46. I have this! and also use the Nars Multiple in Maui. the creamy texture is perfect for lips and cheeks without getting the cakey, too-matte effect!

  47. haha, I figured!

  48. omg, erin, totally unintentional!!! :) so funny.

  49. Unintentional (intentional?) double entendre with the explanation of G-Spot vs Orgasm: “deeper, sexier.” Ha!
    That aside, it really is a beautiful color, and I’m sure it looks amazing on you.

  50. It sounds pretty awesome and I really want to try it now:) Muah

  51. haha, i know, jess, hoping alex will read my blog today:) the cream is awesome bc it seems to stay on longer.

  52. way to “secretly” hope ;-)

  53. Looks great, usually use a powder, but tempted to go with the cream.