Motherhood Mondays: What Are Your Favorite Baby Names?

Want to hear the top 100 baby names of 2011?


The list includes some of my favorites (Miles, Oliver, Paige, Lucy). I was also amazed by how unusual some of the names are: Brooklyn and Summer, for example. What are your favorite baby names?

Also, do you think Aiden is at the top because of this handsome fellow?

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(Top photo of Toby; list from BabyCenter)

  1. Names are so interesting to me. Why do I find some names beautiful and others repugnant? I told my mom my favorite name for a girl (Tallulah, or Lula for short) and she started laughing. Not a good sign. My husband’s favorite is Elodie, which I like too. I really like Violet, Camilla, Daisy, and Ava, but I would never choose one of the most popular ones. I like Jackson for a boy, but had no idea how popular it was; I’ve never met a Jackson before!

  2. Amy says...

    I adore baby name lists! My daughters are Avery Marie and Claire James. Their middle names are my parents’ names. Claire’s middle name was going to be feminine, but my father passed away shortly before she was born. I’ve taken to calling her Claire James instead of just Claire because it’s a nice way to remember my dad.

  3. i’ve loved reading all these comments.

    My 4yr old boy is Che (pronounced with a hard ‘ch’ and my four month old girl is Poet Winter (she was born on the full moon in mid-winter)

  4. C-A says...

    I really like Ava Elizabeth for a girl (little sad to see it’s so popular!) I also really like Lila-Rose but I think it might be too cutesy when they’re an adult?

    For boys I like Flynn or Finn.

    My name is Carol-Ann, my father wanted Carol and my mother wanted Ann, and they couldn’t decide so they gave me both! I used to hate it when I was a kid but now I’ve grown to accept it, and I think it’s more interesting than either name by itself.

  5. Vivian says...

    Well, i obviously LOVE my kids names:
    Rigby Harrison
    Miller Thomas
    Wren Charlotte Amity (Birdie) & Eloise Cleo Bellamy (Lola) (twins)

    My other favorites include Maple nn Mae and Everett nn Rhett, . At this point who knows if i’ll ever get to use them, with 4 kiddos already it might get a little too crazy!

    xo Viv

  6. I love Matilda, Elle, Scarlet and Annelies for a girl and Oliver, Wolfgang (my grandpa’s name, and Harry for a boy. Xx

  7. That photo of Toby makes me want another baby … so precious! Jane seems to be a popular name around my neck of the woods. I’m surprised it’s not on the list.

  8. It’s interesting. In Brazil (qhere I’m from and live) Sophia (or Sofia) is a popular name nowadays!!!

  9. on baby girl list, two out of three of my favs made the list. they left out my favorite, Vivian.

    two out of three baby boy made it, too. they left out my other fav, Frederick.

    and i ALWAY think of aiden from sex and the city when i hear that name, too! lol!

  10. I like my own name, Larson :D

  11. Brayden for a boy

    Lindsey for a girl

    Woho! My name (Katherine) is #98!

  12. Oh hey…Olivia is #4 on the list. Oy. Every 4-year-old in the world shares my name. It’s going to be weird when they all grow up and I’m “Grandma Olivia”. It’ll be like a grandma with the name Brittany or Ashley. Weird.

  13. I’ve noticed “Isabella” and “Jacob”… Twilight is everywhere. Too bad.
    I love Poppy, Maé and Vanille for a girl ; Stanislas, Malo and Milo for a boy…

  14. We chose Zayn for our boy (other spellings are Zain and Zane, would have preferred the latter.) I love Matilda, Iris, Gemma, & Camilla for girls (Camilla after my grandma). I LOVE ‘vintage’ names ;)

  15. Anonymous says...

    Was just scanning over my list of favorite names today!!! I like names that are original but not too ridiculous or embarressing. I have a different kind of family name and I LOVE IT!!! I’ve only found about 5 other people who have it!

    I tend to like girls names ending in e’s or y’s (Sophie, Elodie, Zooey, Aubury, Morly, Effie, Finnley) and boys names that are short (or can be shortened) and strong but still beautiful (Milo, Everett, Nunes, Nolan, Noam, Asa, Opal, Abel and Venn as a middle name).

    Joanna, Alex, and Toby also made my favorite names list :) Love the blog Joanna!!!

  16. We named our son William Andrew and our daughter Cecilia Josephine! I love both names so much, I think they are classic, traditional names – never have to worry about what is trendy or not trendy anymore :)

    Love your blog by the way!

  17. So glad you like the name Miles :) That’s my son’s name! I have another son named Max. When they were born 9 + 7 yrs ago neither of their names were even on the top 100 list. Funny how things change!
    If I had a girl I love the name Lila.

  18. Girl name #47: Alexis. It has been my favorite for years. If I were able to conceive, that’s what I would name my daughter.

  19. Our little boy was born three weeks ago and we named him Eli, which is #42. A lot of the nurses in the hospital commented it’s a name they haven’t heard much.

  20. Anonymous says...

    I love Hunter for a boy, and Margot for a girl! :)

  21. Yey!

    I’m third! Isabella. I’m surprised really, that it’d gotten so popular. I thought that it’s still pretty unsual name, well, in Poland anyway.

    My favourites are: Elisabeth and Cornell.

  22. I’m actually really sad that Aiden is #1. I have loved and wanted my sons name to be Aiden since I was in jr high… I have a very unique name and I think I might change my mind if I ever have kids… I want it to be original!

  23. My husband and I just found out we were pregnant last week and have been talking about names. We have a lot of girl names we love but no boy names =/.

    Favorite girl names: Matilda, Martina, Elliot.

  24. I’m always like 15 years ahead of the curve! I have 2 boys, many years a part, a Kyle and a Aidan (like that spelling so much better). Neither of their names were that popular when I named them! They both have had to contend with a bunch of little kids/babies with their names running around!

  25. We wanted a name that wasn’t too unusual but also wasn’t too popular. Some nominees were dropped after we visited day cares and noticed what names were on the cubbies. We were still undecided when my son was born but we had it narrowed down to 5. At the hospital I had each name written down on a index card. After holding him for a little while, we looked at him a tried out each name. There was a clear winner — Samuel (Sam).

  26. I’ve got a pretty unusual name, as do my two daughters (Nuala and Anastasia). Like others, I was surprised Milo isn’t in the top one hundred! I have a 29-yr-old brother named Milo and it seems as if everyone has or knows a toddler with the same name :)

  27. Anonymous says...

    I love Jane for a girl. I’ve always met sweet and pretty Janes.

    For a boy, my FIL’s name is Griffin (Grif), but that name seems to be gaining steam in DC. I’d like to avoid being too trendy, but when it’s a family name I feel less pressure to avoid the trends.

  28. Anonymous says...

    I do really like the name Isabelle/a, unfortunately I have about 7 friends who have infant daughters all named some variation of it, nicknamed everything from Izzie to Bella. It’ll be the Jennifer of the next generation (all those little Isabella’s will have their last initial permanently attached to their names).

  29. ha! I loved it when that actor was ‘Chris in the Morning’ on Northern Exposure, have you seen it?

  30. As a self proclaimed teenaged baby name nerd, I am so unhappy that my name made number one. I like more unusual picks, my favorite for a girl is Nell and for a boy it is Warren.

  31. I haven’t attempted to decide on names for when I have a baby someday, but the weirdest ones I’ve ever heard all came from the same family : They had two little boys named Legend and Epic. They recently had a baby girl. Her name? Icon.

    Can you believe that?!

  32. This sounds weird but I actually really like the name Constance for a girl, but it’s been vetoed by my husband. We both like Vivian (Vivi for short), and another commenter mentioned the name Blythe, which is really pretty.

  33. I/m biased of course, but I think my daughter’s name, Saskia, is most beautiful :)

  34. Anonymous says...

    ava spelled with an “a” should actually be pronounced in a way that rhymes with “abba” (ahva/ahbbah) NOT like eva with an “e” which is actually pronounced as “ay-vah”. these little Ava’s will discover this when they travel to places like Italy, Spain, etc. someday.

    it’s also interesting that the girl’s names seem to fall into about 4 categories:
    –Latin-based names (e.g. Olivia, Eva, Sofia, Gabriella, Isabella, Bella etc.)
    –fairly traditional English/very feminine names (e.g. Charlotte, Emily, Emma)
    –“new American” country style (e.g. Makayla, Mackenzie, etc.)
    –“new American” urban style (e.g. Neveah, Aaliyah, etc.

  35. Aw I just heard that my favorite girl name is #1 ( though I spell Sofia with an F). I don’t think I would want to give my child a popular name, I liked that there weren’t any kids at school with my name, but it wasn’t obscure either.

  36. I’m expecting in April! If i have a girl, she will be Amelia Grace, and a boy will be Jack Oliver :D

  37. Oh, names! My man & I are seeking to start a family soon– we’ve decided our girl will be either:

    Theodora Iris McC—(Theo)
    or Olympia Isobel McC—(Pia)
    or Ida Lorelei McC—

    For a little dude it’s:
    Thaddeus Rex McC— (Tad)
    or Augustus John McC— (Gus)

    A mix of family names (Mine– Iris & Ida, his– Tad, John & Isobel) and names of powerful historical figures we admire (Theodora, Augustus, the classical Olympia). But I also really love Isolde, Marina, Lola, & Ariadne, Leo, Nathaniel, Truman, & Henry. I’m all over the place.

  38. Hi there!
    Some lovely names in that list.
    My two girls are called Bea-Li and Noelle. (We are swedish…)
    I love the girlname, Franka, and boyname Otis.

    I just wanna thank you Joanna, for all the good New York tips in your guide. Me and my husband had the most amazing thanksgiving-weekend!! :) Even picnic in Central Park in the sun, yeahhh!!

    So a BIG THANK YOU!!!!
    We just wanna go back and stay for a couple of months, just to make sure we dont miss anything…

    There is something about New York… I love it!

    Take care!

  39. We just had baby #3 a week ago and her name is Frances…it’s not on the list…and I’m glad! I like having different names, that way there isn’t 5 kids with the same name in class. Our pick for a boy’s name isn’t there either…Lewis. Love it!

  40. I’m always so surprised to see my name near–or this year, at!–the top of the list. Growing up, I was the only Sofia out there. Me and my elementary school. I was known as Sofia from St. Sofia’s and got poked fun of! I’m so glad my parents chose something that at the time was very different.

  41. We named our babygirl Cloveleigh Mildred almost 2 years ago. My late fathers middle name (and my brothers name! my two personal heroes) is Leigh. I loved the name Clove and didn’t know a sweet soul with it, so I nabbed it while I could!
    We’ve had SO much criticism from family and strangers alike for the uniqueness of our choice. Because it’s a choice so close to my heart, the criticism can be hard to bare!
    We’re expecting a little boy in April. I’ve gone back and forth between being naturally attracted to the unusual names that I form in my nonsensical mind and thoughts of sticking to something more classic to avoid confusion/criticism.
    This post reminds me that he will be MY baby, with a huge heart and moral compass made of gold…I know that his name will only make him more wonderful.
    Back to the drawing board and going with my gut…again! I love everyone’s honesty about their unique name choices and can’t wait to create my own beautiful second name! Thank you everyone for sharing!

  42. Great names! Our son, born last year, is name Simon. Had we a girl, she would have been Scarlett. But now I think I love Penelope!

  43. Anonymous says...

    BROOKS, BROOKS, BROOKS! (for our son, of course!). I treasure, adore and absolutely fall more in love with his name every time I speak it!

  44. My daughter’s name is Magnolia (we call her Maggie)…. i wanted to name her Pearl but my husband was not all for it and it really did not work with our last name, so i started going through the baby name book and i really liked Maggie and when i read that it meant “a pearl” in Scottish i was sold….

  45. ahhh, bummer! my lil guy born in september is Jack, and I see it’s #2 (Jackson) and #13. I’ve loved that name forever and I swear it didn’t used to be so popular!! Guess he’ll be Jack R. in class someday!

  46. My boy’s name is Harry. He was named after his father’s beloved guitar mentor. I love it. I had an elderly woman say that was her late husband’s name when she heard me calling after him. She touched his little cheek. Sweet moment.

  47. Eden says...

    Our 4-month old twin boys are called Milo and Asher. Milo seems quite popular at the moment so I’m surprised it’s not in the top 100.

    Btw, is a great site for name-hunting!

  48. Working un a pediatric office, I cone across some awful names, sometimes with even worse spellings! My favorite examples are easton west, Charlie brown, rayjin waters, colby jack, and princess. These poor children! On the other hand, I love Stella, piper, and scout for girls, and brigham, jack, Oliver, and Ezra for boys. Great post Joanna!

  49. Nora N says...

    We’re having a boy in about 10 wks, so we’ve decided on Oliver. we had originally thought about Marcus Oliver, but now my hubs is having second thoughts about that, so for now just Oliver =)

  50. Jackie says...

    I met the sweetest little girl named Kinsey and now love that name. Gideon is my favorite boy name.

  51. MJ says...

    There are some great names in that list – all of us breeders must think so since that’s what we’re naming our kids!

    My son is Yannick – Yann for short. Our short list also had Roan and Rowan. But I always loved the name Julian (on the list). If we’d had a girl she would have been Camille (popular in France). I also really like Stella and Mariella.

    I was going to be named Ethan – I should tell my mom she was 30 years ahead of her time!

  52. I would rather my baby name choices not be on the top 100. We love the name Eleanor and we would probably use the nickname Ella a lot and I was a little disappointed to find that Ella was in the top 20. My boy name, James, has been really popular in the past but I did not find it on the list (maybe I missed it)

  53. Unless we get sick of them before we actually have kids, I’ll have a Raymond and/or an Elliot one day. Elliot being used for a girl’s name.(another commenter liked this as well). Other contenders include Leona – a family name or Georgia – because we love the idea of a little girl nick-named Georgie!

  54. Usually Autumn is more popular than Summer! It does amuse me to know that there will be a new crop of them and I’ll be the Old Summer. :P hahaha But I like that my name was inspired by my parents being rebels, not by The OC. :)

    Aiden’s been #1 foooooreeeever, so I’m sure it’s SATC. I’m personally not a fan, and I completely understand the previous comment about not sharing until you have a kid. That being said, I’d never frown upon anyone’s name choice – it’s their kid, not mine!

    I also think it’s funny that I like unusual girl names, but traditional boy names. Like, I wouldn’t want my “girl name” to be in the top 100, but I don’t think I’d care about the “boy name” being on there.

  55. totally agree with the Aiden popularity! meow, lol

    Our friend’s had a boy last fall (10 days before our daughter was born) and they named him Mason. (I think because they like the musician Mason Jennings) I knew it was popular but had no idea it was #3!!!


    aka tiptoethrough.blogspot

  56. For a girl I love the name Addie and for a boy I like Schaffer.

    My cousin’s name is Karmady which I always thought was awesome growing up :)

  57. Haha, I just got really weirded out and irate that people name their kids Glanna (#68) before realizing it says Gianna.

    My mom gets mad because 22 years ago there were no Emmas and now there’s tons of little girls running around with my name. I don’t mind too much though!

  58. Evita is my favorite ^_^!

  59. When my husband and I found out we were expecting a baby earlier this year we had a girl name right away (not on this list and I’m saving it for later!) but of course we found out we were having a boy! We both decided to mull it over for a few days and came back with the same first name. :)

    Miles Henry (Milo for short) is due any day now!

  60. My son’s name is number 32, Gavin! I really like Sophia, as well as Arabella for girls. And I love Oliver and Max for boys.

  61. Laura says...

    I have a variety of baby names I love, mostly, if not all, boy names! And as I was reading the listen I wonder how many of the names are because of pop culture? Like Aiden from SATC. Just looking through the list there are names that have been on tv, or in movies.

    And for all the girls’ names I think it is nice that a lot of them are “older” names, like naming your daughter after your grandmother or something.

    My favorite for a girl: Charity. Boy: Preston Marcus, Finnian, and Maximus. To only name a few!!

  62. I keep my #1 favorite girl and boy names close to the vest … just glad to see they aren’t on here! I tend to favor names that aren’t too quirky, but aren’t too common either – generally “old fashioned” names. It helps that we can turn to our own family trees for names that not only fit the criteria but have some special significance. It always hurts a little to see some of my favorites make this list, but thankfully my FAVORITE favorites haven’t made it on there yet. :)

  63. I love the name Nora. It is so simple & there is something classic yet fun about it. Other top favorites would be Lily, Eva & Grace! The boys are easier for me. I must admit I’m a steadfast fan of traditional names. Alexander, Nicholas, Oliver, Elijah. Great post!

  64. I love the name Gemma for a girl, and Jude for a boy. The hubs and I decided (when we were still dating!) that those would be the names we choose for our first borns of each gender, should we be blessed. Glad to see they’re not on the list!
    Other names I love : Jackson, Griffin, Ruby.
    I want our kids to have distinct names, but not crazy ones.

  65. Anonymous says...

    I love the, very Dutch, and old fashioned, Catootje, which comes from Catharina (Catherine) and is a family name. But I think it’s becoming more popular. And I wouldn’t want my hypothetical future kid to have a popular name. I also love Vita (life!). But it’s a friend’s name and it makes me think of her, so I’d only use it as a middle name.

  66. My favourites for girls: Sarolt, Stefánia, Boglárka.
    And for boys: Benedek, Sebestyén.
    There are hungarian names:).

  67. I love the names Isabella and Emmaline for a girl and Tristan and Aidan for a boy. I’m not planning on having kids for about 3 more years, so hopefully Isabella and Aidan wont be so popular. =)

    I by the way love my name, Tanya Jemel and my sister is Alyssa Janine. Back in the 80’s those were pretty unusual names I just didn’t like not being able to find personalized things when I was younger. My younger brothers have more traditional names, Paul Nicholas and John Alexander.

  68. The musician in me LOVES the name “Aria” for a girl…I’ve kept that name hidden from friends in fear of them nabbing it! My baby niece is named “Shiloh”…soo pretty.

  69. My name is Summer & I love having it because growing up it was so unusual to meet another Summer, but now it seems to be trending! Glad my parents were 30 years ahead of the trend!

  70. blu says...

    my fav names: Sophia, Selah, Ranon, and Judah :) Sophia makes the list, the rest are far from it! love good strong meaning in a name! love, love, love your blog :)

  71. JACK! My little 3 month old is named Jack and I absolutely love his name. The other two names on my wish list for future children are Caroline and Henry. I have loved all three of these names FOREVER!

  72. My daughter’s name, which I don’t share online much, is of course my favorite — but we also considered Maren, Blythe, and Greer for girls and Reuben, Avi, and Elliott for boys. :)

  73. I love Irish boy names Patrick, Liam, Connor. We plan to name a future daughter Kathrine Elizabeth-Anne after our mothers, but other than that, there are no girl names that stand out for me.

    PS- Do you plan to post gift guides this year? I look forward to them.

  74. Anonymous says...

    You know, if the name is on the Top 100 list, it’s, by definition, not unusual :)

    You should all read the Baby Name Voyager, which is an amazing resource for baby name aficionados. So many of the names I thought were sweet and old-fashioned and unusual — like Lucy and Emily and Sophie — are actually the “Jennifer” and “Jessica” of the 00s!

  75. Toby is the handsomest man pictured in this post!

    My favorite names were ridiculously alliterative with our last name (not really Sandwich, BTW), so at my recommendation we took them off our list. I love Baguette’s real name, but one of my favorite names is Natalie, which I recommended to a friend when she and her husband were having trouble coming up with names for their first baby–and now that’s their daughter’s name!

  76. Anonymous says...

    We’re having a baby boy in a few weeks and Wyatt, Jack, and Max are at the top of the list–it’s so much responsibility, naming a little man!

  77. Nico is my favorite. My husband and I aren’t ready for kids yet, but we always joke that we need to get on it before someone snags that awesome name!
    The name list is great! So funny how people follow trends

  78. April S. says...

    My all-time favorites are Evelyn and Nathan. Without sounding conceited, I also really like my own name, April, its easy to spell and not too common.

  79. Did you notice that there’s so much judgement when it comes to names we choose for our children? Because of this, the hubby and I have decided not to tell anyone our child’s names until they are born.

  80. Anonymous says...

    LOVE THIS TOPIC! I’m due in July (just found out!) and my husband and I love Penny for a girl and Kaleb for a boy. :) That is just the sweetest picture of Toby.

  81. Paige made the Top 100? That’s pretty amazing! My entire childhood, I felt like I had kind of a weird name, even though I liked it. I was never able to find key chains, those little blue license plates for your bicycle, pencils, etc with my name on it. I guess my mom was just ahead of her time. :)

  82. My names for one day are Riley for girl and Carter for boy…love them! And using Chase in there somewhere…Check out my easy recipe for homemade peppermint bark…3 ingredients, 3 steps!!! :)

  83. Is it totally egocentric to list the names I used for my own children? Will and Tessa are my faves, though Kate was a close second after Tessa.

  84. I really like Kennedy, but it has been creeping up this list in recent years and we prefer to use a more uncommon name.

  85. We named my daughter Adrianna Junet but we call her AJ. I love it. AJ is pretty unusual to hear for a girl.

  86. I love the name Ruby, and was so happy to discover I was having a girl so I could name her that.

  87. I love the name Eleanor Elisabeth with Ella as a nickname.

  88. Wendy-Frances says...

    Ha! Neither Rowan or Lola made the list. In their school they don’t have to put their last names on anything they are the only ones in the whole entire school!

  89. Angie says...

    My daughters name is Juliette Arabella.My Grandfathers name was Julius that is where we got Juliette from.I’m really surprised Juliette isn’t on the list. It seemed after she born in July that we started hearing a lot more people say they had a Juliet in their family.

  90. we just had a little trevor on nov 10, 2011

    trevor didnt make the top 100? unless i am blind!

  91. it’s weird how we were thinking of a lot of those names because we THOUGHT they were unique.. hahaha

  92. Everytime I see one of these, I calculate how likely it is that someone I know will use my favorites before I get a chance too… Ahhh!

  93. P.S. My favorite name of all time is Iris. Sadly, it doesn’t go well with our last name (Rossi)…too many “ris” sounds to it. But I am determined to use it for something someday.

  94. I don’t like the sound of a lot of the names that have been popular lately– names like Sophia and Peyton and Isabella strike me as names for puppies, not little people. I do like the names Charlotte and Penelope… but I like names with a more classic sound.

  95. I hate to admit, as much as I love the name Olivia/Olive and Sophie, whenever I hear couples considering those names part of me wants to say,”you do realize that there are going to be 8 Olivias in her kindergarten class, right?” Is it horrible of me to think that? Of course I would never say that to anyone (especially a pregnant lady) but I admit I think it.

    I heard on NPR a while back that people tend to avoid names from their generation and one generation back (meaning, not a lot of moms use their mother’s or aunt’s names) but names removed by 2 generations (our grandparent’s names) or beyond become popular because we’re not as familiar with them. Ergo, the names on my grandmother’s nursing home walls (Opal, Imogene, Harriette, Gertie) are making a resurgence. I’m so glad for that! I’m curious when/if 1950’s names will come back, however, e.g. Sharon, Pamela, Gayle, Eileen, Mary Ann…

  96. YES! I was totally thinking of Sex and the City’s Aiden when I saw it at the top of the list. Kids are totally being brought into the world by a generation of mommies who LOVED that Aiden. :) :)

    My baby girl, Emma, has one of the most common names according to this list, yet what’s funny is we don’t know any other Emma’s. I almost wonder if parents see these lists and think “oh, no, I won’t give my kid a common name because then there will be ten other kids with the same name in his/her classes someday” and then people actually STOP using that name, and it becomes kind of unique again. The thought that this might be the case actually gave me more reason to give her this name.

  97. Danielle says...

    My favorite names are Gray for a boy and Wren for a girl (with the nickname Birdie!).

  98. my son is ethan. when he was born i didn’t hear the name often, now that he is 18 i’m hearing the name a little more. but still love it and he is very much an ethan. it suits him!

  99. Christine says...

    I love that some of the more old fashioned names (Oliver, Sophia, Emma, Lucy) made the list! I also think it’s funny that instead of some of the more old fashioned names, just their nicknames (Ellie for Eleanor, Charlie for Charles) made the list.

  100. Anonymous says...

    I have a Frank and a Mercedes. If I had had more children, I quite fancied Titus John, Ithaca Rose or Essa (this is Ancient British and means water or river). Could do for a boy or a girl. Also love Asa. So easy to spell…

  101. P.S. Love that pic of Toby! So cute!

  102. i’ve always loved the name Hannah for a girl, and Caleb or Jacob for a boy.

    Cadence has been added to the list this year.

  103. Baby names are so fun! Having grown up with such a incredibly common name, I’m excited by the unusual names that have become more mainstream and by the resurgence of names that were popular quite a few generations back. I especially like “old-fashioned” girl names like Olivia and Ava.

    Our son is named Bixby, but I don’t think it will be seen as too weird when he already has daycare-mates with names like Benson and Gavin.

  104. Anonymous says...

    Aren’t Summer and Brooklyn demonstrably *not* unusual names anymore (just as any name on these lists)?

  105. My favorite is Adelaide for a girl and North for a boy. Not very traditional but so solid and cool. :)

  106. so pumped not to see my little guy on that list! haha. and to know that none of my future contenders are on there either. emily, however, will forever make the top ten, which is fine. i’ve come to live with it.

  107. I have 3 boys… Gage, Davis and Truman all of which are family names. I never think I will see Truman on this! haha

  108. My husband is Wyatt (the only one I had ever known), and it’s so fun to hear of new little babies with the same cool name. We, for some reason, ended up with all one syllable names- Tate (our daughter), and Finn & Tuck (our twin boys). If I had another girl we’d name her Liv. How can we break the syllable trend now?!

  109. I wonder how this list fares against the SSA list that will come out early next year.

    I love the names Sofie, Olivia/Olive, Ruby, Iris, Mirabel, Asha, Harriet, Willa.
    Levi, Fenn, Luca, Roman, Elliot…

    But its so much harder naming your own child!

    I am done having babies so no more naming for me. I have a little Lucy Olive & a lovely Chaz (Charles Robertson).

    (Wow I am surprised to see Ryder #98 – that must be celebrity enhanced.

  110. haha… I immediately thought Sex & the City when I saw Aiden in number 1. I definitely think it’s because of that. We (women in their late 20s – 30s) are the SATC generation :)

  111. haha… I immediately thought Sex & the City when I saw Aiden in number 1. I definitely think it’s because of that. We (women in their late 20s – 30s) are the SATC generation :)

  112. My fiance and I sometimes think about baby names. He seems to only like French names (Claudine, Sabine) and he jokes that I only like ‘old lady’ names (Matilda, Ada)!

  113. Dons’t know why my parents fell in love with the name winnie. It’s not easy to be Winnie in Brazil.

  114. We won’t be having kids for a few more years, but I’m pleased that my favorites are not on this list. As a Jennifer married to a Jon, we want our kids to have more unique names than our parents gave us! :)

  115. My daughter is 7 and her name is ‘Havana Winter’.
    My mother is from Havana, Cuba and she was born on Dec 21st, the Winter Solstice. I love her name. I think personal names with deep meaning are the best. Having said that….I was going to name her ‘Ella Rose’.
    All beautiful names. Can’t wait to have another baby! xo

  116. Well, I have a little baby girl due in March… who I will be naming Olivia! :)

    I didn’t realize it was that popular of a name… I was way ahead of the curve 10 years ago when I fell in love with the name.

    There was a sweet little girl named Olivia I babysat while I was in college… knew right then and there that when/if I had a little girl of my own she’d have that name.

    Can’t wait to meet my Olivia! :)

    Thanks so much, love the motherhood posts!


  117. I usually love names of Gaelic origins, so glad to see Aidan on there. :D

    Glad to see Jack on the list . . . that’s my dad’s name, and it always exasperates him when people think it’s short for John (which is all the more confusing because John is my brother’s name, so mail occasionally gets mixed up between addresses.)

  118. I was apparently ahead of the curve! I have a 12 yo Nathan and a 10 yo Isabel. My third isn’t on the list – Marisol. Maybe her time hasn’t come yet! Her middle name is Amelia though, so that’s there.

  119. “Kylie” made it on there which is close enough. My favorite name for a boy is Archer and for a girl is Rowan so neither of them made it up there which I like because I enjoyed being the only Kiley in my class growing up.

  120. All beautiful names, especially “Emma.” but our daughter’s name is definitely the best, at least to us. It didn’t make the list but that’s ok :0)

  121. Miles is my favorite!

    I found almost all of the names that I’m in love with on this list– I’m a little disappointed, honestly. I know it’ll be several years before I have children, but I hope to give them names that aren’t “super” popular so they won’t have tons of friends with the same names. Maybe it’s back to the drawing board on some of them… Good thing I’ve got lots of time! :)

    I think names are absolutely fascinating! Thanks for this post, Joanna! Love it.

  122. I love Elliot, too- but for a girl (; maybe spelled Elliotte..?? Charlie is also on top of my list, again for a girl (: For boys, I like Jasper, Reed, and Rockford… (in my husband family, the boys have initials JRG so.. we are limited to boys names!)

  123. ooooh, lucy is becoming one of my favorites!! I love looking at baby-name lists!

  124. I love lists like this – they’re great for naming characters in my books.

  125. I thought the exact same thing about Aiden, at least they didn’t go for Burger! x

  126. my little one is Julian (born in June). glad to see it on the list but not near the top. if he’d been a girl, he would have been Imogen. seems to me like the top 20-30 boy names are nearly always the same ones just in a different order each year. very interesting!

  127. The Social Security Administration won’t have 2011 available until sometime in 2012, but their list is from birth certificates, not just parents from one site.

    So if you want a more accurate look at baby name trends the SSA is the place to check out:

  128. Good list, if I’d had 3 baby girls this year they would have been named Amelia, Ariana and Lily, all of which are on here! xx

  129. Lucy is my favorite, too!

  130. Clare says...

    We’re expecting a baby in April, so baby names are a big topic in our house.

    Top favorites for boy: Ronan, Seamus, Milo, Silas and Otis

    Top favorites for girl: Ophelia, Fiona, Zola and Zadie

  131. I feel as if I’m so jaded of children’s names by being a teacher. Some kids names remind me of certain years that I would like to forget ;) and it would be difficult to name my child that for that very reason!

  132. There are some unusual ones, you’re right.

    Didn’t spot my name there.

    I wonder if Isabella being on the list may have something to do with The Twilight Saga? I think so.

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING x

  133. Barchbo says...

    My favorite names are ones that do not appear on this list! I favor unusual. Maybe this is because I have 11 Jennifers, 4 Amys, 5 Ashleys, and 3 Laurens in my phone book. :)

  134. Lauren seems to make the list every year! There are so many of us. I really love the name Lucy, too.

  135. Yay, Aidan! I love him. And that picture of Toby is so cute, what a little peanut!

  136. Ohh that photo of Toby is so sweet! One of my favourite names is Sofia for a girl and Leo for a boy:)Happy Monday. xo

  137. I’m glad Paige made it on this list! Love this name for a future baby girl. :)