Gift Guide Part #6: The Chubby Toddler Who Laughs at All Your Jokes (Even the Dumb Ones) And Never Refuses a Cheerio.

Finger puppets that you’ll enjoy playing with, too. $16 each.

A rainbow machine for their bedroom! $20.

Hand-painted dog bike bell, $24.

Japanese egg molds to liven up breakfast, $3.89 for set of two.

A dedicated sound machine with wooshes, splats, bangs and honks to blow his baby mind, $18. (We already ordered this:)

Don’t Break the Ice, $14.16. I loved this game when I was little, didn’t you?

Mabo elf knot hat, $20, Toby’s favorite hat of all time.

Ninja cookie cutters, $20.

The rollicking Loud Book to make them laugh…

…and The Quiet Book to slow things down before bedtime, $10 each.

A good old-fashioned Whoopee cushion, $2.49.

Anything Elmo-related, for obvious reasons.

P.S. More gift ideas for babies and kids, and the rest of my 2011 gift guide

(Rainbow maker via Abbey; sound machine via Momfilter)

  1. Beach cruiser prices have escalated to an outrageous price these last few years and together the founders realized there had to be a way to make things more affordable.
    bike bell

  2. i love that baby lamb and those japanese egg molds are too cute!
    xx ~ k

  3. When I was a little kid my aunt bought me a jar full of plastic cookie cutters. I think they were for all the holidays during the year. I used to love them! But my parents had never baked a single thing in their lives so the cookie cuters weren’t used for their original function. They were my playing dolls :)

    Hope Toby gets cookies out of them too!

  4. KJ says...

    This is *amazing* for anyone who doesn’t have kids and is looking for gifts for friends children, nieces, and nephews! So unique and fun. THANK YOU!!

  5. love the gift ideas. my only warning would be of the “dont crack the ice game”. I did love that game so got i for my kids (4, 3, 1) and it became my worst nightmare. I was constantly setting up the ice (over and over and over) i wanted to chuck it out the window ( I didnt eventually sneak it in the trash after many of the ice cubes were lost anyway. oh well maybe when they’re older.

  6. The ninja cookie cutters are a MUST HAVE! The whoopee cushion has been my go-to stocking stuffer for years. Farts will always be funny. Even on Christmas. :)

  7. the second i saw the larry david finger puppet i clicked over to etsy and bought it for my boyfriend. thanks for sharing! i love your gift guides!

  8. Hi, your gift guides are absolutely amazing. I found myself bookmarking so many items. Best gift ideas listing, love it! :)

  9. so many great idea. adding that rainbow machine to my list of must haves for the nursery. The ninja cookie cutters – hilarious.

    mikie and kristen

  10. Anonymous says...

    I love this web page! Is there a place that sells these gifts?

  11. Rainbow machine is such a sweet idea <3

  12. I loved Don’t Break the Ice when I was a kid! I forget the name of the other “ice” game, but there was one where you’d put wet paper towel in and stack marbles until it broke. Also fun!

  13. H says...

    No way! The woman I babysit for bought that same exact Discovery Kids play castle for her kids for Christmas. (I helped her wrap the presents :) Her kids have been using old boxes from Costco..I guess she finally got the hint.

  14. Audrey LOVES LOVES LOVES the sound machine! It will not disappoint. She loves acting out the sounds with her cousins (10 & 12).

  15. great list! my daughter has a whoopee cushion – fake farts always get a laugh!! i gave her a ‘snake in a can’, too – $5 well spent!!

  16. Elizabeth says...

    hands down the BEST gift guide I’ve seen this year. Thanks Joanna!

  17. ha, like Jenny (your first comment) said, this is my FAVORITE yet! I alternately crooned “cuuuute” and laughed aloud and coveted (those egg molds are awesome! yet another reason why my life is sad because I am allergic to eggs) the entire thing. way to go, Jo!

  18. This is such an adorable gift guide!! I wish I knew an adorable child to buy one of these gifts for.

    I need some advice though, and since you make such awesome gift guides I figured that you would be the one to go to. I just started dating this guy about a month ago, but have known and been friends (not great friends, but in the same group) with him for a few years, and I have NO idea what to get him for Christmas. Or even if I should get him anything at all. Do you have any suggestions?

  19. don’t break the ice is such a classic game, I used to play it ALL the time! I’m glad to know they still make classic board games like this, unlike trying to modernize everything *cough* credit card monopoly *cough*

  20. Aw, I had a rainbow machine growing up. It had a music box attached that sang “somewhere over the rainbow” too!

  21. i loved don’t break the ice, too! this is such a cute little list :) it’s adorable how in love you two are with him.

  22. Those egg molds are hilarious! I want them for myself! I would really like to have that fish in my salad.

  23. so sweet! i love all your picks this year xoxoxo

  24. I love that rainbow toy!!! Great guide! xoxo

  25. I just bought the rainbow machine for my cousin (who is about 23 years older than a toddler)! I’m so excited to give it to her!

  26. what an adorable list! the dog bike bell, those egg molds, that bear print…all too cute for words!

  27. The egg molds get my vote. They sure would brighten up any boring old breakfast.

  28. oh so cute! I love the egg molds and the loud&quiet books, adorable.

  29. I love the gavity defying hot wheels, I have never seen that before and its so cool!

  30. Emilie says...

    Oh my goodness I want that rainbow gadget for myself! Happy holidays to you and your family. Really enjoy your blog! :-)

  31. Anonymous says...

    The doggy bike bell and elmo pajamas are too cute.

  32. Anonymous says...

    I love this guide! That race track is amazing!

  33. This is such a sweet gift guide. Definitely going to add some of these for the cute and chubby toddlers in my life.

  34. i love that toby laughs at your jokes!

  35. rainbow make and sound machine? how do you find these things?!

  36. I would have died for that color your own princess castle when I was a wee one. Great ideas!

  37. Those cookie cutters are awesome!

    And I’m gonna buy the rainbow light for my own room!

    How do you find such great stuff?

  38. Awww! I can’t wait till I have a chubby toddler. I love the finger puppets and the ninja cookie cutters. The hard boiled egg mold freaked me out a little though. I guess I just haven’t grown tired of looking at my normal, perfectly oval shaped eggs yet. :)

  39. love this gift guide :) My little guy is only 13 months, so some of these will be great for this next year. And I totally LOVED Don’t Break the Ice as a kid! Thanks for such great gift ideas for the little guys!

  40. The finger puppets are fun. And that “Don’t Break the Ice” looks like a great way to keep the todds occupied.

    Thanks for the wonderful suggestions. Our toddler love Elmo too.

  41. My favourite gift guide of this season! The ninja cookie cutters are so cool!

  42. Break the ice! Brilliant. I used to love that game; and you never can go wrong with ninja cookies — it’s a kick…in the mouth (I hope 1999 Sprees execs don’t see this and sue me).

  43. Don’t Break the Ice was my favorite game as a kid, too! Along with Cootie Catcher, which might have too many small parts for the Tobster at this age, but maybe when he gets older!

  44. Fabulous guide! And I’ll second the whoopie cushion idea. My cousin’s daughter got one last christmas and it was the highlight of the night! We also bought my son one from the dollar store during the summer… talk about hours of laughs. Kids never tire of fart humour.

  45. The egg molds are perfect gifts for this 25 year-old geek ;)

  46. Those egg molds are nifty! And hooray for elmo. When I was born and became obsessed with Elmo shortly after, my mother called corporate to ask about products with Elmo on them. Their answer? “We have no plans to market elmo now or in the future.”


  47. aw, jenni, you are the sweetest. :) and briana, we are so obsessed with Mabo. her stuff is the only thing we really splurge on (not that it’s expensive) because it’s all so simple, adorable, well made and sturdy. xoxoxo

  48. Love the finger puppets.

    And YAY for Mabo. My friend started that company and they make the CUTEST baby stuff (I just ordered a bunch for my little one).

  49. not sure what exactly this says about me but this is officially my favorite gift guide you’ve ever done.