Gift Guide Part #5: Your Best Friend Who Looks Beautiful Even in a Hoodie Sweatshirt and Knows a Weird Amount of Sound-of-Music Trivia.

Two tickets to the new Marilyn Monroe movie (to which you sneak in mini bottles of Champagne with straws, since that’s what Marilyn would do).

MoroccanOil Treatment to keep her hair smooth and silky all winter. (I swear by this; it’s magic.) $15.49.

An art print that’s funny ’cause it’s true. $17/small to $47/large, by Gemma Correll.

Adorable sparkly flats, which would look cute with everything, $118.

Mistletoe for her house. $3.49 plain, $10 with a hanging kit and breath mints!

Cheeky umbrella, 45 Canadian dollars.

2012 subscription to Martha Stewart Living. The new editor-in-chief Pilar Guzman (formerly of Cookie Magazine) has amaaaazing ideas. Excited to see what’s in store. $24.

Marble balloons, 8 for 1.99 British pounds (or 100 for 10.60 British pounds, if you want to go nuts).

Bensimon sneakers to wear all year (and delight her inner French girl). $57.

Fortune-Telling Book of Names, so she can look up herself, her friends, her future children…and every guy she’s ever dated (obviously). $9.95.

Magic 8 Ball Pen, $7.

A candle inspired by Jane Austen, $22.

Wooden animal boxes, $49 each.

A tiny Rosemary or Lemon Cypress tree for her house (and they smell so good), $58.

A personalized coffeetable book about her beloved pup. $44.

Striped ski hat, $85.

P.S. More gifts for best friends, and a funny article about ladies

(Balloons via Abbey and Jordan)

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  2. Bensimon sneakers are very attractive esepcially the red one. Magic 8 Ball pen is very beautiful. I like to buy it

  3. For fashionable friends, a pair of hoop earrings could also be nice. Opting for 14k white gold, saved a little bit when I was picking gout a pair for my lovely lady pal.

  4. Love. All of them. :)

  5. ……Are we friends and I didn’t know? Because you just virtual-shopped for me. Want it all! (especially that cartoon print….)

  6. Kelly R says...

    Such a great list – I’m totally going to use some of these! Thank you!

  7. Can I just buy all these things for myself? I LOVE that umbrella and the print. Definitely true for me. Seems a little less pathetic when it’s illustrated though.

  8. I’m definitely giving that mistletoe kit if I ever can get my hands on it!

    I’m loving all the gift guides, so inspiring!

  9. i love your list, i’m just putting mine up :)
    i think i need that print, it’s SO me aha

  10. That print about making friends with animals had me nearly crying with laughter . . . because that’s me.

  11. If my best friend were to give me marble balloons, I would flip. And then probably feel horrible about the gift I got her.. you can’t really get any better than marble balloons. I mean, think about it.

  12. I adore your gift guides! You’re awesome!

  13. nice choices. the misteltoe kit is a funny idea

  14. Anonymous says...

    In NY you can get Moroccan oil treatment at Ricky’s. It’s great!

  15. This is such a helpful list! I was actually eyeing some of the items on it:) Thanks!

  16. Marvelous! It doesn’t get better than champagne in a Maralyn movie ;)

  17. That picture of Marilyn makes me so sad. When she died my mom was only 10, and she told me that even at 10 she believed that if she could have just been friends with Marilyn, she wouldn’t have let her die because she wouldn’t have had to be alone.

    But beautiful gift posts :)

  18. Beautiful image of Marilyn…I love the cat cartoon!

  19. This is my favorite on yet this year-and I just went through all the previous years, too. Love them all! Thank you, Joanna!

  20. This guide is fabulous and I have to say, I bought some bensimon sneakers for myself a while ago thanks to a previous post of yours, and at a party a group of French girls told me they thought I was French cuz no one else wears those sneakers! Made my day! :)

  21. I love your gift ideas, and this one in particular made me giggle.

  22. Omg. This is the best gift guide i have ever ever ever seen! I’ve just bookmarked everyone of this items! Genious!!!
    Where do you get so many awsome ideas? I always have trouble finding gifts!

  23. Emma says...

    Love it! I’m wearing my bensimons right now! I think I’ll have to make that umbrella. :)

  24. This is lovely! I’m especially partial to the umbrella…

  25. a. love these ideas.

    b. you’ve showed me where to buy moroccan oil for $14 and I will forever be in your debt.

    – caitlin @

  26. Oh my gosh this is my favorite of this year’s gift lists! So cute. Sadly, I can relate to the animal-befriender print….

  27. Love the list! Scarves have been my go-to gift for the last few years and I need a change (as does my family!) Also rosemary might be my favorite scent…ever.

  28. What a great list.

  29. Love the idea about the champagne and I use Moroccan oil and love it! Thanks again! Have a great weekend!

  30. LOVE all of these ideas!

  31. I love those balloons…makes me want to have a party just so i can have an excuse to use them!

  32. loooove the first photo of Marilyn Monroe.

  33. The umbrella is so cheeky, cute and a total necessity in London!

  34. Anonymous says...

    Loved all of your gift guides this week!!! So much fun to read through.

  35. I love this gift guide! Thanks Joanna!

  36. Anonymous says...

    That is the sweetest picture of Marilyn Monroe!

  37. These lists are wonderful (as are you!). Thanks for always keeping us in the loop.

  38. i have always wanted to try Moroccan oil…maybe I’ll send this to my best friend? ;)

  39. Anonymous says...

    I love that the mistletoe comes with breath mints. Great present.

  40. Love everythin about this post. first of all I am that girl at the party, want to make a book about my dog, love those cyprus trees, want those sneakers, and mini champagne? yes please. so good!

  41. I am FLIPPING OUT over the Jane Austen candle! I love that there is a whole library collection!

  42. i’m dying to see the new marilyn movie. i love the picture you chose, it really shows an innocence of marilyn that so rarely is captured.

  43. ok, i’ll be trying the hair product. i was just at the store searching for alberto V05 hot oil treatment… remember?…am i dating myself?

  44. I so agree with Shelby.
    I would love to give and/or receive any of the gifts on your lists. It makes me excited and inspired to give, instead of stressed. Thank you Joanna!

  45. Oh my gosh! Joanna, I want to buy one of everything on your gift guides and give them to everyone I know. What inspired ideas! You’re awesome.

  46. All excellent recs…I wanted to say yes yes yes to Moroccan Oil Treatment. I’ve used for a few years & everyone asks me: how do you have that much hair & it always looks good. That’s the answer. Plus staying loyal to a stylist for more years than I care to say;)


  47. Wow, Marilyn looks amazing in that pic! xxx

  48. Goodness, gift giving is an art; and you, my friend, have nailed it.

  49. best list ever!

  50. I love MoroccanOil Hair treatment.

    And, I swear… I just put on that exact lip balm (but in plum) 2 seconds ago. Love it.

  51. that print describes me PERFECTLY.

  52. Love this list, I would like one of everything on it too!

  53. Haha! What a great list, Joanna! The Merde umbrella is my favorite, I might have to buy one for myself!