Gift Guide Part #4: Your Adventurous Younger Brother Who Planted Flowers on His Fire Escape and Taught Your Toddler How to Wink.

Rad cycling print, $20. (More sports here.)

Stuffed hamburger press, because it’s slightly awesomer than it is gross. $14.95.

A soap dish to inspire him every morning, $20.

High Falls class! No joke, this NYC class “preps students for the biggest adrenaline rush of their lives.” After practicing on trampolines, students climb up a ladder to a platform and jump into an airbag below. Yikes!!! $75. (P.S. Course Horse is a rad website of NYC classes, including Microexpressions, Dancing and Sausages.)

Glow-in-the-dark frisbee, bocce ball, cornhole, etc. $9.40 to $75.

Laguiole pocket knife from France, $49.

Balloon animals kit, because he’s an uncle now. $16.

And, always and forever, the Icelandic beard cap, $104.

P.S. More gifts for brothers, and my favorite video of my brother

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  2. I have been loving your gifts guides! Great stuff! Thanks for sharing…

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  6. Hi Joanna! Thank you for featuring the brass bottle openers from our shop in your gift guide! We have had many of your readers order one. I think we’re almost sold out! :)

    And you’re right, a man with one of these will only impress the ladies – sophisticated beer drinkers!

    Happy holidays!

  7. JO! you’ve just saved my life! i was so stuck for a gift for my dad and those moccasins are PERFECT. they even ship to canada! i ordered them, size 10, so happy.
    thanks for your AMAZING gift ideas. xoxo.

  8. Anonymous says...

    this hamburguer is awfull!! sorry

  9. The soap dish is amazeballs.

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    I do enjoy the fact that after his crazy comment comes the sweet, innocent comment “I love the soap dish” though :)

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  12. This list is so great, thank you. I’m having such a tough time shopping for the men in my life and now I have some ideas. Thank you!!!

  13. Your gift guides are absolutely FAB. I’ve purchased several so far, and have been pinning the rest like a fool for future reference. I feel like whenever I’m struggling for gift inspiration I can now go to that Pinterest board, look at the goodies you’ve suggested, and be good to go – Thank you!!

  14. “High Falls Course”? Yup, I would give that away, too, because I sure won’t be using it!

  15. Love the Saturday tee and the inspirational soap dish!

  16. nice things!!

    o n e m o r e s h o e s

  17. I love the idea of the glow in the dark games. We camp TONS in the summer and this would be so much fun.

  18. Great finds! I especially love the camera and soap dish. Definitely an excellent list of items for brothers and dads.

    Katherine @ thistle handmade

  19. Is it odd that one of my favorite items here is the hamburger press?! Because it is. Have a great weekend!


  20. I have been loving your gift guides! Great stuff! Thanks for sharing…

  21. I need a beard cap for everyone in my family – and I’d wear mine quite proudly everywhere. If I’m going to have to bundle up, it might as well be fun too.

    The Blossom Shed

  22. the glow in the dark games are fantastic! Perfect for late summer nights : )

  23. i’m in love with the slippers!!!
    keep your fingers crossed j crew ships to the caribbean:)

  24. Not sure if it is because I am hungry right now, But from all of them I like the burger the most! hehe

    Great post! like the title :)

    come and have a look at my blog (tulips and carnaval) today’s post is really cute!

  25. martha says...

    what a great list! I don’t have a brother although i’ve always wanted one. these gifts are great for my adventurous boyfriend. thank you for the post. you just made my life easier.

    lots of love for the weekend!

    martha from

  26. i’m happy to be one of the boys for a bite of the burger!

  27. I can’t stop laughing about the Icelandic beard cap. Can you imagine seeing someone walking around in that?! So funny. Great assortment for the guys!

  28. I’m having a heart attack just looking at that burger, can you imagine eating it? that goes down in history as truly the most impressive burger I’ve ever seen.

  29. H says...

    I watched the video of your brother, the one you posted the link to, he seems really sweet and smart! Did he really teach Toby how to wink?! That’s pretty awesome. These gift ideas are so great, especially the wearable digital camera. Actually, I’ve always wanted something like that!

  30. PS. And my sister could actually also be interested in your brother :D She lives in Sweden though.

  31. Thank you Joanna for ALL of your gift guide but especially these! I’ve got 2 brothers…

  32. Can I be your adventurous younger brother?? THIS is awesome!!

  33. aw, anonymous, that is cute! and reclusive stepdad, that is a challenge!! :)

  34. Got excited to see the Frisbee. I play Ultimate Frisbee and that’s exactly the type/weight (glow in the dark is a bonus) that you should get. 175 grams or nothing! Okay, now I’m just a weirdo.

  35. Reading comments above, you should do one for anon’s reclusive step dad! that would be awesome

  36. Yay! these are great! the glow in the dark corn hole would be a huge hit among our friends!

  37. Anonymous says...

    Did Nick really teach Toby to wink?! I loved how Nick taught him to “high five’!!

  38. Anonymous says...

    This is my favorite gift guise so far. I really appreciate your gift guides. If only you could do one for my reclusive step dad.

  39. Anonymous says...

    Love that soap dish. And is that balloon Elmo???!!!!!

  40. Anonymous says...

    Wow this is my favorite gift list to date! I don’t have any brothers but I know a lot of people who would love these and I can’t wait to use those glow in the dark games come summer!

  41. :-D Your brother sounds so cool. That bedbug picture gets me every time. Does he have a job now? Every company would be lucky to have him. He seems to ensure a fun and humorous atmosphere:-)

    Great gift guides!

  42. Marielle says...

    joanna the gift guides are so good this year :)

  43. love the GoPro camera… My friend from college works for the company!!

  44. Anonymous says...

    So, this will probably be classified as weird, but I have a teeny little internet crush on your brother :)

    Every post you write about him makes him sound like this amazingly funny, awesome, geektastic dude, and any guy who would likely want to receive these gifts has to be a lot of fun.

  45. I love the dish soap!! What a great gift. Great holiday guide Joanna.

  46. Getting the camera for my bro. By the way, your brother sounds rad. Does he need a short Australian girlfriend? ;)

  47. That beard cap is hilarious. Saw it in Real Simple last month. I want one for my baby… but she’s a girl. Is that a mean mommy??

  48. i love the beard cap, i need one for my baby!

  49. my husband’s getting a gopro for christmas and i’m SO excited to see the videos he brings home after dirt biking, cycling, rock climbing, etc. we spend hours watching gopro videos on youtube!! that thing is rad…and so are your gift guides. thanks for taking the time to put such thoughtful lists together!

  50. So happy you included those Japanese bottle openers! They were designed by my friend who is also behind this amazing table

  51. I’m clearly not an adventurous younger brother; just reading the description of the high falls class (and looking at the picture) made my palms and feet sweat. Gah–I’m getting old.

  52. Country of origin of snorgtees beardhead? I think we all know the answer.

  53. LOVE this list. It’s actually perfect for my husband. Does that tell you how romantic we are?

  54. Love the J. Crew shirt for my little bro who is in his last year of school, and therefore will begin to understand the importance (and hype) of Saturdays post-graduation. Because right now, pretty much every day is Saturday for him.

  55. I know someone who’d just about do anything to get his hands on that hamburger :) PS – Saturday’s tees are super soft and make for great sleeping shirts!

    x fallon

  56. Anonymous says...

    Ah, those J.Crew slippers are a pale imitation of the original – L.L.Bean Wicked Good slippers, which are, well, wicked good. I’m wearing mine right now.

  57. I look forward to these EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!

    So thoughtful and charming. Love it. Thank you!!

  58. Wow! Really great stuff this year! And I feel like most gifts for my brother fall under “because it’s slightly awesomer than it is gross”

  59. I think I’d have to give the High Falls class along with the promise of a stiff drink afterwards; I imagine my brother would need it after all that!