Gift Guide Part #3: Your Awesome Twin Sister Who Can Do Impersonations, Fake Accents and Knows Every Line from Seinfeld.

Jeni’s ice cream, crazy amazing flavors made in Ohio. $12.
Fresh flowers. (Two great florists in San Francisco and New York.)
Me and you pencils, since you’re a good pair. $12.
Lobster mac-n-cheese, to make her feel like she’s been whisked off to Maine. Two for $60.
Wooden hook magnet for her fridge, 7 British pounds.
Solar queen, $20. She waves her wrist when she’s in the sun!

P.S. More gifts for sisters, and my favorite photo of my sister Lucy

(Wooden hook magnet photo from Design*Sponge)

  1. HI
    Wow! what an idea ! What a concept ! Beautiful nice and useful!.. Amazing …
    thank you!

  2. christina says...

    ahh this is so cute! I actually saw the solar queen the other week and thought of my twin sister! I love the pencils too…

  3. Leslie says...

    LOVE these gift guides. Nashville, TN has a Jeni’s now too and their Salted Caramel has been making waves down south! :)

  4. Anonymous says...

    That lobster mac and cheese looks amazing.

  5. DEY, it’s sometimes awesome to go to a kids store and choose a funny present that people will secretly want, like a glow-in-the-dark frisbee! :)

  6. DEY, oooh, a $10 limit is hard! seems like everything is between 10 and 15 :)

    let’s see… about a stack of really amazing chocolate chip cookies from a local bakery? or a really beautiful soap from a brand like Fresh Cosmetics? or any of these funny pencils:

    or a bottle of Prosecco (which tastes like Champagne) with a big red bow on it…

    or a pair of tights or thick wool socks from urban outfitters….

    or an awesome sparkly red nail polish from the drug store…

    or a beautiful ornament?

    those are all better for girls obviously:) guys are harder!

    hope this helps!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

  7. could I just say that all your gift guides are so inspirational, brighten up my dy and make me feel all festive and happy!! :):)

  8. what about best gifts for the office party gift swap with a $10 limit? SO HARD!

  9. From Columbus and I love Jeni’s ice cream! I’m missing it so much out here in Chicago :(

  10. I’m from Columbus Ohio so so happy to Jeni’s on the list! She has a book out now too with make at home recipes!

  11. Columbus, Ohio native here. Jeni’s is truly the best ice cream! Everyone needs to try the sweet potato and toasted marshmallow seasonal flavor, it’s amazing.

  12. That is so funny you had the waving Queen on here! I was in the Chapters the other day and saw them.

    Nothing beats a pair of cozy jammies. I love getting new ones for Christmas

  13. Hmmm… I want to get all of these things for people! Good list!

  14. i’m up to page 72 of mindy’s book “is everyone hanging out without me” and i love it so far! my brother was at the university bookstore in seattle a few weeks back, and mindy was there doing a book signing – such a cool coincidence. he promised me the autographed copy because i was so sad i missed meeting her! lol :)

  15. Loving all of your gift guides so far! My two favorite picks from this guide are the JCrew pajamas and the Amy Merrick floral arrangement. Two items that are definitely on my “dream” wish list.

    Katherine @ thistle handmade

  16. I will take anything from Kiehl’s… my favorite :)

  17. Oh yes. Wonderful. I am very excited to begin and finish my Christmas shopping adventures.

  18. love this! i also have a twin sister, and she’d love most everything on this list. also, i lived in cbus for 2 years and miss jeni’s dearly…the thai chili ice cream is amazing!

  19. yay for this post! yay for jeni’s! it’s right down the street from my house in cbus! local love:) xo

  20. Whoa. That ice cream instantly triggered my drool reflex. Now I’m in an ice cream-induced panic! Must…leave….work…now…for…ice cream!


  21. those pencils are so sweet :) this is such a good list.

  22. I think you posted about Kiehl’s before (maybe not?) so I wrote it down…that’s on my wishlist for me! haha and the pencils are adorable:) xo

  23. JENI’S!! I am from Columbus, born and raised, and am so proud to call Jeni’s a hometown treat :) I’ve been thrilled with all the attention she’s been getting lately, well deserved of course. The Kona Stout has got to be my favorite flavor (it’s a seasonal one) – kona coffee beans from a local Columbus coffee shop steeped in stout beer (prob also locally brewed) and it makes the most amazing flavor! Pair that with honey pistachio, top ’em with her INCREDIBLE caramel sauce and you are in heaven! hopefully one of these days they’ll offer the caramel and chocolate toppings for sale by the pint and by mail order…. not yet though. can only get it fresh on a scoop in one of their shops.

  24. alex says...

    my boyfriend’s parents live in columbus, oh and you can bet your buttons that i get jeni’s everytime we go to visit. bourbon butter pecan is my favorite flavor. you can also get it at whole foods near my house in pittsburgh now. jeni’s is taking over the world!

  25. I got my sister “is everyone hanging out without me” and am sending my aunt and uncle Jeni’s ice cream! Get out of my head! :)

  26. Can you grab me copies of those books too!?

  27. Such fab gift ideas! Favorites = pencils, wooden hook magnet, and pumpkin candle. Where on earth do you find these great products?

  28. This list makes me wish I had a sister! I just got some Tea Tree bath salts from Whole Foods for a close friend, that might be a good thing for a sister as well.

  29. grapefruit sounds so good and fresh, mara! and i did the same thing with the samples, i’d go in for a face wash sample every sunday:)

  30. Love these ideas!! The ice cream picture just melted my eyes!

  31. I agree with the essential oils from Kiehls! When I was new to NY with little money, I used to stockpile their essential oil samples. haha. I remember grapefruit being lovely.

    -Mara {A Blog About Love}

  32. Great gift ideas, I don’t have a sister but I have girlfriends whom are like sisters to me…

  33. Randi, thank you! toby loves my sister; he warmed up to her very quickly. we’re not identical, so he knows she isn’t me, but he adores her. she babysat for him one night when we were visiting in san francisco, and they read elmo and he drank his bottle and just loved her :)

  34. charmaine, haha, yeah, boys are like that :)

  35. I feel like this list would work nicely for my twin sis as well, thanks! :)

  36. i’ve been wanting to try kiehls for a few weeks now…everyone keeps telling me how much they love the musk smell on their men. and those solar queens are too funny! thanks for sharing

  37. Jeni’s is sublime – as a former resident of Columbus, Ohio, I would highly recommend the pear riesling or the grapefruit hibiscus sorbet …mmmm

  38. So funny because the queens are actually already on my shopping list for my sister! So weird! She did a whole photo series of people in our family as the queen so I sort of thought this would be perfect.

  39. I love this gift guide! The pumpkin candle looks so pretty, and the flowers are seriously gorgeous. Also those pencils are adorable!

  40. Anonymous says...

    Love these gift guides!
    Random question, how does Toby react with your twin sister? Does he think she is you? He is adorable!

  41. Great minds think alike – I was already thinking of ordering the books, but the pencils are a sweet touch. My favourite gift guide so far!

  42. I’ve been looking for gardenia perfume for ages! Thrilled. I’m purchasing a bottle right this second :)

    x fallon

  43. Sounds like a great list for a best friend, too. I can vouch for the Jeni’s, which is available at certain gourmet grocers around the Bay Area (though I think Bi-Rite Creamery in SF’s Mission District does an even better salted caramel–yes, I’ve taste-tested!) (and possibly I’m biased…you can really taste the grass-fed-ness of the cow’s milk in Jeni’s, I give ’em that). Actually, I think I just want this list for myself…men’s pajamas, fun…and the Mindy Kaling book.

  44. I bought those pencils for my boyfriend for his birthday last year. I think he got a kick out of them, but he has yet to actually use them.

  45. The pajamas look great and I’m intrigued by the essential oils. I am the mother to twin girls (turning 3 this month)…I love watching their relationship develop….it is truly special!

  46. oh i’ve been looking for a new perfume, those keihls ones sound nice and light and affordable too!

  47. I love the idea of those ready to bake mac and cheeses! I’m off to go check out what other yummies they have! Thanks!

  48. Jeni’s ice cream is AMAZING!! Great list, Joanna.

  49. Hahaahaah, that queen is super hilarious! I wish I had a sister (and an excuse) to get that one =D

  50. The solar queens cracked me up when I saw them a few weeks ago.