1. I love the idea of this with just black. Wonder how opaque it is….

  2. rita says...

    didn’t you do this same post last year? haha i recycle too. like this polish.

  3. Gorg! I love that the glitter pieces are big. You could even do another color underneath like pink or red!


  4. I would caution against wearing this to a company holiday party. It sort of screams, “please do not promote me.” (unless you are in a creative field — at which point it’s perfect!!)

  5. I bought a similar NP from charlotte russe last year and I wear it on top of every shade. I love sparkles and glitter on my nails ♥ One of the things I love about being a girl–besides jewelry, lol. Otherwise, I’m pretty plain jane!

  6. fabulous:) btw, milani has a doppeldanger for much cheaper. it’s fun to put revlon’s gold coin underneath + layer it with with the gold glitter on top.

  7. Rocking this polish RIGHT NOW for a glam Fall wedding this weekend! Sephora makes an identical polish if you can’t wait for it to ship.

  8. Wow! That would be so cute with a little black dress and some pumps. Maybe the pumps could have some gold accents and a purse with the same? So cute!

  9. Awesome!! This is getting me excited for the holidays:)

  10. YEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!

  11. This is so lovely, I wanted her Birthday nail polish for so long but I think this gold glitter has now trumped it.

  12. OMG!!!!!

  13. love this!! def going to try it out this holiday season and sparkle through all the dinners I have to attend!

  14. Yes!! An excuse to pass off glitter and gold as sophisticated. I need this.

  15. A great addition for the party season ahead!!

  16. Just picked up the Only Gold For Me Top Coat from the Sephora by OPI line for half the price. It’s nearly identical, except for some fine gold flecks in addition to the bigger, more uniform pieces. It’s gorgeous! I plan to wear it throughout the holidays.

  17. Perfect indeed, like one million dots of 14K gold at your fingertips!

  18. I love this! Want it NOW!

  19. Can I say amazing? :)


  20. Oooooh I love it! Definitely time to get the glitter out :)

  21. How AWESOME!!!

  22. Anonymous says...

    Fun for Christmas!

  23. May I also recommend the new OPI color, Rainbow Connection, from their Muppets Collection. It is so so chic and festive!

  24. A very cheap dupe for this nail polish and is actually better is the Milani jewel Fx nail polish. It’s only $5 a bottle and you get 0.45 ml.

    A great alternative if you are on budget…:)

  25. Mmm, lovely!

  26. Agreed, the polish would look lovely with a black dress…Even a winter white dress for that matter. Very pretty!

  27. Oh so pretty. Yes, all black and this nail polish would be lovely!

  28. Great find!

  29. saw this today. drooling in public is awk….

  30. I followed your tweet link… This is exactly what I envisioned when you said perfect holiday polish!!

  31. It’s funny, I FEEL festive just looking at it! Ha.

  32. Oh yeah! Perfect for people who like to dress simple during the holidays yet still want a glamourous touch :)

  33. ugh, if only I could manage to paint my own nails!

  34. gorgeous!

  35. deborah lippman sparkle polishes have been everywhere and in every single color. i love it! i wish i liked to paint my nails more haha.


  36. If you’re ever in the market for a fun, glittery nail polish for New Year’s, you should check out the new Muppets collection by OPI. “Rainbow Connection” just screams “Happy New Year!” to me. :)

  37. Ooh, I love how it looks more like confetti than glitter. Only problem with this kind of nail polish? Getting it off!

  38. perfect. love it.

  39. you’re right! you want notice any chip :-) and it’s glam, and so pretty. good find.

    Love, Ylenia | Longuette

  40. I love this! I know OPI has a gold one like this and they also came out with a copper/rose gold looking one that is to die for!! I haven’t bought it yet (just got “Wicked” by Essie) but will for sure be trying it out soon! Thanks!


  41. Pretty! Are you doing gift guides again this year?? I hope so!

  42. Madalena Carneiro says...

    Last week I painted my nails with a similar nail polish and at my college a couple of people said ” Howwwww cuttteee you painted your nails with glitter for halloween!!!”

    …….. my reaction was ” what?… oh!!! halloween….. of course……………yeah it was for halloween!!!”

    ( this post made me feel better about it =)

  43. I saw this line of polishes last holiday season and missed out! They are so fun.

  44. Oh my gosh, thank you for this… you had posted a sparkly gold polish in your Friday links once and I’d been meaning to go back and look it up. I feel like this would be so cute for one of Emily’s nail tricks! XO

  45. Woah. Sold. Ahhh mazing. You could do a bling finger with this too!

  46. I have been looking for a polish EXACTLY like this!!! Now to find a cheaper college-kid-budget version that still looks glamorous…

  47. I never have good luck with glittery nail polishes = ( they always make me feel like I’m back in middle school again… nothing like what they look like on models = ( maybe I’m just doing it all wrong!


  48. This is so beautiful!

  49. i want this! the color would be perfect for all holiday events!

  50. i’ve been WAITING for a fantastic nailcolor. finally! thank you!!

  51. THere’s a cheaper just-as-lovely version at Sephora!

  52. I absolutely LOVE gold glittery polish! I had a similar polish on about a week ago, and it was so nice to see my gilded nails when the weather was dreary and cold. It’s definitely very festive & my go-to for the holidays :)

  53. I’m not really a nail polish gal, but my daughter — now she’s someone who will LOVE this.

  54. I agree. You can’t beat gold glitter for real!!

  55. I’ve tried this nailpolish and also a very glittery one by Butter (though that one needed a shiny topcoat to help it stay as glittery as I like) and I loved them both. I’m thinking about layering them!!

  56. Yes, please!

  57. I’m wearing my butter gold glitter polish, west end wonderland, right now. Very distracting while you type!!

  58. gorgeous! i had a feeling it would be sparkly-fun! ;)

  59. I’ve been looking for “grown up” glitter polish!

  60. this looks amazing on…it’s like the new neutral. love it.

  61. you could just wear a black dress with this sparkling nail polish and look festive :)