Which party dress would you wear?

Picture this: You’re going to a holiday cocktail party, and your adorable crush will be there. You brush your hair, spritz on perfume, and your cheeks are already rosy. The big question is: What will you wear?

Above, a black glitter dress (I LOVE how sexy and elegant it is)…
A flirty one-shouldered pink dress…
A 1920’s chiffon dress with a flutter hem…
A purple wrap dress with a sash…
A pink silk dress (I think this one is offbeat yet so gorgeous–what do you think?)

Which dress would you wear? Which suits your personality best?

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  5. The second pink one, for sure!! Love everything about it.

  6. im leaning to the purple option – its more me!

  7. the third…it’s lovely

  8. id where the lovely, wintery white. sexy, classy, and flirty!

  9. I would definitely wear number 1 or 2! The black one is gorgeous!! the pink one is fun and flirty! =)

  10. The Black Glitter Dress… 100% Love it.

  11. I would wear the first one… I love the shape and love black…

    Tho all of them are beautiful, I like the last one specially, the shape it’s amazing.

  12. for the sake of the event, 1 or 2. however my favorite is 3. that hem is gorgeous, and i love a loose, longer dress!


  13. I love the first black one! It’s like the must have “little black dress” but with extra oomph! Gorgeous! I also love love love the 20’s style chiffon one! But that would probably be harder to pull off depending on body shape.

  14. MónicaSilva says...

    The black one definitely.

  15. I love the chiffon flutter dress!! It is so fun and flirty, and it will stand out more than the black dress (which was my second pick!).

  16. Just clicked on the black dress link :) never mind my question! he he

  17. The black one, the black one, the black one!
    So cute! where can I find it??

    Hello there, I found your blog a while ago but that’s the first time I am posting here :). found you via cup cakes and cashmere.

  18. if i had a crazy fly body i’d go with the 1920’s dress with the flutter hem, that is too sexy, but in the real world you’d most likely see me in the purple wrap dress.

  19. I LOVE that first one. So classy but still casual in a way.

  20. The blue one. No doubt. I want. I need. NOW.

  21. The first Black Dress or the purple Wrap dress!
    Though i am little drawn to the vintage dress too!

  22. The last pink silk dress – the bright pink is tempered and made more elegant by the clean modern lines of the dress.

  23. i lovelove that pink silk dress! i don’t wear many bright colors, but i would wear it in a heart beat if it were black!

  24. I like the black one the best, very pretty :)

  25. depends on what party will you go.. am i right??

  26. definitely the first one but with the beige shoes(nr4 pic):)
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  27. BLACK. I love colors, but black is instant boy lure

  28. Yas says...

    I’d wear the black or the purple wrap.

  29. I would definitely go with the first black one! It fits my style perfectly!

  30. I would wear the first one, definitely. I really like that silhouette, and the sparkles help too. I would like a sequined miniskirt or dress to wear to holiday parties; they’re so festive!

  31. LOVE the first one!

  32. the chiffron dress all the way. how fabulous is this dress! I love the loose fit.

  33. I am in love with the chiffon dress with the flutter hem! I’d probably glam it up a bit by adding some bead work to the hem :)

  34. Love LOVE the pink lil dress. It would be perfect with a nice sleek black tux looking jacket.

  35. The one shoulder pink dress is perfection to me! It is so pretty!

  36. the pink for sure!! it’s a simple sexy statement.


  37. ooh, black glitter dress!

  38. 1920’s chiffon dress!!! Mostly because she has my hair and coloring so I know (if I lost like 30 lbs, lol) I’d look HOT!

    They are all gorgeous!

  39. Def the first one! Very festive.

  40. The second one is ADORABLE but I would probably go for the first. I am loving all the sparkles this season.

  41. Love the black dress. Might do the pink one too depending on my mood. But that black dress smolders.

  42. Probably the black one..

  43. H. says...

    I am in love with the one shoulder pink dress- it’s absolutely gorgeous!

  44. marianne says...

    I’d definitely choose the black one too. When seducing, I always go with the safer choice. If you feel good about yourself, people realize – and respond.

  45. I would go for the one shoulder hot pink dress. So cute and fun!

  46. The Black or the White :)

  47. I love the black glitter dress the most!

  48. definitely the black glitter dress.

  49. number 1 or number 4 would be amongst my choices. :)

  50. I’m completely a fan of the first one. It is so sexy! A bold move for a first date perhaps (I would probably go with the second one if that were the case), but perfect for a romantic dinner out.

  51. The wrap dress would certainly suit my body the best. I’d also love to wear the black sparkly one, with spanx of course!

  52. I LOVE the 1920s chiffon!! The hem is flirty- it’s just perfect.

  53. The black is classic as always but that pink silk is way cute!

  54. This post couldn’t have come at a better time, I’m desperately trying to find the perfect holiday dress for a party in a couple of weeks. I’m going to hunt down that last one ! I love how it’s classic, yet unexpected at the same time !

  55. Anonymous says...

    The pink silk drape is fantastic!

  56. The first and last are my favorites. Partial to the first…so glam yet understated.

  57. I love the first dress! I would want to wear it ALL THE TIME.