1. Zina says...

    Paul of course! The most beautiful beatle had the most beautiful lips of course. <3

  2. Tara says...

    Ringo. hands down.

  3. george first… john second. but since i always go for the funny dudes… there’s a possibility ringo could win.

  4. Paul, for sure.

  5. Thats a tricky one.. though I’d say George has the most kissable looking lips! x

  6. I have always loved John and George the best but Paul’s lips look the most kissable!

  7. My mom and aunt had this in their room when they were young, and evidently they wore a hole on Paul’s lips. Gross, yet so hilarious.

  8. Definitely John, he was the best Beatle.

  9. ringo.
    always loved ringo.

  10. Hey Joanna, I”ve been a reader of your blog for about 3 years and I totally love it (as many fans!) I’m from Buenos Aires. This message is to make you a suggestion. I wish you had a searcher or a category menu. The other day i was searching for a post you made a while ago and it took me sometime to find it… I hope you don’t mind me saying this.
    Again: soooooooo please to read you every day.

  11. Normally I would say John or George but clearly Ringo has the best lips!

  12. I’m a total Beatles Freak and my loyalty to John can’t be swayed. However, the close up of George’s lips is looking pretty good.

  13. Lara says...

    On the basis of the lip shots, George. Then John. :)

  14. I fancy myself a John girl, but George’s lips look most kissable to me!

  15. i only have eyes for george. george!

  16. After many years of consideration, I finally accepted that Paul is my favorite! Would kiss him in a minute, now or then. And when I think of what kind of love I want in my life I often think “a Paul and Linda kind of love” : )

  17. I’d go for Paul, any day. I might say George, but as a slightly distant relative (his aunt ((mother’s sister)) is my great great grandma) so it’s just a little too weird.

    Really, though, I’d kiss any of them. ;)

  18. I was a George girl and my sis loved Paul!

  19. Anonymous says...

    John John John

  20. Funny I just gave a speech on them for my Intro to Speech class on Tuesday.. =) George all the way!!

  21. And your post made me think of the Mick Jagger post you did about a year back in which you asked if people can crush on the young version of somebody. The Beatles are a good example. And that post was the first time I saw your blog

  22. wow. I have to choose?

    Lol. Seriously though, I’ve had a crush on John for a long time so he’d be first. I think George would be second but it’d be close.

    Fun question, especially since the Beatles were my first celebrity crushes. And yes I do mean all of them at once. *laughs* And no, I’m not nearly old enough to have been a fan firsthand.

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  24. Ringo!
    He looks so bad boy!

  25. john, tho seeing the close ups of the mouths paul has the nicest lips.

  26. George. George. George! Love love love him. My mom saved all her Beatles memorabilia from back in the day (for her future daughter) and actually has a copy of the magazine this came from. She had such great foresight as a giddy young teen :)

  27. George, George, always, and only, George.

  28. I always had a thing for John, but they’re all good! Who knew Paul had such good lips? And, I do love several of George’s songs (the one you linked, Here Comes the Sun, Something…Ah, George.)

  29. John or George. I don’t really have a preference.

  30. Always a Paul girl myself. But I loved them all and have developed a deep respect for George and his work.

  31. Well, if you just look at only the pictures of their lips, and don’t know who’s face they go with, I was surprised to say that from the picture above, Ringo has the most kissable lips… HOWEVER, I have always had a thing for George… and Paul… John pretty much killed all of his attraction for me when by getting together with Yoko Ono.

  32. George ;) For sure! xx

  33. Paul, hands down! love those pics!

  34. paul all the way! and guess what… i am currently wearing a beatles shirt! love your post :)

  35. george harrison all the way! i’ve always had a crush on him, but i have to admit…ringo’s lips look the best up close.
    congrats to toby!

  36. Poor Ringo!!! haha

    I would have to say Mr. Lennon though! Not gonna lie, I probably would have kissed any of the fab four! HA!!

  37. John, straight up, every time baby!

  38. Definitely John! Although if it was based on the lips alone, I might have to say Ringo *feels disgusted with self*

    Poor Ringo.

  39. Ringo for sure!! Always had a crush on him.

  40. LK says...

    George! Always George. Though Paul’s lips are quite attractive. George’s song What is Life is one of my favorites. It’s so wonderful and cheery.

    I once dated a guy for a short time and his dad looked a lot like George Harrison. I was more attracted to his dad than him.

  41. Haha, this is funny, because when I was younger, my friends and I were obsessed with The Beatles (we grew up in the 80’s with hippie parents, so it all kind-of makes sense), and we all chose our favourites. The thing is, I wasn’t an especially forceful kid, and so I was left with Ringo, the one that no one else wanted.

    Poor Ringo. His lack of popularity can be seen here as well. :( Though I have to say that he is endearing in “Help”, the movie.

    Personally I have always been tied between John and George, and have never been able to decide. I would say that intellectually, I think John and I are a match, but personality-wise, it’s me and George, all the way :)

  42. Paul or George. Maybe John too. Sorry Ringo.

  43. john, john, always john. my mom has always felt sorry for the underappreciation of ringo, so for that reason, he’s her favorite.

  44. Katherine N. says...

    Have you heard of the conspiracy theory that the real Paul Newman is dead?

    Anyway–I never grew up listening to the Beatles or integrating them into the music I like, but I would say John and Ringo are my favorites.

  45. P.S. I owned George’s album with that sont on it before you were even a twinkle in your Daddy’s eyes… LOL And I played it on a record player with a needle. Ya Baby!

  46. Well, every gal from my generation knows that Paul always had the most kissable looking lips.. I mean, COME ON… look at them! Just luscious.

  47. Heather says...

    I’ve always had a crush on John (swoon).

  48. oh, i’m wearing my Beatles-t-shirt just now:D. but i don’t know…

  49. any and all. I love the beatles. But if i had to choose john :)

  50. ha! Based solely upon lips. Ringo. Again, lips being the only criteria being judged here.

  51. Definitely George for me.

  52. george harrison. every time.

  53. john.. all the way, no questions asked (: i love that song too! but i think paul would be my second choice (:

  54. I’ve always been a Ringo girl. Definitely Ringo. His lips looks the best anyways…

  55. I’m a John kind of girl too…and My Sweet Lord is one of our favorites around here! I have a video of my sister and I dancing with our girls singing this song. My 3 year old niece always asks for “my sweet laur” ;-)

  56. Look at those lips…definitely Paul! He’s always been my favorite! After Paul, probably Ringo.

  57. Have always loved George the most!

  58. Sabra says...

    George, totally George.

  59. looking at the lips i must say Paul’s and Ringo’s!

  60. For some reason Joanna it would be Ringo. Always liked him the best!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  61. Thanks Amanda, I’ll totally pick it up :)

  62. well, i think george has better lips.

  63. Oh my, look at the lips on Paul! Definitely him. :)

  64. I’ve always been a Paul girl myself.
    But I do love George.
    Can I kiss two?

  65. George, George, George. Fellow George fans, read “Wonderful Tonight” if you havn’t already, by Pattie Boyd, his first wife and inspiration for many of his songs.

  66. ringo definitely has the best lips, but george is my faaave;)

  67. i’m a paul mccartney fan myself:)
    especially when he sings two of us.

  68. i LOVE that song! i sang it to myself while i was raking leaves the other day and i was so caught up i didn’t even notice the blisters on my hands! that should be the new measure of a good song :D

  69. George please x

  70. DR says...

    Thanks Jo! I loved here comes the sun… By I just played that song and San along to it and my 11 week old boy would not stop smiling! :)

  71. I’m a George gal. I would have never even thought of Ringo, but those lips are lookin nice.

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  73. Hahaha this is terribly silly. I fear I would not kiss a Beatle, period, but doubly not Paul . . . he’s far too full of himself.

  74. PAUL!!!!! I will always love him the best, but George has become a close second.

  75. george because we share the same birthday. and more importantly, george because he’s a poet.

  76. George for sure! :-)

    X Mandy

  77. George, George, George and George! And then maybe George.

    My mom and I decided a very long time ago that, no matter what happened in our lives, she got Paul and I got George. I’m glad we got that settled, one less decidion to make in life.

  78. George! I’ve always liked the quiet/sexy type.

  79. Oh, I’d definitely go with Paul…he’s always been my favorite! :)

  80. I’ve always been a George girl, I’d kiss him for sure. But I’d love to have long chats with John, make music with Paul, and clown around with Ringo.

  81. Id have to agree – Im a John! But they’ve all got that quirky attractive thing going for them! Have a great holiday!


  82. George!

  83. George :) really fun close ups

  84. ringo! he’s just always been my fave ;).

  85. George! He is so adorable in Hard Day’s Night.

  86. This is hilarious.

  87. wow, who knew? george is really rocking it in the polls! :)

  88. Paul for sure! Look at those lucious lips! Yum!


  89. George! Hands down. Mainly because he wrote the song that makes me swoon the most, “Here Comes The Sun”, but also because I find it endearing that he wasn’t the “heartthrob.”

  90. gotta go with george. he was always the sensitive one ;) plus he wrote something (swoon)

  91. George. He was my mum’s favourite, and I like him for the same reasons that she did – he’s just so cute! He always seemed so unassuming and quiet, and just happy to be doing something he loved. Just lovely!

    Having said all that, I wouldn’t say no to any of them!

  92. I assume we mean when they were alive correct? Because kissing a dead guy is not for me! :) In that case, John all the way.

  93. Haha! I love John, but would rather kiss George! Love this.

  94. George, I think. I did not grow up around the Beatles at all – my parents didn’t even listen to them nostalgically, so I don’t exactly have the heartthrob mentality about Paul or John.

    fun post though!

  95. Hands down, George! He was always my favorite Beatle.

  96. ridiculously cute! i love it, and that song by george though. (but in the end, i’m a paul girl.) xo

  97. George. Always George.

  98. Elese says...

    Hmm, I would have picked George or John first, but looking at the close ups of their lips….Ringo’s look the most attractive to me. Who knew??

  99. That is such a cool photo and I would probably smooch George:) xo

  100. Oh, John for sure! Then Paul.

  101. Frankly I would kiss all of them but John and Paul would have first dibs