Wednesday giveaway!

Today’s giveaway is from Lo & Sons, a brand of fabulous travel bags made by a mother and her sons. The cute bags can easily fit laptops and are full of secret pockets. You could use them as work bags, travel bags, diaper bags or camera bags! Today, one lucky reader gets to choose her favorite. Which would you choose? (I’d go for the O.G. in red.)

For a chance to win, please visit Lo & Sons and leave a comment below telling us your favorite bag. A winner will be chosen at random tomorrow. Good luck! xo Update: Abigail Rose is our winner. Thanks for playing.

Bonus for all readers: Get 20% off your order by entering the code ACUPOFJO. Good until December 31st.

  1. Sasha says...

    I NEED the O.G. in black b.c I’m a plain jane but also bc I’ve been travelling alot lately to visit my family in Canada and I need a new travel bag. Love this bag!

  2. OMG – Please just give me that OMG!!!

  3. Love that Travel Tote!!

  4. i lovelove the army green! love the bags!

    mylittleartichoke at gmail dot com

  5. LOVE the O.M.G. in black or army green! Perfect for a diaper bag for two kiddos!

  6. Anonymous says...

    The O.G.!

  7. Loving the O.G!

  8. The OG is amazing!

  9. I love them all, but my favorite is the O.G. in the Army Green color.

  10. OMG I’d take the O-M-G in Red please!!!

    Thanks for being awesome Joanna. :)

  11. the travel tote is my favorite! perfect for a day bag or carry on! also love the Cambridge, I like to think I could impose some organization and style into some men’s lives.

  12. Allie says...

    A like the T.T travel tote!

  13. the OG! practical and pretty

  14. Anonymous says...

    Love the Travel Tote!

  15. Love the O.G. or the T.T. in black with lavender interior. SO cute/versatile!!!

  16. YaY Abigail Rose

    ps. beautiful name

  17. Love them! My favorite is the O.G. in black with gold hardware and lavender interior. <3

  18. The O.G.! I am always shuttling between my home (West Village) and law school (Morningside Heights/Harlem) and this is exactly the size to put all of the things I might need–books, a change of clothes, gym shoes.

  19. love the overnight & gym bag :D

  20. I love the OMG in Army Green!

    ninarucker at gmail dot com

  21. I like the T.T. in black/lavender…I’ve been looking for a new laptop bag that’s not a backpack!

  22. I love the OG. thanks for this chance )

  23. the red or brown brookline is to die for!
    xo. katie liz

  24. I <3 the Brookline!! It’s so pretty, esp. w/ the Crimson exterior!

  25. Becca S, says...

    OG crimson red soooo pretty! wow.

  26. pamela n says...

    love them all! especially the OG! beautiful.

  27. I love the O.M.G. bag in crimson red!

  28. The O.G.! in Black w/Lavender interior

  29. Heather says...

    I don’t think my last comment posted properly…I would go for the O.G., probably green. Thanks so much for doing this giveaway!

  30. Amazing bags :) want want want the O.G!

  31. This is a perfectly timed giveaway! My work bag just started to rib today… I like the travel bag in black with silver interior…. ooohhh hope i win!

  32. i hope i’m not too late!

  33. LOVE the OG in army green!!

    I’ve also been wanting a new bag for work and my laptop. The Savoy in Army Green is perfect.

  34. I think the OMG (for the name alone!!), but I’d be torn between the red and the espresso colors! Absolutely gorgeous!

  35. The O.G. in army green is so chic!

  36. I love the OG in black with gold hardware and lavender interior! I’ve been looking for a good gym bag.

  37. The OMG in blue is quite nice! Lovely bags!

  38. I seriously love this bag. I love the OMG in red!!

  39. I love bags. All bags. I will take one of each. But I really love the O.G.

  40. swoon! love the bags!

  41. JJ says...

    So cute! What perfect pockets. I could definitely use one of these in my next travels. ;-)

  42. Love the red O.G. too!

  43. OMG in army green… love!

  44. the O.G. or the O.M.G are beautiful. i love the army green too!

  45. Nice, my cat “ruined” my overnight bag recently…the OG with gold hardware is gorgeous…

  46. Oh wow! I love them all but the OG is my favorite! Hope to win :)

  47. Meredithb says...

    I love the men’s overnight bag for my husband!

  48. i love the o.g. and the t.t. bags!! these look awesome!!

  49. Ohhhhh I love the O.G. :) I’d be tempted to stay neutral but something more bright and sunny would be the way I’d go!

  50. Love the OG with gold hardware! Love watching the video on what fits :)

  51. Alexa says...

    I am all about the O.G.!

  52. I love the Army Green color OG!! The compartments are genius!

  53. Jeannette C. says...

    I’d love the O.G. in army green!

  54. I love them!

  55. Erin Glenn says...

    the o.g. in crimson red for me, please!!!

  56. love the og in espresso!

  57. Emily S. says...

    As a girl, I pack absolutely too much- and I can’t stop. This bag looks like it could fit absolutely everything I cant leave behind- including extra shoes! :)

    finally traveling can be convenient, cool AND cute!? LOVE LOVE LOVE

    IN LOVE WITH The OG- in army green, espresso or coastal blue!

  58. Love the OG in army green – makes me want to plan a trip!

  59. I love the OMG in blue!

  60. I am a college student and will probably get the Brookline in blue when I graduate this spring

  61. I would also go for the O.G., in either green or camel! Tough decisions.

  62. The black silver OG is fantastic.

  63. I’d love the OG in Black, gold hardware, and lavender… I’m a sucker for lavender : )

  64. I love the OG in red.

  65. The Savoy! Gorg!

  66. Wow how beautiful! I’m also a fan of the one in red.