Tuesday giveaway!

Today’s giveaway is from Terrain, the beautiful home and garden lifestyle shop based in Pennsylvania. Their store is all about simple pleasures, from cooking to entertaining to gardening–plus, they now have a fabulous holiday collection. Today, Terrain is offering one lucky reader a whopping $200 gift certificate. What would you pick? (I’d go for these apple cider caramels!)

For a chance to win, please visit Terrain and leave a comment telling us your favorite things from the store. A winner will be chosen at random tomorrow. Good luck! Update: Morgan P. is our winner.

Bonus for all readers: Enter the code CUPOFJO for free shipping through December 5th.

  1. Aaaah such a pretty store!

    I really like the jute utility basket and all the planters.

  2. Kate says...

    The red apple cast iron pot would put a smile on everyone’s face, and something delicious on their plates.

  3. Mallory D says...

    So many beautiful things! I think I would have to get a set of the wine colored goblets. Those are beautiful!


  4. Ohhh, so much to love about this store! It gives new meaning to understated, easy elegance. I can’t get over that popcorn popper!

  5. Elle says...

    love the zinc thermometer

  6. Elle says...

    what great creative, fun giveaway!
    love their jingle bell and cotton garlands. So rustic chic and different

  7. i love the zinc thermometer!!

  8. I adore the garden party necklace!

  9. I know that I am too late for the random drawing, but I was at Terrain on Saturday driving back from Philly and I love the store. LOVE the store. My kids even love the store. Everything there is so freakin gorgeous. I bought a bunch of bulbs (30% off) and then a wrought iron pinecone. I could have spent $100s more. It’s such a treat to be there in person.

  10. I’d get some planters! And the color block tote! And salted caramels! AH!

  11. I love terrain, right now their Nigella Wreath is perfect for the season!

  12. I love their stuff!

  13. I would get a wreath or two and some pretty-wrapped soaps!

  14. would love this for christmas!

  15. A wreath! And maybe tea.


  16. I love the bird vintage mirror!

  17. my favorite things are the pastry board and sea salt!!

  18. I would get the colorblock tote in red. Love it!

  19. But I love their glasses too!

  20. I would probably have to get these cute socks, or maybe spring an extra $18 and get the ombre scarf. And it would be fun to try the pumice face scrub or cypress soap!

  21. I love the Diamond Star Lights, Birch Bark Candleholders, Pressed Glass Lantern, and Fir & Rosehip wreath!!

  22. I would put it towards the cloastal plain scarf!

  23. Love..love the cheeseboards and the fun cookbooks..I would love to give these as Christmas gifts this year..what a great store.

  24. L. says...

    I love the seeded bib necklace.

  25. Katy Murray says...

    Love the gingham plates

  26. OHHH! Everything is lovely, but I especially love the pretty soaps.

  27. I love the ornaments!

  28. I’d get the Chalkboard and Tin Basket! And yes, those apple cider caramels look divine!

  29. I love the “double drop” necklace! So beautiful!

  30. Gift me that St. David’s Cross throw to snuggle under any day! LOVE! Fabulous giveaway!!

  31. You’re already at 2032 comments, so CLEARLY I’m not alone in loving all things Terrain. I’ve been eyeing the oval baker and the tea tins for awhile now. SO lovely.

  32. i love the Lyonnais wine glasses and the lettered wine carafe.

    tinatre at msn dot com

  33. I was just in the store on Monday night! It is serious eye candy. I could have stayed there for hours. I wanted a Pendleton blanket so badly!

  34. I’ll take ANYTHING from Terrain. I really wouldn’t mind! haha

  35. The Tretorn Aspelina boots, striped snowflake socks, elderflower pressé… I could go on forever!

  36. Their book selections are lovely – I love cooking!

  37. I want so many things! All the felted ornaments would be mine :). They are adorable!

  38. i would love the mountain glacier aromatherapy spray, cavendish candlesticks, and french wire mirror! (and maybe the agate fragment necklace.) :)

  39. Terrain is great!
    Thanks for the scoop!


  40. Emily says...

    I got married at Terrain and LOVE it there. Great store and great giveaway! emilye148@hotmail.com

  41. Darn – I just saw this! I so love this store! It is just a wealth of items to kitchen envy!

  42. my favorite things? pretty much the entire holiday collection!

  43. I love their holiday decor, particularly the pomegranate wreath!

  44. The Evergreen Bottle Brushes are so neat! And everything in the “Vintage” section would be amazing – if I had a yard/ garden!

  45. Elle says...

    hhmmmm, the double drop earings and the color block tote for sure! Both of them are perfect for every occation and practically every season
    thanks so much

  46. Um, can my favorite be all of it?
    That said, I do love the Wax Utility Tote– so adorable and useful!

  47. The Welsh tapestry pillow!

  48. I would buy anything from there – but specifically some of their holiday decorations. So lovely.

  49. I’m a sucker for soaps and candles … gorgeous!

  50. Weck canning jars for sure!

    creektalker [at] gmail [doot] com

  51. I would really love a terranium! I have loved this store ever since posted about it a few years ago.


  52. I totally want that bittersweet wreath! And the striped napkins and tablecloth. And ANY cutting board or cheese board–they are all so great. Seriously, I could go on…..

  53. I went straight for the holiday stuff, ’tis the season after all. Love the Swedish Star lantern and the wicker tree skirt. I need the birch bark pot, too!

  54. i’m addicted to voluspa candles so def. some of those

  55. Anonymous says...

    My favorite things are the tabletop items and the jewelry.

  56. Christmas decorations and those caramels for sure! I’ve heard so many good things about this shop.

  57. making your own terrarium sounds like fun!

  58. moreybarnes says...

    I love the St. David’s cross throw – looks perfect for curling upon the couch with a good book now that the weather has gotten chilly. Also, the rose hip wreaths make me think of New England beaches, where I would love to celebrate the holidays.

  59. Everything is amazing! What a great selection of gifts. The SEFTE KIMSA THROW is my fav!

  60. I love the caramel apple cider candies, the hot toddy kit, and the hanging terrarium, the fireside candle and the grey sea salts.

  61. I would choose the simon pearce brookfield pie dish!

  62. JJ says...

    Ooh just now I’m seeing the “gifts for her” section .. love the striped washcloths! And the sun shower necklace.. and the avoca mohair throw … and the…

  63. i would definitely add some much needed kitchen storage… weck jars!

  64. Oh who wouldn’t love some terrain for their apartment! How cute is their little grass snow owl for holiday decorating, the beautiful bittersweet wreath for mom, a hot toddy recipe book for the whole holiday family, or the drop glass air terrarium with american tillandsia and lichen for your own classy kitchen.


  65. I’d totally get the Double Teardrop Necklace!

  66. I hope this doesn’t post twice – having issues with blogger today. I think the canvas & leather boat bag is great & I’m in love with the $3000 stacked stones ring!

  67. Bek W says...

    oh my – what an amazing store! i love aaaalll the face and body products :)
    (and candles – a girl can never have too many candles!)

  68. Stephanie B (biscotti83 at gmail dot com) says...

    The messanger bag is pretty nifty, too. Decisions, decisions….

  69. Definitely need the holiday ornaments as this is my first Christmas living with my boyfriend and we don’t have a single one!! It would be a nice place to start :)

  70. I love the colorblock tote! So pretty.

  71. Love the maple syrup

  72. Where should I start, there are at least four things I would love to get for Hannukah: Snow flurries socks, striped wash cloths, avoca mohair throw and the Weck jar set

  73. Kate W says...

    a bittersweet wreath for our holiday front door!

  74. I’m probably too late for the giveaway, but that’s ok! I just wanted to say thanks for sharing this site. I’m not a gardening girl, but the for home section is lovely (love the vintage pages-even if just to look!)

  75. I love the seeded bib necklace and wax canvas messanger bag!

  76. I love the throw blankets & wooden serving tools (like reclaimed wood tray, or maple dip board). Especially the Avoca Mohair one and other plaid ones. But tough to choose. This store is lovely. Thank you for sharing!

  77. Love the blue glass vases (high neck and ink well). Such a beautiful color!

  78. Love the blue glass vases (high neck and ink well). Such a beautiful color!

  79. yp says...

    For me: Id love the herkimer stud earrings
    For home: any candles! They are a must
    For some select VIPs on the gift list: glass terrariums, or a stalactite necklace.

    Hoping for win on this lovely site!

  80. I love it all! The jewelry is beautiful!

  81. terrain is my favorite! I love their kitchen serve ware… the ash cutting board and chalkboard honey pot are awesome!

  82. Id love that thrown cassarole dish!

  83. beckyweber@hotmail.com says...

    I love Terrain (and could do some fantastic holiday shopping there).

  84. I’m with you on the caramels. Yum.

  85. My favorite is the Swedish Star lantern- I might just have to go buy it now!

  86. i would get a wreath, ornaments and other holiday decorations for my new house!

  87. The soaps and ornaments, definitely.

  88. I love the wood cutting boards that look like tree trunks!

  89. So much love for this store! My current favs: spare stripe mugs, conservatory terrarium and the petite covered casserole dishes!

  90. I want a holiday terrarium! The glass cloche with moss and holiday bottle-brush evergreens would be so cute on my desk at work. :)

  91. absolutely love all of the candles-especially the antique spice candle & the organic lavender soy candle. would love to fill my nyc apartment with all of these during the holidays!

  92. I’m lovin’ their blooming lights garland… So pretty!

  93. I have so many favorites! Too hard to pick.

    Thanks for the chance t win.

  94. Oh the Herkimer diamond studs are beautiful!

  95. Sara-hare says...

    ooh Ooh ooh! The large ash cutting board, please, and the honeycomb dipping bowl, and the pressed glass lantern, and some lavender bath milk for the end of the day…

  96. The coffee table books and candy cane bowls! So cute.

  97. Oh, I like the Oak Bath Caddy – it would be perfect in my bathroom :-)

  98. Swoon. Love the Herkimer Diamond Studs… but those apple cider caramels sound divine too…

  99. i love the dish towels. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  100. I love the gingham plates and all the vintage items!

  101. The cute cast iron apple cocotte!

  102. Cookbook selection to die for!; with some measuring cups it would be a perfect Xmas gift for a sister in Britain!

  103. Ms. Scotch says...

    I love the Douglas Fir sachet. It’s funny how much you miss the simple things when you move to an area where winter doesn’t exist… And if we are honest neither do trees! In the middle of this concrete nightmare this seems like the perfect reminder of winter <3

  104. I love the Swedish star lantern, so pretty!

  105. I love Terrain! Dish towels, linens and tableclothes and those wonderful cutting boards (and message boards!)