Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

What are your Thanksgiving plans? We’re heading to Brooklyn to have dinner with our friends, who have a working fireplace (score). Hope you have a delicious day with lots of pumpkin pie and loose pants. :) Meanwhile, here are a few great posts from around the web… xoxo

Smitten Kitchen knows her Thanksgiving foods.

Flirty bow heels.

YAY!!!! Best movie news ever.

A genius eyeliner trick–with scotch tape.

Give your fridge a makeover.

This wedding dress makes me want to get married again.

Awesome little boy’s room.

Oooh, salty brownies.

What a funny slimming sweater–your waist would look teeny.

Secret passageway switch.

What? These are pajamas!

Fabric wrapping paper.

Holiday stamps.

And for holiday shopping, here are three big tips, just through Monday:
* J.Crew is 25% off with code SURPRISE.
* Shopbop is 20% off with code BIG EVENT.
* ASOS is 20% off with code HAPPYBLACKFRIDAY.

Have a good one! xoxo

(Taxi photo by Irene Suchocki)

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  3. Good eyeliner trick.

  4. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in Oz but I sure wish we did. I had my sister, her husband and bub here from NYC during Thanksgiving and not only did we not have a turkey, Sydney turned on the most appalling weather and for their entire stay they didn’t see the sun once. I wasn’t to blame but I almost felt embarrassed!

  5. The little boy’s room is so awesome that even I as an adult would love to live there. :)

  6. eyeliner trick? genius. holy cow this makes life so simple

  7. love the scotch tape trick!

  8. Thanks for the post and the holiday discount codes!! Very helpful! Hope you enjoyed your holiday in Brooklyn! I just left the flea market there – back indoors at the Bank!


  9. We did the usual, had family over and couldn’t stop eating. But it was a great holiday.

  10. oh my god. that brownie recipe. bookmarked and i think i will be making those tomorrow!

  11. Happy Thanksgiving! Loved starting my holiday weekend with these great tips/links! Especially love the eyeliner and organizing your fridge links. Anthropologie always has super cute egg crates.. thinking of picking one up :)

  12. Anonymous says...

    I always enjoy your links, Joanna! I also want to add that as a woman without children I’ve been surprised to find that I really enjoy your posts about motherhood (motherhood blogs don’t usually appeal to me). You do such a great job of writing in a way that seems balanced, sincere, vulnerable and sweet. Great blog (and congratulations to Toby on his first steps – adorable videos)! Stephanie

  13. I love that you mentioned “loose pants.” I was thinking my matchstick jeans were feeling a bit too snug on Thanksgiving day– I should have stuck with loungewear :)

  14. Oh wow, I can’t believe there is going to be a THIRD before sunrise movie – I’m so excited!

  15. some good advices, thnx!

  16. Love that! “Lots of pumpkin pie and loose pants!” Amen, sister!

    Loving the holiday inspiration! Hope you and your family had a great one!

    chloe **

  17. Anonymous says...

    I half expected the wedding dress to be from shopbop. wamp wamp. This blog has been bought out, yuck.

  18. Thanks for the link, Joanna! I am so excited about a 3rd Before Sunrise movie! My fave!! Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving!

  19. That eyeliner video rocked my face. Yay.

  20. I just read that article about Before Sunrise/Sunset and got so nostalgic that I had to watch Before Sunrise on Youtube in 12 minute increments :)

    Also – not sure if you have time to read all these comments, but I’ve been meaning to say that I would LOVE if you posted (perhaps on a Motherhood Monday?) about transitioning your child’s room from a “baby room” to a toddler/kid room. My daughter is 2 and we’re thinking about moving her into a big girl bed, but I’m torn with which “look” to go for in her upgraded room. A design post with kids’ room pics would be so fun!

  21. Have a great Thanksgiving weekend!

  22. oh I love salty brownies :) thanks for all those links, some are pretty inspiring!

  23. I always read your bolg!! i like it so much!!! i would like to invited you to muy see my blog, it would be a great pleasure for me!! besos desde España.Toñi

  24. Anonymous says...

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I didn’t bring home enough pie.

  25. going to my aunties for a lovely dinner:)

  26. Readsuperbs says...

    i have wanted to comment a few times, on things that i can either relate to fashion For Physic really move me, but i do not know how to comment. i see that other people have:)

  27. Pretty sure those pjs are from the Scott Disick line.

  28. Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving with the working fireplace:) Enjoy the rest of the long weekend!

  29. Love the boy’s bedroom, have a great thanksgiving too!

  30. thank you, jana!! and Allison, yes! we’ve met once and we’re having a playdate soon, since she has a little boy, too. i just love her site. :)

  31. By the way: I’m not giving my fridge a makeover. Are you kidding me? I’m already glad if the rest of my house looks nice!

  32. Enjoy your Thanksgiving by the fireplace Joanna, sounds great. Also, thanks for the amazing finds! I lovelovelove the bow shoes, must try the scotch trick, adore the phone booth door in the little boy’s room and I must buy the fabric wrapping paper. A lot of excitement, can you tell? :)

  33. . says...

    have a lovely thanksgiving weekend! don’t know if I’ve ever commented on your blog but I adore it (ever since that family photo with the pony on the porch). and in the spirit of the holiday, giving thanks to you for keeping it going. it is delightful.

    and LOVE that taxi photo!


  34. Anonymous says...

    Loved the stripy leggings and the little boys room and the gift codes! Have a great Thanksgiving weekend!

  35. Thanks, Happy thanksgiving to you !!

  36. OMG those pajamas are AWESOME!!!!!! Great find!

    Wish that sweater was cheaper… ha.

  37. Anonymous says...

    scotch taped my eye lids just now!
    but its like doing your nails ,one hand is better than the other .some practice needed to get both eyes right but never the less…awesome!
    i can always wear a patch on the not so good one! ha!

  38. omg i am obsessed with that eyeliner trick. that’s pretty awesome.

  39. Happy Thanksgiving! We are cooking the feast at our home this year and having my sister in law over!

  40. Happy Thanksgiving Joanna! I was in your neck of the woods yesterday for lunch, was kind of hoping I’d see you and Mr. Toby-the-walker! Maybe next time :)

  41. Allison says...

    You’ve been linking to Smitten Kitchen a lot lately…are you and Deb buddies?

  42. Happy Thanksgiving all:)
    I just love that little boys room! It is way nicer than my new apartment and I might steal a couple decorating ideas…like the tree branch.

  43. Thank you for the discount codes!

    That wedding dress is unbelievably beautiful. I think it might require some spanx–silk satin is never very forgiving!

  44. Great links! I hope you, your friends and the lovely fireplace have a great weekend!


  45. Happy Thanksgiving, all the way from London x

  46. Happy Thanksgiving Joanna, Alex and Toby1

  47. rad links! thanks joanna, hope your day is fantastic!

  48. Those striped leggings look marvelous.
    Have a lovely weekend, Joanna. Enjoy that fireplace!

  49. Kathrine says...

    Unfortunately we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Denmark, but maybe next year I’ll just jump right into it and make my own Thanksgiving tradition over here :) the Thanksgiving food sounds delicious, and the idea of a holiday dedicated to things/people to be thankful for seems great to me:)
    So Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I’m sure you will enjoy it to the fullest, but enjoy the food a little xtra this year for us non-celebrating people and I’ll be sure to spend some time acknowledging everything in my life to be thankful for!


  50. Happy Thanksgiving (from Canada). Enjoy. Awesome taxi photo!

  51. I live in Brazil, so we do not celebrate this date. We thank you for Christmas. I wish a happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

    By the way, I loved your picture! Congratulations!

    Take Care,


  52. I totally agree with you on the news of a new Before Sunrise movie – I love watching those two!

  53. I’m Canadian, so I’m not celebrating, but happy Thanksgiving to you!