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Five Best Board Games

Do you like playing board games? I love having board games around the apartment for when people stop by or friends stay the night, since they instantly make an evening fun and funny. Here are my five current favorites…

Jenga gets everyone’s heart racing. (Alex and I played it a lot when I was pregnant.)
Scattergories is perfect for quick-thinking wordsmiths.
Taboo always makes people laugh (especially with the buzzer).
Have you played with an Ouija board since you were 16? Turn off the lights, gather around and ask it spooky questions. (Bonus: The updated version glows in the dark.)
Mancala is the perfect game to play with a glass of wine in hand, and it’s fun for both kids and adults (it gets harder as you get smarter!).

What games would you recommend?

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  1. I grew up playing board games, the scrabble..its very great game..i used to play it with me and my family..when i grew up i do still play the game, i bring travel scrabble with me..

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  2. Wits & Wagers

  3. Apples to Apples and Scrabble

  4. I have that glow in the dark Ouija board! I remember bringing it to a slumber party at a particularly old English farmhouse and none of my friends believed it would work …but it did! It was so scary, we had all the lights off (since it glowed) and when it started to move we all screamed and ran out of the room. Then in the middle of the night the light in the room we were sleeping in turned on by itself and then off again. I think I’m too neurotic to play with it these days.

    As for slightly dorkier word games I love Balderdash!

  5. I love board games! My husband and I play them all the time. While it’s not a board game, per se, we love Mad Gabs – hysterical!

  6. I love Say anything as well!! It’s my favorite board game and it’s a lot of fun with a group of friends. Pretty close to “apples to apples” but way much better! Outrageous questions and it gets even better with the most interesting and unpredictable answers. Definitely great to play for this time of the year…..:)

  7. amanda says...

    oooh, LOVE board games! my faves are taboo, say anything (like apples to apples but more hilarious), ticket to ride, and spot it (meant for kids but superfun to play as adults)! thanks for the fun post

  8. Settlers of Catan is amazing! My flatmates and I play this regularly. It’s perfect for 3 – 4 people, it’s easy to learn, and it only takes one – one and a half hours to play.