1. This is the one and only photo of Diana that I’ve ever saved.

    And for all the reasons mentioned.

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  3. Beautiful capture.

    As the mother of a very tall five-year-old, I so miss the days I could hold him like such.


  4. I admire Diana’s work, therefore the “Diana at 50” article in Newsweek shocked me so much!

  5. The power of a photograph is right here in this post and all the comments.

    It shreds me as a mother to one child, a boy, who I love so much that only other mothers can understand and this photo gets without saying a word.

    Also, this may sound bizarre, but I wonder what she would have thought of blogging and twitter and facebook and pinterest. I bet she would have loved it in a way.

  6. Sooo sweet.. What a peaceful photo :)

  7. when r u starting gift guides??? :)

  8. I have loved this photo for awhile too! It’s so touching and as the mother of my own little boy I feel such an incredible connection with her in this photo. I love when my son let’s me hold him like that, when I can feel his little warm belly and his breath against my neck. It’s those sweet tender moments no one talks about, but we all cherish so deeply.

  9. It is pretty and she is lovely!

  10. Anonymous says...


  11. Anonymous says...

    Oh goodness – breaks my heart seeing that love, and knowing what is to come.

    Also – she is stick thin in that picture. Knowing what we now know about her, it’s bittersweet to see this beautiful picture of such a sick woman…

  12. This is truly an amazing photo. My heart just sank looking at her. And also rose up thinking about what an amazing influence she must have been for those boys…..

  13. I’ve always loved that picture. It makes me want to hug my son even more.

  14. this photo made me teary eyed at first then I saw his lil belly peeking out. So sweet.

  15. Lindsey Strang says...

    this photo is breaking my heart. i want to cry thinking how she was taken from her children too early.

  16. So beautiful!

  17. sooo sweet and a little sad. that woman was amazing.

  18. Ahhh–so sweet.

  19. Your blog has made me feel and think a lot more about being a mom. I wasn’t sure before, but it has helped me become ready to start thinking in the mindset of a woman who is going to have a child sooner than I thought. Thank you Joanna, for everyday, but especially for every Monday.

  20. do you have tips/gift guide for what to get new mothers? :)

  21. There are so many sweet photos of her loving her boys. This certainly is no exception.

  22. That is so sweet! Makes me happy to be a mother. Love!

  23. my little boy sucks his finger and snuggles just like that. love, love.

  24. Indeed this is a great photo! Love, love, love Diana.

  25. Its beautiful I feel like this when I hold my son and I feel so sad at the same time.

  26. You can feel everything about this photo. Lovely.

  27. So beautiful and pretty much sums up how we, as mothers, feel about our children.

  28. The MOST AMAZING feeling in the world! Thank you for starting my Monday off right. :)

  29. elizabeth says...

    Beautiful. My son nuzzles like that in my neck… bliss.

  30. So sadly sweet. It sort of breaks my heard

  31. Very beautiful photo, it makes me want to hold my daughter tight (you just cannot take anything for granted)

  32. I sometimes wish that one could still have momories way back when they were this small. I’m a grown woman and there’s still nothing like curling up next to my mom and smell her sweet scent. I wonder how my children feel when I hold them. :)

  33. I have to agree with you :)

  34. So beautiful. It gives me a touch of sadness. Live in this moment now.

  35. oh wow! amazing! good find.

  36. the sweetest of things. :)

  37. this is so sweet. makes me a little sad too.


  38. I love Princess Diana :) She loved her boys so much, I hate that her life was tragically cut short. I have a little boy of my own and I love when he snuggles into my shoulder.

  39. It’s a beautiful photo. She was so different and so present and loving for her kids

  40. this photo definitely makes me melt.even through a photo, i can see how much she loved her kids…

  41. such sweet details – william sucking his thumb, her facial expression is very subtle but you can see the joy, love and contentment.

  42. Her boys are now a testament to her mothering skills in the to few years they shared together.

  43. Great photo. I wonder how she would feel about Kate.

  44. Thank you for posting the photo

    Its amazing how very young Princess Diana was when Prince William was born. The photo captures everything precious about Motherhood and Love.

    I have instant teary eyes.

  45. What a beautiful photo. I can’t wait to be a mama someday!

  46. Aw sweet but I teared up thinking about the boy growing up without his mommy..

  47. oh, this broke my heart. so incredibly sweet yet so sad to know that one day they’d be torn apart.

  48. I’m not a mother…maybe one day!
    I’m guessing it’s a really hard job….but imagine it with the eyes of the world on you! Yikes!

    She was so beautiful…..x

  49. Anonymous says...

    Me, too. She seemed like such a devoted mother.

  50. Beyond precious. A vision in stripes! :)

  51. Beautiful AND heartbreaking. Can you even imagine holding this precious little person, your supreme love, only to kill yourself with wonder that he will “rule” an entire conglomerate of nations one day? I wonder if Diana ever thought like that. Yowza.

  52. Why did I just tear up? I just can’t imagine not seeing my son grow up – it’s my ultimate fear.

    Phew….but very lovely!

    Sarah (TwoBlueLemons.com)

  53. I always feel kind of sad looking at young photos of celebrities and other famous people . . . sort of like, “If you’d known what was coming, you would have done things differently?” But I guess she would have done exactly what she’s doing in this photo. :/

  54. me too. She has lot’s of lovely pictures with her kids. William was such a cute baby boy…

  55. Oh my gosh. It’s just perfect. It’s almost a tangible feeling. Thanks for this one.

  56. I’m holding my little boy in my arms right now. I know exactly how Diana feels, the look of sweet serenity on her face says it all!

  57. This photo melts my heart. It’s beautiful:) Happy Monday. xo

  58. So sweet. Now that I have a little boy of my own, I get it so much.