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  2. Canada Goose
    Canada Goose (also known as Canada Goose Jakker Clothing Outfitters) is a Canadian manufacturer and retailer of cold weather outerwear. The company was founded in 1957 by Sam Tick, under the name Metro Sportswear Ltd.

  3. This is hilarious…and surprisingly comforting when you need a little laugh.

  4. Anonymous says...

    That’s hysterical! You might also like Shoulder Buddies. They are a little like the troll dolls that just hang out on your shoulder. On game night with friends the winner or the loser wears the Shoulder buddy the rest of the night & it always becomes like another guest at the party.

  5. First of all, I love your blog. Second, what a great find. Hilarious.

  6. You WOULD like these wee men; they’re sporting beards! :-)

  7. I saw those on etsy yesterday! I actually thought about buying one but changed my mind last minute!

  8. bah cute! this reminds me of a little pet rock i had as a kid. i painted a face on it and kept it in an empty matchbox.

  9. Creepy but cute! Christmas gift for my besties, perhaps?

  10. hah! love randomness!

  11. Haha very funny and random. I wonder if you can make pocket pets. Kind of like the rock pets we used to make as kids. Mine would be a pug ;)

    BTW I’m starting a new series this month. You should stop by and take a look. =)

    – Sarah

  12. LOL their expressions look more disproving than supportive LOL

  13. I love that you tagged this under Relationships, haha.

  14. Hilarious & random for sure – would be so funny to stumble across, say on a random window ledge or something. Kind of like the girl that sews messages into used clothes! Heard about her?

  15. Ha! This is hilarious.

  16. ha ha, those make me laugh! random things like those make a place fun.
    my fiance and i found a tiny plastic pirate in our first apt together, so we’ve brought him with us to every place since. right now he is sitting above the door frame in our kitchen :)

  17. would be super funny to paint your own and create a pocket family! hmmm… might have to make the pocket hanson family x

  18. Haha I love it!!! I need a Manfriend

  19. haha so bizarre but i love it.

  20. How do you find these quirky things haha?!

  21. Hahah..so funny. I love the one with glasses:) I have a squishy Barbamama keychain that I carry everywhere with me. Happy Friday, Joanna:)

  22. Haha, adorable. That’s about the only boyfriend I need right now ;)

  23. i just love how RANDOM they are. so funny to me for some reason.

  24. the top one kinda looks like your hubby!

  25. These little guys are hilarious! Kind of like the idea of having a miniature friend who (in your imagination) tells you exactly what you need to hear whenever you need to hear it.


  26. The bottom one looks like Jesus…I can imagine someone taking it out and pondering ‘What would Jesus do?’ ;)