Pinhole Press holiday collection

Pinhole Press, my friends’ company (and one of my beloved sponsors), just launched their new holiday collection, with holiday cards and holiday gifts. Even though it’s only October, I’m already excited to choose family photos and play around with ideas. See their full collection here.

P.S. My mom still displays a photo calendar that my sister made her a whopping twelve years ago. I think she might deserve a new one. :)

  1. I love pinhole press and their products but unfortunately their website is not user friendly (doesn’t save photos for future use) and lacks ability to manipulate items (cannot add or subtract pages from books). Once they get that sorted out I will be their biggest fan.

  2. Oh my goodness! This is a beyond brilliant idea! I’m going to make one for my mother-in-law! I just love how it’s functional and wonderful to look at at the same time…Thank you for bringing this into my life!

    Maria xx

  3. This is such a great idea! My mother will love this.

  4. Anonymous says...

    What fun! Cannot wait for Christmas

  5. I love Pinhole Press and send all my clients to them. Their style is so clean, timeless and modern. I personally use their hanging wall calendar and love it every month! :)

  6. Anonymous says...

    Such great ideas! I’m going to try to start early this year on the present planning.

  7. Like this idea to..we used to have this as a permanet christmas gift to my lovely parent when the kids were small..I guess its time to make a nother one…they have grown ;)
    //a lot of inspiration as always /Marie

  8. Great idea, wonderful! Come and visit my blog, and if you like it, follow me, I’ll be waiting for you!

    Cosa mi metto???

  9. A very good idea for Christmas Gifts. I visited Pinhole Press, and they are really incredible, I’m happy because they also have the option for pet lovers like me. Oh, and your son, Toby, really adorable. I’m seriously!


  10. Ack! Holiday collections already?! I need to get movin’! I love these photo calendars. One year for Valentine’s Day, I made my husband a photo calendar of our cat. For December, I put her in a gift bag, for October, I put her on a pumpkin, etc. We still have it!

  11. I LOVE me a beautiful vertical calendar. For some reason, normal calendars look so boxy and ugly to me. This is NOT. LOVE IT! Thanks for the great idea!


  12. Anonymous says...

    I am still wanting (but such a procrastinator!) to make one of those soft photo books. These things look great, too.

  13. Anonymous says...

    I love these ideas! Also, the New Year’s card on the website.

  14. my husband and i always give each of our parents a family calendar for christmas. they know it’s coming, but always brings tears to their eyes. such a personal gift – that keeps on giving.

    xx, teri

  15. Pretty! I got married last summer and this would be a great excuse to print off more pictures of my wedding.

  16. I love their calendars. Great gift idea! And good to know that the paper quality is so high. I love a nice textured paper.
    p.s. That picture of Toby is seriously cute.

  17. I love personal photo calendars and they make wonderful gifts for parents and in-laws (especially NEXT Christmas after our wee-one arrives).

  18. Love these! I’m definitely ordering my Christmas cards from them this year.

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  20. i NEED one of these calendars!! BEAUTIFUL!

  21. oh my goodness, i so want your family calendar, is that wrong? i’m in love with the january photo :)

  22. thanks to you we just used pinhole press to make a photo album for my grandmothers 90th- it was a huge hit- her best present! so we will be using them again for lots of christmas presents!!!

  23. Anonymous says...

    You just solved my gift giving for this year!

  24. For my mom’s 50th birthday a few years ago, i had a calendar of family photos made for her….wish i had known about pinhole! :)

  25. Yes, I love that calendar that Lucy made! Photo calendars are so much fun to look at each day.

  26. Anonymous says...

    These look super nice! I think personalized gifts are the best – especially if they last all year.

  27. i love their items! so classic! jenna

  28. Laurie H says...

    Love this but I have to say the picture of Toby in that hat kills me every time I see it! Seriously, it makes me happy.

  29. I made similar calendars for some family a few years ago, and they were a hit! My relatives actually still display the old calendars, too, just for the pictures

  30. The paper quality of the Pinhole Press products is FANTASTIC.

    It’s a shame you can’t feel it on the computer screen. Someone needs to develop that technology. ;)

  31. a great idea! (oh my gosh, christmas coming so fast!) that picture of your parents is fantastic, you look so much like your mum! super beautiful :) x

  32. Alex says...

    I love these. Those Pinhole Press books of our wedding and our trip to England this summer are something I look at probably once a week.

  33. i’ve made my parents and my inlaws photo calendars every year since we had babies. I use pictures from every month of the previous year for the corresponding month on the calendar. it’s fun to see how much the kids change over time, from month to month, or from one year ago. =) and they both have photo albums for all years (7) of my kids’ lives!

  34. I’m planning my first Pinhole Press purchase!

  35. I have loved everything you’ve posted of Pinhole press. It’s such a simple and lovely idea to make photo gifts but they’ve taken it to a whole new level of sophistication with their beautiful, simple, clean and well designed gifts. I’m still thinking about that simple light wood framed Toby photo. These calendars seem like the perfect functional gift to fit into a thoughtful decor. Especially the thoughtful decor of a nana or grandma…

  36. PS that is so sweet that your mom has a 12 year old calendar!

  37. i love all the things you have made through pinhole press! i want to send out their “JOY” holiday cards this year.

  38. Now is the time to get planning! I can’t believe it is already Oct 4th — These look lovely!

  39. totally. they’re really fun to make, i’m kind of addicted.

  40. Beautiful! This is a perfect idea for stocking stuffers for my parents.