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  2. such a great designs, I really love it, looks amazing, thank you so much for sharing with us,Totally giving the Little Red Riding Hood poster to a friend for Christmas……

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  4. hey joanna! i’m totally loving ‘the three little pigs’ for ace. as always, check out a cup of jo on the gold hat! :)


  5. awesome!!

    love these photos! totally cute!

  6. Wow, I love these. They are so neat. And it’s fun to try to think of which fairytale they are prior to reading.

  7. These are the coolest! Not as big on the Princess and the Pea one, but the Red Riding Hood poster is awesome :)
    May need to get some of these for the peanut I nanny for!

  8. The Princess And The Pea is my favorite, too. They’re all cool!

  9. Anonymous says...

    The princess and the pea is genius!

  10. These are great! Thanks for sharing.

  11. These are absolutely great. Would make for great decor in a hipster baby room.

  12. These are so great! I would love to have these in a library or study room. The Red Riding Hood one is my favorite!

  13. SO RAD!

    I love the princess and the pea one.

  14. Very rad. It may be minimal but the amount of creativity you need to create one… incredible talent.

  15. I’m going to start saving for these for my classroom.

  16. I found these the other day! So awesome!

  17. oh goodness, i really really really love these… am getting a few immediately for my girls’ room :)

  18. Wow, I really love these, although I wonder whether a kid would feel the same way. I think a child might find them boring, but who knows?

  19. I saw these on happiness-project. So great.


  20. These are fabulous! My favourite is also The Princess and the Pea. The Ugly Duckling might be runner up…but then, it’s so hard to choose.

  21. Love these!


  22. Totally giving the Little Red Riding Hood poster to a friend for Christmas. These are absolutely delightful. =)

  23. Love this! I love decorating non-kid rooms in house like the kitchen or family room with children-inspired art and, well, even toys. This is a great piece to do that with!

    xo, Anna of (green gable)

  24. Love the Little Red Riding Hood! The paw makes it!!

  25. aieee! i love them all!

  26. I love them and would definitely like to have at least 2-3 of them !
    Snow White and the Princess and the Pea I think.
    Have a good week ! besitos ~

  27. VERY minimalist. Love these but also adore the original old old older than dirt (like me) covers of the past.

  28. I love the Little Red Riding Hood one! The paw is kind of creepy!

  29. the princess and the pea is brilliant!! my favorite, too.

  30. Love these! Do you know how often I use The Princess and the Pea as a reference and people have NO CLUE what I am talking about. I guess it is one fairy tale that hasn’t been glamorized by Disney so everyone forgets..sigh! I think these would make a great Christmas present for my niece. Thanks for sharing!!

    ♥ Shia

  31. i love the simplicity and cleverness of these designs. the rest in the series are fab, too, esp. “alice in wonderland” – funny how the cheshire cat’s smile is so recognizable )

  32. I love these!! Makes me want to read some classic fairytales again! :)

  33. GORGEOUS posters! Other than the Mary Poppins one they’re all fantastic!

  34. The style kinda reminds me of the Paris vs. New York blog (which I think I likewise heard about from you:).

  35. These are awesome! I love them all! Jennifer:)

  36. WOW!I loooove these!

    Thanks for posting!

  37. I love these modern takes on classic stories. Great design and perfect for a little girls room I think!

  38. Anonymous says...

    These are very cool.

  39. love these posters! did you see “the hazards of fairyland” article in the weekend Wall Street Journal? it’s such an interesting read on the magical mysteries of childhood. totally recommend it!

  40. Love the minimalism of these. Saying it all with very little.

  41. Oh, I love these! Thanks for sharing!!!

  42. I do love them but not for children. I think they’re for us:) xo

  43. definitely princess and the pea is my favorite too!
    you have such a lovely blog…i just started one last week and have tuns still to learn!!!!

  44. I love these. Anything minimal like this I love.


  45. Very fun. They’re reminiscent of recent Criterion covers.

  46. Adorable! And very well done.

  47. Oh boy..they are brilliant! I love the Mary Poppins one! Hope you had a great weekend, Joanna.

  48. Ah! I love these! I want to get the Snow White for the playroom. Very apropos, since P is a teacher.

    P.S. I wonder what Hansel and Gretel would look like. I imagine just a string of crumbs.

  49. So simple, so amazing!!!
    Simple things are the hardest to achieve.
    keep it simple keep it stupid

  50. The posters are so amazing..I didn’t see the wolf’s paw until I read what you wrote at the bottom. Cool.

  51. Aw, these minimalist posters are amazing. I love The Ugly Duckling, and Mary Poppins posters.

  52. Those are incredible. The colors on the Princess and the Pea poster are perfect for a fall moodboard. And I love the wolf’s claw peeking out from behind a tree in the Little Red Riding Hood poster. Great find!

  53. My favourite is Mary Poppins!

    Abigail – I like the thought that it’s all in the duckling’s head!

  54. Wow, you’re right. Too cool!

  55. I love these. A beautiful creative twist on these classics.
    Much love,

  56. I LOVE these!
    Rapunzel and Snow White are so cute!
    I love how they’re minimal and have pretty bold colours!

  57. ooh I love these, so graphic. They really capture the essence of each fairy tail while making them a bit mysterious like a mod-movie poster.

    I think the ugly duckling is my favorite, there is nothing really “wrong” with the duck, he just has his head down- like it’s all in his head. nice message.


    akak tiptoethrough.blogspot.com