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  2. Jo – the photo is by Gionatta Xerra, Domus, July-August 2007.

    ps – sorry for the delay, i had to hunt for that edition in the house ;p

  3. gasp! this is ammmazing

  4. gorgeous room! I love this art as it pops from the all white room!


  5. OhI love this. I love maps but never thought of displaying one in such a dramatic manner.

  6. Love this…and so smart…especially your comment!

  7. My favorite part of Italy, the island of Sardegna (which is not a small island by any means) isn’t there! Sad.

  8. Anonymous says...

    Joanna, I love it, and you made the same observation as old saw:

    Austria felt a little bit Hungary,
    Dipped a bit of Turkey in a bit of Greece.
    And long-legged Italy kicked poor Sicily
    Into the Mediterranean Sea.


  9. Anonymous says...

    This is SO cool!

  10. Very clever indeed. Genius idea. Why I never thought of this?

  11. that is clever! way cute.

  12. Very nice! there is mo more art work needed, when you have got this on the wall:)

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  14. This is such a creative idea! I would love to do this for a place that is really meaningful…like where I go on my honeymoon!

  15. oh this is such a good idea! love how it looks.

  16. How clever? VERY! I love it.

  17. Ooh, I like this a lot. This would make a really good gift for someone on a smaller scale (or large as long as you knew them well enough to give them something that takes up a whole wall!).

  18. Great Idea! But sardinia is lost and also a bit of Veneto and Trentino…

  19. This is such a great idea! I have been racking my brain trying to think of a unique idea to decorate our very tall, very dark stairwell wall. A framed vertical map or even a framed vertical collage of some sort would look snazzy. Thank you for sharing!

  20. As my background is Italian, I’m feeling like i NEED to have this in my home. What a unique idea, I just love it.

    xoxo Jessica @ http://www.mystylevita.com

  21. Anonymous says...


  22. Hee heeee! Brilliant.

  23. i LOVE this idea!!! my dad was born & raised in Germany… i wonder if doing this to a map of germany would be as cool? maybe if i found a bunch of different size frames it would turn out. ummmmm….
    thanks for the inspiration!

    xo- vanessa


  24. cable arms, that would be awesome, thank you!!!!

  25. Awesome idea!!! I’ve been standing and staring at my living room wall for the past 5 minutes thinking about how to pull of something like this at home. ;)

    Love it!!



  26. Looks fantastic. I love maps – and have quite a large selection of globes!

  27. Hi Jo -this was taken from Domus magazine. We have it at home, and I can check the photographer if you want me to :D

  28. So clever! I love it.

  29. Ahh this is a brilliant idea! I studied abroad in Italy… I need to do this : )

  30. The boot of Italy kicked Sicily all the way into the Mediterranean Sea. Spain felt Hungary, took a bite of Turkey, on a plate of China, all covered up in Greece. < We used to recite this in school! :D Plus, LOVE the idea for a map in parts!

  31. my husband loves maps and Italy has a dear place in our hearts – what fabulous idea! Thanks for sharing.

  32. Great idea!!! The possibilities are endless!

  33. Rachael, soon!!! we’re going to take some photos next weekend, so i’ll post about it in early november :) jenny is the best.

  34. Italy, outside (or inside) the box! Fantastic.

  35. love it
    want it
    i wonder how big your wall would need to be to get everything-the world?

  36. love this idea, thought of doing something similar with old black and white movie stills, just don’t have the wall space.

  37. um kinda like it but maybe the blk borders are throwing me off. maybe it would look better with no borders. clever idea though

  38. Love this idea, I’d love to do this with my home state of MA!

  39. This is such a great idea!

  40. W l’Italia!
    Però è inaccettabile che manchi la Sardegna!

  41. so smart. Like it! :-)

  42. This is awesome!! Such a neat idea!!

  43. One of my best friends live in Italy, and I think she would absolutely love this! Is is the American in us to want to have maps and heritage all around us?

  44. I may have to steal this idea. My man and I are going to Italy next summer– this is such a fun way to display our adventure.

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  46. ..but where is Sardinia??

  47. Anonymous says...

    I love maps as decoration!

  48. Poor Sicilia…it’s always gettin’ kicked behind the sofa. This is great, though.

  49. This is totally brilliant and oh-so unique:) Love! Have a great day, Joanna.

  50. I love this! Just think of how many different countries or states you could do this with. :)