Airplane Survival

Have a happy fall weekend.

What are you up to this weekend? I’m excited for a sunny weekend; we’re taking Toby pumpkin picking and on a bike ride to Brooklyn. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun posts from around the web…

Recognize these guys?

nautical bracelet.

Cheese vs. fonts: Can you tell them apart?

How to order in an Italian restaurant.

What a brilliant idea.

Wonderful sentiment for a little girl.

Gorgeous 1940’s wedding dress.

26 affordable hotels around the world (with an enticing slideshow).

A lovely new blog all about color.

French wine glasses.

For avocado lovers.

Would you go jogging here?

A beehive!!!

This nail polish is sprinkled with gold dust.

Plus, a pretty song for you. xoxo
(Photo credits unknown, via Wit & Delight)

  1. You blog is very cool. Luv it!

  2. I love the pic of the puppy. Super cute. Your blog is great. Well done.

  3. 1957, Canada Goose was born. Canada Goose Founded by Sam Tick, the company operated under the name of “Metro Sportswear”.

  4. Hehe – I have that same doggy picture in my Pinterest board. What a little love ball!! Happy weekend (belated) to you as well. Hope it was grand!

    Kristina Gulino
    Something 2 Write About

  5. Anonymous says...

    Does anyone know the breed of this cute puppy??

  6. I just love that last picture :)

  7. When are you going to get a puppy already? That puppy is so cute.

  8. Trey

    Hi Annie,,Yes very cute Dog,, i want to have one :)

  9. Cute dog. :)

  10. every time i go into nordstrom or beauty brands, i always sneak over to put a little of deborah lippman’s Boom Boom Pow onto one of my nails. it’s the perfect amount of gold! sephora makes one that is very similar for less $ but it can’t quite compare.

  11. Hope you had a great one :)

  12. Hola, hermosas fotos!!!
    Saludos desde Buenos Aires.


  13. Pretty dogie;)

  14. I love youyr blog!! kisses from spain. TOñi

  15. HA!!… i love that puppy picture!!
    *yes.. thats really all I wanted to say*

  16. Love the pup – looks like a baby Golden.

    Also love the wine glasses.


  17. Is that your puppy? How full of energy and excitement is he! Enjoy the pumpkin kicking – that’s not a sport we play here in Australia!

  18. I have the puppy shot, too! It is just the epitome of pure bliss, isn’t it??
    Happy weekend,
    xo isa

  19. Lovely fall images! Enjoy the rest of the gorgeous weekend, Kellie xx

  20. What an absolutely gorgeous photo of that dog!!

  21. Anonymous says...

    Hello. I’m sitting at home on a Saturday night with my 15 year old cat, because he has cancer and is dying. I clicked on the song and it was perfect. You won’t ever know how much it meant. Thank you. Alex.

  22. ahh, your weekend sounds much better than mine. I’m stuck at work all weekend selling cupcakes to the masses of chicago :)

  23. I would go jogging there, definitely! That is just gorgeous. And thanks for the song, on of my favorites! Have a great weekend Joanna!

  24. charlotte, i’ll post about our bike seat on monday, we love it! :)

  25. well, just got here and fell inlove with this blog
    have a beautiful day:)

    omg the dog is SO cute!

  26. Anonymous says...

    Love the cheese vs font – I got a lot wrong!

  27. Thanks for the link, lovely. xx

  28. @Joanna oh I thought it was the original one so I posted it in the comment:) sometimes it can be very difficult to find the original credit in the era of pintrest, piccsy etc :). the top picture is adorable!

    happy weekend to you all!

  29. That sounds like a fun weekend…. Out of interest how do you take Toby on the bike? What seat do you use? I can’t wait to take Louis on my bike but as soon as I mention it to friends and family they freak out talking me it’s too dangerous. We’re in london… Would be good to know what you thought… Cxo

  30. oh my word. my fear of heights would NEVER allow me go jogging there. it makes me panic just looking at the photo!

  31. Cheese or font is too difficult for me haha But it’s fun!

  32. Happiness is a warm (romping, playful, and adorable) puppy!
    Have a great weekend!

  33. oh, maggie, i wish! that was one the tumblrs that posted it, but not the original source. thanks for the comment!

  34. ps- and how can you look at that puppy and not smile?! so adorable! i’m wondering when you are going to surprise us? ;)

  35. Anonymous says...

    Nautical bracelet. Very nice.

  36. Anonymous says...

    that wedding dress is stunning!

  37. Anonymous says...

    I just love that bottom photo – don’t know why – maybe from my past. :)

  38. love the color blog! i think i’ve found my 2012 calendar just in time. thanks joanna :)

  39. CUTE puppy photo!!! Love the Color Issue!

  40. The 52×52 idea could work with my Days of Deeds project. I’m on Day 153! You can see all my good deeds on my blog if you feel so inclined to stop by…

  41. Nathalie España says...

    Hi Joanna!
    Always find warmth in here, thanks for the cute post, love the song! And really into autumm mood! :)



  42. All of these are so worth commenting on(the little girl sentiment and the puppy picture….aaawww), but the Italian pronunciation one cracked me up. I grew up in an Italian family and my grandparents would have been so irritated to hear me STILL mispronounce a couple of these. Embarrassing. And the cheese vs. font… hilarious (I only managed to get about 4 of them right- three of which were guesses!)
    Thanks for the work distraction! Have a wonderful weekend.

  43. The beehive mama deserves a trophy for that creativity!

  44. love this photo! makes me smile:) Happy Friday!!


  45. Thanks Joanna!!!!

  46. Thanks for the love Joanna:) I love that George Harrison song too. So peaceful, right? Have a great weekend!

  47. Julianne Thompson says...

    Have you tried the avocado keeper? I definitely need one if it really works!

  48. This is my dream dog. Can’t wait to get one! Have a dreamy weekend!

  49. That Rosabelle gown is gorgeous, although perhaps a bit unforgiving (I have super bony hips that I think would jut out of the dress).

  50. that dog photo is wonderful !

    i’ll be a couch potato with my doggies if im not working :)

  51. Anonymous says...

    Happy Friday! I love your blog. It makes me so happy to read these Friday collections. Have a great weekend, and keep up the fabulous work you do!

  52. I LOVE those French wine glasses and that puppy is melting my heart! cute! Have a great weekend, Joanna. Kisses

  53. that dog is just so cute ((maybe even worth puppynapping :) jk))

    husband and i are taking dear neice (3) and nephew (6) to the pumpkin patch and ALCS baseball is on. its gonna be a good weekend! Go Rangers!!

    Have a good one!

  54. goodness not only is that puppy picture adorable, but this cheese or font game is so much fun. Have a nice weekend :)

  55. That photo of the puppy is too stinkin cute! Happy weekend!