1. Anonymous says...

    yes I am in the elbow patch-favoring camp! buy one for your boyfriend, too! the men’s version:


    (third picture is the best, I think)

  2. Hello! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after browsing through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Anyways, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back frequently!

    Elbow pads

  3. lovelovelovelovelove the elbow patches on sweaters!

  4. oh i love these! i don’t have any tho :
    just found you and i’m your newest fan jo! :)
    xo, mem

  5. First thing on my Christmas wishlist…

  6. I love them!
    I have one of those from Massito Dutti and it’s so fun to wear!

  7. Normally I’m not a huge fan of elbow patches for me, but I LOVE the two sweaters used on the picture for the blog post! Anyone know where those can be found? I’d buy them immediately!

  8. Urban Outfitters has a REALLY cute version right now too… I just bought the navy blue

  9. Thank you Joanna, I appreciate the mention :)

  10. I LOVE elbow patches – especially on blazers! I’m wearing an H&M cardi from last fall with patches on it today, actually. They just feel like fall!

  11. i.love.this.trend. so cozy!

  12. LOVEelbow pathes ALWAYS ,twist the item.


  13. Such a great idea! I had a grey sweater with elbow patches just like this in elementary school. Flashback!

  14. I love this. I just bought a striped sweater from Hetterson with elbow patches. I am obsessed with it and want to wear it everyday!

  15. BL says...

    This is the second time that I mentioned a particular fashion obsession of mine only to see it on your blog within 24 hours – first women wearing men’s watches, and now elbow pads on sweaters. I guess your blog has affected my sense of style!

  16. I love elbow patches! I have been on the search for some new sweaters so thanks so much for this!

  17. so perfect!

  18. Hello,
    I am a brazilian blogger, and i love your blog.
    Visit me…i will be happy,
    A kiss
    Paula Kasas

  19. Ah! Alterations Needed just had a post on a jacket with elbow pads! It must be the new “in” thing.

  20. Anonymous says...

    Ah, elbow patches, I love you.

  21. Ah, how cute! I may need to make some….


  22. Anonymous says...

    I love these elbow patches. I am on the hunt…

  23. Great post. come and check out mine.


  24. I just bought a stripey jumper from Zara the other day with elbow patches! its pretty much the best! :) x

  25. It was a rainy day today so seeing this just fit the mood! I love elbow patches:)

  26. Maybe I’ll try the how to make your own tutorial. I live in Japan right now and I haven’t really seen this around anywhere.

  27. Anonymous says...

    These look so cosy!

  28. I just love the sweater weather. Happy Autumn Joanna!

  29. so cute, i’ve always love elbow patches, so glad sweater season is finally here!

  30. I ♥ elbow patches! They remind me of my dad, who had suede elbow patches on his awesome 1970’s plaid suit jacket when he married my mom. :)

  31. I love this trend!

  32. I love this post! I just got my little 2 year old girl a sweater from Zara with elbow patches. it’s to die for!

  33. Use ultrasuede to make your own – it’s washable!

  34. I’m kind of obsessed with elbow patches this fall…thank you for the links! BTW, no script error for me…

  35. oh my i love it! makes me want to add my own to jackets. so chic!

  36. I heart elbow patches! My favourite sweater from H&M has them and I got so excited when I saw them! (I didn’t realize it had elbow patches until after I bought the sweater)

  37. I love elbow patches! I have been all about them in my own style this fall!
    Much love,

  38. I like elbow patches on blazers, but I’m never as sure about them on sweaters.

    Oh, and I’m also seeing the “script error” message that pdl describes.

  39. Don’t know if I could DIY one and make it look ok but I sure do love the elbow patch!

  40. I’m wearing mine today! Yay fall!

  41. I am loving elbow patches right now. H&M has some great affordable tweed one’s with really cute lining.

    Thanks also for the DIY. I have been wanting to add them to a gorgeous mustard sweater that was my husband’s grandmother’s.

  42. now I want to sew elbow patches on everything!

  43. i also really enjoy a good elbow patch!

  44. oh i love elbo patches!! grampa sweaters are so amazing!! :)

  45. In spanish they are called “coderas” and “rodilleras” for pants.
    Elbow patches! i like them…

  46. I’m a university lecturer – think I need some!

  47. These sweaters look so comfy, I want!!!!

  48. displaced floridian–i thought the same thing!! the smell of cigar smoke:)

  49. A says...

    I was eyeing up a few pieces with elbow patches but then I saw loads of other people wearing the same thing. I’m thinking I might just add my own patches to make it more unique.

  50. Anonymous says...

    love sweat-shop-made-in-china-for-a-splurge jcrew shite

  51. look at those mad photoshop skills. *high five* :)

  52. I never liked these patches till this year. I saw one on Pinterest with sparkles… I am so going to do that this year. Can you imagina a swarovski crystal patch on a sweater.. How cool that is?


  53. Love ’em!! I really should try making my own : )

  54. I have them on my Zara cardigan – channelling a geography teacher circa 1976!

  55. I love it! Thanks for sharing with us! ;o)

  56. Anonymous says...

    I have been receiving the script error as well while viewing the blog with the latest version of Mozilla Firefox :(

    Love the blog though, thanks for sharing!

  57. I love elbow patches!!!

  58. Not a fan. I like my sweaters clean. :)

    By the way, the past few days I’ve been visiting your blog, it momentarily freezes because it syas some scripts are running. The one that popped up today was: “http://s.skimresources.com/js/21100X790906.skimlinks.js:25”

    I say stop script to get back to your blog and then it’s fine. But just wanted to let you know in case there is something you can do on your end.

  59. My man always goes on about elbow patches whenever he has holes in his jumpers. I decline to attach them always!

    Obviously they’re fine for me :)

  60. i love them!! there is something so cozy and familiar about the sweaters. as though i am wearing my granddaddy’s sweater. i can smell the crisp air… but also a cigar.

  61. Brooklyn Industries actually has a pretty dope sweater with patches (for guys), this season. Normally I’m not into the patches, but their take was a bit less collegiate than I feel like the patches normally are.

  62. I’ll have to stop by JCrew and check these out! I love elbow patches, they remind me of being a little kid!

  63. I do experience the “script error” too :-( what’s wrong Joanna?

  64. Spotted a cardigan with elbow patches at H&M! I knew I’d regret not buying it…I sure do right now.

  65. What’s not to love about elbow patches? It reminds me my childwood…
    But I guess I’ll have to wait a little bit more to wear them these year. In Lisbon we are having a late late summer, with 34ºC today and temperatures around 30ºC for the next 10 to 15 days… The beaches are full and we’re still wearing summer dresses, sleeveless tops and shorts!!!

  66. I’m curious where the idea/necessity for the elbow patch originated. I like the way they soften my elbow when i’m hunched over a table with a good book. They also come in handy during an impromptu yoga arm stand. Also, I hope I’m wearing an elbow patch sweater when the zombies come. It will make military style crawling under cars a lot easier.

  67. I love elbow patches because it’s a tad bit androgynous, but not too much that you look frumpy… like you borrowed your boyfriends sweater or something = )


  68. I love this and I’m definitely going to try and make my own on a sweater I have. Thanks for sharing!

  69. I love the attention to detail. It turns a simple sweater into something special… Great post Joanna!

  70. Elbow patches just scream “hello, fall!” Love them! I agree, they seem to cozy up and outfit, but I had never thought of them as really useful (covering up holes!) Interesting!

  71. Meep! Uber cute. I totally want to make my own!

  72. coZy witha capital ‘Z’ – gorgeous!!

  73. I love elbow patches and had a jacket with the most wonderful patches…now that I know how to make my own (thank you for sharing!) I can think of lots of fun ahead of me this fall!

  74. i always think mr rodgers when i see elbow patches for some reason.

    they are adorably cute and fun though! and really make autumn feel more real.

  75. oh, nicole, be still my heart–those are so pretty!

  76. I remember this post;) Very cute and good job blogshop classmate!

  77. omg, erica, i just realized — is that what elbow patches are for? so you can won’t get holes in your sweaters, or so that you can cover up holes? i always thought they were for extra warmth, but it’s not like you ever think, “hmmm, my elbows are really cold today…” :) haha

  78. Yep, I love this trend for fall.

    Have you seen these sweaters? (file under “splurge”)

    The lookbook is worth checking out, while you’re there. xo.

  79. I have patched more sweaters and pants than I can count on both hands. I guess that’s what happens when your husband and son have sharp elbows and knees! Suede patches are the longest wearing, but I also like to re-purpose old sweaters.

  80. I think they might be the best clothing accessory in Autumn!

  81. Adorable! Also, I keep getting a weird “script error” message when I log on to this blog (just for the last few days). I’ve never gotten it before, and it doesn’t seem to be happening with any other sites I’ve visited. I have no idea if this matters (it just slows down my computer for a minute and then I choose “stop script” and everything’s fine). But for the purposes of site upkeep I thought I’d put it out there.

    Anyway- this is my favorite blog in the Fall. Love the cozy factor. :)

  82. Today I’m wearing the elbow-patched sweater that I made last spring! I bought a super on-sale grey wool J.Crew men’s sweater and altered it down to fit me, then sewed on the patches. I dreamed about wearing it all summer, it’s so great that it’s finally cool enough for layers now!

  83. They totally do! I just got a cute sweater with elbow patches from zara:) Happy Tuesday, Joanna.

  84. ps. not sure of the photo credits, so please let me know if you know, thank you!! xoxo