1. This is a great treat for children this coming Halloween! Brownies packed in colorful wraps a good alternative over traditional sweet candies that contain more sugar and less nutrition. However, make sure to remind the kids to drink lots of water and to brush their teeth, especially after enjoying some treats.

    Randal Cole

  2. I want to try the one in the second photo; it is like a combination of different sweets packed in a piece of chocolate brownie. =) I bet it’ll be more satisfying if it’s paired with cold fruit shake. Hmm, but I think anyone that’s going to eat sweets should never forget to take care of their teeth afterwards. After all, if you don’t take care of your oral health, you might not be able to enjoy such treats in the future.

    Calandra Janocha

  3. You should have told Alex about this Break or Break. Err, I am so craving for those brownies!

  4. HHhhmm, yummy yummy yummy! I also have a sweet tooth, that’s why I get so weak whenever I see scrumptious treats like this! Looks like I’m going to the pastry shop again! ;]

  5. I always start by saying something like that every week, if you love ice cream like I do, then the sweet tooth of the right place. I’m just in love with this place … the name fits the place, “greedy” and yes I have a weakness for sweets all the sweet things of life … When it comes to ice cream people still refer to all other Baskins & ice cream world, but im in love with the mud pie and ice cream saloon Black Forest is a good company mmmmm.

  6. looks DELICIOUS!! yum :)

  7. I made those mini peanut butter and chocolate cupcakes. Delicious!!

  8. oh my goodness. thank you for sharing.

  9. the cottage market–i actually was JUST looking through Baked Explorations the other day, it looks a-maz-ing!

  10. Melania says...

    I can not resist ,I love the chocolate!!!!
    But once a week you can eat,What do you think???

  11. OMG.. new site to add to the blog roll. thank you!

  12. my mouth started watering immediately! Those brownies look scrumdiddalyumptous!

  13. Omg that brownie looks so deliciously calorie filled! Yum!

  14. I made the salted fudge brownies during Hurricane Irene weekend. They were incredible! And worth it! I’ve been craving them ever since….

  15. these look gorgeous! I just made brownies recently too – had to do it!

  16. I used to do this on my lunch breaks during Ramadan. you could imagine what this meant.

  17. Nadia says...

    How do you manage to eat such deliciousness and remain so thin?

  18. i feel ya. i need that peanut butter thing. now.

  19. i do that all the time, as soon as i tell myself i’m going to be eating nothing but healthy foods the cravings come. these all look delish!

  20. Those look so yummy! Just remember.. Splenda bakes cup for cup just like sugar and tastes about the same! Compromising with your cravings makes any fail into a win!

    A Sweet Release

  21. I decided to stop eating sweets and gluten-based carbs about a week ago. I do feel much better, but all I can think about is pastries. Suger + bread = my heaven.

  22. april, thank you for the tip! and hida, haha, i’m afraid so :)

  23. oh my god, are you trying to kill us? You’re not the only one looking to lose a pound or two. I liertally just ate my way through new york the entire month of august, and now that I’m back home I’m trying to be so good. But you’re not helping!


  24. I have an especially hard time eating healthy because I am nursing…therefore S.T.A.R.V.I.N.G. the majority of the day! And this…looks like something from my dreams ;)
    Smoking Crayolas Blogspot

  25. That looks amazing…I can never resist chocolate!!! :)

  26. Is your goal to bring the rest of us down with you?! Bc its working ;)

  27. Anonymous says...

    you should eat a banana and peanut butter as a snack – yummy and healthy!!

  28. LOL I did that to myself just recently. Declared that I was going to be good and then I stupidly started looking at websites and cookbooks. Self-sabotage!

  29. Oh. My. Stars! I have a new food blog obsession. Thanks!

  30. “Foiled!” – you’re so cute! My grandma loved that expression and so do I. PS: I thought of you when I did today’s post last night. I don’t know why, I just felt like it was right up your alley. I was up late waiting for the “early morning launch” of the Target Missoni sale. Such a colossal FAIL! xx

  31. Ohhhhhh! Now how could anybody think healthy while looking at that?!!…Thinking ‘Milk’ I understand!! LOL

  32. Are you kidding me….I must have that second one, no the first, no! the second…….ugh. Yum.

  33. Don’t resist! It looks delicious.

  34. Oh YUM. I’m am right there with you… When I have a free moment I love looking at all the sweets – Irresistible!!!

  35. I’m too lazy this week to cook any of these, but the Duane Reade next to my office now sells Fat Witch. Lucky me!

  36. I always start each week saying something similar and then, come Tuesday morning I’m all, “I want ALL OF THE COOKIES!!!”

  37. April says...

    Have you tried Heidi’s (101cookbooks.com) blackbean brownies!? They are delish and healthy!

  38. Any time you say “I’m only going to eat…” it’s a losing battle. Knowing you can’t have a treat is killer! Besides, what’s life without a little chocolate?

  39. Those look delicious! I’ll have to bookmark that site. In southern California we’re only getting the faintest glimmerings of fall (it was over 100 less than a week ago), but I’m starting to get baking urges.

  40. nooo!!! i’m on a “healthy kick attempt” as well! ahh, this looks so, so, so tempting!!

  41. I have the same thing! Here is a website I’ve been looking at lately, the food doesn’t look too hard to make!They are healthy (and vegan/gluten free) desserts and other meals, I get hungry just reading her blog! (sounds like an advertisement but really, I love her blog!)


  42. I know the feeling… the worst part is I just discovered a tiramisu only bakery on Christopher and Hudson… being pregnant I should steer clear of tiramisu… but of course it is all I want right now (that and tomatoes with salt, strange).

  43. Isn’t that always how it goes?! I’m not shopping for a year and now it seems like the cutest clothes in the world keep finding a way to get under my nose. Stay strong!!

  44. in my opinion the internet makes it so hard to stay on a diet or eat healthy. all the pictures of yummy food!

  45. I’m not sure if the one in the second picture is chocolate and peanut butter chips or choclate and butterscotch chips, but either way I want it in my belly. ;-)

  46. Yum…those photos look so delicious. I baked a chocolate chunk oatmeal cookie bread this morning and it’s almost all gone. Have a sweet day, Joanna:)

  47. ooh elizabeth good to know. that photo is totally irresistible.

  48. Now I want a brownie!!!

    ♥ Shia

  49. I signed up to run the race for the cure this weekend and I spent most of yesterday eating M&M’s. : (

  50. Yummy!!

  51. wow. I am trying to eat better, and right now that has all flown out the door.. or window.. or nearest exit!

  52. the pics look so yummy!!!!

  53. Elizabeth says...

    Mmm I’ve made the brownie peanut butter cup things. They are incredible. Do it.

  54. oh my. i HAVE to make the 2nd one NOW!!

  55. oh.my.goodness. that looks delicious!

  56. omg, this is like food porn!

  57. It’s true that it looks too too good Hmmm

  58. exactly, how can anyone resist? certainly not me. ;)

  59. haha, in response to dancing branflake’s comment, if I went by that philosophy, i might NEED A cheesecake everyday :)

  60. that second photo looks amazing! I love food photography… makes you feel like your cheating on your diet when you’re really not!


  61. My sweet tooth always gets stronger I swear when I am actively trying to not eat it. And that brownie with sea salt on it – yum, has my mouth watering!
    Much love,

  62. I have such a sweet tooth, and I love baking, so that doesn’t help anything :) Those photos look so delicious.

  63. I say go for it! It’s all about intuitive eating, right? I am definitely an advocate of listening to your needs and fulfilling them. Well, wants and needs always have a blurry line.

  64. oh they look so incredible…don’t look through baked explorations! lol!!!! i am going to lok up some raw recipes right now — there is a new raw vegan restaurant in NYC and the creations are just incredible! off to take a look! thanks : )

  65. :) Yummy! Today I have sweats’ day – M&Ms are on the table the whole day :)

  66. paula, good point, ha! and ashlae, going to look some up right now xo

  67. You can make desserts that are health foods – raw dessert recipes taste great and are great for you! :) YOU CAN DO IT!

  68. Wow! Just wow! I wish I would have had either of these instead of my breakfast :)

  69. I’ll have to show the link to our Fashionista daughter who is a baking fanatic…much to the delight of all of our tastebuds in the family :)

  70. ahh, you had me at salted fudge! looks like the sweet pink velvet cupcake in my kitchen will be my breakfast this morning. yum! :)


  71. Yum!! I tell my husband this at least once a month, it always ends in a baking extravaganza :)

  72. Mmmm… Chocolate IS good for you! I think I would be trekking over to the Fat Witch Bakery for a yummy treat if I were you!

  73. OMG OMG OMG !!!!

  74. I wouldn’t make it one day!! :)

  75. Ha! It’s only Tuesday!