Star projector

Picture this: Your crush invites you over for dinner, and, when you arrive, you’re greeted with a glass of wine, Sigur Ros on the iPod, and this star projector. How amazing would that be?

I’d love it for quiet married nights at home, too. Would be a fun way to eat burritos and watch Curb your Enthusiasm, haha.

  1. says...

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  2. Silvia Freitas says...

    Where can I buy it? I live in Miami, is there a store that sells it here?

  3. Joanna, when you posted this blog post, I bought that star projector the very same day. I gave it to my boyfriend for Christmas 2011 because he loves stars and building things. This item combines both! We ended up putting it together on Valentine’s Day earlier this year. It does take some care and consideration to follow the instructions correctly, but the projector really does work. So cool! :)

    • Amber says...

      Sorry I’m so late on the star projector train but I’m planning a tent wedding and I was wondering how far it projects? Would it shine bright enough to show up in a tent? If so I’m totally ordering one!!!

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  6. Anonymous says...

    I bought one for my husband for our 6 month anniversary. Its amazing! A little sketchy to put together, the directions don’t match the actual pieces included, but it works and looks fantastic. Also, the company seems a little uncertain about the shipping, so be patient even if you order the fast shipping.

  7. OMG WANT!!!
    I added it to my Xmas wishlist!

  8. woopee! i just ordered one. thanks! i’ll let you you know if it works.

  9. This is amazing, I love it! :) Might have to purchase for next date night with my bf.

  10. i want this please! it gives cozy nights in a whole other meaning.

  11. I actually just purchased it thanks to you. So excited to sit under the stars all cuddled up with my hubby in the AC…it’s still in the 90s here LOL.

  12. I’m married…. but had a guy done that for a date… i would have loved it!

  13. THAT is amazing. Officially the first Christmas present for my husband this year!! he will freak! <3

  14. This would be the perfection companion to some take out & an episode of The Big Bang Theory. I must show this to my boyfriend!

    How much fun would it be to connect the dots of constellations?!

    Heather @ Find That Warm Fuzzy Feeling

  15. I guess that is a very romantic scenario, but the first thing I thought of was how awesome it would be to have something like this for my dorm room. Ah well…college.

  16. haha yess finally a way to make Larry David seem romantic :)

  17. Anonymous says...

    Love it and love Sigurrós.

  18. found the same one on amazon with free shipping for $14. hello, impulse buy!

  19. oh my gossshhh i love this! i’m putting it on my wishlist..

  20. i think you have perfectly captured the difference between dating life and married life! although we still do put sigur ros (or thievery corporation, more likely) on the ipod and drink wine. sometimes. but then it’s usually followed with curb, or bored to death, or something equally as comfortable. and you know what? i like that just fine. :)

  21. This is rocking my world right now!

  22. This is going on my birthday/Christmas wish list!

  23. oh my goodness! had this bookmarked, but then forgot all about it — isn’t it spectacularly romantic? like having your very own milky way . . .


  24. that’d be just magical :)

  25. You just described the most amazing night. I want one of those!

  26. My friends and I already like to sit in the dark and drink wine/listen to Sigur Ros- looks like we need to get ourselves a star projector!

  27. Bow chicka wow wow, comes to mind, if I entered someones house with this on.

  28. maybe a dumb question, but why does it say DIY? you don’t have to make it do you…?

  29. I just bought this…although I found one on Amazon for about $6..I was going to buy from the website you have linked but it ships from HongKong and I’m not sure how I feel about that haha, so I went with the safety assurance of Amazon…just a heads up if anyong else is planning on ordering this!

  30. Jo, you have the best date ideas! Totally doing this. :)

  31. Oh, this is lovely! My husband bought us a home planetarium for our bedroom. I love looking at the stars every night as I fall asleep.

  32. Ross and Rachel !!!!

  33. After a couple glasses of wine could get a little interesting!! I would so have this in my house! Beats sticker stars on the ceiling which I just asked my hubster the other night if I could put up!

  34. This is genius!! How lovely.

  35. I am def going to get this!

    i love it- it’s like the upgraded version of having those plastic neon glow in the dark stars on your celing (which I totally did)

  36. hey this is the coolest thing i have ever seen! i think it would make.. everything better.. doing the dishes? heck yeah!

  37. Anonymous says...

    So romantic.

  38. this is completely amazing :) i love laying outside watching the stars with my kiddos in the summer. now we can pitch a little tent in the living room + starwatch in comfort during winter.

    + yes, so romantic for a date too!

  39. holy crap I love this!

  40. i want one! since i dont own a tv maybe this could be something fun to eat dinner watching? or watching my baby boy watch it? it’s so pretty!
    Smoking Crayolas Blogspot

  41. that’s so funny, i thought about the movie Adam as well (referring to the first comment)- i saw it a few weeks ago and it was too cute. kinda slow and weird, but definetly worth watching & i looooveee the star projector!!


  42. So amazing!

    PS that’s exactly what I’m doing tonight minus the cool star thingy. It would be way cooler with stars.

  43. do want.

  44. This scenario is really, really appealing to me!!! Oh wow. Wonderful blog and inspiring/amazing photo/post.
    Tori xx

  45. How amazing! And perfect for setting the mood.

  46. I will be purchasing one of these ASAP. Great find! Thanks for sharing. :)

  47. My boyfriend and I have a similar Star Machine and it’s magical! It’s always such a hit during parties.

  48. I know what I want for Christmas! Or baby’s first Christmas gift. Love stars!

  49. Wow, so beautiful! That reminds me of the disco light I had as a kid. I would turn off all my lights, turn on my disco light, and just sit and watch the circle colors of light revolve around my room!

    -Meredith (

  50. Wow, I love this!!

  51. that’s so magical :) and such a reasonable price!

  52. Oh goodness I want one!! Or 100. They would also be really cool for taking photographs of your friends.

  53. we have this one on a timer in our bedroom, so we fall asleep every night to green stars and a softly glowing milky way (which is adjustible!). We buy a new one every couple years, it’s the perfect nightlight.

  54. and dancingbranflake, that is adorable.

  55. yeah, and it’s only $22!!! :) (anonymous, so funny about your cat)

  56. LOL @ the cat comment…i can see my cats going crazy over this. :)

  57. I am buying that right now for my husband for Christmas! He’s always disappointed with the stars around Chicago. Too much light pollution. He will love this! I’m so glad you posted this.

  58. this is so AWESOME. putting it on my wishlist. thank you for sharing! and yes, that would be an incredible date night!

  59. Well, my crush did invite me over to watch the stars (he was an astronomy physics major). When we later married he then put up glow in the dark stars on our ceiling to map out all our favorite constellations. We’d have a look at the stars every night.

  60. Like your beloved one can present you with the stars!! Amazing! (I’d definitely feel weak on my knees..)

  61. Oh my goodness…magical. And love that you mentioned Curb Your Enthusiasm, because clearly I wouldn’t be dating/married/interested in the guy if he didn’t have an affinity for Larry David. You think I’m joking. ;)

  62. I bet Toby would love it!!! Think how magical it would be for a little mind. I think I might need one of these :)

  63. Om my gosh, I am in love :D

  64. Anonymous says...

    I have one of these, and I tell you, no one enjoys it more than insane cat. It kind of puts him in a trance.

  65. Omg, that is amazing! In December I’m traveling to Jordan, and I’m going camping with the bedouines. I’ll get to see the sky, in the middle of the desert, with zero light polution. I’ve never been so excited for something in my life!

  66. I can’t believe how reasonably priced that is! Good find, thank you for sharing.

  67. Haha burritos, that’s funny. I’d love one of these. I’ve been trying to find a good one that would go in my baby’s nursery. But they are all either lame, or too expensive for a nursery.

    – Sarah

  68. I’ve been wanting a star projector for such a long time. It wasn’t until yesterday when I was browsing Pinterest that I found a store that sells them:

    It sets such a romantic tone in your home. I would absolutely melt if a guy did this for me :)

  69. That would be an amazing date!

  70. Sweet! Yeah, my son has the Twilight Turtle and I’m always thinking we should borrow it one evening – blue stars on the ceiling, mugs of hot chocolate, warm blankets, perfect!

  71. I used to have one of these as a nightlight! Fun fun!

  72. gosh..this one’s making me go gaga

  73. i want this! beautiful!!!

  74. I got this on Ebay a couple years ago for next to nothing and my hubby and I love it! It really is very romantic- and I think about that FRIENDS episode too! We’ve fallen asleep with it on a few times though and have had to replace the bulb lol but its worth it.

  75. It would be very amazing, indeed. I want one!!!

  76. my nephew has a turtle toy that has a mini star projector in it! but i like this one for adults! very cool.

  77. Christy says...

    Awesome! Would go well with the galaxy nails:)

  78. the other amazing thing about this is that it will show you the REAL constellations!

    “align it according to your location and the time of the year, so it can project a map of the clear night’s sky all around you.”

  79. This is so beautiful!

    And it reminds me of the ep of Friends when Ross and Rachel had their first date and ended up at the planetarium because Ross was called into work

  80. Anonymous says...

    I’ve always wanted to make love under the stars but doing it outside in the dark freaks me out (bugs) so this would be a good alternative. I love love LOVE the price. Thanks Joanna.

  81. no way, kelcie, i haven’t sen it but am going to check it out now :)

  82. OMG that would be lovely..and Curb your Enthusiasm is hilarious. Balazs and I can’t stop laughing at larry david:) xo

  83. This Star Projector reminds me of one of my favorite movies! If you haven’t seen the movie Adam yet, you should check it out! It’s wonderful and he has a star projector in his living room!