On relationships

My sweets, I LOVE doing Motherhood Mondays and talking openly about all things parenthood. Thank you so much for the fascinating discussions and eye-opening comments.

So, I had an idea! I’d like to start a new series: Relationship Thursdays. (Is there a catchier name?:) I keep thinking of relationship-y things that I’d love to discuss, but so far, there hasn’t really been a place on the blog for that. So, now, we can talk in honest and fun ways about everything from first dates and break-ups to weddings and spouses, as well as other relationships, like those with friends, parents and siblings.

What do you think? I’m excited. Let me know if you have anything in particular that you’d want to talk about! xoxoxo
(Top photo by Corey Arnold; bottom photo of the sweet Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward)

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  2. Anonymous says...

    please post something about gifts for your partner! i’m sure everyone would enjoy that and could use a little inspiration! xx

  3. Relationships are definitely on my mind quite often. I think a post about helping friends/siblings through a breakup would be interesting. As an older sister I have been through a couple and I feel like I am the one being broken up with sometimes. Anyway, I’d love to hear your thoughts (as well as others) about what they do to cheer their friends up and what words help the most in a situation like that.

  4. Ooo, I love this idea! I really miss your Glamour posts on relationships. I visit your last post on the site every once in awhile to give me some hope. (You guessed it, I am single! haha) Yes, you, Ryan Dodge and Erin Meanley were my favorite things on all of the interwebs for those couple of years. So thank you!

  5. LOVE the idea. Please do some divorce tips for young divorcees! I would appreciate it! Love the pics too

  6. Anne says...

    Great! Just don’t forget how much your gay readers (am I the only one?) love the use of the word “partner” whenever possible!

  7. Anonymous says...

    Love the idea! i personaly love girly gossip :P so i will look forward to Relationship thrusdays!

  8. i love this idea. partly because i am a massive commitmentphobe and it would be lovely to find some advice on how to get past that, is that relationshipy?

  9. I would love a post on how to make friends when out of school! I love my family and my boyfriend, but it would be nice to have a couple girlfriends to hang out with every few weeks.

  10. Anonymous says...

    Hey Jo! I’m hailing all the way from Singapore – a tiny island in Southeast Asia. And I’m a fan of your blog. and yes Relationship Thursdays does seem like a great idea. Give us new insights to things like balancing love life and a career, long distance relationships, the sacrifices and the rewards of being in a strong rship. Cheers.

  11. vi says...

    I’ve been with someone for about two months although i had a crush on him for almost half a year. Everything went off so well and all of a sudden he ended the rela and told me we are not fit for each other. I’ve been having dreams about him *at least once a week … dreaming about scenes like he saying break up or jsut some very ordinary dating scenes… we are friends no more but i jsut can’t stop thinking about him and this is really frustrating….

  12. What a fun idea- Can’t wait :)

  13. Love this idea. I have just started dating the elusive “romantic man.” At first it really scared me off and I backed away. Then I injured my neck, he showed up at my parents house where I was re cooperating, (which btw was 2 hours away from his place) with a care package for me. It included, chocolate, tea, coffee beans, vitamins, a magic bag, lottery tickets, a photoshop magazine, cough drops, vitamin water annnd home made zucchini soup! I think I could get used to this whole romance thing. I am curious to know if there are many other women out there that are at first thrown off by romance?

  14. Great idea!

    I’d like to hear about how everyone keeps the spark alive in a longterm relationship. And also not sure if this is the most appropriate forum but why is it that sex becomes more infrequent the longer you are in a relationship when it was once so exciting! Is it just me?!

    Maria xx

  15. Anonymous says...

    I really like this idea, I find that people these days are too conservative about things that are most important. It would also be good to plan for more fun romance adventures just in time for the weekend!

    How about…

    Think Romance Thursday?

    Shelley Yokota

  16. What about “Thistly Thursday” …relationships are prickly little things…with a beautiful flower on top, of course :)

  17. What about Thurs-dates? haha :)

    But I love the idea!


  18. If it hasn’t been mentioned:
    1. How they knew, or the moment/catalyst that made them realise that person was IT

    2. He’s Just Not That Into You- it changed my life and I think it’s spot on, thoughts?

    3. Cliches! The older I get the more I realise all the cliches about love and relationships are there for a reason!

    Speaking of relationships, you’ll LOVE this proposal

  19. Ashley says...

    This sounds great! I enjoy reading the Motherhood Monday posts, but since I am not yet a mother it’s not quite as personal to me. However, I just got engaged and would love to hear more about real relationships.

  20. Miss Becca says...

    Joanna – I am late to reply but I did want to add my two cents as well. I am not a mother, but find your “Motherhood Monday’s’ fascinating. I will really look forward to Thursdays. I second Amelia’s “Love Actually” for a title, but I also thought of “Shared Cuppa” for a descriptive name. As for topics, I am probably older than most of your reader (almost 50) and have been with my husband for over 20 years, but I still have much to learn about how to be a better partner and also some things to share from my experiences.

  21. I am excited for this!!! Just a few days ago my boyfriend (for the first time in our over a year) said that I kept him on “short leash” and he couldn’t stand it! Wow, did that hurt my feelings! I feel like that’s on the list of “really rude things to say to your partner” don’t you?! Looking forward to the new topic!

  22. Anonymous says...

    I love this idea, especially because it gives time to plan for the weekend! How about..

    Think Romance Thursday…?

  23. I love this idea! I’m a young woman in my early 20’s, currently experiencing my first significant relationship. It would be wonderful to read the insights of women of all ages and all experiences!

  24. Great idea! I love your Motherhood Monday posts, although I’m years away from that point in my life, I file them away for that time.

    Carrying on with the alliteration, you could do “totally together Thursday’s” “together Thursday’s” cheezy. ;)

  25. I love your incite on everything else so I’d love to hear about relationships! yeees

  26. Love this idea! There are a few things that would interest me personally, I don’t know about everyone else but…

    I’m a year into my first serious relationship and it’s amazing – but i’m really scared of things getting boring; not from him of course, but i’m worried that for some reason i’ll turn into a boring 80 year old in the next five years, haha. Sounds crazy, right?

    and also, dealing your other halves exes…. tricky, no?

  27. Maybe I’m saying something that’s already been said, but there are too many comments for me to read them all right now. I just wanted to say it’s a great idea (now I know this has been said already)! I kinda like having some ‘regular days'(I’m sorry, I can’t think of the proper word right now): I’ve always loved the weekly round ups and I love motherhood Monday, so bring it on, relationship Thursday! :)

  28. I didn’t read all 191 comments (!) but my first thought was Thursdays Together and then you’re not limiting the content to just relationships within a couple- it can include friendships and communities too.

  29. erica b, says...

    i like!!

  30. looking forward to read it! how about ‘room for romance’? so you can post it any day. after all, relationship and romance do not only happen on Thursdays. well, just a thought:)

  31. ooh sounds like a great idea! I’ve been with my american man for 4 years now, and last night we came to Sweden (where i’m from) for the 4th time!

  32. Anonymous says...

    Tête-à-tête Thursdays?

  33. Anonymous says...

    I’m dying for a good “Where to Meet Men If You Don’t Like Wearing Push-Up Bras In Bars” guide.

    My mother told me I need to find a guy who does fly fishing. Not helpful.

    Should I sign up for cooking classes? Co-ed book clubs? I need help!

  34. Yes! Thank you so much for this idea. I recently moved to a new city, and I’m having a hard time meeting people, especially of the male persuasion. I would love insight into how to break into the singles scene in a new city or online dating.

  35. Anonymous says...

    Could you do a post on extremely shy guys?? I would love to hear your opinion of how to tell if their interested, and what kind of life partner they would be? Thanks

  36. good idea. I love your writing but I do tend to skim the really baby/motherhood focused posts because they are just not where I am at in life. It’d be great to see more about relationships in general.

    I love dissecting all things relationship. and also, singledom.

  37. I sometimes go through tough times in my relationship, and wonder if other couples have them too. Some people seem so effortlessly happy, and we on the other hand have to continually work and put effort into being happy together. It feels like a very private topic, and it is not easy to bring it up with friends.

  38. Not sure if this title works but I always used to joke with my co-workers that Thursday was “Tell it like it is Thursday”….we loved it. Lots of fun on that day:)

  39. It would be great to see some chatting about healthy untraditional relationships. My husband and I are married plan to stay married have a family but aren’t romantically involved. People always look at us and think “poor people” but in all honesty we’re as happy as can be this way, our relationship just works. I would love to see if there’s others out there with untraditional relationships that are not caused by “situations” like divorce but by choice. That are happy and have lives full of love.

  40. I would love this, as I do for most of the topics on your blog! I would love to hear how others have dealt with a divorce…not the happiest subject, I know, but I am recently divorced (I filed it), but now I am pining for my ex…it’s so sad and depressing, because he has already moved on. I’m at a loss and wondering if I made the right decision? I need help!haha

  41. Anonymous says...

    I think this is an amazing idea. I’m always trying to think of ways to understand what it means to be married… can we ever know? And then, the endless idea of romance…. I LOVE it!! And I love your blog, after reading your ‘birth story’ a few months back, I decided that I too could get pregnant!! And here I am! 6 weeks in! Anyway, what an amazing community of people there are surrounding your blog, i feel like you’re my friend! (my only motherhood friend so far!) So, thank you! and YES to relationship thursdays! XO

  42. such a great idea. I am looking forward to this series.

  43. Very nice idea! I just started following your blog and I’m sure it’s going to be as cool as everything I’ve ready so far. You have me hooked already, now you’re just reeling me in!

  44. That would be lovely wouldn’t it? Like having a cup of coffee with your bestie and chatting up the beau.

    I just watched Crazy Stupid Love and thought it made some really good points about relationships, so this train of thought is right where I’m at today

  45. Yes! A brilliant idea- I love the Monday posts because they’re so enlightening even though I don’t have kids! So this would be gold.

    One thing I’d like to see views on- involvement and opinions from your family and friends on choosing a partner? Something I’m trying to get my head around at the moment and have no clue what to feel or think. It all brings to mind a reality show here in the uk a while ago where a family panel vetted and set up their hitherto-unlucky-in-love daughters with the guy they thought was right, to…interesting results.

    Anyway looking forward!

  46. Anonymous says...

    girl talk! huzzah huzzah! (happy:)

  47. great idea! I feel like whenever you do have those posts, they’re are always wise and insightful. As a 22 yr old I find your advice super helpful. So yes please! Continue on with your fantastic blog.


  48. This is a great idea! I would love to know the secret behind finding “the one”. Honestly, how do you know?

  49. I love the idea! Not everyone has been a mother but you definitely have a wide group of ladies who have been in relationships. Thanks for including us not-yet-moms!

  50. Joanna, I’d love to see a post on sibling relationships and how they change (if at all) as you grow into adulthood. If there were any roles (the Quiet One; the Adventurous One) or an older/bossy vs. younger/adoring dynamic, for example, how does that change as each sibling comes into her or his own as an adult? Were there any growing pains when sibling didn’t do what was “expected” of them?

  51. Fab idea!! Motherhood Monday’s are my favorite days!

    Name ideas:

    Sociable Thursday
    Two or More
    You and Me
    Me Plus You
    Thursdays Together

  52. iman says...

    Thursdate? sorta cheesey i know :o)

  53. Yes, please! I’d like to talk about how to take a friendship to the next level and when to do so (if at all).

  54. I write about relationships and work in the wedding industry… so I am pretty much obsessed with all things love. I would be very excited to see the topic covered on one of my very favorite blogs. I love learning about other couple’s secrets to success and it’s also great to hear honest perspectives on some of the tough sides of relationships: like the things you squabble about or that one annoying thing that drives you mad! Looking forward to Thursdays!


    i’ve been dating the same (wonderful amazing) boy for two years, but as our relationship has progressed we have gone from long distance, to living together, to kind of sort of planning our futures with the other person in mind? and while i have many lovely friends, none of their relationships are in quite this spot, and i would love a place to see women from all over weigh in on different topics!

  56. Love it!!!! Can’t wait to follow this. I love Motherhood Mondays and I’m not even a mom yet. I’m bound to love Relationship Thursdays!

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  58. GREAT idea!

  59. I absolutely love this idea.
    And your motherhood mondays are awesome and all I have is a husband and a dog. I take every piece of advice. Thank you!
    Suze @

  60. Anonymous says...


    I love the idea (and the blog in general ).

    I wonder about the issue of children and what happens when one of you wants them (me) and one is not sure (him)…how long is too long to wait around for him to decide (to change his mind?). Both of us are in our late (him) to early-mid (me) thirties so it’s not like time is on our side :-)


  61. Anonymous says...

    I’d like to explore the reasons why good people (men mostly) turn into evil jerks during and after the end of a marriage, (divorce or dissolution) when their ex treats them with dignity, respect, and very good terms.

  62. I’m excited! I love your motherhood monday posts even though I’m nowhere near becoming a mom. ps. Cute photo of Paul and Joanne.

  63. love it! (i, too, loved your “smitten” columns for glamour magazine, but heck, i’ll read whatever you write!)

    i would love it if the topics weren’t only about relationships and those in them, but ventured out to dating, etc, once in awhile. i’m 25, almost 26, single but trying to date, and it’s hard sometimes in a big city like LA. i’d love to be able to read and share and gossip :)

  64. this is a great idea! next month is my 7-year anniversary and there’s no itch whatsoever. it’s crazy how so many people we meet ask us how we keep the love alive and our marriage so fun and fresh….and I don’t know if it’s any one thing, conscious or not. but it would be great to have a dialogue about this and the infinite other relationship issues. we laugh bc we’ve been together so long (ten years since our first date!) that no one was really even texting when we met! nevermind facebook, twitter, and apps for everything…no text messages! wowsa. looking forward to it!

  65. Anonymous says...

    I would like to talk about attraction specifically being attracted to someone other than your husband/partner. It is very normal to be attracted to others and I don’t think there is enough of a discussion about how this impacts all of us.

  66. Anonymous says...

    I love this idea and I’m so looking forward to Thursdays now!

    I’m in an amazing relationship with a man who I literally moved across the country for a few months ago. We spent the first year of our relationship apart; he was on the west coast and I was on the east coast. So I transferred to a different grad school and we’ve never been happier.

    Now he’s applying to school and wants to move south. I still have a couple years left here, meaning we will more than likely be apart again. I’m really interested in hearing about other couples who make it work despite whatever they have going on in their own lives. Advice, stories, anything.