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  5. will you be getting a prototype anytime soon? i like the images, but i’d really like to see a live pic before i pre-order.
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  6. You look gorgeous! Me and my gold loan buyer thinks that whichever you might wear was just fine and it fits you. Thanks for sharing your blog! Have a nice day!

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  9. this is one of the trends today on luxury watches…as far as I remember my girlfriend is calling it as a “boyfriend watch” something…I don’t know if you heard it guys before..

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  11. I think the mens watch on her looks great. Watches are always a great accessory to have on you. They are stylish and they always serve a purpose on keeping track of time.

  12. nice nice nice : )

  13. why not :D
    i love how when a girl tries on guys’ wear it looks cool but when a guy wears a ladies’ thing then uh-uh ://// lol ;)


  14. When it comes to mens watches my dad’s first pick is Rolex or Timex maybe because of it’s durability and quality.