1. veronica, haha, yes, he is my all-time celebrity crush. elizabeth, thank you!! i would love to have a tumblr but sadly no time:) i am on pinterest, though :)

  2. Alex says...

    I may be a dude, but I’m going to take that picture of Jean Seberg next time I go to the barber and tell him, “I want this.”

  3. Joanna, do you have a tumblr? I think the photos you would post would be such a lovely collection!

  4. You must love Mick Jagger! Does he keep popping up all over the place on this blog, or is it just me?

  5. I love the guy with the trumpet! So cool!

  6. wow these are really great shots.
    Louis is my all time fav person!

  7. i’m loving the louis armstrong pic… thanks for sharing this site, it’s awesome!

  8. Pure coolness. :)

    You aswell have slot of pure coolness.

    Really enjoy your blog here from Sweden. :) I just found you.

    I liked your reflections about kids sleeping outside in strollers here in the northern part of Europe. My three girls slept outside from day one when we came home. In cold winter times I put newspappers for isolation under the fur “bag” they slept in. They have been very healthy.

    Thanks again for your inspiration in coolness. I will pass it on here in the north.

    Best regards.

  9. Jean Seberg looks amazing. I love that photo of her. Have a great afternoon, Joanna.

  10. Love the pictures – love Mick.
    Much love,

  11. those photos are awesome…makes me want to listen to some rolling stones!

  12. Seriously cool! I wish I was around to experience the prime of those days.

  13. so cool. do you look at allthingsstylish.tumblr.com ?

    great site!


  14. Le sigh… music is my boyfriend! Speaking of Mick, I’m reading Keith Richards biography right now, Life, and it is epic. The perfect read for any rock’n’roll lover.

  15. The girl looks really pretty, I agree :) Nice pictures.


  16. the girl in the last photo is jean seberg from breathless; she looks so tomboyishly sexy. xo

  17. Oh man, every photo is just so epic. I always think that Bruce Springsteen was the epitome of cool back in his prime.

  18. Just checked it out- very interesting, thanks for the heads up!And, yes, Mick – he epitomizes cool. I have a total girl crush on Bianca Jagger as well.