First day of fall

Did this summer fly by? I mean, seriously, I blinked once in June and here we are. Today is the first day of autumn, which, luckily, is an amazing season, too. Looking forward to crisp evenings, rosy cheeks, the smell of bonfires and turtleneck sweaters.

What are you looking forward to most this fall? xo

Update: Apparently the first day of fall this year is September 23rd. Oops! Keep wearing shorts and flip flops for two more days!

(Illustration credit unknown, anyone know?)

  1. LOl oops is right how funny.
    Well it doesnt feel liek fall here in Az where the temp is a high of 105. But I am certainly looking forward to the new smells and sounds of the season in NYC when I move in Nov.
    Any suggestions of shoes??

  2. I love Fall! It’s definitely my favorite season! :)

  3. Brandy says...

    Actually, the 23rd is the first day of autumn. It’s always my birthday and because of it I sit between Virgo & Libra!

  4. ha, halloween costumes for toddlers–i love that, too! :)

  5. I love the leaves changing colors. they already started on top of the mountains! also looking forward to hot chocolate, pumpkin treats, and Boots!!! Love my boots.

  6. Anonymous says...

    Blimey autumn really came round quickly this year mind you in London we didn’t really have a summer. Still some lovely crisp,sunny days kicking through the leaves will be nice.

    J xx

  7. Anonymous says...

    I love the fall! Just went shopping and saw all the adorable Carter’s Halloween costumes for toddlers. I love pumpkin and apple pie, Halloween and the leaves turning color. Bring it on!

  8. Already have a bonfire lined up to go to this weekend. I just adore fall. Sweaters, apple picking, hot apple cider and snuggling with my hubby.

  9. I was driving today and thought “I wonder when the first day of fall is” now I don’t have to look it up :) Thanks!

  10. cute oops! yes, the season changes are based on the sun, not our calendar, so the dates are usually different every year! I actually celebrate old agrarian holidays like the equinoxes (the fall equinox used to be a kind of Thanksgiving holiday, a long long time ago), and I cannot WAIT to get my friends together (who have been abroad) and have a big dinner party and celebrate the season and our friendship together! =) (truth? I already broke out the pumpkin – I made a homemade pumpkin spice latte on Monday, and on Sunday we made a spicey kabocha squash and coconut milk curry with chilis and scarlet runner beans. YUM.)

  11. I love your opps:) You make me smile, happy fall!

  12. I am not ready for fall! I do love fall sweaters, boots, and scarfs, and hot apple cider, and making things like pumpkin cake and apple bread… but it also means the return of grad school classes (one year to go!) and a really busy season at work. I still haven’t finished my spring cleaning list… and now it’s time to clean the closet again and put away my summer clothes!

  13. I’m looking forward to my fall wardrobe! I love jackets and boots and getting bundled up for those sunny but crisp days of fall =)

  14. I look forward to my fall wardrobe making its way into my closet and packing up my summer ensembles. Fall is also family time for us! Relatives coming in over three months means lots of family get togethers!

  15. I love those colours of autumn but normally I am not into autumn, this season means in The Netherlands: lots and lots of rain. And I don’t like getting wet from head till toe… But those colours are amazing and I love those days when you can sit in your garden, curl up on a chair, sip some tea and read a good book :)


    PS I am going to make autumn muffins for my colleagues this Friday :)

  16. i love autumn! i love anything pumpkin… cheesecake, soy candles, lattes, cupcakes, decorations, etc! i love wearing hats to cover my messy hair and i love layers! I’m longing for my Wisconsin autumn (this southern living is not doing it for me) and hope to live where there are 4 seasons again!

  17. I love autumn too)*,
    your blog is one of my favourite ones…

  18. well, i only have rainy and draught seasons here.and by this time, it’s alrealdy rainy,sip my coffee, drawn in my laptop, and watch the rain from the room window…

  19. Funny, I am excited for Autumn also, but I will gladly take those two more days of summer. It’s 80 in Portland, which is rare!

  20. YES. Summer flew by quicker than a spaceship.
    I’m so looking forward to boots, scarves, layers, and admiring all the tree’s bushy jackets of leaves. Oh my, Fall is my favorite.

  21. I declared it to be fall last week when I visited Boston and the weather turned cool. At least your declaration was closer to the real day :)

    I’m looking forward to pumpkin, apple, root veggie, etc. hot foods. In LA, it’s never really fall, so I need to surround myself with visceral reminders that it exists. Last night I made carrot rosemary soup, and we drank pumpkin beer. It was 85 degrees out.

  22. I love the fall! I’m looking forward to crisp days, leaves changing, everything pumpkin-flavored and halloween!

  23. i am looking forward to salted caramel hot chocolate from starbucks! your blog is fabulous i love how you call everyone darlings and lovelies <3

  24. I thought the same thing too! Wasn’t it always on the 21st?? Anyway, here in Germany, fall has been here for weeks already – tons of leaves and acorns on the ground, a definite chill in the air. Autumn is my favorite for the cozy sweaters, scarves, boots and pumpkin everything (which sadly, we don’t have a lot of over here). That autumn graphic would be really great on a t-shirt. Keep us posted if you find out who’s it is…

  25. I like a lot summer and pre autumn season, where you can still enjoy the sun without too much heat. I like to wear summer clothes with a jacket in the morning. I like going for walks in the countryside and see the colors of autumn

  26. Summer did fly by, but I don’t mind much because fall is by far my favorite season.

  27. Michaela says...

    I love North American ‘Fall’ – beacuse it really does actually FALL! I also love your take on pumpkin which at home would traditionally be a savoury vegetable – roasted or made into soup – but over here it’s very much a sweet thing… Pumpkin pie – oh my!

    PS I’m from New Zealand, Joanna, and we call flip flops “Jandals”! It’s short for Japanese Sandals – although I’m not sure many people would know that!

  28. Olya and Joanna, the first day of fall is called the autumnal equinox. The date is astronomically determined. It refers to the point in time when the sun is directly over the equator (“when the tilt of the Earth’s axis is inclined neither away from nor towards the Sun”, as described on Wikipedia). This event occurs twice per year (once on the first day of spring and once on the first day of fall). I hope that helps. :)

    As for fall, I love everything about the season. I’ve already gone crazy for everything pumpkin, and most of my meals are already soup or chili based. It’s the loveliest season.

  29. happy fall:)

  30. I love the first cold day where you’ve pulled out your warmer jacket, walk outside and feel the cold on your face. I also love pumpkin spiced lattes and seasonal breads. …BTW, what does one wear to a fall wedding? I’m going to a wedding in Chicago mid-October, any advice on colors?

  31. What I always look forward to: boots, sweaters, layering. :)
    It’s not official, but our first day of fall in Atlanta was last Saturday…thank goodness. We had over 50 summer days of 90+ degree weather and the attendant humidity. I am so glad summer’s over!

  32. your correction is soo cute!!! :)

    lovelovelove fall! so glad hubs and i got back to iowa just in time to really celebrate the changing seasons!


  33. Anonymous says...

    With fall comes Halloween! What will Toby be this year?

  34. ned, congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and olya, i know…it’s weird :)

  35. Yes summer flew by! I am so looking forward to changing leaves and jumping on the crunchy ones. I finished decorating my home for fall and now I just need the temperatures to drop!!! Oh a how about homemade breads, pumpkin spice lattes and candy corn overdose. :)

  36. i’m new to your blog and have to say i love it!!!
    fav fall tradition-pumpkin spice EVERYTHING and apple cider…mmmm!

  37. I’m looking forward to my favorite holiday – Halloween! YAY!!!! Pumpkins, ghosts, goblins, skeletons, candy corn, trick or treat, costumes… I love it all!

  38. So… everywhere else in the world the 1st of the month of the new threesome defines the season ( sept 1st is the first day of Autumn , for example ) , how is that US makes it be the 23?! :)

  39. two days early – who cares! It’s the best season around. it can start 2 days early in my book!

  40. I kept hearing the first day was today! I’m definitely looking forward to wearing my boots, leggings and of course pairing it with a long cozy sweater. Oh…and pumpkins and mums too;)

  41. Gah! I thought the 23rd was the first day of fall?!

  42. I just moved away from NY and fall makes me miss central park so much :(

  43. To me fall already started. Day after labor day. Its my favorite season so I like to get to it quick!

  44. ned2478 says...

    I am most excited about becoming a first time Mommy to Twins this fall !!!

  45. I’m starting off the seasons with pumpkin ricotta sage pasta tonight! Can’t wait for pumpkin inspired EVERYTHING!!!

  46. We did the same mistake on my blog ahaha I just dont understand why should Autumn start change almost every year! (as read on wikipedia;)

    … I cant wait for cold season to come .. I’m daydreaming about girls nights in my brend new studio apartment, drinkin Chianti and talking about guys :)

  47. So excited about fall, though I am still savoring these last warm days. Thanks for pointing out that fall starts on the 23rd, I thought it began today as well!!

  48. I love autumn and it colors<3 I don’t even mind if it’s raining. Specially now with my new Hunters;)

  49. Here in San Francisco our “summer” has only just started! After several months of cold and foggy weather, the temperatures are finally in the 70’s and 80’s. So strange/delightful. I am very excited for the fall, though. I just know it’s right around the corner with all its cute outfits and tasty pumpkin treats. Until then, I am enjoying our little two week summer! :)

  50. Totally thought today was the autumnal equinox too! Haha either way I’m looking forward to warm sweaters, hot apple cider, the leaves changing and hiking! This is my favourite time of year!

  51. Autumn in Miami Beach. How exiting!!


  52. Hahaha I love that you were so excited you posted the wrong date. Totally something I would have done. Official or not, I’ve already started my annual pumpkin binge so it’s all good. What’s another 2 days? A technicality!

  53. shannon, a fall feast sounds amaaaaazing. i love love love that idea!

  54. wouterra: hearty Syrian lentil, chard and lemon soup sounds amazing!!

  55. Anonymous says...

    I’ve just noticed, you’d updated your post :)

  56. Ha! I totally thought it was today too! Glad I am not alone.

  57. i’m so excited for boots and tights and sweaters and hot drinks! i can’t wait! love that little leaf drawing too.

  58. Anonymous says...

    Doesn’t the autumn begin on 23rd September? We still have 1,5 day of summer to go! :D

  59. i’m looking forward to my deployed boyfriend coming home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. pumpkin! pumpkin ! pumpkin ! :)

  61. going to our Cabin in Big Bear and apple picking at Rileys Farm.

  62. Collecting conkers with the kids, drinking loads of tea & hot chocolate, lighting candles and to take long walks on a quiet beach!

  63. i’m looking for autumn outfits :) i love the autumn collections most!

  64. My friends and I have a Fall Feast on the Equinox every year, where we bake all sorts of declicious pumpkins breads, drink cider, and eat squash. And of course, we sometimes read fall poems. A giant dorky party, but such a fun way to bring in the new season :)

  65. I have to say that I totally hate cold weather, but since I’ve never been in the States in fall, I guess I’m looking forward to trying pumpkin pie and experiencing Halloween and Thanksgiving … Oh, and Christmas in winter! I’m from Argentina, so it’s summer in December.

    Hope you’re having a fab week! ;D


  66. Fall is my favourite season. I’m totally on board with the pumpkin desserts, especially since I’ll be heading Stateside from England where pumpkin desserts are virtually non-existent. I love the crisp air, halloween and the changing of the leaves.

  67. YES!!! I love Fall. I love the air of Fall, and the pumpkin flavored foods.

  68. The cider mill and Michigan honeycrisp apples!

    Ooh, and I did watch New Girl last night and LOVED it! Lots of LOL’ing. ;)

  69. its here its here! happy fall :)

  70. I am definitely glad it’s finally fall. Looking forward to the cool nights and fun holidays. What a lovely illustration!

  71. I’m Looking forward to foggy early morning bike rides when most of the city is still sleeping. I’m also looking forward to wearing sweaters, the smell of wood smoke piping through chimneys and hearty Syrian lentil, chard and lemon soup (I use James Beard’s recipe this one was adapted from that: Eating Oatmeal with pear for breakfast. And I’d be lying if I didn’t start salivating when I ready pumpkin deserts and apple crisp.

  72. looking forward to my fall wedding!! just 38 days away…

  73. Apple Farms! we live in Northern California and there is a place Called Apple Hill, lots of apple farms where you can go pick apples, get pies and other wonderful fall treats! I cant wait!

  74. homemade bread, not just sandwich bread, but cinnamon raisin swirl or apple pecan. lovely to spend weekends kneeding dough and the moment you take the loaves out of the oven to cool by the window sill…

  75. Looking forward to comfy sweaters, boots, pumpkin, maple, apples and lots of cinnamon and nutmeg. oh and more cuddling lots of cuddling.

  76. Anonymous says...

    Apple cider doughnuts! I know they are available year round, but don’t you think they taste extra delicious in the fall? Especially if bought at a farmer’s market? YUM!

  77. i think autumn doesn’t actually start until the 23rd this year… crazy bc i thought the season changes were always on the 21st! oh well, i’m in pumpkin mode anyway! :)

  78. Apple picking, apple cinnamon scented candles, and lots of homemade soup :)

  79. Happy first day of autumn, Joanna. I am so looking forward to apple pies, hot chocolate and all things pumpkin:) Have a great day.

  80. joanna, i think the first official day of fall is actually friday the 23rd, isn’t it? (i was just googling it for a project of my own!):)

  81. Pumpkins! I absolutely adore going pumpkin picking and then carving them, it’s my favorite thing about fall and a fall tradition for me.

  82. it is already fall in london! we just got back from the park, kicking leaves, jumping in puddles. i am really looking forward to a nice quiet date night in the local pub and a nice pint of bitter. x

  83. Looking forward to the leaves turning. After living in LA for 5 years, there is nothing like coming home to the midwest and seeing all of the beautiful colors of Fall. Not to mention anything with pumpkin in it!