1. I love the trend on others but can’t see myself wearing it. maybe next year i’ll give it another go.

  2. Good lordy, who DOESN’T love an amazing maxi skirt! That outfit is FAB too!

  3. Again, -yes-! I think maxi skirts make casual look elegant.

  4. I think they are ugly and make life difficult for sitting, walking, climbing steps, getting into and out of a vehicle, etc. Been there, done that style decades ago. I wish it would just go away.

  5. I kinda wasn’t expecting maxi skirts to be so on trend come autumn/winter, but it seems like they’re going to be! So maybe it’s time I (finally) get round to buying one :)

  6. see these everywhere– including fashion week– and am convinced that unless you are 6’+, these skirts/dresses are supremely unflattering and cumbersome. i’ll stick to just-above-knee-length A-line!

  7. I just bought a navy blue maxi and I’m so excited to wear it with my knee high boots for autumn!

  8. I absolutely love this skirt! I think the slit adds a nice shape to the maxi skirt!

  9. I finally got brave enough to buy one this week, and I got tons of compliments when I wore it the next day with a tank and cardi!

  10. HA! loved the “legs or cleavage” comment. I totally adore maxi skirts and have been waiting to find the right one…will it have slits up to my thighs? we shall see! Recently Erika P of Urban Grace wore one for a magazine spread…it was gorgeous and is on sale at Anthro right now.

  11. i love them! But it can be a little tricky to find one that fits you well if you’re not super tall and have a big b*tt like mine :( besos!

  12. I have yet to buy one of these, but I love this one from Forever21 that I’ve featured on my blog –



  13. love the maxi. hard to find ones that look good on a shortie like me, but when i do…

  14. Nope, not me. I like my skirts shorter. If I want something covering my legs, I’ll wear pants. :)

  15. I am LOVING these. Need to add some to the wardrobe ASAP!

  16. I’m coveting everything at Madewell lately… including that skirt.

  17. I love how it is office ready when a collared button-up is added up top. I would definitely dare (well, maybe not at the office :)!

  18. I would dare if I was 5’10 and weighed 120 lbs. Otherwise I will look like I am wearing my witch costume a little early.

  19. Love maxi skirts, but I still haven’t found one that I love. I have one maxi dress that I love and even if I’m not a very tall person I like how it fits me.

  20. Well I love the skirt on the model, but being a fairly short person I don’t know if I could pull this look off even though I really like it

  21. I don’t have a skirt, but I do have two dress that I LOVE! Sometimes I layer them, making them appear as skirts. They are so comfy and great!

    I just did a post on high-waisted pants for fall, I’d love for you to stop by!

  22. I have one! And it’s bright coral. I felt a little crazy buying one but I have been getting compliments ever since!

  23. love long skirts but cannot wear the maxi pleated look with the gathered waist…i look like 2 ton tilly that way. Also noticed a few of these in newport vacationing over labor day. do be careful that the hemline is not filthy.

  24. This summer in Tokyo I saw maxi skirts EVERYWHERE! I was surprised how well those tiny Japanese women could pull it off. They frequent key for them was pairing with high, high wedges.

  25. I like the idea, but I have a problem with footwear – flat sandal like shoes seem the best bet, but it’s already pretty chilly here in Seattle. Do you have shoe suggestions to pair with a maxi skirt (or dress!) for real Fall weather?

  26. Yes, I would! I love maxi skirts they are so comfortable and when worn right can be sexy too.

  27. I’d love to dare if I wasn’t about to have a baby. I think I have too much around in hips area even when not preggers.

    Those who are tall and thin look great though! I’m also glad I’m not the only one who thought of the 90’s when seeing these.

  28. I do dare. I wish I had the ones I wore in the 70s, tho.


  29. If you have hips or a tummy they make you look like Mummy…

  30. I don’t think us hippy gals can pull these off. MUCH more flattering on a lady with a straighter shape. I do wish though because they are super sassy.

  31. Oh I love LOVE maxi skirts and dresses. So easy to wear. It’s a great way to be totally comfy and not look like a slob!

  32. Wow, I’m immensely surprised by how many commenters seem to like this trend. I think it looks incredibly outdated and don’t think this is a trend that should be brought back. I like casual maxi dresses for summer, but maxi-skirts for office attire? I think it looks awful.

  33. now’s the time to be packing away summer clothes… except for some of my transitional maxis… i’m never going back… I really love the Christian Siriao line for spring 2012… those are some serious maxis

  34. I would love to dare! I am excited to wear maxi’s for fall with boots and more covered up tops!

  35. They look so pretty with button up shirts, too…very baby friendly :)
    although…i’m only 5’2 so buying those can be tricky because i aaalways have to have them hemmed! boo!
    Smoking Crayolas Blogspot

  36. Em says...

    i have even seen bride’s wearing maxi skirts. They sell a ton of them at BHLDN.

  37. I love the skirt with the slit but I think what makes this look work and not look Amish is the blouse and the awesome leather belt. Very cute!

  38. kaela d. says...

    i’m a short 5’2″ but i LOVE my maxi skirt. the trend really hasn’t hit colorado yet, but i just got back from SF and got an awesome maxi with a cropped top. It’s a nice new trend for those of us who are top heavy AND short. i get to wear it high waisted and totally show off my best features….love.

  39. yes to the maxi skirt, but no to the slit – I had a maxi or two with high slits in high school/college in the 90s and honestly? I feel a little old to be wearing the trend again in the same way that I did when I was in my late teens! (erm – plus, I’m not a string bean anymore!)

  40. I wore a navy blue maxi skirt with a silk sleeveless blouse to a film screening last night and a girlfriend told me that I looked like I was “vacationing in Italy”. Yes Please!

  41. LOVE!

  42. love it, and hope i can pull it off with my bump!

  43. I love the maxi skirts, but I’m not really into the thigh-high slits. I’d be holding the skirt together all day!

  44. Annie says...


  45. i always have a hard time deciding shoes after the summer. but love them for warm weather with sandles

  46. oh man. me and my short little stubby legs are sad about the maxi trend. they only make me look more stubby…maybe my 5’2″ self can find a way to pull them off this fall!

  47. I love it! I bought one this weekend and wore it yesterday and felt wonderfully sexy for being so covered up. The slit is a must!

  48. i love it!!! definitely going to find/make this for myself

  49. at last, i feel so current! i recently started wearing my maxi again, like one in photo, from like 14 years ago!! (it even has the slit, not quite thigh-high but revealing nonetheless:)

  50. don’t. i’m 4ft 10. a maxi skirt will just make me look tiny and fat.

  51. This is such a wonderful trend – I love it! None of my maxi skirts have slits up the side though . . . maybe I’ll have to remedy that, because this one is very pretty.

  52. Anonymous says...

    sexy really? It’s a little to 19 kids and counting for me.

  53. Is it the slits that are new? Because I feel like I’ve seen maxi skirts and maxi dresses for a while now.

  54. ss says...

    my permanently pale legs are VERY much loving this trend!

  55. I love maxi skirts, and the on from VS is soooo sexy. I would love to wear that.

    And I agree, legs OR cleavage. That’s great advice.

    Stop by and say Hi real soon…


  56. I love the idea of a thigh high slit. It’s sort of like a secret weapon. Conservative from one angle, and super sexy from another!

    xo, Anna of [green gable]

  57. Combines modesty of the length with the defiance of the slit. YES. :)

  58. I love this skirt!

  59. I would definitely wear one if I could style it that way. I dislike maxi skirts and dresses when worn with spaghetti straps or without a waist-defining belt, etc.

  60. I love them! I’m eyeing a red one right now.

  61. I would.. why not :) Probably not to work though…

  62. I totally would and this one is so beautiful. Kisses:)

  63. kasia, i’m going to remember “legs or cleavage, never both” — although it’s easy for me since i never have cleavage!

  64. why yes, in fact, i would double dare! I LOVE me some maxi skirts :) and I like this look, so much more professional and fall appropriate than how I’m used to wearing maxis..

  65. Maxi skirts are a “heck yes” – I have the BellaDonna skirt from Madewell and I love it. I’m not so sure about the high slits, but I’d at least give it a whirl. I love wearing my maxi skirts with chambray, fitted tees.

  66. From a girl who hates her legs, Maxi skirts are like a sweet gift from the Heavens. LOVE them!

  67. yes! i wear mine all of the time (:

  68. Love these skirts!! And yes I would dare. Well, with tights.

  69. In Paris, yes I would dare! Legs or cleavage, never both ;)