1. I’m actually VERY into colourful pants/bottoms but I have the tendency to can’t sit still in jeans or anything with pockets on the backside. Anyone else?


  2. Niiiiccceee !

  3. I still have an old pair of bordeaux red jeans in my closet. I still wear them because I like them very much!


  4. Ro says...

    Yes! I have a red pair I got at Isabel Marant sample sale.

  5. I’m definitely on the lookout for a great pair of colored jeans!

  6. I recently bought a pair of red cropped skinny jeans and I love them even more than I expected! Now I’m hoping for some in bright blue…

  7. Ha! I wore my jcrew yellow chinos today. My co-workers always give me a hard time about my loud pants but I point out to them that I’m a born and bred southerner and we LOVE color. In the winter, I’m usually the only purple-y coat on the subway in a sea of black, grey, navy… lol.

  8. A solid YES! I love corduroy for fall and the brightest pair I currently have (three years old now) are orange. Though more “burnt” orange than eye-poppingly bright. I can’t wait to add some more colored pants to the wardrobe this fall. :)

  9. Absolutely! I love the skinny ankle length ones I’ve been seeing from AG and Paige, but this take on the look via chino’s is really laid back/east coast! love it.

    electric fringe

  10. I have never had yellow pants but i love the ones of the photo!
    A touch of colour for coming fall

  11. I am in love with color pants. I have a pair of red skinnys and purple as well… on the hunt for a yellow pair!!! They are perfect for brightening your mood!

  12. I love yellow pants! Its just only 1 way to make this autumn more sunny :-)
    p.s. hello from cold Moscow!

  13. I have coral pink (€5) and wine ones and some red and mustard cropped trousers and its emerald green next!!
    I saw the most amazing skirt yesterday fly by me in Amsterdam – purple with yellow birds on it wish I had the chance to ask the girl where she got it.

  14. oh, sarah, i want to check out Vogue!

  15. yeah, I got some bright greens and I love ’em! x

  16. i really love this.

  17. I have a pair of red pants, and I looove them! Can’t wait to pack up the shorts and sun dresses and put them on :)

  18. Quite simply, YES.

  19. Trish says...

    I think I will pass for me but my 7 year old little boy has some great red skinny jeans that I love on him.

  20. I would wear red pants!

  21. yay! I love it when you do fashion trends!

    I actually have a pair of red wide leg jeans and some pink skinnies – if I find a good pair of green ones, though, I’ll be in heaven!

  22. pink!

  23. Colorful pants I am loving! I have been on the hunt for the perfect pink, blue, and green pants. Pair them with a great sweater and boots and you are good to go!

    I wish I could pull of yellow but it doesnt compliment my very fair skin.


  24. Do! My green jeggings from the gap just arrived in the mail today! So excited to wear them.

  25. I love the emerald green jeans but I can’t find any that are in my price range. The electric blue ones are cute though!

  26. I would so wear them!!I already have red, green and something similar to the color of the brick. Great blog by the way.

  27. yes! i’m seeing pops of color everywhere–especially yellow and red which i definitely will try! i’m guilty of wearing all black once the weather drop below 60, so this pop of color is very a+ !

    ps, http://amandamantes.blogspot.com !

  28. Yes! It will be a much welcomed departure from my usual gray, navy, black fall/winter uniform. I didn’t want to spend $100+ on these, though so I took a pair of J Crew matchstick cords I wasn’t wearing and dyed them goldenrod yellow, they look amazing and only cost $2.99 for the dye!

  29. I am in love with this trend, and I am on the lookout for some chic red jeans. It’s the colour I can’t stay away from.

  30. Eh, don’t. I owned a pair of American Apparel’s colored pants some years back and I remember how hard that trend fell, quickly too! Tight red pants on a petite body that hit just at the ankles sound nice but none other!

  31. Hahaha. Check out my post from yesterday! My OOTD was Wine Colored pants!So, yes, I WOULD wear them!

  32. I just bought some bright red/orange pants and I can’t get enough! Wish I could wear them everyday but they’re a little too noticeable for that :).

  33. I lived in Spain for a year and I swear red jeans are a Spanish staple… every woman (and some men!) had a pair. I love them! Go for it!

  34. I think id do more of the blue, or green! not yellow.. couldnt pull it off as cute as it is

  35. I am all for colored pants this fall! I already have them in red, orange and purple. We all need a little color in our lives.

  36. I recently bought a pair of kelly green jeans and i LOVE them. casual with a nice fun pop. i’m still trying to figure out how to transition to color to fall though..

  37. Love to see fun color for fall!


    Art by Karena

  38. I really want a pair of skinny red pants.. sooo cool!

  39. heck yes! they are awesome. you gotta style them right though.

    I’ve got heidi braids over on my blog.

    and the post below is making me sooooo hungry. good luck with eating healthy.

  40. Yes!! I just picked up a pair of “bright watermelon” skinny jeans from Gap 1969 and received TONS of compliments. They’re totally spunky and on trend, but also wearable. I paired mine with a chambray top with the sleeves rolled up and chunky black platforms.


  41. I think this is one of those items I would buy because it looks so cute on other women. But then they would just sit in my closet as I pull out my same ol’ black ones every day. :)

  42. love this trend and can’t wait to get more items like it!

  43. I try to tell myself I can pull them off…but then I always chicken out lol

  44. I’ll never let go of my license to wear bright colored pants, even if they laugh at me, I’ll bask in the glow of my trousers ;)

  45. I LOVE the colorful pants trend. It sucks for me, though, because I am pregnant and will be large-and-in-charge come fall time sooooo…. I probably won’t join in on the trend… unless I find a super cute, super maternity pair!!

  46. YES! I have a red and a mustard yellow pair. I love wearing them with a simple tee and flats. This girl looks totally adorable! Kisses, Joanna

  47. I’ve been wearing my green pants nonstop since I got them. They’re a nice way to have fun with the simple jean and tee outfit.

  48. I’m dying for a pair of red pants! I think they are both sexy and playful. I’m also loving the cobalt blue color as well.

  49. Love ’em! I’ve had bright teal and yellow jeans for a couple years now! I really want pink ones.

  50. Yes! Lace top with red or blue or yellow jeans!

  51. I just started working with a new company, where I was told the dress code is business casual, jeans on Friday. Yesterday, one of the employees was wearing red jean-like pants! I’m not sure if it fits business casual, but I admired her creativity!

  52. Absolutely! I almost bought some red jeans, but I think I’m going to opt for bright royal blue when I can find some!

  53. love that look. I haven’t found a pair that flatter me yet but I’m determined

  54. Can I just say how absolutely in love I am with red pants right now? Never thought I was the type, but I can’t get enough!

  55. Actually that may be one trend I’ll pass on.

  56. dooooo it.

  57. Yay! I wore lavender colored pants today… love them so much :)

  58. Do! As much color as I can get, I’ll take. I especially love colored jeans on my little guy.

  59. I’m currently hunting down the perfect pair of red pants. Something about skinny red pants makes me think Parisian-chic.

  60. Yes I would! I also would only wear the PINK!
    Have a pretty day Joanna!

  61. Do! I saw a girl wearing a pair of emerald green chinos the other day and I’m determined to pick up a pair. So, so chic :)

  62. LOVE! i have some green trousers… thinking about getting pink too. they add such a great pop to my basic black, white and grey! x