1. Yum! Adding this to my family’s menu ASAP! I would even eat those gorgeous tomatoes as is.

    Bon appétit!

  2. hello, Delicious, nice to meet you. I’m Starving.

  3. yummy autumn food? give it to me!

  4. yuuuuhhhhhmmmmm

  5. Sounds delicious! I am making this when it cools down… if Florida ever does cool down.

  6. I started drooling the second I saw that photo! I think I know what we’re having for dinner on the next chilly night!

  7. I’m voting with Alex. That looks like a double yum!

  8. This looks amazing! I just might have to get grilled cheese for lunch after seeing this post!

  9. I am so into dinner in a mug! My mom used to fuss at me about it for some reason — “Honey, why do you always eat your soup/rice/veggies out of a mug?” It’s just the right amount for a serving, and seems cozier somehow.

  10. Anonymous says...

    Ahh, genius!!

    Why is eating soup out of a mug so much cozier than a bowl? I do that here at work…my boss probably thinks I’m nutty. :-)

  11. holy sweet jesus!!! i must make this… looks absolutley delicious!

  12. I gasped when I saw this yesterday, and here it is again! Totally making this for dinner over the weekend. :D

  13. Looks yummy! All my favorite tastes in the same cup:)

  14. Anonymous says...


  15. that looks absolutely amazing, i know what i’m having to wind down friday nite. thanks for sharing doll!

  16. Yum, yum, yum! Soup is heavenly. And so is Autumn. ♥


  17. Not my cup of tea…or soup, for that matter. Some things are better left separate.

  18. ooh very nice combo. gonna have to try that. thanks for sharing!

  19. Grilled cheese and tomato soup is one of my favorite meal! My girlfriend taught me to add orzo and dried mint to my soup and it’s so yummy! Your blog is awesome by the way! Thanks so much for bringing great reads to brighten up each day!

  20. Ughhhhh I’ve been drooling over that all day too!!!!!

  21. I know, right? I drooled all over myself when I saw this last night. Today my co-workers and I longingly poured over the computer screen, wishing we were at home eating this fabulous concoction. Deb, I love you.

  22. this looks completely delicious! might have to try it when the weather cools down a bit here.

  23. O_0 WOW! The mind really does boggle! Somehow it makes sense…but it doesn’t!!

  24. so much cheesy goodness.

  25. this looks so delicious! two of my favorites, yummy!!!

  26. simply my favorite weeknight dinner. French onion soup too!

  27. looks so good for colder nights- perfect dinner!


  28. Oh just what the doctor ordered. Perfect for Fall and comfort! YUM!
    xo isa

  29. Yum!! This looks amaazing. Thanks for sharing.

  30. It’s midnight in Amsterdam and this post just made me hungry again! Must make!!

  31. What a lovely way to begin the season!

  32. So funny you posted this. I made the soup this morning after realizing I had all the ingredients in my house and I needed something to do with the bazillion tomatoes in my garden. :-)

  33. I prefer to dip my butterkase cheese toasties into my tomato soup! This looks good! :)

  34. wow what an amazing idea! my mouth is watering!

  35. grilled cheese with tomato soup is my favorite meal…winter, summer, spring or fall. reminds me of my childhood!

  36. This sounds delicious. Tomato soup is my childhood favorite, but this turns it into a kind of French version bc of the bread and cheese!

  37. Oh I saw this recipe yesterday! oh my amazing! perfect fall dinner.

  38. I was just thinking how I can’t wait until it gets cool in LA for some tomato soup & grilled cheeses.

  39. Simple yet beautiful. The soup is especially tempting.

  40. unbelievable! this might be my dream meal…

  41. I’ll give it a try tonight… not sure about the submersion yet… I think I’ll serve’em separately and then everyone does what they prefer ;)

  42. That looks divine. Tomato soup is delish, although strangely enough I have a strong dislike for tomatoes on their own.

  43. best.thing.ever.

  44. jackpot.

  45. Saw this recipe earlier this morning and cannot wait to go make it! Was planning on posting about this as well! Looks Delicious!!!!

  46. What a fabulous dinner xoxo

  47. I love Smitten Kitchen. We are making this tonight!

  48. Sounds yummy! Will give it a try.

  49. Mmmm tomato soup is the best on a cool fall day!

  50. oooh – i don’t know that i could do that all in one cup… maybe. i would try it but i already don’t know how it would turn out!!

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