What do you wear to bed?

My darlings, what do you wear to bed? A nightgown? Little shorts? Underwear? Do you sleep naked?
I usually wear a tank top and little shorts, but now and again, I’ll shave my legs and wear something prettier. :) My favorite slip is the Eberjey Godiva chemise. I wore the pink one almost every night of our honeymoon.

What’s your bedtime uniform?

(Top photo by Magdelena Fischer)

  1. Anonymous says...

    A blue tank top and green plad shorts. It gets really hot in Canada in the summer.

  2. Anonymous says...

    naked my husbun love it because he love to touch my breast, we have sex,and he like to pinch my breast yea i love it when my husbun do that!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous says...

    I sleep naked my husbund love it when I naked because we have morning i wake up my husbun hand was on both of my breast.

  4. Anonymous says...

    I love to sleep Naked !or undies or just a bra or just underwear nothing on top

  5. Naked! Freshly shaved legs + clean sheets (especially flannel during the winter) = HEAVEN!
    Plus, how often do you get to wear absolutely nothing?!

  6. I love to have choices, sometimes a silk chemise of my own design, I also love to wear shorties with a camisole in summer. In winter I have flannel drawstring pants with a t-shirt or my most delightful organic cotton button down top and drawstring trousers or a heavy cotton knit long sleeve night shirt. Alternatively I will wear my granny nightie, which is a lovely rayon ticking stripe full length with tiny pearl buttons in the bodice and drawstring in back. Versatility always is key for me. I love to have choices!!

  7. Marilyn says...

    Chanel No. 5.

  8. Being of a certain age (ahem) I do not seem to require any help in staying warm. For the first time in my life, I am sleeping in the buff, after never understanding why people would do that… is definitely more comfortable, but I miss my cotton pj’s!

  9. I usually wear whatever oversized t-shirt I have available and underwear. Unless I’m visiting someone or hosting visitors, in which case I wear a tank top, a sports bra, and pj bottoms or shorts.

  10. Anonymous says...

    my favorite is a sports bra and scrub pants.

  11. Usually pj pants or shorts and a cami with a shelf bra.

  12. Very loose, comfortable clothing since I am very pregnant. =]

    Love the slip, though!

  13. Always little shorts and a vest, then if it’s cold I’ll just pile blankets on top of me! I can’t wear a nightdress…far too tangly! xxx

  14. i wear victoria’s secret pj bottoms. usually the type that you can match to a tee shirt. i have so many pj bottoms, i love them! it’s my uniform once i get home from work.

    i find nothing more sexy than my man in pj bottoms and a tee shirt. is it just me? for some reason, my man in pj’s turns me on. :)

  15. Anonymous says...

    I wear a t-shirt and running shorts.

  16. I wear what I wear around the house. When it’s warm, I wear tees from the boys department and cotton shorts, sometimes with a light cardigan. When it’s cold I walk around the house with army sweatpants and my favorite hoodie on top, but it’s always too hot for sleeping.

  17. I usually sleep naked (I like the way sheets feel in the morning :) ), but when it is chilly I wear my boyfriend’s patchwork plaid pajama bottoms. No need for socks or tops in San Diego!

  18. Pajamas and a men’s white tank. Not so sexy but sure is comfy. Every now and then, nothing at all!

  19. i used to sleep in pajama pants and a tank top all the time.

    used to.

    we just had a baby (like, tuesday!) and so now i’m going to have to figure out new sleeping attire potentially. something i can nurse in, something that won’t be as warm as i’m running hotter and hotter!

  20. Just underwear, and then in the winter I’ll move up to a wife-beater and tank. I love the feel of the sheets on my bare skin!

  21. Meg says...

    Topless with pajama pants.

  22. Soft t-shirt and underwear (both optional).

  23. Geez, all you ladies must have husbands/sleeping partners who don’t keep your room as cold as a meat locker. If I go to sleep in anything less than sweats, I wake up freezing in the middle of the night and can’t fall back asleep. I miss sleeping in shorts and tank tops. lol

  24. Rossana says...

    Thank you so much for sharing the site for Eberjey. What lovely intimates and lounge wear. I plan on ordering some. I sleep in pajama bottoms with usually a mis-matched t-shirt of some kind. The t-shirt has to be fitted. When I want to “dress for bed”, I wear a sweet short slippy nighty, but this does not happen often enough.

    Also, thank you for sharing the Maine cottage info. I want to so badly rent one for next summer and may follow through. I have always had a bit of a fascination with New England in particular Maine and am currently reading the book Maine right now.

    Thanks again… your blog is wonderful.


  25. I love La Senza boyfriends shirts. It’s both sexy, cute AND comfortable.
    like this one

  26. underwear and …
    usually a sports bra
    sometime a comfy soft tee
    rarely nothing

  27. I wear undies and an oversized tshirt! :) I looove being all comfy! :)

  28. It depends on the weather. I live in San Diego so it is usually warmer, if it is warm I sleep naked. If it is cool I wear shorts and a tank top. My husband likes warmer weather ;)

  29. leathergal says...

    i love the chemises from Gap and wear them every night:) so soft and comfy…

  30. Ooh, that chemise is lovely! I usually stick to an over-sized t-shirt as my bedtime attire, but I’ve been meaning to throw some prettier pieces into the mix. Now would be a good time to actually follow through on the prettiness promise. :)

  31. Ms. Scotch says...

    Absolutely nothing… I couldn’t imagine having to put on clothes to go to bed! It’s funny tho, I imagine that people who wear things to bed feel the same way about sleeping starkers : )

  32. Anonymous says...

    I wear old fashioned nightgowns around and while I read, but when the lights are out, we’re always naked!

  33. a tank top and undies or yoga pants :) i desperately need to update my sleepwear….. hahaa

  34. Most often naked, or undies – it’s just so much more comfortable!

  35. Naked: It’s just so liberating. But if it’s really cold or there’s a guest over, I wear a big t-shirt like the ones that came from the most random places. (Bar-mitzvahs, vacations, elementary school, etc.) They’re usually long enough not to need anything underneath.

  36. just underwear, nothing on top. it’s the best! :}

  37. only underwear!

  38. A cotton slip with lace trimmings (I have several in different colors) for summer. And flannel pj bottoms with a tank top or a tee in the winter. I never get completely cold during long Portland winters since I have a heated mattress pad. Best purchase ever!

  39. I wear a worn out t-shirt that i stole from my brother. it’s oversized and so comfy.

  40. Cotton panties and a tee shirt

  41. Anonymous says...

    gorgeous chemise!

  42. Slept naked until I had a baby. Miss those days. He’s now a toddler, so I usually sleep in a cotton nightgown (usually a long tank top lookin’ thing) and nothing else.

  43. Kelly says...

    Naked! Sometimes I go to bed with good intentions and put on a nightie or a tank top, but after a few minutes of pulling and tugging on the fabric I peel down to my birthday suit.

  44. I love sleeping in chemises. That is such a pretty one!

  45. i normally wear a big t-shirt and little shorts. comfy and not fitted.

  46. My husband and I both sleep naked every night! We do keep somtihng to throw on nearby just in case! :)

  47. I love cotton pj’s – my summer white set has been from Tucker for Target.

    When I get ready for bed I always think of that line from Marilyn Monroe : “what do I wear to bed? Chanel no. 5 of course”

  48. in the summer i usually wear a breezy nightie. now i’m transitioning to little shorts and a t-shirt. in the winter i wear sweat pants and a long-sleeve shirt.

    p.s. i LOVE that chemise! :)

  49. Usually a tee/tank with pajama bottoms/shorts (depending on weather/season, etc).

    When boyfriend visits (currently long distance) – his t-shirt :)

  50. “shave every once in a while..” ha, i feel you! i sleep in a tank top and boxers usually.

  51. I wear nightie slips and undies to bed… I can’t wear pants or shorts so they’ve worked the best for me. The hubs likes them too so it’s all good :)

  52. if my boyfirend is over i will put on a pretty little nighty/slip, or just go nakey. if im alone, cheapo cotton skivvies and sometimes i slather my feet in heavyduty lotion and throw on socks too…haha

  53. Just undies! Usually cotton ones, but occasionally, say after shaving, some ruffled ones from Honeydew. :)

  54. I like a tank and little shorts, but when I feel sexy i like to sleep naked!

  55. geena says...


  56. Nada!

  57. I wear little boxers + a tank, all year round – I love being cold when I sleep! Thanks for posting, reminds me I should wear something cuter once in awhile!

    PS happy anniversary to you + Alex :)

  58. little boxers or underwear + a tank top. I don’t like having too much on but definitely don’t like sleeping naked. lol

  59. T-shirt + underwear.
    (even in winter only underwear, I can’t stand pajama pants under my super duvet;-)

    A chemise like that would be nice but I can’t sleep with my shoulder uncovered :(

    A request to clothing producers: please make something sexy but with some sleeves :-D

  60. Usually just underwear! I live in an apartment that is always hot year round, not matter how I toy with the thermostat or what the weather outside is. I’m wondering when I’ll have to add a little more since I’m mom to a little boy.

  61. Anonymous says...

    god those sheets look so comfortable in the first picture!! i think it appeals to me so much right now because i am a nurse who is scheduled to work night shift tonight but CAN’T SLEEP because there are construction workers outside! Ahhh! Maybe if I had those sheets it wouldn’t matter because I would be just as zonked out as that chick in the picture.

    p.s. t shirt and underwear is my vote. nothing worse than getting tangled in pants or long night gown!!

    p.s.s. i love your blog.


  62. anything but socks! i cannot handle the feel of them in bed. :)

  63. i love cute little shorts and camis and panties to sleep in! oh, but my husband keeps the house at 1 degree at night. i literally sleep in sweat shirts and flannel pants in the heat of the summer! oh well :)

  64. panties! maybe a little slip if i’m feeling sexy ;)

  65. Usually naked (unless I’m staying at someone’s house, then panties + Tee) But I adore vintage lace nighties and flannel pjs! (even if they just get worn around the house, ha)

  66. Oh, I hate to admit that I’ve gotten so lazy but I wear mostly pajama pants from Old Navy and tank tops. That chemise does inspire me to step it up a bit. On the same topic, does anyone know where to get a cute lightweight robe? Maybe I’d go cuter with the pj’s if I had something to throw on over it for when I’m feeling modest. :-)

  67. I usually wear a tshirt and some underarmor shorts to bed but it would be nice to have something pretty! It’s just so hard to go shopping for them!

  68. My husband and I buy men’s pajamas and share–I wear the top as a nightshirt, and he wears bottoms. :)

  69. A little nighty in the summers and pj’s and a tank top in the winter..

  70. aww this is so sweet! I usually wear a tank top, old tshirt and some boxers.

  71. I’m a tank top and little shorts kind of girl :)

  72. I wear my birthday suite. I (and my boyfriend who I converted) just can’t sleep in clothes at all. I don’t don’t know how people do it! But I do enjoy wearing vintage nightgowns and chemises after a long day to just lounge around in. Oh, and my robe is always close by – just in case a fire breaks out!

  73. I love eberjey! Perhaps I will buy a new chemise for a weekend away. But if not a slip when I’m feeling like I want to look pretty, it’s my husbands Calvin Klein oh so soft tshirts!

  74. Summer = tee or tank with soft shorts or loose short nightgown if super hot.

    winter = soft flannel or waffle pj pants and tee…on cold mornings (wood floors) instead of slippers I put on my Mens socks (I steal them from my husband) they are way toastier and thick than any women’s socks i’ve ever bought.

  75. Don’t those sexy little nighties get destroyed from rolling around in your sleep? I have one from Anthropologie, but I never wear it because I don’t want to ruin the lacy part! Such a waste, but at least I can admire it in my closet…

  76. i take off my clothes while i sleep if – so generally just a tank with some shorty shorts. tmi? i’m sorry. ;)

    love, rach.–

  77. I wear my workout clothes so I can roll out of bed and start working out without having to think too much.

  78. I used to sleep naked and suddenly after three kids I started thinking…
    -What about if I have to run from something (tsunami anyone?)in the middle of the night, what about a robber, a kid having a seizure, me having a heart attack, my husband having a heart attack, an earthquake, a sudden war, aliens, a fire, a inexplicable evacuation…

    I wear clothes to sleep :-(

  79. Anonymous says...

    Oh, it always changes. Sometimes nude, sometimes I’ll just take off my jeans and crash in what I’m already wearing! With my boyfriend though, I defintely try to look a little bit nicer. Honestly though, I think I sleep better when I have nice pajamas on.

  80. nun yo bizness… LOL

  81. Tank top and shorts for the summer, maybe even just a bra and underwear if it’s really hot! And then a t-shirt and pants for the winter. Nothing special really, just comfortable.


  82. I wear just boy-short undies in the summer (our place is too hot in the summer for anything else). In the winter its flannel PJs. It may be time to upgrade to something more fun and sexy for winter…

  83. I love to wear oversized tees from my boyfriend or flannels during winter or shorts with big warm socks. When I feel like being sexy I love to wear my sheer Chemise.

  84. Katie says...

    A ribbed tank top and underwear. I have many very cute little boxer shorts and long flannel pajamas, but I don’t like to wear them to bed, because I prefer to feel unencumbered. Anything that isn’t tight-fitting sort of bunches and twists very uncomfortably in the night.

  85. Tank top and little boxer shorts. But I love a soft and pretty chemise every now and then!

  86. I used to sleep in a t-shirt and underwear, but now that I’ve moved to San Francisco, it’s too cold and I have to also wear comfy pants & a sweater. It’s nice to feel so cozy though.

  87. I’m with virginia – any time i feel like going naked I think of the ol – ‘what if something happens in the middle of the night?!’ and throw on a tank/tee.

  88. Anonymous says...

    Nude…only nude

  89. I’m all about the shorts and tshirt. I would sleep naked, but I have this fear that something will happen in the middle of the night and I’ll have to quickly get up and out of my room and I won’t have time to put clothes on lol.

  90. i am a fashion DON’T in bed! mismatched cotton shorts and tank tops or sports tees from high school are my uniform. but i would adore a silky nightgown for those special weekends at a b&b or something!

  91. This may be TMI, but I usually just wear a t-shirt or a slip and go commando. It’s good for my lady parts, too, he he. It wasn’t the most comfortable at first but it’s almost not comfortable to go to bed more fully clothed!

  92. in the summer big huge tee’s with granny pants

    in the winter cosy flannel jammies

  93. I usually wear a tank top and undies… unless my guy is over. Then it’s just me and him wrapped up in the sheets :)

  94. Anonymous says...

    I wish I could wear little slips and things like that. Maybe it’s all in my head, but being a small girl with a natural, large bust makes slinky items impossible for me. If I buy the item big enough to fit around my bust, it’s loose and boxy everywhere else on me. If it fits the rest of my body, I’ll be popping out everywhere on top which quickly brings a pretty, demure, sexy/classy nightgown to “oh hey, i’m posing for hustler!” so tanktops and shorts for me…..le sigh.

  95. Sarah says...

    Feather-weight tee and undies. Anything cuter wouldn’t stay on long anyway… ;)

  96. G. says...

    Before knowing my husband, I always slept with undies and t-shirts. Now since I’m with him, airco addicted, I’m freezing in my undies, so I wear a pj bottom. For some nights of the week, when I don’t feel to cold I have some nice satin slips like the one you poseted. And then for x-mas I have my special red pj’s with little rendeer :-).

  97. Either naked or shorts and tee, depending on the temperature of the room. Over the next few days I know I won’t be nekked at night since Irene is going to hit us hard here in Coastal VA. I’m going to be clothed just in case I need go get out fast. (Losing the house would be devistating. Losing the house while naked for the neighborhood to see would be mortifying AND devistating.)

  98. it really depends on the weather, most of the time it’s just a vest and undies for me, sometimes a soft bra and pj pants, sometimes a big, old threadbare hoodie and some wooly bed socks.

  99. Anonymous says...

    Usually just a plain comfy larger than necessary t shirt. But lately the crew necks have felt to tight for me, so I’ve purchased a couple of soft V neck “boyfriend” ts from target that are a couple of sizes too big. These are my favorite! Unless I have company. Then, usually something cute! Like a chemise.

  100. i hate getting all tangled up in my clothes while i sleep, so it’s naked for me. or sometimes just a pair of undies. my boyfriend’s never complained :)

  101. underwear and a tank top, or my favorite tshirt (a prize from a trivia night… super comfy guiness beer shirt)

  102. Old Navy pj bottoms! I have a bunch of conference tee shirts that serve as tops. I’d rather save my clothing dollars for awesome day time wear.

    Reminds me of the Flight of the Concords song.

    “Team building ’99!” (It’s business time!)

  103. My norm is a t-shirt and comfy shorts. In the peak of summer (where it’s too hot to breathe even at night) I like to go with just some cute undies. During winter I’ve been known to throw on an oversized sweatshirt and shorts or my favorite pair of cozy sweat pants and a tank! <3

  104. underwear! i have so many cute things i could wear but when it comes down to it underwear or nothing are simply comfier.

  105. it’s funny you ask this because I was thinking about this the other day after watching the first episode of project runway where they had to create a look out of their pajamas and a white bed sheet. t-shirts and shorts or knit pants for me.

  106. I’m pretty boring. I wear a t-shirt and pajama pants. Oh, and I always wear a bra to bed. A long time ago I read that wearing a bra while you sleep will keep everything from sagging, or at least keep you perkier for longer. I’m sure age and gravity eventually win out. But it seems to be working so far.

  107. Too funny, I was just talking to my friend about what we wear to bed and how I’d like to wear something nicer for my poor b/f – All he sees me in are old tanks and really old gym shorts (from grade 7!!!!) So I’ve started to wear my nice pj bottoms and a silky top again.!
    Great post!

  108. nothing.

  109. In summertime I wear undies and a comfy t-shirt and in winter I wear long pj-bottoms and a top.

    A fun nighty I pull out now and then is a pride-and-prejudice-kind-of-gown I got in this tiny store, when I went to Ireland. It know it sounds really silly, but I just love that long, but short-sleeved crisp white dress. Especially in winter, when the fire’s crackling and I can just shnuggle up on the sofa and enjoy a cup of tea :)

  110. Usually a tank and undies.

  111. I’ve been wearing little lightweight rompers from Target, I have three in rotation. They are super cool and comfy, but kind of a hassle when you have to pee :)

  112. thats a sweet nighty…no official uniform here…shorts and a tank or nude. depends on the day.

  113. Just Like Marilyn…in the Nude:)

  114. man, you are all some classy ladies!

    i usually wear an old beer tshirt i won for free on trivia night and my hubby’s boxers that are too big for him (that brat lost weight).

    so, i look pretty rad. :)

    maybe i should upgrade, if not for my hubby’s sake, for my own!


  115. I like that one, so pretty. I like my pink striped victoria secret pajamas the most.

  116. i switch around depending on the temperature, but i love wearing my husband’s under shirts and boxers. He’s itty bitty around the waist for a boy so it works out perfectly!

  117. That’s a cute gown. I wish I could wear stuff like that and I’m sure my husband does to, but I can’t stand clothes in bed. I always get tangled!

  118. in the winter I wear pijamas, with socks, and I put the trousers under the socks… a very goofy, yet confy and warm look!!!! ;-))

  119. Undies and a tank or chemise, depending on how sassy I feel! I’ve tried sleeping naked but I always think, “What if the house catches on fire and I have to run out into the street with nothing on?” and end up throwing on the bare minimum.

  120. It’s so so pretty that pink short gown!
    I wear whatever it comes to my mind and depending on the weather: shorts/pij pants with an old t-shirt, all sort of gowns (always short ones, not the long ones, I don’t like them, they are not confy)
    Currently I’m wearing a vintage gown (it belonged to my mother): it’s a white cotton gown with english lace, very romantic, very fresh…

  121. I roll around in my sleep a lot, so anything more than just undies gets all tangled up and uncomfortable. I’m in the process of becoming a foster parent and realized abruptly a few weeks ago that when we get a placement I’ll have to start wearing a least a tank top – but I’m resisting that until the very last minute!

  122. So cuteeee <3
    I usually wear a slip like this photo <3 I love sweet nite even if I`m alone at night. However, now I`ve living with my parents I can`t use them !!!! aha

    Anyway this is sweet post, love it <3
    xoxo SHIKI.

  123. Same as you-little shorts and a tank!

  124. Usually just underwear unless I’m really tired in which case I’ll fall asleep wearing some tshirt that I’ll ultimately get tangled up in during the night.

  125. Love that chemise, I don’t think Eberjey is available in the UK…

    I usually go nakey, or a plain vest and little shorts. And some nighties if I feel like it. :)

  126. a tank top and undies. when it gets colder: satin PJs (i’m very particular with satin, i don’t know why).

  127. i sleep in a tank & underwear. and every once in a while something pretty… but that’s usually on vacations and special nights.

    and never socks. there’s really no need to wear them at night in Texas :)

  128. Just underwear for sure. Any more than that and it feels too suffocating.

  129. It wasn’t till I got married that I wore more pretty little things like the pink one you posted above. I just love how I feel like a lady even when sleeping!

  130. During summer I usually go for a spaghetti strap top and shorts and during cooler seasons I love sleeping in cozy warm pj’s from M&S. Happy Friday, Joanna

  131. Usually underwear and soft comfy t shirts….I always wear socks to bed in the winter, I’ve read that people that wear socks to bed sleep better!

  132. Underwear :)

  133. @Joanna Well, when it’s business time you have to wear your business socks! (a little Friday Flight of the Conchords reference for you)

  134. Anonymous says...


  135. ps. i also sometimes wear socks, which is such a business man thing to do :)

  136. Being in an apartment this summer that has no air conditioning, I started wearing just my underwear to bed! It was the only way I could fall asleep because of the heat… But my favorite pretty thing to wear is a polka dot romper. It’s so fun :)

  137. Usually just a comfortable top and underwear. Sweats in the winter.

  138. cosy flannel pjs by toast. i feel the cold! x